Glycoside Hydrolase Family 13

Activities in Familyα-amylase (EC; pullulanase (EC; cyclomaltodextrin glucanotransferase (EC; cyclomaltodextrinase (EC; trehalose-6-phosphate hydrolase (EC; oligo-α-glucosidase (EC; maltogenic amylase (EC; neopullulanase (EC; α-glucosidase (EC; maltotetraose-forming α-amylase (EC; isoamylase (EC; glucodextranase (EC; maltohexaose-forming α-amylase (EC; maltotriose-forming α-amylase (EC; branching enzyme (EC; trehalose synthase (EC; 4-α-glucanotransferase (EC; maltopentaose-forming α-amylase (EC 3.2.1.-) ; amylosucrase (EC ; sucrose phosphorylase (EC; malto-oligosyltrehalose trehalohydrolase (EC; isomaltulose synthase (EC; malto-oligosyltrehalose synthase (EC; amylo-α-1,6-glucosidase (EC; α-1,4-glucan: phosphate α-maltosyltransferase (EC; 6'-P-sucrose phosphorylase (EC 2.4.1.-); amino acid transporter
Mechanism Retaining
3D Structure Status( β / α ) 8
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseAsp (experimental)
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu (experimental)
NoteNew: many members have been assigned to subfamilies as described by Stam et al. (2006) Protein Eng Des Sel. 19, 555-562 (PMID: 17085431)
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Commercial Enzyme Provider(s)MEGAZYME; PROZOMIX;
Statistics GenBank accession (58992); Uniprot accession (7858); PDB accession (474); 3D entries (111); cryst (2)
All (54201) Archaea (381) Bacteria (50596) Eukaryota (3094) unclassified (130) Structure (111 - 2 cryst) Characterized (812)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D Subf
 α-amylase (Amy) (fragment)   Bactrocera oleae AAY88838.1 Q3SCB0   15
 Bathy06g02210   Bathycoccus prasinos RCC1105 CCO17036.1     8
 Bathy02g03490   Bathycoccus prasinos RCC1105 CCO15088.1     6
 Bathy08g03320   Bathycoccus prasinos RCC1105 CCO17740.1     8
 Bathy01g04130 (possible fragment)   Bathycoccus prasinos RCC1105 CCO14645.1    
 Bathy16g00430   Bathycoccus prasinos RCC1105 CCO20187.1     11
 Bathy12g01280   Bathycoccus prasinos RCC1105 CCO18922.1     11
 Bathy08g01590   Bathycoccus prasinos RCC1105 CCO17805.1     13
 Bathy11g00510   Bathycoccus prasinos RCC1105 CCO18564.1     6
 Bathy07g04740   Bathycoccus prasinos RCC1105 CCO66062.1     6
 glucohydrolase GH13-1, partial (fragment)   Bemisia tabaci AQU43105.1     17
 ORF (fragment)   Bemisia tabaci AID65143.1     17
 starch debranching enzyme pullulanase (R1) (fragment)   Beta vulgaris AAL04450.1 Q947K9  
 Amy   Bibio marci AAL92553.1 Q86N60   15
 α-amylase (Amy2)   Bibio marci AAO91804.1 Q6Y0Z2   15
 α-amylase (AmyA)   Bispora sp. MEY-1 ADZ99364.1     1
 α-amylase (Amy1)   Blaps mucronata AAO14612.1 Q8I9Q7   15
 α-amylase (Amy2) (fragment)   Blaps mucronata AAO17924.1 Q8I9Q1   15
 α-amylase   Blattella germanica ABC68516.1
Q2L7A6   15
