Glycoside Hydrolase Family 13 / Subf 13

Activities in Familyα-amylase (EC; pullulanase (EC; cyclomaltodextrin glucanotransferase (EC; cyclomaltodextrinase (EC; trehalose-6-phosphate hydrolase (EC; oligo-α-glucosidase (EC; maltogenic amylase (EC; neopullulanase (EC; α-glucosidase (EC; maltotetraose-forming α-amylase (EC; isoamylase (EC; glucodextranase (EC; maltohexaose-forming α-amylase (EC; maltotriose-forming α-amylase (EC; branching enzyme (EC; trehalose synthase (EC; 4-α-glucanotransferase (EC; maltopentaose-forming α-amylase (EC 3.2.1.-) ; amylosucrase (EC ; sucrose phosphorylase (EC; malto-oligosyltrehalose trehalohydrolase (EC; isomaltulose synthase (EC; malto-oligosyltrehalose synthase (EC; amylo-α-1,6-glucosidase (EC; α-1,4-glucan: phosphate α-maltosyltransferase (EC; 6'-P-sucrose phosphorylase (EC 2.4.1.-); amino acid transporter
Activities in Sub Family
Mechanism Retaining
3D Structure Status( β / α ) 8
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseAsp (experimental)
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu (experimental)
NoteNew: many members have been assigned to subfamilies as described by Stam et al. (2006) Protein Eng Des Sel. 19, 555-562 (PMID: 17085431)
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Commercial Enzyme Provider(s)MEGAZYME; PROZOMIX;
Statistics GenBank accession (1337); Uniprot accession (87); PDB accession (26); 3D entries (4); cryst (0)
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Protein Name EC#Organism GenBankUniprotPDB/3DSubf
 DSB67_18380   Vibrio campbellii DS40M4 AXB33416.1     13
 CAY59_23940   Vibrio campbellii LA16-V1 ARR47249.1     13
 BWP24_17390   Vibrio campbellii LMB29 APX07981.1     13
 VAB027_195 (PulA)   Vibrio cholerae 10432-62 AKB08274.1     13
 VAA049_205 (PulA)   Vibrio cholerae 1154-74 AKB04593.1     13
 EZZ25_04990 (PulA)   Vibrio cholerae 20000 QBJ28687.1     13
 EN18_16505 (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae 2012EL-2176 AIT30621.1     13
 NH62_22121   Vibrio cholerae 2012Env-9 AOY48340.1     13
 BBB50_01050 (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae 2740-80 ANR86340.1     13
 SAMEA4374366_00196 (Pula_1) (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534216 SPM12248.1     13
 SAMEA4374367_00196 (Pula_1) (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534232 SPM14895.1     13
 SAMEA4374368_00196 (Pula_1) (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534248 SPM20168.1     13
 VCA1552_02449 (Pula_2) (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae A1552 AVL23828.1     13
 A1552VC_02454 (Pula_2) (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae A1552 AWB75152.1     13
 ASZ80_02719   Vibrio cholerae C5 APF50233.1     13
 ASZ81_02714   Vibrio cholerae CRC1106 APF57827.1     13
 ASZ82_02712   Vibrio cholerae CRC711 APF54087.1     13
 ASZ87_01847 (Pula_1) (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae E1162 APF64551.1     13
 ASZ88_02603 (Pula_2) (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae E1320 APF68957.1     13
 ASZ84_02289   Vibrio cholerae E506 APF61273.1     13
 ASZ79_02688 (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae E9120 APF72676.1     13
 AP033_22115   Vibrio cholerae Env-390 AOY51940.1     13
 A6J62_17790 (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae FDAARGOS_223 ARB82295.1     13
 FORC55_0190 (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae FORC_055 ATD26174.1     13
 FORC73_0191   Vibrio cholerae FORC_073 AYC04183.1     13
 FORC76_2365   Vibrio cholerae FORC_076 QAV05862.1     13
 AN947_18600 (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae ICDC-VC661 ATD25594.1     13
 O3Y_12920 (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae IEC224 AFC59454.1     13
 ASZ83_00236   Vibrio cholerae M2140 APF74149.1     13
 VCD_001667 (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae MJ-1236 ACQ59836.1 C3NUI7   13
 MS6_2416   Vibrio cholerae MS6 BAP04071.1     13
 N16961_VC00202 (Pula_1) (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae N16961 AWA77320.1     13
 SAMEA104470976_00136 (PulA)   Vibrio cholerae NCTC 30 SYZ80298.1     13
 ASZ85_02689   Vibrio cholerae NCTC5395 APF80188.1     13
 ASZ86_02753 (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae NCTC9420 APF84146.1     13
