The November 2023 update

We are extremely excited to announce that, from now on, we will share on our expert annotation of the eukaryotic genomes sequenced by JGI after publication, including both MycoCosm and PhycoCosm projects ! This huge annotation effort is accomplished by Bernard and Elodie.
This month, we are also welcoming two novel families from the sea, discovered by the same group : a novel endo-fucanase specific of 1,3-fucans founding the GH187 family (Shen et al. ; PMID=37940306), and a porphyran binding module founding the CBM99 family (Mei et al. ; PMID=37769778).
Additionally, we integrated the novel human glycosyltransferase discovered by Larsen et al. ; PMID=37186866 few month ago, founder of the GT117 family.

Finally, we solved a bug on the form allowing authors to notify CAZy after a biochemical characterization/publication. If you recently submitted functional information but did not get any answer/confirmation from our side... we likely never received it, sincere apologies.

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