 α-amylase (bgtg-1) Blattella germanica AAY23288.1 Q2KJQ1   15
 α-amylase allergen (Blo t 4;Blot4)   Blomia tropicalis AAQ24543.1 A1KXI2   24
 α-amylase 3 (fragment)   Boehmeria nivea AHI58937.1     6
 α-glucosidase (Bdg3)   Bombus diversus diversus BAI44029.1 C9K1M5   17
 α-glucosidase (Big3)   Bombus ignitus BAI44030.1 C9K1M6   17
 α-amylase   Bombyx mori ACJ49024.1 D8KY55   17
 sucrose hydrolase (BmSuh)   Bombyx mori BAP18683.1     17
 Amy (fragment)   Bombyx mori AAA17751.1 Q9NDV5  
 α-amylase (Amy;BmAmy)   Bombyx mori Nanglai ACT64133.1 C7EMF0   15
 amylase (fragment)   Bos taurus AAC16620.1 O62785  
 solute carrier family 3 (SLC3A2)   Bos taurus AAX08732.1
Q5EA54   34
 Unknown (protein for MGC:128143)   Bos taurus AAI02879.1 Q3SZF7   35
 Unknown (protein for MGC:128590)   Bos taurus AAI05234.1 Q3MHH8   24
 BOS_3219 (AgL)   Bos taurus DAA31538.1     25
 1,4-α-glucan branching enzyme 1   Bos taurus ACA43015.1 B1PK18   8
 BCIN_15g02090 (Bcglc3)   Botrytis cinerea B05.10 ATZ57656.1     8
 BCIN_15g02090 (Bcglc3)   Botrytis cinerea B05.10 ATZ57657.1     8
 BCIN_13g05110   Botrytis cinerea B05.10 ATZ56676.1     1
 BCIN_08g02130   Botrytis cinerea B05.10 ATZ52516.1     1
 BCIN_08g02140   Botrytis cinerea B05.10 ATZ52517.1     22
 BCIN_04g06250   Botrytis cinerea B05.10 ATZ49484.1     1
 BCIN_03g00540   Botrytis cinerea B05.10 ATZ47746.1     5
 BCIN_02g01420   Botrytis cinerea B05.10 ATZ46780.1     1
 BCIN_02g05690   Botrytis cinerea B05.10 ATZ47276.1    
 BCIN_01g10310 (Bcgdb1)   Botrytis cinerea B05.10 ATZ46434.1     25
 BCIN_03g05800   Botrytis cinerea B05.10 ATZ48355.1     1
 glycoside hydrolase family 13 protein (Bofut4_p069200.1)   Botrytis cinerea T4 CCD43080.1     25
 glycoside hydrolase family 13 protein (Bofut4_p008540.1)   Botrytis cinerea T4 CCD45137.1     1
 glycoside hydrolase family 13 protein (Bofut4_p114570.1)   Botrytis cinerea T4 CCD46751.1     1
 glycoside hydrolase family 13 protein (Bofut4_p005380.1)   Botrytis cinerea T4 CCD47379.1     8
 glycoside hydrolase family 13 protein (Bofut4_p035060.1)   Botrytis cinerea T4 CCD48213.1     1
 glycoside hydrolase family 13 protein (Bofut4_p108490.1)   Botrytis cinerea T4 CCD48465.1     1
 glycoside hydrolase family 13 protein (Bofut4_p018240.1)   Botrytis cinerea T4 CCD51518.1
 glycoside hydrolase family 13 protein (Bofut4_p152750.1)   Botrytis cinerea T4 CCD55713.1    
 glycoside hydrolase family 13 protein, partial sequence (Bofut4_p011850.1) (fragment)   Botrytis cinerea T4 CCD43509.1     5
 glycoside hydrolase family 13 protein, partial sequence (Bofut4_p011860.1) (fragment)   Botrytis cinerea T4 CCD43510.1     5
 Bofut4_p114550.1   Botrytis cinerea T4 CCD46749.1     22
 α-amylase (AmY)   Brachypodium distachyon ADO63831.1 E5D6P2   6
 maltase (fragment)   Brettanomyces bruxellensis ABP33177.1 A4ZQ13  
