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This section provides news on changes in CAZy interface, content, and related resources.

Three new families in CAZy !

addition : 30 avril 2010.

New families

The following three new GH families have been added to CAZy on April 30, 2010 : GH116 , GH117 and GH118.

New CAZy Look and Website

addition : 28 janvier 2010.

The CAZy Team welcomes you to the new site !

We have entirely redesigned the http://www.cazy.org site to accommodate the growing size of families. We also have designed a new logo, and now provide more interactivity in the display of information associated with each family.
In each family a new tab is now available, ’Characterized’, which lists those individual CAZymes that we believe have been experimentally characterized. Of course and despite our efforts, this information is probably incomplete or sometimes erroneous. Please contact us if you find something wrong so that we provide the best possible information. For missing experimental characterization please send an electronic copy or appropriate link to the support material (article(s), thesis, database, etc), to cazy@afmb.univ-mrs.fr.

New Search and Sorting Features

addition : 19 mars 2009.

New Search and Sorting Features

One can search for CAZY Family pages using the Protein Accession (Genpept Accession, Uniprot Accession or PDB ID), Cazy family name or EC number. In addition, genomes can be searched using the NCBI TaxID. This search can be complemented by Google-based searches on the CAZy site.

On CAZY Family pages, data can be sorted, by clicking on the table header, or filtered, by entering text or a selection in a drop-down menu. Only available for Web browsers with JavaScript enabled.

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