The January 2024 update of CAZy CAZy wishes...

CAZy wishes you a wonderful 2024 year, healthy and full of discoveries !!!
We would like to start this year by a big thank to CAZypedia contributors and organizers, as the lastly released families, described below, already have CAZypedia pages !

This month, we are welcoming a novel GH family, GH188 after the discovery of a NAD+ dependent sulfoquinovosidase active enzyme by Kaur et al. (PMID=38100472).
We also released another CBM family, CBM101 (Mei et al. ; PMID=38010608, discovered by the same laboratory who recently contributed CBM99, CBM100 and GH187.

Also, for those who missed it : end of 2023, we released on our expert annotation of the eukaryotic genomes sequenced by JGI after publication, including both MycoCosm and PhycoCosm projects ! This huge annotation effort is accomplished by Bernard and Elodie. We hope you’ll appreciate it.

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