 solute carrier family 3 member 2 (Slc3a2)   Bubalus bubalis AIP90167.1     34
 R06A4.8   Caenorhabditis elegans Bristol N2 CAB05588.1
O62334   25
 C38C6.2   Caenorhabditis elegans Bristol N2 CAB07562.2
 C50B6.7   Caenorhabditis elegans Bristol N2 CAB02856.1
P91982   15
 F26D10.9   Caenorhabditis elegans Bristol N2 CAB02316.2
 T04A8.7   Caenorhabditis elegans Bristol N2 CAA84727.1
 Csp3_JD02.017   Caenorhabditis sp. PS1010 ACI49189.1 B6VBU6   8
 α-amylase (Amy) (fragment)   Calliphora vomitoria AAY88830.1 Q3SCB8   15
 α-amylase (Amy) (fragment)   Calliphora vomitoria AAY88831.1 Q3SCB7   15
 ORF   Callorhinchus milii AFO93746.1     25
 ORF   Callorhinchus milii AFO96573.1     17
 ORF   Callorhinchus milii AFO98073.1     8
 ORF (fragment)   Callorhinchus milii AFP13404.1     35
 ORF (fragment)   Callorhinchus milii AFP13532.1     35
 ORF   Callorhinchus milii AFP01274.1     34
 ORF (fragment)   Callorhinchus milii AFP02854.1     34
 ORF (fragment)   Callorhinchus milii AFP03741.1     24
 ORF (fragment)   Callorhinchus milii AFP06411.1    
 α-amylase (Ccam) Callosobruchus chinensis BAB72257.1
 alpha amylase   Callosobruchus chinensis ANC73389.1     15
 α-amylase 3   Camellia sinensis AKQ62963.1     6
 α-amylase 2   Camellia sinensis AKQ62962.1     6
 α-amylase 1   Camellia sinensis AKQ62961.1     6
 α-glucosidase (CjapalphaGlu)   Camponotus japonicus BAO48210.1     17
 α-glucosidase (Mal2;Mal1) Candida albicans AAA34350.2
 CAALFM_C603340CA (Glc3)   Candida albicans SC5314 AOW30264.1     8
 CAALFM_C504940WA   Candida albicans SC5314 AOW29898.1     40
 CAALFM_CR10790WA (Mal2)   Candida albicans SC5314 AOW31727.1     40
 CAALFM_C405140CA (Gdb1)   Candida albicans SC5314 AOW29254.1     25
 CD36_44790   Candida dubliniensis CD36 CAX42347.1 B9WGH3   25
 CD36_54540   Candida dubliniensis CD36 CAX41833.1 B9WI36   40
 CD36_63660   Candida dubliniensis CD36 CAX41245.1 B9WJ26   8
 CD36_35540   Candida dubliniensis CD36 CAX40542.1 B9WN75   40
 CAGL0M03377g   Candida glabrata CBS 138 CAG62470.1 Q6FJV0   8
 glycogen-debranching enzyme (GDE;CgGDE;CAGL0G09977g) Candida glabrata CBS 138 CAG59721.1 Q6FSK0 5D06[A,B]
 SAMEA4029010_CIC11G00000005205   [Candida] intermedia CBS 141442 SGZ57444.1     40
 SAMEA4029010_CIC11G00000002645   [Candida] intermedia CBS 141442 SGZ48110.1     8
 SAMEA4029010_CIC11G00000002355   [Candida] intermedia CBS 141442 SGZ54092.1     25
 SAMEA4029010_CIC11G00000001401   [Candida] intermedia CBS 141442 SGZ56639.1     40
 SAMEA4029009_CIC11G00000001764   [Candida] intermedia PYCC 4715 SGZ56961.1     40
 SAMEA4029009_CIC11G00000005310   [Candida] intermedia PYCC 4715 SGZ57766.1     40
 SAMEA4029009_CIC11G00000001940   [Candida] intermedia PYCC 4715 SGZ57951.1     8

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