Glycoside Hydrolase Family 6

Activities in Familyendoglucanase (EC; cellobiohydrolase (EC
Mechanism Inverting
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseAsp (experimental)
Catalytic Proton DonorAsp (experimental)
Noteformerly known as cellulase family B. The cellobiohydrolases of this family are widely believed to act processively from the non-reducing ends of cellulose chains to generate cellobiose.
Statistics GenBank accession (1333); Uniprot accession (242); PDB accession (52); 3D entries (13); cryst (0)
All (1241) Bacteria (1051) Eukaryota (187) unclassified (3) Structure (13) Characterized (66)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 SFUL_5209   Streptomyces fulvissimus DSM 40593 AGK80102.1    
 SFUL_6931   Streptomyces fulvissimus DSM 40593 AGK81808.1    
 SGLAU_26660 (Guxa1)   Streptomyces glaucescens GLA.O AIS01270.1    
 SGLAU_12910   Streptomyces glaucescens GLA.O AIR98574.1    
 SGLAU_27585   Streptomyces glaucescens GLA.O AIS01455.1    
 WQO_24880   Streptomyces globisporus C-1027 ALU96272.1    
 WQO_05035   Streptomyces globisporus C-1027 ALU92764.1    
 WQO_12040   Streptomyces globisporus C-1027 ALU94015.1    
 WQO_23220   Streptomyces globisporus C-1027 ALU95973.1    
 DIJ69_08780   Streptomyces globisporus TFH56 AWL86036.1    
 DIJ69_29320   Streptomyces globisporus TFH56 AWL89477.1    
 DIJ69_22205   Streptomyces globisporus TFH56 AWL88273.1    
 DIJ69_10510   Streptomyces globisporus TFH56 AWL86335.1    
 DIJ69_33460   Streptomyces globisporus TFH56 AWL90724.1    
 AVL59_41890   Streptomyces griseochromogenes ATCC 14511 ANP55281.1    
 AVL59_33710   Streptomyces griseochromogenes ATCC 14511 ANP53859.1    
 AVL59_32560   Streptomyces griseochromogenes ATCC 14511 ANP56934.1    
 SGR_2125   Streptomyces griseus subsp. griseus NBRC 13350 BAG18954.1 B1W065  
 SGR_2445   Streptomyces griseus subsp. griseus NBRC 13350 BAG19274.1 B1W2B0  
 SGR_4702   Streptomyces griseus subsp. griseus NBRC 13350 BAG21531.1 B1VW20  
 SGR_6928   Streptomyces griseus subsp. griseus NBRC 13350 BAG23757.1 B1VPK7  
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase A (CelA1;Cel1;CMCASE I) Streptomyces halstedii JM8 CAA78145.1 P33682  
 SHJG_1118   Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. jinggangensis 5008 AEY86395.1    
 SHJG_1119   Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. jinggangensis 5008 AEY86396.1    
 SHJG_7500   Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. jinggangensis 5008 AEY92767.1    
 SHJGH_0954   Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. jinggangensis TL01 AGF60620.1    
 SHJGH_0953   Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. jinggangensis TL01 AGF60619.1    
 SHJGH_7260   Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. jinggangensis TL01 AGF66922.1    
 SHL15_6377   Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. limoneus KCTC 1717 ALO97413.1    
 SHL15_8997   Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. limoneus KCTC 1717 ALO99917.1    
 SHL15_8996   Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. limoneus KCTC 1717 ALO99916.1    
 SHXM_07617   Streptomyces hygroscopicus XM201 AQW54154.1    
 SHXM_04454   Streptomyces hygroscopicus XM201 AQW50991.1    
 SHXM_04551   Streptomyces hygroscopicus XM201 AQW51088.1    
 SHXM_03184   Streptomyces hygroscopicus XM201 AQW49721.1    
 SHXM_00177   Streptomyces hygroscopicus XM201 AQW46714.1    
 SHXM_05208   Streptomyces hygroscopicus XM201 AQW51745.1    
 SHXM_07086   Streptomyces hygroscopicus XM201 AQW53623.1    
 ABB07_23745   Streptomyces incarnatus NRRL 8089 AKJ12938.1    
 SIRAN5392   Streptomyces iranensis CDR08745.1    
 SIRAN3158   Streptomyces iranensis CDR06248.1    