 IR04_18555 (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae O1 biovar El Tor FJ147 AKA01082.1     13
 Vch1786_I2195 (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae O1 str. 2010EL-1786 AET27779.1     13
 VC0395_A2273 (probable fragment)   Vibrio cholerae O395 ABQ20504.1 A5F4U0   13
 Sa5Y_VC00208 (PulA)   Vibrio cholerae Sa5Y AWB69454.1     13
 EN12_13105 (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae TSY216 AKO76150.1     13
 V060002_00234 (Pula_1) (fragment)   Vibrio cholerae V060002 BBE11394.1     13
 BA953_23030   Vibrio coralliilyticus 58 ANW27005.1     13
 JV59_20985   Vibrio coralliilyticus OCN014 AIS57484.1     13
 DVV14_23920 (PulA)   Vibrio coralliilyticus RE22 AXN34278.1     13
 IX92_18120   Vibrio coralliilyticus RE98 AIW20954.1     13
 A134_22880   Vibrio crassostreae 9CS106 ANP79181.1     13
 FAZ90_19055 (PulA)   Vibrio cyclitrophicus ECSMB14105 QCI73132.1     13
 AL537_25790   Vibrio diabolicus FDAARGOS_105 AVF62670.1     13
 AL552_03725   Vibrio diabolicus FDAARGOS_96 AVF92944.1     13
 AL468_17680   Vibrio diabolicus LMG 3418 AVH29009.1     13
 AL475_00760   Vibrio fluvialis AK 1296-A2-1 AVH30541.1     13
 AL536_14140   Vibrio fluvialis ATCC 33809 AMF94597.1     13
 vfu_A00553   Vibrio furnissii NCTC 11218 ADT85765.1     13
 CU052_27305   Vibrio harveyi 345 AWB02855.1     13
 LA59_20570   Vibrio harveyi ATCC 33843 (392 [MAV]) AIV07835.1     13
 AL538_18495   Vibrio harveyi ATCC 43516 AMF99716.1     13
 BG259_27170   Vibrio harveyi isolate QT520 APP08904.1     13
 ECB94_26215 (PulA)   Vibrio mediterranei 117-T6 AYV24946.1     13
 BA891_15185   Vibrio natriegens CCUG 16371 ANQ18562.1     13
 BA893_16460   Vibrio natriegens CCUG 16373 ANQ23261.1     13
 BA894_18785   Vibrio natriegens CCUG 16374 ANQ28467.1     13
 PN96_15655   Vibrio natriegens NBRC 15636 = ATCC 14048 = DSM 759 ALR17431.1
 D3H41_23110 (PulA)   Vibrio neocaledonicus CGJ02-2 QCO88873.1     13
 D0812_26995 (PulA)   Vibrio owensii 1700302 AYO17993.1     13
 D0856_29165 (PulA)   Vibrio owensii V180403 AYO23894.1     13
 A9237_25245   Vibrio owensii XSBZ03 AQW61315.1     13
 RK51_024455   Vibrio parahaemolyticus 10329 AUT89890.1     13
 D0871_20915 (PulA)   Vibrio parahaemolyticus 160807 AYO06763.1     13
 BMI84_21930   Vibrio parahaemolyticus 1682 APU76642.1     13
 Vp2S01_A1616   Vibrio parahaemolyticus 20130629002S01 AWG87101.1     13
 AL464_22060   Vibrio parahaemolyticus ATCC 17802 AMG09435.1     13
 VPBB_A1502   Vibrio parahaemolyticus BB22OP AGB12876.1     13
 VpaChn25_A1527   Vibrio parahaemolyticus CHN25 ANZ13112.1     13
 A6J30_19945   Vibrio parahaemolyticus FDAARGOS_191 ARC20734.1     13
 FORC4_4352   Vibrio parahaemolyticus FORC_004 ALM69325.1     13
 FORC6_4478   Vibrio parahaemolyticus FORC_006 ALG54804.1     13
 FORC8_4398   Vibrio parahaemolyticus FORC_008 AKU57958.1     13
 FORC14_4612   Vibrio parahaemolyticus FORC_014 ANC00309.1     13
 FORC18_4402   Vibrio parahaemolyticus FORC_018 APE87015.1     13
 FORC22_4643   Vibrio parahaemolyticus FORC_022 APC90504.1     13
 FORC23_4233   Vibrio parahaemolyticus FORC_023 AOV92776.1     13
 FORC71_4506   Vibrio parahaemolyticus FORC_071 AYF22878.1     13
 FORC72_4535   Vibrio parahaemolyticus FORC_072 AYF18266.1     13
 CO725_04730   Vibrio parahaemolyticus HA2 ATI44969.1     13
 YA91_07965   Vibrio parahaemolyticus MAVP-26 ASZ50508.1     13
 BGM07_008175   Vibrio parahaemolyticus MAVP-Q ASO14352.1     13
 CHR23_024825   Vibrio parahaemolyticus MAVP-R ASQ38982.1     13
 BSG32_24750   Vibrio parahaemolyticus MAVP-R AWA92211.1     13
 M636_07000   Vibrio parahaemolyticus O1:K33 str. CDC_K4557 AGQ97004.1     13
 M634_17650   Vibrio parahaemolyticus O1:Kuk str. FDA_R31 AGQ92735.1     13
 C7Y67_19615   Vibrio parahaemolyticus R13 AWJ80603.1     13
 C9I78_23525   Vibrio parahaemolyticus R14 AWG81707.1     13
 VPA1638   Vibrio parahaemolyticus RIMD 2210633 O3:K6 BAC62981.1
 DA442_22605   Vibrio parahaemolyticus S107-1 AVW97748.1     13
 AB831_23710   Vibrio parahaemolyticus ST631 ANQ59130.1     13
 VPUCM_21460   Vibrio parahaemolyticus UCM-V493 AHJ02581.1     13
 D0853_23500 (PulA)   Vibrio parahaemolyticus VPD14 AZV73909.1     13
 CCZ37_05520   Vibrio qinghaiensis Q67 ASU22080.1     13
 BSZ04_03470   Vibrio rotiferianus B64D1 ASI94089.1     13
 BSZ04_02515   Vibrio rotiferianus B64D1 ASI93912.1     13

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