Glycoside Hydrolase Family 23

Activities in Familylysozyme type G (EC; peptidoglycan lyase (EC 4.2.2.n1) also known in the literature as peptidoglycan lytic transglycosylase; chitinase (EC
Mechanism Not known
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseNot known
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu
NoteCorresponds to family 1 of the peptidoglycan lytic transglycosylases described by N.T. Blackburn and A.J. Clarke (2001) J. Mol. Evol. 52, 78-84; Note that 'peptidoglycan lytic transglycosylases' cleave peptidoglycan without intervention of a water molecule.
External resourcesCAZypedia; PRINTS;
Statistics GenBank accession (50323); Uniprot accession (4531); PDB accession (70); 3D entries (21); cryst (0)
All (49131) Archaea (7) Bacteria (48041) Eukaryota (161) Viruses (907) unclassified (15) Structure (21) Characterized (31)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 transglycosylase (VII)   Enterobacteria phage PR3 AAX45585.1 Q3T4Z5  
 transglycosylase (VII)   Enterobacteria phage PR4 AAX45616.1 Q3T4W4  
 transglycosylase (VII)   Enterobacteria phage PR5 AAX45647.1 Q3T4T3  
 transglycosylase   Enterobacteria phage PR772 AAR99764.1
 SEGD1_244   Enterobacteria phage SEGD1 AMR59891.1    
 SEGD1_244   Enterobacteria phage SEGD1 AMR59891.1    
 Sf101_0013   Enterobacteria phage Sf101 AII27837.1    
 protein inside capsid D   Enterobacteria phage T3 AGM10742.1    
 ORF16   Enterobacteria phage T3 LURIA CAC86304.1
 gene 16   Enterobacteria phage T7 CAA24434.1
 gene 16   Enterobacteria phage T7 AAP34111.1 Q6WY70  
 gene 16   Enterobacteria phage T7 K AAP34008.1 Q6WYH3  
 gene 16   Enterobacteria phage T7 K115 AAP34057.1 Q6WYC4  
 gene 16   Enterobacteria phage T7 P82 AAP34163.1 Q6WY18  
 internal virion protein D   Enterobacteria phage T7M AFQ97075.1    
 CO47_0098   Enterococcus phage AUEF3 AHN83269.1    
 ZZ2_0025   Enterococcus phage Ec-ZZ2 AKG94463.1    
 ORF   Enterococcus phage ECP3 AII28444.1    
 peptidoglycan-binding LysM   Enterococcus phage ECP3 AII28464.1    
 EfaCPT1_gp14   Enterococcus phage EfaCPT1 AFO10811.1    
 EFDG1_136   Enterococcus phage EFDG1 AJP61442.1    
 EFLK1_ORF175   Enterococcus phage EFLK1 AKC05135.1    
 EFLK1_ORF194   Enterococcus phage EFLK1 AKC05154.1    
 EFP01_074   Enterococcus phage EFP01 APZ82001.1    
 IME-EF4_47   Enterococcus phage IME-EF4 AHB79848.1    
 IME_016   Enterococcus phage IME-EFm1 AIA65083.1    
 EFm5_37   Enterococcus phage IME-EFm5 ALF02006.1    
 ORF   Enterococcus phage IME_EF3 AHB79799.1    
 tape measure protein   Enterococcus phage LY0322 AWD92337.1    
 Gp56   Enterococcus phage phiFL3A ACZ64075.1 D2IZU8  
 Gp58   Enterococcus phage phiFL3B ACZ64141.1 D2J014  
 phiSHEF2_15   Enterococcus phage phiSHEF2 ASZ75540.1    
 phiSHEF4_07   Enterococcus phage phiSHEF4 ASZ75600.1    
 phiSHEF5_54   Enterococcus phage phiSHEF5 ASZ75710.1    
 tail length tape-measure protein   Enterococcus phage PMBT2 AUR80854.1    
 tail length tape-measure protein   Enterococcus phage SANTOR1 ANT40993.1    
 vBEfaSAL2_47   Enterococcus phage vB_EfaS_AL2 AWH15285.1    
 tail length tape-measure protein   Enterococcus phage vB_EfaS_IME196 ALO80883.1    
 Ea357_029   Erwinia phage Ea35-70 AHI60179.1    
 ORF   Erwinia phage Faunus AWN08646.1    
 FIVT_0039   Erwinia phage FE44 AGY36940.1    
 ORF   Erwinia phage GR-2012 AFQ96704.1    
 PEp14_00027   Erwinia phage PEp14 AEY69616.1    
 lytic transglycosylase   Erwinia phage PhiEaH1 AGX01767.1    
 tail fiber   Erwinia phage vB_EamM-Y2 AEJ81452.1    
 ASESINO_261   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Asesino ANZ48274.1    
 BOSOLAPHORUS_29   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Bosolaphorus AUG85817.1    
 CAITLIN_208   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Caitlin ANZ48503.1    
 CAITLIN_251   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Caitlin ANZ48546.1    