 SIRAN2693   Streptomyces iranensis CDR05759.1    
 SIRAN6118   Streptomyces iranensis CDR09509.1    
 SIRAN6225   Streptomyces iranensis CDR09619.1    
 SIRAN7699   Streptomyces iranensis CDR12571.1    
 SLA_5292   Streptomyces laurentii ATCC 31255 BAU86173.1    
 SLA_0108   Streptomyces laurentii ATCC 31255 BAU81063.1    
 Sle_12340   Streptomyces leeuwenhoekii C34 (= DSM 42122 = NRRL B-24963) CQR60696.1    
 Sle_09940   Streptomyces leeuwenhoekii C34 (= DSM 42122 = NRRL B-24963) CQR60457.1    
 SLINC_6967   Streptomyces lincolnensis NRRL 2936 ANS69191.1    
 SLINC_5805   Streptomyces lincolnensis NRRL 2936 ANS68029.1    
 SLINC_3259   Streptomyces lincolnensis NRRL 2936 ANS65483.1    
 SLINC_6735   Streptomyces lincolnensis NRRL 2936 ANS68959.1    
 SLINC_1637   Streptomyces lincolnensis NRRL 2936 ANS63861.1    
 SLINC_8286   Streptomyces lincolnensis NRRL 2936 ANS70510.1    
 SLIV_05690   Streptomyces lividans TK24 AIJ12153.1    
 SLIV_30510   Streptomyces lividans TK24 AIJ16994.1    
 SLIV_23465   Streptomyces lividans TK24 AIJ15618.1    
 SLUN_14575   Streptomyces lunaelactis MM109 AVZ73229.1    
 SL103_05110   Streptomyces lydicus 103 AOP45704.1    
 SMALA_1590   Streptomyces malaysiensis DSM 4137 ATL81824.1    
 SMALA_3612   Streptomyces malaysiensis DSM 4137 ATL83846.1    
 SMALA_2846   Streptomyces malaysiensis DSM 4137 ATL83080.1    
 SMALA_2940   Streptomyces malaysiensis DSM 4137 ATL83174.1    
 SMALA_6014   Streptomyces malaysiensis DSM 4137 ATL86242.1    
 SMALA_5490   Streptomyces malaysiensis DSM 4137 ATL85720.1    
 NanG8   Streptomyces nanchangensis NS3226 AAP42880.1 Q7WTD0  
 BBN63_03925   Streptomyces niveus SCSIO 3406 AQU65520.1    
 BBN63_22570   Streptomyces niveus SCSIO 3406 AQU68582.1    
 BBN63_09790   Streptomyces niveus SCSIO 3406 AQU66494.1    
 BBN63_34120   Streptomyces niveus SCSIO 3406 AQU70459.1    
 SNOD_12845   Streptomyces nodosus ATCC 14899 AJE40842.1    
 SNOD_27140   Streptomyces nodosus ATCC 14899 AJE43293.1    
 SNOD_31855   Streptomyces nodosus ATCC 14899 AJE44080.1    
 B1H29_06325   Streptomyces pactum ACT12 AQS66593.1    
 B1H29_23235   Streptomyces pactum ACT12 AQS72184.1    
 B1H29_32840   Streptomyces pactum ACT12 AQS71040.1    
 B1H29_30340   Streptomyces pactum ACT12 AQS70623.1    
 BC342_29585   Streptomyces pactum KLBMP 5084 AOW89991.1    
 BC342_12175   Streptomyces pactum KLBMP 5084 AOW87180.1    
 Spa2297_05470   Streptomyces parvulus 2297 ANJ06485.1    
 Spa2297_27250   Streptomyces parvulus 2297 ANJ10350.1    
 Spa2297_12135   Streptomyces parvulus 2297 ANJ07681.1    
 CGZ69_12860   Streptomyces peucetius subsp. caesius ATCC 27952 ATW52595.1    
 Sfla_0603   Streptomyces pratensis ATCC 33331 ADW02065.1 C9NEA3  
 Sfla_6036   Streptomyces pratensis ATCC 33331 ADW07422.1 C9N2Z2  
 SPRI_4697   Streptomyces pristinaespiralis HCCB 10218 ALC23003.1    
 SPRI_0881   Streptomyces pristinaespiralis HCCB 10218 ALC19187.1    
 BFF78_26240   Streptomyces puniciscabiei TW1S1 AOR37332.1    
 BFF78_34355   Streptomyces puniciscabiei TW1S1 AOR37491.1    
 M271_31000   Streptomyces rapamycinicus NRRL 5491 AGP57632.1    
 M271_02410   Streptomyces rapamycinicus NRRL 5491 AGP52115.1    
 M271_13690   Streptomyces rapamycinicus NRRL 5491 AGP54331.1    
 M271_16150   Streptomyces rapamycinicus NRRL 5491 AGP54797.1    
 M271_26960   Streptomyces rapamycinicus NRRL 5491 AGP56862.1    
 M271_30455   Streptomyces rapamycinicus NRRL 5491 AGP57526.1    
 M271_38155   Streptomyces rapamycinicus NRRL 5491 AGP59026.1    
 TUE45_07140 (Cbha_2)   Streptomyces reticuli CUW32391.1    
 TUE45_06952 (Cela1)   Streptomyces reticuli CUW32203.1    
 TUE45_pSRTUE45c_0479 (CbhA) (fragment)   Streptomyces reticuli CUW33111.1    

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