February 2024

This month, we are welcoming a novel GH family, GH189 after the functional and structural characterization by Tanaka et al. (PMID=38300345) of a transglycosidase activity for a module belonging to this family, distantly related to GH144 and GH162. This team also recently deposited a manuscript to bioRxiv about this superfamily. GH189 distinguished by being systematically part of a trimodular proteins involved in the cyclic β-1,2-glucan syntesis pathway, for which another nice manuscript could be found in bioRxiv.

We also released a new GT family, GT118, discovered by Walklett et al. (PMID=38224120), as well as 17 bacterial polysaccharide polymerase families, GT119 to GT135, long-overdue but which required in-depth sequence analyses, to be published in Communications Biology by Meitil and coworkers.

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