Glycoside Hydrolase Family 23

Activities in Familylysozyme type G (EC; peptidoglycan lyase (EC 4.2.2.n1) also known in the literature as peptidoglycan lytic transglycosylase; chitinase (EC
Mechanism Not known
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseNot known
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu
NoteCorresponds to family 1 of the peptidoglycan lytic transglycosylases described by N.T. Blackburn and A.J. Clarke (2001) J. Mol. Evol. 52, 78-84; Note that 'peptidoglycan lytic transglycosylases' cleave peptidoglycan without intervention of a water molecule.
External resourcesCAZypedia; PRINTS;
Statistics GenBank accession (45931); Uniprot accession (4531); PDB accession (56); 3D entries (19); cryst (0)
All (44815) Archaea (7) Bacteria (43824) Eukaryota (161) Viruses (799) unclassified (24) Structure (19) Characterized (31)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 SL1_64   Pseudomonas phage SL1 AUS03339.1    
 SL2_199   Pseudomonas phage SL2 ATN94776.1    
 SL2_158   Pseudomonas phage SL2 ATN94735.1    
 ORF   Pseudomonas phage Smee ALM62919.1    
 ORF   Pseudomonas phage SN CAT99688.1 B7VFI3  
 PPGF8SP_0012   Pseudomonas phage SPM-1 AHH02871.1    
 CNR33_00053   Pseudomonas phage tabernarius ATW57899.1    
 protein inside capsid D   Pseudomonas phage UNO-SLW1 ANY29196.1    
 protein inside capsid D   Pseudomonas phage UNO-SLW2 ANY29149.1    
 protein inside capsid D   Pseudomonas phage UNO-SLW3 ANY29102.1    
 protein inside capsid D   Pseudomonas phage UNO-SLW4 ANY29055.1    
 vB_Pae436M-8_39   Pseudomonas phage vB_Pae436M-8 ANT44225.1    
 vBPaeMDP1_0039   Pseudomonas phage vB_PaeM_CEB_DP1 AKP24426.1    
 vBPaeME215_00018   Pseudomonas phage vB_PaeM_E215 ASZ72496.1    
 vBPaeME217_00040   Pseudomonas phage vB_PaeM_E217 ASZ72424.1    
 ORF   Pseudomonas phage vB_PaeM_PAO1_Ab27 CEF89843.1    
 ORF   Pseudomonas phage vB_PaeS_PM105 CUS27807.1    
 vBPaeSS218_00078   Pseudomonas phage vB_PaeS_S218 ASZ72376.1    
 vB_Pae_PS44_00042 (MltF)   Pseudomonas phage vB_Pae_PS44 AIW01596.1    
 ZC03_016   Pseudomonas phage ZC03 AMD43403.1    
 ZC08_016   Pseudomonas phage ZC08 AMD43540.1    
 KNP_042   Pseudomonas virus KNP ARM69655.1    
 peptidoglycan lytic transglycosylase (PHIKZ144;gp144;Orf144) 4.2.2.n1 Pseudomonas virus phiKZ AAL83045.1 Q8SD18 3BKH[A]
 PHIKZ181 (Orf181)   Pseudomonas virus phiKZ AAL83082.1
 WRT_041   Pseudomonas virus WRT ARM69605.1    
 R1B41kb_p034   Ralstonia phage DU_RP_I ATS93395.1    
 ORF   Ralstonia phage phiITL-1 AJT60789.1    
 ORF   Ralstonia phage RP12 BAW19017.1    
 ORF   Ralstonia phage RP12 BAW19140.1    
 ORF   Ralstonia phage RP31 BAW19303.1    
 ORF   Ralstonia phage RP31 BAW19426.1    
 ORF   Ralstonia phage RS-PII-1 APU00299.1    
 ORF   Ralstonia phage RSB1 BAG70395.1 B5BTX3  
 Orf45   Ralstonia phage RSB2 BAJ51833.1    
 ORF   Ralstonia phage RSF1 BAS04847.2    
 ORF   Ralstonia phage RSF1 BAS04834.2    
 ORF   Ralstonia phage RSJ2 BAP15842.1    
 ORF   Ralstonia phage RSJ5 BAP34929.1    
 ORF   Ralstonia phage RSK1 BAO04685.1    
 ORF   Ralstonia phage RSL2 BAQ02580.1    
 RHEph01_gp046   Rhizobium phage RHEph01 AGC35556.1    
 SEA_CHEWYVIII_54   Rhodococcus phage ChewyVIII AON97476.1    
 tape measure protein   Rhodococcus phage REQ1 AEV52074.1    
 lysin   Rhodococcus phage REQ1 AEV52059.1    
 ReqiDocB7gene022   Rhodococcus phage ReqiDocB7 ADD80808.1 D4P728  
 SEA_TRINA_44   Rhodococcus phage Trina ASZ74861.1    
 SEA_WEASELS2_46   Rhodococcus phage Weasels2 AOZ63636.1    
