Glycoside Hydrolase Family 5

Activities in Familyendo-β-1,4-glucanase / cellulase (EC; endo-β-1,4-xylanase (EC; β-glucosidase (EC; β-mannosidase (EC; β-glucosylceramidase (EC; glucan β-1,3-glucosidase (EC; licheninase (EC; exo-β-1,4-glucanase / cellodextrinase (EC; glucan endo-1,6-β-glucosidase (EC; mannan endo-β-1,4-mannosidase (EC; cellulose β-1,4-cellobiosidase (EC; steryl β-glucosidase (EC; endoglycoceramidase (EC; chitosanase (EC; β-primeverosidase (EC; xyloglucan-specific endo-β-1,4-glucanase (EC; endo-β-1,6-galactanase (EC; hesperidin 6-O-α-L-rhamnosyl-β-glucosidase (EC; β-1,3-mannanase (EC 3.2.1.-); arabinoxylan-specific endo-β-1,4-xylanase (EC 3.2.1.-); mannan transglycosylase (EC 2.4.1.-)
Mechanism Retaining
3D Structure Status( β / α ) 8
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseGlu (experimental)
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu (experimental)
NoteOnce known as cellulase family A; many members have been assigned to subfamilies as described by Aspeborg et al. (2012) BMC Evol Biol. 12(1):186 (PMID: 22992189).
External resourcesCAZypedia; HOMSTRAD; PROSITE;
Commercial Enzyme Provider(s)MEGAZYME; NZYTech; PROZOMIX;
Statistics GenBank accession (11393); Uniprot accession (1922); PDB accession (208); 3D entries (73); cryst (0)
All (10017) Archaea (67) Bacteria (7846) Eukaryota (1982) Viruses (5) unclassified (117) Structure (73) Characterized (547)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D Subf
 β-mannanase   Bacillus circulans AAS48170.1 Q6QHT4   8
 β-mannanase (TM1) Bacillus circulans AAT39478.1 Q6IUP2   8
 β-mannanase (Man1;ManB48) Bacillus circulans CGMCC 1416 AAX87002.1 Q49HI4   8
 β-mannanase (Man5A) Bacillus circulans CGMCC1554 AAX87003.1 Q0IJR6   8
 β-mannanase (G) Bacillus circulans K-1 BAA25878.1 O66185   8
 BC8716_04830   Bacillus clausii DSM 8716 AST98531.1     8
 DB29_01746   Bacillus clausii ENTPro ALA52574.1     8
 ABC0320   Bacillus clausii KSM-K16 BAD62862.1 Q5WL93   8
 BGM20_03610   Bacillus gibsonii FJAT-10019 AOL29768.1     2
 BGLY_1877   Bacillus glycinifermentans SCA85700.1     7
 BGLY_1876   Bacillus glycinifermentans SCA85699.1     4
 BGLY_2367 (Bglc2)   Bacillus glycinifermentans SCA86190.1     2
 β-glucanase (CelB;BhCel5B;BH0603) (Cel5B) Bacillus halodurans C-125 BAB04322.1
Q9KF82 4V2X[A] 4
 Cellulase (fragment)   Bacillus halodurans TSPV1 ALL28250.1     4
 BleG1_0468   Bacillus lehensis G1 AIC93076.1    
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase, partial   Bacillus licheniformis AIY72754.1     2
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase, partial   Bacillus licheniformis AIY72755.1     2
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase, partial   Bacillus licheniformis AIY72756.1     2
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (Egl01) Bacillus licheniformis AIY72753.1     2
 BL1202_02034   Bacillus licheniformis BL1202 AOP14982.1     4
 BL1202_02035   Bacillus licheniformis BL1202 AOP14983.1     7
 BL1202_02293   Bacillus licheniformis BL1202 AOP15241.1     2
 BLi01883 / BL01229   Bacillus licheniformis DSM 13 = ATCC 14580 AAU40778.1
Q65JI6   7
 endoglucanase (BlCel5B;BLi01882;BL01230) (Cel5B) Bacillus licheniformis DSM 13 = ATCC 14580 AAU40777.1
Q65JI7 4YZP[A]
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase C (BglC;BLi02088;BL01471) (Cel5A) Bacillus licheniformis DSM 13 = ATCC 14580 AAU23613.2
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (CelA)   Bacillus licheniformis F11 CAJ70714.1 Q1EM84   2
 CelB   Bacillus licheniformis F11 CAJ70720.1 Q5K2M0   4
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (CelA)   Bacillus licheniformis F5 CAJ70710.1 Q1EM84   2
 CelB   Bacillus licheniformis F5 CAJ70717.1 Q5K2M0   4
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (Cel5A) (Cel5A) Bacillus licheniformis GXN151 / B-41361 AAP51020.1 Q7X3S6   2
 AB684_08870   Bacillus licheniformis HRBL-15TDI7 AMR10287.1     4
 AB684_09875   Bacillus licheniformis HRBL-15TDI7 AMR12722.1     2
 AB684_08875   Bacillus licheniformis HRBL-15TDI7 AMR10288.1     7
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase   Bacillus licheniformis IARI-SP-3 AGW99979.1     2
 cellulase   Bacillus licheniformis K11 ABK63476.1 A0T1G5   2
 endoglucanase (CelA) Bacillus licheniformis MD1 CAE82178.1 Q5QSM2   2
 CelB   Bacillus licheniformis MD1 CAH10344.1 Q5K2M0   4
