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While sequence data is easily retrieved from repositories such as Genbank or Uniprot, the functional information is far more difficult to capture, yet immensely useful.
The curators of the CAZy database have manually curated thousands of biochemical characterizations that appear in the “characterized” page of each family.

The capture of functional information is extremely time-consuming as :
- the journal landscape to scrutinize is ever growing,
- there is no format that allows the automatic retrieval of functional information from publications or their supplementary materials and
- high throughput methods yield a growing amount of data. As a result, it is likely that some enzyme characterizations escape the attention of the CAZy curators.

In order to facilitate the capture and display of functional information in the CAZy database, we have implemented the form below for users to submit the minimum information required to assign a function to a sequence.
We reasoned that this process would be less time-consuming and less error-prone if the researcher at the origin of a newly characterized sequence would provide these details.
Thus, if you want the result of your hard experimental work to appear in the CAZy database, please submit your characterized sequence through this intuitive form.

question_mark Because EC numbers are assigned by the IUBMB Enzyme Commission only after an enzyme has been characterized in terms of substrate and reaction product, some CAZyme functions may not have yet an EC number.
If this is the case of the activity you are describing, please enter a generic EC number such as 3.2.1.- for a glycoside hydrolase, 2.4.1.- for a hexosyltransferase etc.
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