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New enzyme category in CAZy

addition : 21 mars 2013.

Because lignin is invariably found together with polysaccharides in the plant cell wall and because lignin fragments are likely to act in concert with (LPMO), we have decided to join the families of lignin degradation enzymes to the LPMO families and launch a new CAZy class that we name "Auxiliary Activities" in order to accommodate a range of enzyme mechanisms and substrates related to lignocellulose conversion. Auxiliary Activities

New page layout !

addition : 22 novembre 2012.

Tired of overly long pages and long display times ? Check out the new page layout, with 1,000 entries at a time for All/Superkingdoms/Unclassified tabs and 100 entries at a time for Structure/Characterized tabs.

GH5 subfamilies now available !!

addition : 13 novembre 2012.

A recent article by the CAZy team defines subfamilies within the large GH5 family.

Details appear in Aspeborg H, Coutinho PM, Wang Y, Brumer H, Henrissat B (2012) Evolution, substrate specificity and subfamily classification of glycoside hydrolase family 5 (GH5). BMC Evol. Biol. 12:186 [PMID : 22992189]. The GH5 subfamilies now appear online at URL http://www.cazy.org/GH5_subfamilies.html

NEW ! Protein lists for genomes

addition : 20 septembre 2011.

Important new addition

Many users have asked to provide a listing of the encoded proteins on our genome pages. This is now done. Let us know if you find it useful !

PL family classification article reveals PL subfamilies !!

addition : 26 octobre 2010.

A recent article by the CAZy team [1], defines and describes in an extended manner :

(i) the catalytic mechanisms covered by the PL classification ;
(ii) the know PL activities and how these are distributed in the present PL families ;
(iii) the diversity of folds exhibited in structurally characterized PL families ;
(iv) the new layer of PL subfamilies that has been defined throughout the PL families.

[1] Lombard V, Bernard T, Rancurel C, Brumer H, Coutinho PM, Henrissat B (2010) A hierarchical classification of polysaccharide lyases for glycogenomics. Biochem. J. 432:437-444 [PMID : 20925655].

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