Glycoside Hydrolase Family 23

Activities in Familylysozyme type G (EC; peptidoglycan lyase (EC 4.2.2.n1) also known in the literature as peptidoglycan lytic transglycosylase; chitinase (EC
Mechanism Not known
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseNot known
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu
NoteCorresponds to family 1 of the peptidoglycan lytic transglycosylases described by N.T. Blackburn and A.J. Clarke (2001) J. Mol. Evol. 52, 78-84; Note that 'peptidoglycan lytic transglycosylases' cleave peptidoglycan without intervention of a water molecule.
External resourcesCAZypedia; PRINTS;
Statistics GenBank accession (42903); Uniprot accession (4532); PDB accession (56); 3D entries (19); cryst (0)
All (41812) Archaea (7) Bacteria (40915) Eukaryota (158) Viruses (717) unclassified (15) Structure (19) Characterized (31)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 Orf12   Streptococcus phage M102 ABD48915.1    
 P0091_14   Streptococcus phage P0091 ARU12972.1    
 P3681_17   Streptococcus phage P3681 ARU13221.1    
 P3684_15   Streptococcus phage P3684 ARU13264.1    
 P5641_15   Streptococcus phage P5641 ARU13363.1    
 P5651_16   Streptococcus phage P5651 ARU13416.1    
 P5652_15   Streptococcus phage P5652 ARU13458.1    
 P7132_15   Streptococcus phage P7132 ARU13501.1    
 P7133_14   Streptococcus phage P7133 ARU13544.1    
 P7134_15   Streptococcus phage P7134 ARU13587.1    
 P7151_18   Streptococcus phage P7151 ARU13635.1    
 P7152_14   Streptococcus phage P7152 ARU13678.1    
 P7154_16   Streptococcus phage P7154 ARU13726.1    
 P7573_15   Streptococcus phage P7573 ARU13859.1    
 P7574_15   Streptococcus phage P7574 ARU13907.1    
 P7601_17   Streptococcus phage P7601 ARU13958.1    
 P7602_14   Streptococcus phage P7602 ARU14006.1    
 P7631_16   Streptococcus phage P7631 ARU14059.1    
 P7632_17   Streptococcus phage P7632 ARU14108.1    
 P7633_14   Streptococcus phage P7633 ARU14152.1    
 P8921_16   Streptococcus phage P8921 ARU14435.1    
 P8922_16   Streptococcus phage P8922 ARU14481.1    
 P9851_14   Streptococcus phage P9851 ARU14522.1    
 P9854_16   Streptococcus phage P9854 ARU14661.1    
 P9901_14   Streptococcus phage P9901 ARU14707.1    
 P9902_14   Streptococcus phage P9902 ARU14754.1    
 P9903_16   Streptococcus phage P9903 ARU14806.1    
 Ssal_phage00063   Streptococcus phage YMC-2011 AEJ54423.1    
 SEA_ALSABER_54   Streptomyces phage Alsaber ATW61328.1    
 SEA_AMELA_53   Streptomyces phage Amela AKY03808.1    
 transglycosylase   Streptomyces phage BRock APC46305.1    
 hydrolase   Streptomyces phage BRock APC46396.1    
 PBI_JAY2JAY_42   Streptomyces phage Jay2Jay AIW02540.1    
 PBI_JAY2JAY_49   Streptomyces phage Jay2Jay AIW02547.1    
 Joe_55   Streptomyces phage Joe APC43295.1    
 SEA_MILDRED21_38   Streptomyces phage Mildred21 ASR75445.1    
 SEA_NOOTNOOT_40   Streptomyces phage NootNoot ASR77309.1    
 SEA_NOOTNOOT_34   Streptomyces phage NootNoot ASR77303.1    
 SEA_PARADIDDLES_34   Streptomyces phage Paradiddles ASR77524.1    
 SEA_PARADIDDLES_40   Streptomyces phage Paradiddles ASR77530.1    
 SEA_PEEBS_39   Streptomyces phage Peebs ASR77745.1    
 SEA_PEEBS_43   Streptomyces phage Peebs ASR77749.1    
 ORF   Streptomyces phage phiCAM AFV51372.1    
 SEA_SAMISTI12_44   Streptomyces phage Samisti12 AST15275.1    
 SEA_SAMISTI12_39   Streptomyces phage Samisti12 AST15270.1    
 SF1_360   Streptomyces phage SF1 AKY02185.1    
