Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis AD011
Taxonomy ID : 442563
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Terrabacteria group; Actinomycetota; Actinomycetes; Bifidobacteriales; Bifidobacteriaceae; Bifidobacterium; Bifidobacterium animalis; Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
BLA_1488 (GlgX)CBM48,GH13 ACL29770.1
BLA_1505 (GlgB)CBM48,GH13 ACL29787.1
BLA_0356 (GlgX)CBM48,GH13 ACL28658.1
BLA_0140CE2 ACL28443.1
BLA_1049CE20 ACL29337.1
BLA_0139CE20 ACL28442.1
BLA_0118CE4 ACL28421.1
BLA_0159CE4 ACL28461.1
BLA_0444 (AxE)CEnc ACL28745.1
BLA_0141GH1 ACL28444.1
BLA_1513GH127 ACL29795.1
BLA_0129 (ScrP)GH13 ACL28432.1
BLA_0654GH13 ACL28947.1
BLA_0706 (AglA)GH13 ACL28999.1
BLA_0903 (PulA)GH13 ACL29195.1
BLA_0907GH13 ACL29199.1
BLA_0914 (AglA) (fragment)GH13 ACL29206.1
BLA_1466 (AmY)GH13 ACL29748.1
BLA_1517 (AgL)GH13 ACL29799.1
BLA_0256GH2 ACL28558.1
BLA_0454 (LacZ)GH2 ACL28753.1
BLA_0861 (LytC)GH25 ACL29153.1
BLA_0862 (LytC)GH25 ACL29154.1
BLA_0039GH3 ACL28343.1
BLA_0893 (BglX)GH3 ACL29185.1
BLA_1021GH3 ACL29311.1
BLA_0043GH30 ACL28346.1
BLA_0619GH30 ACL28912.1
BLA_0819 (CscA)GH32 ACL29111.1
BLA_0881GH36 ACL29173.1
BLA_1519GH36 ACL29801.1
BLA_1524 (AgA)GH36 ACL29806.1
BLA_0044 (BgA)GH42 ACL28347.1
BLA_0462GH42 ACL28761.1
BLA_0486GH43 ACL28785.1
BLA_1048 (XynB)GH43,CBM91 ACL29336.1
BLA_1051GH43,CBM91 ACL29339.1
BLA_0648GH5,CBM10 ACL28941.1
BLA_0055 (AbfA)GH51 ACL28358.1
BLA_0353 (MalQ)GH77 ACL28655.1
BLA_0908 (MalQ)GH77 ACL29200.1
BLA_0623 (fragment)GH94 ACL28916.1
BLA_0575GHnc ACL28872.1
BLA_0603 (CpsF) (fragment)GT1 ACL28900.1
BLA_0590GT111 ACL28887.1
BLA_0777 (FstW)GT119 ACL29069.1
BLA_0078 (RodA)GT119 ACL28381.1
BLA_0588GT127 ACL28885.1
BLA_0466GT2 ACL28765.1
BLA_0468GT2 ACL28767.1
BLA_0558GT2 ACL28857.1
BLA_0579GT2 ACL28876.1
BLA_0584 (Cps2F)GT2 ACL28881.1
BLA_0587GT2 ACL28884.1
BLA_0589 (EpsQ)GT2 ACL28886.1
BLA_0855GT2 ACL29147.1
BLA_0860GT2 ACL29152.1
BLA_0586GT2 ACL28883.1
BLA_0591 (RfbN)GT2 ACL28888.1
BLA_0856GT2 ACL29148.1
BLA_0871GT2 ACL29163.1
BLA_0776 (MurG)GT28 ACL29068.1
BLA_0066 (GlgP)GT35 ACL28369.1
BLA_0889GT39 ACL29181.1
BLA_0946 (PimA)GT4 ACL29238.1
BLA_1143GT4 ACL29431.1
BLA_1345GT4 ACL29630.1
BLA_1404 (GlgA)GT4 ACL29689.1
BLA_0208GT51 ACL28510.1
BLA_0592 (Cps1A)GTnc ACL28889.1
BLA_1045GTnc ACL29333.1

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