Glycoside Hydrolase Family 5 / Subf 41

Activities in Familyendo-β-1,4-glucanase / cellulase (EC; endo-β-1,4-xylanase (EC; β-glucosidase (EC; β-mannosidase (EC; β-glucosylceramidase (EC; glucan β-1,3-glucosidase (EC; exo-β-1,4-glucanase / cellodextrinase (EC; glucan endo-1,6-β-glucosidase (EC; mannan endo-β-1,4-mannosidase (EC; cellulose β-1,4-cellobiosidase (EC; steryl β-glucosidase (EC; endoglycoceramidase (EC; chitosanase (EC; β-primeverosidase (EC; xyloglucan-specific endo-β-1,4-glucanase (EC; endo-β-1,6-galactanase (EC; β-1,3-mannanase (EC 3.2.1.-); arabinoxylan-specific endo-β-1,4-xylanase (EC 3.2.1.-); mannan transglycosylase (EC 2.4.1.-); lichenase / endo-β-1,3-1,4-glucanase (EC; β-glycosidase (EC 3.2.1.-); endo-β-1,3-glucanase / laminarinase (EC; β-N-acetylhexosaminidase (EC; chitosanase (EC; β-D-galactofuranosidase (EC; β-galactosylceramidase (EC;
Activities in Sub Family
Mechanism Retaining
3D Structure Status( β / α ) 8
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseGlu (experimental)
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu (experimental)
NoteOnce known as cellulase family A; many members have been assigned to subfamilies as described by Aspeborg et al. (2012) BMC Evol Biol. 12(1):186 (PMID: 22992189).
External resourcesCAZypedia; HOMSTRAD; PROSITE;
Commercial Enzyme Provider(s)MEGAZYME; NZYTech; PROZOMIX;
Statistics GenBank accession (570); Uniprot accession (10);
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Protein Name EC#Organism GenBankUniprotPDB/3DSubf
 FCM34_02720   Aeromonas caviae WCW1-2 QDO74393.1     41
 FE240_04385   Aeromonas simiae A6 QFI53997.1     41
 AV939_12175   Alteromonas sp. Mac1 AMJ87257.1     41
 AV940_11940   Alteromonas sp. Mac2 AMJ91120.1     41
 A6F57_02120   Alteromonas stellipolaris PQQ-44 ANB24109.1     41
 Pr1d_12630   Bythopirellula goksoyri Pr1d QEG33992.1     41
 FY115_18240   Cellvibrio japonicus ADPT1-KOJIBIOSE QEI21117.1     41
 FY116_18245   Cellvibrio japonicus ADPT2-NIGEROSE QEI17541.1     41
 FY117_18240   Cellvibrio japonicus ADPT3-ISOMALTOSE QEI13967.1     41
 CJA_3784 (Man5E)   Cellvibrio japonicus Ueda107 ACE84240.1 B3PIQ2   41
 D0C16_14165   Cellvibrio sp. KY-GH-1 QEY17019.1     41
 CBR65_15585   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB006 ARU28748.1     41
 AM379_03550   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. FDA-CDC-AR_0132 AVO99506.1     41
 AM410_11560   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. FDA-CDC-AR_0164 AWC85035.1     41
 EcWSU1_03673   Enterobacter cloacae EcWSU1 AEW75101.1     41
 M942_06180   Enterobacter cloacae P101 AHE72721.1     41
 ABT55_20830   Enterobacter cloacae UW5 AKM88948.1     41
 BFV63_11030   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. xiangfangensis LMG27195 AOP91408.1     41
 BH714_21405   Enterobacter ludwigii EN-119 AOT45618.1     41
 ECI140_18175   Enterobacter ludwigii I140 QDE51528.1     41
 ELLBI42_18175   Enterobacter ludwigii I42 QCV81353.1     41
 ELJP6_17805   Enterobacter ludwigii JP6 QCR94364.1     41
 ELJP9_17790   Enterobacter ludwigii JP9 QCU07263.1     41
 CUC76_20890   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium S05 AWB63865.1     41
 EM595_0609   Erwinia gerundensis EM595 CUU22846.1     41
 OYT1_ch1949   Ferriphaselus amnicola OYT1 BBE51475.1     41
 BN863_30890 (probable fragment)   Formosa agariphila KMM 3901 CDF80801.1     41
 Glaag_3288   Glaciecola sp. 4H-3-7+YE-5 AEE24222.1     41
 AM334_18295   Klebsiella aerogenes AR_0007 ATY02629.1     41
 AM336_20450   Klebsiella aerogenes AR_0009 ATY07773.1     41
 AM441_17790   Klebsiella aerogenes AR_0062 AVF00374.1     41
 AM407_17870   Klebsiella aerogenes AR_0161 AWD04759.1     41
 ABY61_03750   Klebsiella aerogenes CAV1320 AKK80417.1     41
 ORF   Klebsiella aerogenes EA1509E CCG30095.1     41
 AL497_21120   Klebsiella aerogenes FDAARGOS_139 AMQ62106.1     41
 CEQ05_21895   Klebsiella aerogenes FDAARGOS_327 AXY30790.1     41
 EGY11_18490   Klebsiella aerogenes FDAARGOS_513 AYY01983.1     41
