CAZy Essential Resources

Enzyme CAZypedia The community-driven encyclopedia of Carbohydrate-Active Enzymes
Enzyme ExplorEnz
The Trinity College Dublin, EBI and SIB resources focused on IUBMB Enzyme Nomenclature
Glycobiology Essentials of Glycobiology The essential online textbook on all aspects of Glycobiology, also available in hard copy from CSHLP Press
Glycan representation SNFG Symbol Nomenclature for Glycans
Taxonomy Entrez Taxonomy The NCBI database that contains the names of all organisms that are represented in the genetic databases
Protein:Sequence GenBank The NIH genetic sequence database, an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences
Protein:Sequence UniProt The EMBL-EBI, PIR, and SIB comprehensive, high-quality and freely accessible resource of protein sequence and functional information (includes SwissProt and TrEMBL)
Protein:Structure Protein Data Bank PBD is the RCSB portal for biological macromolecular structures information

Enzyme and Glyco Resources

Associated:Lectin GBP CFG:Glycan Binding Proteins
Associated:Lectin LECster Lectin characterization database
Associated:Lectin LfDB LectinFrontier Database
Associated:Lectin SugarBindDB SIB:Pathogen Sugar-Binding Database
Associated:Lectin UniLectin Unified exploration platform for manually curated and predicted lectins
Associated:Mucin Mucin Database Mucin Sequences and Protein Domains
Enzyme:Generic BRENDA The Comprehensive Enzyme Information System
Enzyme:GT Glyco Enzymes CFG:Glycosyltransferase database
Enzyme:GT GGDB GlycoGene Database
Glycan:NCBI NCBI Glycans website Glyco and glycan resource page at NCBI
Glycan:Metazoa Mucin Glycan Database Mucin glycans and the corresponding mass spectra
Glycan:All Taxons Except Animals CSDB Carbohydrate Structure DataBase
Glycan:All Taxons GlycoBase(Dublin) Carbohydrate structure database for HPLC analysis
Glycan:All Taxons GlycoBase(Lille) Glycobiodiversity database
Glycan:All Taxons GlyTouCan Glycan Structure Repository
Glycan:All Taxons GlyGen Computational and Informatics Resources for Glycoscience
Glycan:All Taxons Databases and Bioinformatics tools for Glycobiology and Glycomics
Glycan:All Taxons UniCarbKB knowledge platform for glycoproteomics
Glycan:All Taxons GlyConnect Relations between glycan, proteins, taxonomy, expression tissue and diseases
Glycan:Viridiplantae Biomass Biomass Feedstock Composition and Property Database
Organization CFG Consortium of Functional Glycomics
Organization EGSF EuroGlycosciences Forum
Organization ICO International Carbohydrate Organization
Organization JCGGDB Japan Consortium for Glycobiology and Glycotechnology DataBase

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