 RDp07_gp55   Roseobacter phage RD-1410Ws-07 ANJ20866.1    
 ORF   Salisaeta icosahedral phage 1 AFJ21509.1    
 BP12A_36   Salmonella phage BP12A AIT13667.1    
 Gp16   Salmonella phage phiSG-JL2 ACD75707.1 B3FYL5  
 SEN34_16   Salmonella phage SEN34 ALF02491.1    
 J46_0027   Salmonella phage SJ46 AMR59945.1    
 SPN3US_0239   Salmonella phage SPN3US AEP84072.1    
 Vi06_42 (V16)   Salmonella phage Vi06 CBV65240.1 E1XUB9  
 transglycosylase (VII)   Salmonella virus PRD1 AAX45925.1 P27380  
 2050H2_038   Serratia phage 2050H2 ASZ79017.1    
 2050HW_00096   Serratia phage 2050HW ATA65431.1    
 ORF   Serratia phage SM9-3Y AOZ61233.1    
 tail tape measure   Staphylococcus phage 23MRA AIB56303.1    
 tail length tape-measure protein   Staphylococcus phage 3 AJ-2017 APW79852.1    
 PHAGE6E_37   Staphylococcus phage 6ec AIA64063.1    
 K1_069   Staphylococcus phage 812 AHY26035.1    
 K1/420_069   Staphylococcus phage 812 AHY26468.1    
 812F1_069   Staphylococcus phage 812 AHY26252.1    
 812_069   Staphylococcus phage 812 AHY25597.1    
 812a_069   Staphylococcus phage 812 AHY25818.1    
 ORF   Staphylococcus phage IME-SA1 AKC02216.1    
 ORF   Staphylococcus phage IME-SA118 AKQ07084.1    
 ORF   Staphylococcus phage IME-SA119 AKQ07231.1    
 ORF   Staphylococcus phage IME-SA2 AKC02459.1    
 IME_014   Staphylococcus phage IME-SA4 AJT61495.1    
 tail length tape-measure protein   Staphylococcus phage IME1346_01 ARM68319.1    
 tail length tape-measure protein   Staphylococcus phage IME1354_01 ARM68386.1    
 tail length tape-measure protein   Staphylococcus phage IME1361_01 ARM68178.1    
 tail length tape-measure protein   Staphylococcus phage IME1367_01 ARM68246.1    
 immunodominant antigen a   Staphylococcus phage JD007 AFV50734.1    
 JS01_066   Staphylococcus phage JS01 AGC35434.2    
 tail-length tape measure protein (TmP)   Staphylococcus phage LH1 AGG36585.1    
 immunodominant staphylococcal antigen A   Staphylococcus phage MCE-2014 AII26901.1    
 P108_0184 (fragment)   Staphylococcus phage P108 AIK69631.1    
 P1105_15   Staphylococcus phage P1105 ANH49122.1    
 P240_15   Staphylococcus phage P240 APD21423.1    
 P282_15   Staphylococcus phage P282 ALJ98763.1    
 P630_15   Staphylococcus phage P630 ALJ98831.1    
 tail tape measure protein   Staphylococcus phage phi575 AQN32217.1    
 phage tail tape measure protein (MtP)   Staphylococcus phage phi5967PVL JCSC5967 BAL03557.1    
 phage tail tape measure protein (MtP)   Staphylococcus phage phi7247PVL JCSC7247 BAL03599.1    
 phage tail tape measure protein (MtP)   Staphylococcus phage phi7401PVL JCSC7401 BAM76796.1    
 tail tape-measure protein   Staphylococcus phage phi879 AQN32271.1    
 tape measure protein   Staphylococcus phage phiBU01 AIF71717.1    
 SEP1_030   Staphylococcus phage phiIBB-SEP1 AGR48157.1    
 SEP1_166   Staphylococcus phage phiIBB-SEP1 AGR48293.1    
 lytic transglycosylase   Staphylococcus phage phiIPLA-C1C AJA42204.1    
 transglycosylase   Staphylococcus phage phiIPLA-C1C AJA42349.1    
 transglycosylase   Staphylococcus phage phiIPLA-RODI AJA42015.1    
 phiRS7_0014   Staphylococcus phage phiRS7 AGW43750.1    
 tail length tape-measure protein (MtP)   Staphylococcus phage phiSa119 AIA08816.1    
 tail tape measure protein (TmP)   Staphylococcus phage phiSa2wa_st1 ATN86984.1    
 tail tape measure protein (TmP)   Staphylococcus phage phiSa2wa_st121mssa AUM58345.1    

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