Shouchella clausii KSM-K16
Taxonomy ID : 66692
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Terrabacteria group; Bacillota; Bacilli; Bacillales; Bacillaceae; Shouchella; Shouchella clausii

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Polysaccharide Lyase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Auxiliary Activity Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
ABC1161AA10,CBM5 BAD63699.1
ABC4031CBM34,GH13 BAD66562.1
ABC1445CBM5,CBM5 BAD63980.1
ABC3113CBM50,CBM50,GH18 BAD65647.1
ABC2071CE14 BAD64606.1
ABC1791CE4 BAD64326.1
ABC2221CE4 BAD64756.1
ABC2994CE4 BAD65528.1
ABC0202CE4 BAD62745.1
ABC1296CE4 BAD63834.1
ABC1769CE7 BAD64304.1
ABC1489 (NagA)CE9 BAD64024.1
ABC0315GH1 BAD62857.1
ABC0484GH1 BAD63025.1
ABC3792GH1 BAD66323.1
ABC1149GH105 BAD63687.1
ABC1212GH127 BAD63750.1
ABC1264GH13 BAD63802.1
ABC1611 (probable maltohexaose-forming amylase)GH13,CBM26,CBM25 BAD64146.1
ABC0703GH16 BAD63242.1
ABC0313GH170 BAD62855.1
ABC3664GH170 BAD66197.1
ABC0646GH18,CBM5 BAD63185.1
ABC3756GH2 BAD66288.1
ABC1701GH23 BAD64236.1
ABC2117GH23 BAD64652.1
ABC2523GH23 BAD65058.1
ABC1454GH3 BAD63989.1
ABC3126GH3 BAD65660.1
ABC1132GH31 BAD63670.1
ABC0298GH31 BAD62840.1
ABC3115GH32 BAD65649.1
ABC1455GH32 BAD63990.1
ABC3765GH32 BAD66297.1
ABC3116GH32 BAD65650.1
ABC0643GH4 BAD63182.1
ABC3581GH4 BAD66114.1
ABC0412GH4 BAD62954.1
ABC3669GH4 BAD66202.1
ABC0732GH4 BAD63271.1
ABC2078GH4 BAD64613.1
ABC3516GH42 BAD66049.1
ABC1405GH42 BAD63941.1
ABC3369GH43 BAD65902.1
ABC0554 (XynB)GH43,CBM91 BAD63094.1
ABC1148GH43,CBM91 BAD63686.1
ABC0320GH5 BAD62862.1
ABC3371GH51 BAD65904.1
ABC0397GH51 BAD62939.1
ABC3517GH53 BAD66050.1
ABC0555GH67 BAD63095.1
ABC3097GH73 BAD65631.1
ABC3381GH81,CBM56 BAD65914.1
ABC3274GH88 BAD65808.1
ABC1138GH95 BAD63676.1
ABC2824GHnc BAD65358.1
ABC0251GT1 BAD62794.1
ABC2356 (SpovE)GT119 BAD64891.1
ABC2800GT119 BAD65334.1
ABC2799GT119 BAD65333.1
ABC3821GT119 BAD66352.1
ABC3695GT130 BAD66228.1
ABC0516GT2 BAD63056.1
ABC3693GT2 BAD66226.1
ABC3171GT2 BAD65705.1
ABC0513GT2 BAD63053.1
ABC3165 (TuaG)GT2 BAD65699.1
ABC3100GT2 BAD65634.1
ABC3694GT2 BAD66227.1
ABC0907GT2 BAD63446.1
ABC2648GT2 BAD65183.1
ABC3105GT2 BAD65639.1
ABC3099GT2 BAD65633.1
ABC3692 (fragment)GT2 BAD66225.1
ABC0474GT2 BAD63015.1
ABC0086 (MurG)GT28 BAD62629.1
ABC0512GT4 BAD63052.1
ABC2091GT4 BAD64626.1
ABC2070GT4 BAD64605.1
ABC0509GT4 BAD63049.1
ABC1852GT4 BAD64387.1
ABC1495GT4 BAD64030.1
ABC3170GT4 BAD65704.1
ABC1853GT4 BAD64388.1
ABC0511GT45 BAD63051.1
ABC2759GT51 BAD65293.1
ABC1537 (PbpF)GT51 BAD64072.1
ABC1473 (PbpD)GT51 BAD64008.1
ABC3899 (PbpG)GT51 BAD66430.1
ABC2055 (PonA)GT51 BAD64590.1
ABC1437 (GspA)GT8 BAD63972.1
ABC0063PL1 BAD62606.1
ABC1141PL10 BAD63679.1
ABC0393PL11 BAD62935.1
ABC3268PL9 BAD65802.1

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