Bacillus velezensis UCMB5033
Taxonomy ID : 1338518
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Terrabacteria group; Bacillota; Bacilli; Bacillales; Bacillaceae; Bacillus; Bacillus subtilis group; Bacillus amyloliquefaciens group; Bacillus velezensis

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Polysaccharide Lyase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Auxiliary Activity Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
RBAU_1731 (ChbA)AA10 CDG29699.1
RBAU_1202 (XlyB)CBM50 CDG29170.1
RBAU_1337 (YkzQ)CBM50 CDG29305.1
RBAU_0623 (XlyB)CBM50 CDG28596.1
RBAU_2627 (SafA)CBM50 CDG30595.1
RBAU_1242 (XlyA)CBM50 CDG29210.1
RBAU_1336 (YkvP)CBM50 CDG29304.1
RBAU_1229 (XkdP)CBM50 CDG29197.1
RBAU_0931CBM50,CBM50 CDG28899.1
RBAU_1863 (YocH)CBM50,CBM50 CDG29831.1
RBAU_1886 (CwlS)CBM50,CBM50,CBM50,CBM50 CDG29854.1
RBAU_0926 (LytF)CBM50,CBM50,CBM50,CBM50,CBM50 CDG28894.1
RBAU_1288 (YdhD)CBM50,CBM50,GH18 CDG29256.1
RBAU_0019 (YaaH)CBM50,CBM50,GH18 CDG28006.1
RBAU_2201 (BshbA)CE14 CDG30169.1
RBAU_1631 (YlxY)CE4 CDG29599.1
RBAU_0951 (YheN)CE4 CDG28919.1
RBAU_2537 (NodB)CE4 CDG30505.1
RBAU_0165 (YbaN)CE4 CDG28147.1
RBAU_0796 (PdaA)CE4 CDG28766.1
RBAU_0315 (CaH)CE7 CDG28290.1
RBAU_3357 (NagA)CE9 CDG31323.1
RBAU_0333 (BglC)GH1 CDG28308.1
RBAU_1172 (LacG)GH1 CDG29140.1
RBAU_3719 (GmuD)GH1 CDG31685.1
RBAU_1906 (BglA)GH1 CDG29874.1
RBAU_3768 (BglH)GH1 CDG31734.1
RBAU_3513 (XynA)GH11 CDG31479.1
RBAU_2148GH113 CDG30116.1
RBAU_0423 (YdaJ)GH126 CDG28398.1
RBAU_0774 (TreA)GH13 CDG28744.1
RBAU_2962 (YugT)GH13 CDG30928.1
RBAU_0282 (YcdG)GH13 CDG28257.1
RBAU_0300 (AmyE)GH13,CBM26 CDG28275.1
RBAU_3748 (BglS)GH16 CDG31714.1
RBAU_0184 (YbbC)GH171 CDG28159.1
RBAU_1338GH18 CDG29306.1
RBAU_1857 (YocA)GH23 CDG29825.1
RBAU_1119 (YjbJ)GH23 CDG29087.1
RBAU_3722 (GmuG)GH26 CDG31688.1
RBAU_0185 (NagZ)GH3 CDG28160.1
RBAU_1789 (XynC)GH30 CDG29757.1
RBAU_1905GH30 CDG29873.1
RBAU_3662 (SacA)GH32 CDG31628.1
RBAU_3318 (FruA)GH32 CDG31284.1
RBAU_3887 (LevB)GH32 CDG31853.1
RBAU_3704 (LicH)GH4 CDG31670.1
RBAU_2860 (MelA)GH4 CDG30828.1
RBAU_0811 (MalA)GH4 CDG28781.1
RBAU_2724 (AbnA)GH43 CDG30692.1
RBAU_3773 (AbnB)GH43 CDG31739.1
RBAU_1790 (XynD)GH43,CBM6 CDG29758.1
RBAU_1712 (XynB)GH43,CBM91 CDG29680.1
RBAU_3106 (CsN)GH46 CDG31072.1
RBAU_1784 (EglS)GH5,CBM3 CDG29752.1
RBAU_2694 (XsA)GH51 CDG30662.1
RBAU_2715 (AbfA)GH51 CDG30683.1
RBAU_1166 (GanA)GH53 CDG29134.1
RBAU_3886 (SacB)GH68 CDG31852.1
RBAU_3430 (LytD)GH73 CDG31396.1
RBAU_2932 (LytG)GH73 CDG30898.1
RBAU_2150 (YobO)GHnc CDG30118.1
RBAU_1185 (YjiC)GT1 CDG29153.1
RBAU_1887 (YojK)GT1 CDG29855.1
RBAU_0570 (YdhE)GT1 CDG28545.1
RBAU_3668 (RodA)GT119 CDG31634.1
RBAU_1483 (SpovE)GT119 CDG29451.1
RBAU_3504GT119 CDG31470.1
RBAU_1447 (FtsW)GT119 CDG29415.1
RBAU_3298 (EpsG)GT122 CDG31264.1
RBAU_1250 (YkcC)GT2 CDG29218.1
RBAU_3409 (TuaG)GT2 CDG31375.1
RBAU_0842 (CsbB)GT2 CDG28812.1
RBAU_1278GT2 CDG29246.1
RBAU_3295 (EpsJ)GT2 CDG31261.1
RBAU_0426 (YdaM)GT2 CDG28401.1
RBAU_0727 (YfnE)GT2 CDG28700.1
RBAU_0734GT2 CDG28707.1
RBAU_3650 (SpsA)GT2 CDG31616.1
RBAU_3297 (EpsH)GT2 CDG31263.1
RBAU_3425GT2 CDG31391.1
RBAU_3300 (EpsE)GT2 CDG31266.1
RBAU_1930 (CgeD)GT2 CDG29898.1
RBAU_3435GT2 CDG31401.1
RBAU_3656 (YwdF)GT2 CDG31622.1
RBAU_3428 (TagA)GT26 CDG31394.1
RBAU_1970 (UgtP)GT28 CDG29938.1
RBAU_1484 (MurG)GT28 CDG29452.1
RBAU_3872GT4 CDG31838.1
RBAU_2200 (BshA)GT4 CDG30168.1
RBAU_3408 (TuaH)GT4 CDG31374.1
RBAU_3301 (EpsD)GT4 CDG31267.1
RBAU_3875 (GlgA)GT4 CDG31841.1
RBAU_3299 (EpsF)GT4 CDG31265.1
RBAU_3413 (TuaC)GT4 CDG31379.1
RBAU_2186 (PonA)GT51 CDG30154.1
RBAU_0996 (PbpF)GT51 CDG28964.1
RBAU_3600 (PbpG)GT51 CDG31566.1
RBAU_2988 (PbpD)GT51 CDG30954.1
RBAU_3696 (GspA)GT8 CDG31662.1
RBAU_0728 (YfnD)GTnc CDG28701.1
RBAU_0726 (YfnF)GTnc CDG28699.1
RBAU_3644 (SpsG)GTnc CDG31610.1
RBAU_0744 (PeL)PL1 CDG28717.1
RBAU_3765 (PelB)PL1 CDG31731.1
RBAU_3378 (YwoF)PL9 CDG31344.1

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