 SF3_160   Streptomyces phage SF3 ALF00147.1    
 SEA_SUSHI23_40   Streptomyces phage Sushi23 ASR76472.1    
 SEA_SUSHI23_44   Streptomyces phage Sushi23 ASR76476.1    
 SEA_VERSE_54   Streptomyces phage Verse AKY03884.1    
 SEA_WARPY_48   Streptomyces phage Warpy ASN73122.1    
 SEA_WARPY_42   Streptomyces phage Warpy ASN73116.1    
 Syn7803C97_10   Synechococcus phage ACG-2014c AIX22563.1    
 Syn7803C98_9   Synechococcus phage ACG-2014c AIX22777.1    
 Syn7803US88_8   Synechococcus phage ACG-2014c AIX38009.1    
 ORF   Synechococcus phage ACG-2014c AFD02626.1
 S-MbCM25_009   Synechococcus phage S-MbCM25 AHB80644.1    
 TVGG_00025   Tetraselmis viridis virus S20 AGH31353.1    
 TVVG_00004   Tetraselmis viridis virus SI1 AGH31387.1    
 lytic transglycosylase   Tetrasphaera phage TJE1 ADX42525.1    
 ORF26   Thermus phage IN93 BAC55306.1
 transglycosylase   Thermus phage P23-77 ACV05058.1 C8CHM9  
 TIN2_18   Tsukamurella phage TIN2 AKJ71708.1    
 TIN3_18   Tsukamurella phage TIN3 AKJ71815.1    
 TIN4_18   Tsukamurella phage TIN4 AKJ71924.1    
 tape measure protein (TmP)   Tsukamurella phage TPA2 ADX31947.1    
 transglycosylase SLT domain protein   uncultured Mediterranean phage uvMED BAR29454.1    
 transglycosylase SLT domain protein   uncultured Mediterranean phage uvMED BAR29438.1    
 transglycosylase SLT domain protein   uncultured Mediterranean phage uvMED BAR29443.1    
 transglycosylase SLT domain protein   uncultured Mediterranean phage uvMED BAR29446.1    
 transglycosylase SLT domain protein   uncultured Mediterranean phage uvMED BAR29450.1    
 protein of unknown function   uncultured Mediterranean phage uvMED BAQ89358.1    
 internal (core) protein D (G039)   unidentified phage SOL37535.1    
 Phage internal (core) protein D (G039)   unidentified phage SOO46523.1    
 internal (core) protein D (G039)   unidentified phage SOO46675.1    
 internal (core) protein D (G038)   unidentified phage SOO46370.1    
 internal (core) protein D (G039)   unidentified phage SOO46874.1    
 internal (core) protein D (G038)   unidentified phage SOO46826.1    
 internal (core) protein D (G039)   unidentified phage SOO46574.1
 internal (core) protein D (G039)   unidentified phage SOO46421.1    
 internal (core) protein D (G039)   unidentified phage SOO46776.1    
 internal (core) protein D (G039)   unidentified phage SOO46472.1    
 internal (core) protein D (G038)   unidentified phage SOO46725.1    
 internal (core) protein D (G038)   unidentified phage SOO46624.1    
 internal (core) protein D (G037)   unidentified phage SOO56456.1    
 internal (core) protein D (G039)   unidentified phage SOO56507.1    
 internal (core) protein D (G036)   unidentified phage SOP76005.1    
 internal (core) protein D (G039)   unidentified phage SOR54328.1    
 pVa21_165   Vibrio phage pVa-21 AQT28106.1    
 pVa21_134   Vibrio phage pVa-21 AQT28075.1    
 SSP002_052 (fragment)   Vibrio phage SSP002 AFE86379.1    
 MAR10_052   Vibrio phage vB_VpaS_MAR10 AFV81285.1    
 ORF   Xanthomonas citri phage CP2 BAM66446.1    
 ORF   Xanthomonas phage f20-Xaj AMM44659.1    
 ORF   Xanthomonas phage f30-Xaj AMM44726.1    
 internal virion protein   Xanthomonas phage phi Xc10 ASZ72041.1    
 Paz_38   Xylella phage Paz AHB12135.1    
 Prado_40   Xylella phage Prado AHB12188.1    
 ORF   Yersinia phage Berlin CAJ70686.1 A0ZXG4  
 fHeYen301_48   Yersinia phage fHe-Yen3-01 APU00381.1    

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