May 2024

After an amazing CBM15 conference in Ghent (Belgia), this month, we officialized two novel CBM families, CBM102 and CBM103, both with laminarin-binding members described by Zühlke and coworkers.
We also implemented the division into subfamilies of the GH123 family.
This was done according to the initial presentation of the two first subfamilies last year by Moreno Prieto and coworkers, recently completed by two additional subfamilies by Sumida and coworkers.
However, please note that their group numbering do not correspond to the subfamily numbering : group 1 is GH123_4 ; group 2 is GH123_5 ; group 3 is GH123_3 ; group 4 is GH123_2 and group GH123 is GH123_1).
Most of these subfamilies (apart GH123_1) were previously classified as GH_nc given their weak signals of homology to characterized GH123(_1) members.

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