 YdhT (fragment)   Bacillus licheniformis MD1 CAH10345.1 Q5K2L9   7
 cellulose hydrolase (Cel5H)   Bacillus licheniformis MSB03 ACY72379.1 D1L8C4   2
 Cel5C (Cel5C)   Bacillus licheniformis MSB03 ACY72382.1 D1L8C7   4
 Cel5D (Cel5D)   Bacillus licheniformis MSB03 ACY72383.1 D1L8C8   7
 B37_01402   Bacillus licheniformis SCCB 37 ARC73454.1     7
 B37_01607 (EglS)   Bacillus licheniformis SCCB 37 ARC73659.1     2
 B37_01401 (EngD)   Bacillus licheniformis SCCB 37 ARC73453.1     4
 B14_02580   Bacillus licheniformis SCDB 14 ARC65578.1     7
 B14_02581 (EngD)   Bacillus licheniformis SCDB 14 ARC65579.1     4
 B14_02377 (EglS)   Bacillus licheniformis SCDB 14 ARC65375.1     2
 B34_00221 (EngD)   Bacillus licheniformis SCDB 34 ARC67664.1     4
 B34_00630 (EglS)   Bacillus licheniformis SCDB 34 ARC68073.1     2
 B34_00222   Bacillus licheniformis SCDB 34 ARC67665.1     7
 BaDB11_04388 (EngD)   Bacillus licheniformis SCK B11 ARC62951.1     4
 BaDB11_04389   Bacillus licheniformis SCK B11 ARC62952.1     7
 BaDB11_00288 (EglS)   Bacillus licheniformis SCK B11 ARC58957.1     2
 S100141_01268   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM100141 ARW42590.1     4
 S100141_01269   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM100141 ARW42591.1     7
 S100141_01476   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM100141 ARW42798.1     2
 S101441_02103   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM101441 ARW31652.1     2
 glycoside hydrolase (Gh5C)   Bacillus licheniformis SVD1 BAL45506.1     7
 glycoside hydrolase (Gh5B)   Bacillus licheniformis SVD1 BAL45505.1     4
 endoglucanase (Gh5A)   Bacillus licheniformis SVD1 BAL45504.1     2
 MUY_001893 (CelC)   Bacillus licheniformis WX-02 AKQ73025.1     4
 MUY_002122 (BglC)   Bacillus licheniformis WX-02 AKQ73254.1     2
 MUY_001894 (CelD)   Bacillus licheniformis WX-02 AKQ73026.1     7
 endo-glucanase   Bacillus megaterium AP25 ADI82821.1 D9IA39   2
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase   Bacillus megaterium IARI-SP-9 AGW99981.1     2
 glucanase (BglC) (fragment) Bacillus megaterium L103 AGG91154.1     2
 ABE28_010285   Bacillus muralis G25-68 AOH54738.1     48
 DJ92_3612   Bacillus mycoides 219298 AIK39363.1     48
 DJ92_4888 (fragment)   Bacillus mycoides 219298 AIK39908.1     48
 BG05_5473   Bacillus mycoides ATCC 6462 AJH17041.1     48
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (fragment)   Bacillus mycoides IARI-SP-8 AGW99985.1     2
 β-mannanase (MANPN11) (fragment) Bacillus nealsonii PN-11 AGU71466.2
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (fragment)   Bacillus oceanisediminis IARI-SP-10 AGW99986.1     2
 BaLi_c21530 (EglS)   Bacillus paralicheniformis ATCC 9945a AGN36513.1     2
 BaLi_c19160 (CelB)   Bacillus paralicheniformis ATCC 9945a AGN36284.1     4
 BaLi_c19170 (CelD)   Bacillus paralicheniformis ATCC 9945a AGN36285.1     7
 SC10_B2orf03183   Bacillus paralicheniformis BL-09 AJO18373.1     2
 SC10_B2orf02856   Bacillus paralicheniformis BL-09 AJO18129.1     4
 SC10_B2orf02858 (fragment)   Bacillus paralicheniformis BL-09 AJO18131.1     7
 BLMD_10500   Bacillus paralicheniformis MDJK30 ARA88014.1     2
 BLMD_09335   Bacillus paralicheniformis MDJK30 ARA85656.1     4
 BLMD_09340   Bacillus paralicheniformis MDJK30 ARA85657.1     7
 VP59_07445   Bacillus pumilus C4 ANT56640.1     7
 β-mannanase   Bacillus pumilus GBSW 19 AHF81566.1     7
 BS467_15785   Bacillus pumilus GLB197 APP17114.1     7
 ID12_13295   Bacillus pumilus GR-8 AKU32339.1     7
 Cel5S   Bacillus pumilus HY1 ACY72384.1 D1L8C9   2
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (fragment)   Bacillus pumilus IARI-SP-5 AGW99982.1     2
 ASM07_07620   Bacillus pumilus ku-bf1 AMB89777.1     7
 BW16_08670   Bacillus pumilus MTCC B6033 AHL71452.1     7
 SAMEA4076707_01656   Bacillus pumilus NCTC10337 SNV02448.1     7
 AKO65_15415   Bacillus pumilus NJ-M2 ALM29338.1     7
 AKO66_11740   Bacillus pumilus NJ-V ANY97356.1     7
 AMR71_11735   Bacillus pumilus NJ-V2 ALM45875.1     7
 BEN31_07990   Bacillus pumilus PDSLzg-1 AOC56743.1     7
 BPUM_1561   Bacillus pumilus SAFR-032 ABV62243.1 A8FDC6   7
 UP15_08390   Bacillus pumilus SH-B11 AMM88977.1     7
 UP12_08105   Bacillus pumilus SH-B9 AMM97310.1     7
 BTUAT1_15770   Bacillus pumilus TUAT1 BAT48711.1     7
 VT48_08320   Bacillus pumilus W3 AKC66023.1     7

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