 CHRISDB_219   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_ChrisDB ANZ48781.1    
 CHRISDB_262   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_ChrisDB ANZ48824.1    
 DM_29   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Deimos-Minion ANH52127.1    
 DESERTFOX_29   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Desertfox AUG86137.1    
 EARLPHILLIPIV_87   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_EarlPhillipIV ANZ49091.1    
 EARLPHILLIPIV_215   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_EarlPhillipIV ANZ49064.1    
 EARLPHILLIPIV_185   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_EarlPhillipIV ANZ49034.1    
 HUXLEY_251   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Huxley ANZ49333.1    
 JOAD_104   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Joad ASU03811.1    
 KWAN_223   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Kwan ANZ49575.1    
 KWAN_265   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Kwan ANZ49617.1    
 MACHINA_252   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Machina ANZ49890.1    
 MADMEL_29   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_MadMel AUG86457.1    
 MORTIMER_29   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Mortimer AUG86778.1    
 PARSHIK_252   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Parshik ANZ50161.1    
 PHOBOS_87   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Phobos ANZ50277.1    
 PHOBOS_221   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Phobos ANZ50411.1    
 PHOBOS_192   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Phobos ANZ50382.1    
 RAY_29   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_RAY ANH51810.1    
 RISINGSUN_104   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_RisingSun ASU03566.1    
 SIMMY50_30   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Simmy50 ANH51492.1    
 SPECIALG_29   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Special G ANJ64839.1    
 STRATTON_220   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Stratton ANZ50645.1    
 STRATTON_261   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Stratton ANZ50686.1    
 Y3_301   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Y3 ARW58941.1    
 YOLOSWAG_297   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Yoloswag AQT28766.1    
 internal virion protein D   Erwinia phage vB_EamP-L1 AEJ81509.1    
 1721_39   Escherichia phage 172-1 AJW61403.1    
 protein inside capsid D   Escherichia phage 64795_ec1 ANM45763.1    
 APCJM32_29   Escherichia phage APC_JM3.2 ATN92735.1    
 internal virion protein D   Escherichia phage CICC 80001 AIM41098.1    
 internal virion protein D   Escherichia phage Ebrios AVJ51924.1    
 internal (core) protein   Escherichia phage ECA2 ANN86231.1    
 soluble lytic murein transglycosylase   Escherichia phage ECML-117 AFO10488.1    
 internal virion protein D   Escherichia phage EG1 ATW57754.1    
 HZ2R8_37   Escherichia phage HZ2R8 AUV62661.1    
 internal virion protein D   Escherichia phage K30 AEH41054.1    
 ECBP2_0020   Escherichia phage KBNP135 AFR52053.1    
 ECBP3_0020   Escherichia phage KBNP1711 AHI60797.1    
 phiL_022   Escherichia phage LAMP AUM57603.1    
 PSH1131_009   Escherichia phage myPSH1131 AVQ10014.1    
 PSH2311_015   Escherichia phage myPSH2311 AVP40112.1    
 P483_4   Escherichia phage P483 AJF40439.1    
 P694_49   Escherichia phage P694 AJF40529.1    
 PGT2_g00039   Escherichia phage PGT2 ATS92457.1    
 phiKT_00022   Escherichia phage phiKT AEZ65105.1    
 lytic transglycosylase   Escherichia phage Rac-SA53 ALP46865.1    
 ST32_0066   Escherichia phage ST32 AWP47871.1    
 SU10_020   Escherichia phage vB_EcoP_SU10 AIF71773.1    
 Sit   Escherichia virus P1 AAQ14011.1
 phi32_22   Escherichia virus phiEco32 ABY52823.1 B0FII4  

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