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This section provides news on changes in CAZy interface, content, and related resources.

GH43 subfamilies now available !!

addition : 12 January 2016.

A recent article by the CAZy team defines subfamilies within the large GH43 family.

Details appear in Mewis K, Lenfant N, Lombard V, Henrissat B. (2016) Dividing the large glycoside hydrolase family 43 into subfamilies: a motivation for detailed enzyme characterization. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2016 Jan 4. [PMID: 26729713 ]. The GH43 subfamilies now appear online at URL http://www.cazy.org/GH43_subfamilies.html

A new tool associated with the CAZy database !

addition : 17 November 2014.

A new tool associated with the CAZy database ! PULDB is a database of Polysaccharide Utilization Loci (PULs) in Bacteroidetes. PULDB displays information on experimentally determined and predicted PULs for a number of Bacteroidetes genomes.

Read the Abstract or the full paper.

New reference for CAZy !

addition : 25 November 2013.

A new reference for the CAZy database ! In the 2014 database issue of Nucleic Acids Research, we summarize the many changes that have occurred in the CAZy database during the previous five years.

Read the Abstract or the full PDF .

New structure page

addition : 20 September 2013.

We have made a series of developments to provide additional information relevant to the three-dimensional structure of CAZymes such as the resolution (for crystal structures) and a description of the carbohydrate ligands found in the CAZyme binding sites.The structural biology community is invited to contact us to report the possible errors that might have slipped through our curation process.

New enzyme category in CAZy

addition : 21 March 2013.

Because lignin is invariably found together with polysaccharides in the plant cell wall and because lignin fragments are likely to act in concert with (LPMO), we have decided to join the families of lignin degradation enzymes to the LPMO families and launch a new CAZy class that we name "Auxiliary Activities" in order to accommodate a range of enzyme mechanisms and substrates related to lignocellulose conversion. Auxiliary Activities

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