Glycoside Hydrolase Family 97

Activities in Familyglucoamylase (EC; α-glucosidase (EC; α-galactosidase (EC
Mechanism inverting and retain
3D Structure Status( β / α ) 8
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseGlu for inverting members; Asp for retaining members
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu
NoteCreated based on a paper by Hughes et al. (2003) Oral Microbiol Immunol. 18:309-312 (PMID: 12930523); *Mechanistic and structural elucidation by Gloster et al. (2008) Chem. Biol., Oct 8 (PMID:18848471); the inverting a-glucosidases (EC could be renamed glucoamylases (EC according to Kitamura et al. (2008) J. Biol. Chem., Nov 3 (PMID:18981178)
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Statistics GenBank accession (1101); Uniprot accession (166); PDB accession (13); 3D entries (4); cryst (0)
All (1075) Archaea (16) Bacteria (1043) unclassified (16) Structure (4) Characterized (7)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 CTM44_02570   Prevotella intermedia KCOM 1933 ATV32718.1    
 CUC00_07375   Prevotella intermedia KCOM 1944 ATV40867.1    
 CTM46_03625   Prevotella intermedia KCOM 1949 ATV30617.1    
 CTM50_06900   Prevotella intermedia KCOM 2033 ATV52786.1    
 CTM61_06055   Prevotella intermedia KCOM 2836 ATV55022.1    
 CTM62_07370   Prevotella intermedia KCOM 2837 ATV26555.1    
 CTM63_06660   Prevotella intermedia KCOM 2838 ATV28837.1    
 PIOMA14_I_1774   Prevotella intermedia OMA14 BAU18282.1    
 BWX40_09140   Prevotella intermedia strain 17 APW34972.1    
 CRM71_08340   Prevotella jejuni CD3:33 AUI55290.1    
 CRM71_00375   Prevotella jejuni CD3:33 AUI53935.1    
 HMPREF0659_A5100   Prevotella melaninogenica ATCC 25845 ADK95403.1 D9RR62  
 HMPREF0659_A6410   Prevotella melaninogenica ATCC 25845 ADK96325.1 D9RT76  
 CEP85_00155   Prevotella melaninogenica FDAARGOS_306 ASE16632.1    
 CEP85_00695   Prevotella melaninogenica FDAARGOS_306 ASE16731.1    
 PMEL1_01414 (AglA)   Prevotella melaninogenica GAI 07411 BBA29476.1    
 PMEL1_00118   Prevotella melaninogenica GAI 07411 BBA28228.1    
 PRU_2314   Prevotella ruminicola 23 ADE81436.1 D5EVR5  
 PRU_2838   Prevotella ruminicola 23 ADE81739.1 D5EYP6  
 PRU_1635   Prevotella ruminicola 23 ADE82129.1 D5ETH7  
 PRU_0117   Prevotella ruminicola 23 ADE82389.1 D5EVI3  
 PRU_0270   Prevotella ruminicola 23 ADE83469.1 D5EWA6  
 PRU_2750 (SusB)   Prevotella ruminicola 23 ADE83522.1 D5EY34  
 AXF22_01100   Prevotella scopos JCM 17725 ANR72147.1    
 AXF22_01655   Prevotella scopos JCM 17725 ANR72243.1    
 HMPREF0669_00771   Prevotella sp. oral taxon 299 str. F0039 EFC71066.1    
 PSM36_0903   Proteiniphilum saccharofermentans SCD19729.1    
 PSM36_0903   Proteiniphilum saccharofermentans SCD19729.1    
 PAGA_a3682 (MalZ)   Pseudoalteromonas agarivorans DSM 14585 ATC83782.1    
 B0W48_18215   Pseudoalteromonas aliena EH1 AQQ01542.1    
 B0W48_07100   Pseudoalteromonas aliena EH1 AQP99586.1    
 PARC_a3749 (MalZ)   Pseudoalteromonas arctica A 37-1-2 ATC88079.1    
 PARC_a1720 (MalZ)   Pseudoalteromonas arctica A 37-1-2 ATC86301.1    
 PCAR9_A10199 (SusB)   Pseudoalteromonas carrageenovora IAM 12662 ATCC 43555 SOU39496.1    
 PESP_a3644 (MalZ)   Pseudoalteromonas espejiana ATCC 29659 ASM51424.1    
 PSHAa2848   Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125 CAI87884.1 Q3IJP2  
 CPA52_15165   Pseudoalteromonas issachenkonii ECSMB14103 ATG59486.1    
 PI2015_2855   Pseudoalteromonas issachenkonii KCTC 12958 ALQ56115.1    
 PISS_a3329 (MalZ)   Pseudoalteromonas issachenkonii KMM 3549 ATC92011.1    
 S4054_19935   Pseudoalteromonas luteoviolacea S4054 AOT19784.1    
 S40542_19930   Pseudoalteromonas luteoviolacea S40542 AOT14868.1    
 S4054249_19960   Pseudoalteromonas luteoviolacea S4054249 AOT09957.1    