 FOB49_07505   Klebsiella aerogenes FDAARGOS_641 QEU18491.1     41
 EAG7_01621   Klebsiella aerogenes G7 AML35367.1     41
 EAE_18940   Klebsiella aerogenes KCTC 2190 AEG98695.1     41
 NCTC10006_01522   Klebsiella aerogenes NCTC10006 VDZ66745.1     41
 NCTC10317_01095   Klebsiella aerogenes NCTC10317 VEC26237.1     41
 NCTC418_01347   Klebsiella aerogenes NCTC418 VEC06424.1     41
 NCTC9644_01037   Klebsiella aerogenes NCTC9644 VED53274.1     41
 NCTC9652_01716   Klebsiella aerogenes NCTC9652 VEC50648.1     41
 NCTC9667_03035   Klebsiella aerogenes NCTC9667 VEC02372.1     41
 NCTC9668_03617 (fragment)   Klebsiella aerogenes NCTC9668 VEC98241.1     41
 NCTC9668_03616 (fragment)   Klebsiella aerogenes NCTC9668 VEC98240.1     41
 NCTC9735_02515   Klebsiella aerogenes NCTC9735 VEI10011.1     41
 NCTC9793_05022   Klebsiella aerogenes NCTC9793 VED96908.1     41
 NCTC9997_01448   Klebsiella aerogenes NCTC9997 VED47331.1     41
 DMP75_25295   Klebsiella michiganensis AACKY AWT21340.1     41
 CSC12_2476   Klebsiella michiganensis AR375 AWF51835.1     41
 FR848_07575   Klebsiella michiganensis C52 QFI04560.1     41
 A225_4598   Klebsiella michiganensis E718 AFN33845.1     41
 FOB55_09075   Klebsiella michiganensis FDAARGOS_647 QET48167.1     41
 J415_08965   Klebsiella michiganensis HKOPL1 AHW87324.1     41
 CF000_11170   Klebsiella michiganensis K516 ASK73615.1     41
 CKQ55_19040   Klebsiella michiganensis K518 ASZ57178.1     41
 KOX_00745   Klebsiella michiganensis KCTC 1686 AEX01894.1     41
 HR38_26845   Klebsiella michiganensis M1 AIE71926.1     41
 KOCBH_01555   Klebsiella michiganensis M82255 QAS64117.1     41
 CSC17_4366   Klebsiella oxytoca AR380 AWF36939.1     41
 AM355_00870   Klebsiella oxytoca AR_0028 AVE75895.1     41
 AM394_11890   Klebsiella oxytoca AR_0147 ARB21862.1     41
 AGF18_14940   Klebsiella oxytoca CAV1015 APB45135.1     41
 AB184_25230   Klebsiella oxytoca CAV1099 AKL08379.1     41
 AB181_25510   Klebsiella oxytoca CAV1335 AKL25310.1     41
 AB185_13200   Klebsiella oxytoca CAV1374 AKL34800.1     41
 AGH21_11620   Klebsiella oxytoca CAV1752 APM31234.1     41
 CEQ13_01200   Klebsiella oxytoca FDAARGOS_335 AVL78872.1     41
 EGY21_10765   Klebsiella oxytoca FDAARGOS_500 AYZ51826.1     41
 KOJKO3_c4395   Klebsiella oxytoca JKo3 BAS42409.1     41
 KONIH1_23070   Klebsiella oxytoca KONIH1 AID91860.1     41
 C2U42_34480   Klebsiella oxytoca KONIH2 AUW13975.1     41
 C2U44_06310   Klebsiella oxytoca KONIH4 AUV90724.1     41
 C2U46_04435   Klebsiella oxytoca KONIH5 AUV96961.1     41
 NCTC11355_05430   Klebsiella oxytoca NCTC11355 SQI97472.1     41
 NCTC11356_04528   Klebsiella oxytoca NCTC11356 VDY54867.1     41
 NCTC13727_01493   Klebsiella oxytoca NCTC13727 VEF67900.1     41
 NCTC9146_01160   Klebsiella oxytoca NCTC9146 VTS41294.1     41
 RH201207_01395   Klebsiella pneumoniae CZQ43873.1     41
 CES89_22865   Klebsiella pneumoniae ASG36072.1     41
 CNR480_03276   Klebsiella pneumoniae SPR87651.1     41
 Sequence 9951 from patent US 6610836   Klebsiella pneumoniae AAR50234.1     41
 CYU57_21235   Klebsiella pneumoniae 002SK2 AUH98093.1     41
 CY656_05310   Klebsiella pneumoniae 08EU827 AZZ30963.1     41
 CN260_05505   Klebsiella pneumoniae 1050 AXT64796.1     41
 C2D60_05350   Klebsiella pneumoniae 11492 AZO97835.1     41
 D1Y71_05170   Klebsiella pneumoniae 121 QCC79812.1     41
 D1Y71_05170   Klebsiella pneumoniae 121 QCC79812.1     41
 LQ47_04235   Klebsiella pneumoniae 13004 AIW98344.1     41
 DL890_05395   Klebsiella pneumoniae 160111 AXR49806.1     41
 A6D82_000010   Klebsiella pneumoniae 16_GR_13 AZI01973.1     41
 BWG70_05375   Klebsiella pneumoniae 1756 APV13147.1     41
 FOM15_02725   Klebsiella pneumoniae 18-2374 QEG79935.1     41
 ENZ43_07380   Klebsiella pneumoniae 18CPO060 QBK42302.1     41
 A6D67_005550   Klebsiella pneumoniae 1_GR_13 AZH91606.1     41
 DZC50_05750   Klebsiella pneumoniae 2-1 QBA32324.1     41
 BH367_05605   Klebsiella pneumoniae 203 AWQ51570.1     41

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