 PNIG_a3616 (MalZ)   Pseudoalteromonas nigrifaciens KMM 661 ASM55489.1    
 OM33_02635   Pseudoalteromonas piratica OCN003 AIY64170.1    
 B1L02_00590   Pseudoalteromonas piscicida DE2-B ASD65689.1    
 PPIS_a3775 (MalZ)   Pseudoalteromonas piscicida JCM 20779 ATD08500.1    
 AT705_13130   Pseudoalteromonas rubra SCSIO 6842 ALU43807.1    
 ATS72_012385   Pseudoalteromonas sp. 13-15 AUL74338.1    
 AOR04_00975   Pseudoalteromonas sp. 1_2015MBL_MicDiv ATG76228.1    
 D172_016430   Pseudoalteromonas sp. Bsw20308 ALQ09511.1    
 α-glucoside hydrolase (PspAG97A) (Ag97A) 3.2.1.- Pseudoalteromonas sp. K8 AMB20699.1   5HQ4[A]
 PNC201_00565   Pseudoalteromonas sp. NC201 AUJ68465.1    
 PSM_A2915   Pseudoalteromonas sp. SM9913 ADT69828.1    
 PSPO_a3135 (MalZ)   Pseudoalteromonas spongiae UST010723-006 ATC99982.1    
 PTET_a3310 (MalZ)   Pseudoalteromonas tetraodonis GFC ATD04513.1    
 PTRA_a3395 (MalZ)   Pseudoalteromonas translucida KMM 520 ALS34376.1    
 PTUN_b0056 (MalZ)   Pseudoalteromonas tunicata D2 ATC96525.1    
 Pedsa_2572   Pseudopedobacter saltans DSM 12145 ADY53116.1    
 Pedsa_2577   Pseudopedobacter saltans DSM 12145 ADY53121.1    
 Pedsa_3749   Pseudopedobacter saltans DSM 12145 ADY54278.1    
 DSC_12445 (short fragment)   Pseudoxanthomonas spadix BD-a59 AER57133.1    
 Psesu_0476   Pseudoxanthomonas suwonensis 11-1 ADV26334.1    
 Psesu_0888   Pseudoxanthomonas suwonensis 11-1 ADV26739.1    
 Psesu_1110   Pseudoxanthomonas suwonensis 11-1 ADV26960.1    
 WQ53_04785   Pseudoxanthomonas suwonensis J1 AKC88182.1    
 WQ53_13710   Pseudoxanthomonas suwonensis J1 AKC88413.1    
 P700755_001305   Psychroflexus torquis ATCC 700755 AFU68239.1    
 P700755_003511   Psychroflexus torquis ATCC 700755 AFU70128.1    
 ATY27_11655   Rheinheimera sp. F8 ALZ77960.1    
 ATY27_05295   Rheinheimera sp. F8 ALZ77843.1    
 RB10507   Rhodopirellula baltica SH 1 CAD78916.1
 Rmar_0476   Rhodothermus marinus DSM 4252 ACY47378.1 D0MES8  
 Rmar_0367   Rhodothermus marinus DSM 4252 ACY47271.1 D0ME47  
 Rhom172_0473   Rhodothermus marinus SG0.5JP17-172 AEN72417.1    
 Rhom172_0363   Rhodothermus marinus SG0.5JP17-172 AEN72309.1    
 CG09_0024   Riemerella anatipestifer 153 AKP70326.1    
 CG08_0024   Riemerella anatipestifer 17 AKP68516.1    
 Riean_0026   Riemerella anatipestifer ATCC 11845 = DSM 15868 ADQ81208.1 E4TAX2  
 RA0C_0229   Riemerella anatipestifer ATCC 11845 = DSM 15868 AFD55238.1    
 M949_0302   Riemerella anatipestifer CH3 AIH01473.1    
 AB406_2224   Riemerella anatipestifer HXb2 AQY23158.1    
 SAMEA4063029_00026   Riemerella anatipestifer NCTC11014 SNV52164.1    
 B739_2091   Riemerella anatipestifer RA-CH-1 AFR36673.1    
 G148_1605   Riemerella anatipestifer RA-CH-2 AGC40909.1    
 RIA_0120   Riemerella anatipestifer RA-GD ADZ11307.1    
 AS87_00120   Riemerella anatipestifer Yb2 AKQ38777.1    
 TH61_02165   Rufibacter sp. DG15C AMM50215.1    
 TH61_05215   Rufibacter sp. DG15C AMM50697.1    
 TH63_00410   Rufibacter sp. DG31D AKQ44445.1    
 TH63_14815   Rufibacter sp. DG31D AKQ47747.1    
 TH63_13785   Rufibacter sp. DG31D AKQ46453.1    
 DC20_10835   Rufibacter tibetensis strain 1351 ALI99374.1    
 DC20_20575   Rufibacter tibetensis strain 1351 ALJ00947.1    
 Sde_0590 (Gly97A)   Saccharophagus degradans 2-40 ABD79854.1 Q21N75  
 Sde_0790 (Gly97C)   Saccharophagus degradans 2-40 ABD80052.1 Q21MM7  
 Sde_2360 (Gly97D)   Saccharophagus degradans 2-40 ABD81620.1 Q21I59  
 Sde_2499 (Gly97B)   Saccharophagus degradans 2-40 ABD81759.1 Q21HS0  
 SACE_3274   Saccharopolyspora erythraea NRRL 2338 CAM02549.1 A4FES4  
 AO058_06930   Salegentibacter sp. T436 APS38637.1    
 AO058_03425   Salegentibacter sp. T436 APS37991.1    

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