Clostridioides difficile Z31
Taxonomy ID : 1496
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Terrabacteria group; Bacillota; Clostridia; Peptostreptococcales; Peptostreptococcaceae; Clostridioides

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
PCZ31_2325 (NplT)CBM34,GH13 ALP04247.1
PCZ31_1934 (GlgB)CBM48,GH13 ALP03861.1
PCZ31_3230CBM50 ALP05129.1
PCZ31_1738CBM50 ALP03668.1
PCZ31_1685CBM50 ALP03615.1
PCZ31_4065CBM50 ALP05949.1
PCZ31_3157 (Pdac_3) (fragment) CE4 ALP05057.1
PCZ31_3023 (PdaC)CE4 ALP04926.1
PCZ31_3683 (Pgda_5)CE4 ALP05570.1
PCZ31_1581 (Pgda_1)CE4 ALP03511.1
PCZ31_1856 (fragment) CE4 ALP03785.1
PCZ31_3006 (Pdaa_3)CE4 ALP04909.1
PCZ31_1586 (PdaA)CE4 ALP03516.1
PCZ31_3674 (Pdaa_4)CE4 ALP05561.1
PCZ31_3118 (Pgda_4)CE4 ALP05020.1
PCZ31_3940 (Naga_2)CE9 ALP05825.1
PCZ31_0954 (Naga_1)CE9 ALP02898.1
PCZ31_1262 (Bglh_3)GH1 ALP03197.1
PCZ31_2850 (Bglh_4)GH1 ALP04756.1
PCZ31_3478 (Bglh_5) (fragment) GH1 ALP05374.1
PCZ31_3489 (Bglh_6)GH1 ALP05385.1
PCZ31_2851 (Bgla_1)GH1 ALP04757.1
PCZ31_3495 (Bglh_7)GH1 ALP05390.1
PCZ31_3479 (Bgla_2) (fragment) GH1 ALP05375.1
PCZ31_0387 (BglH)GH1 ALP02341.1
PCZ31_0835 (BglC)GH1 ALP02780.1
PCZ31_1912GH123 ALP03839.1
PCZ31_1400 (Trea_1)GH13 ALP03332.1
PCZ31_2855 (Trea_2)GH13 ALP04761.1
PCZ31_0905 (ApU)GH13 ALP02849.1
PCZ31_0451 (MalL)GH13 ALP02404.1
PCZ31_1300GH170 ALP03234.1
PCZ31_4154GH170 ALP06038.1
PCZ31_3826GH18 ALP05711.1
PCZ31_3009 (Chia1)GH18 ALP04912.1
PCZ31_3798 (Iap_5)GH23 ALP05683.1
PCZ31_3381 (Iap_4)GH23 ALP05279.1
PCZ31_1064 (SlT)GH23 ALP03004.1
PCZ31_0637 (Iap_1)GH23 ALP02586.1
PCZ31_0250 (MltC)GH23 ALP02209.1
PCZ31_1277 (YicI)GH31 ALP03212.1
PCZ31_2729 (ScrB)GH32 ALP04640.1
PCZ31_1256 (Mngb_1)GH38 ALP03191.1
PCZ31_1338 (Mngb_2)GH38 ALP03271.1
PCZ31_1888 (Mngb_4)GH38 ALP03816.1
PCZ31_1404 (LicH)GH4 ALP03336.1
PCZ31_1287 (MalH)GH4 ALP03221.1
PCZ31_1955 (AglB)GH4 ALP03881.1
PCZ31_0881 (Malh_1)GH4 ALP02825.1
PCZ31_0035 (XynB)GH43,CBM91 ALP01996.1
PCZ31_1913 (CelH)GH5 ALP03840.1
PCZ31_0034 (CelC)GH5 ALP01995.1
PCZ31_1398GH63 ALP03330.1
PCZ31_3494 (TreP)GH65 ALP05389.1
PCZ31_1241 (LytD) (fragment) GH73 ALP03176.1
PCZ31_2328 (Lytg_2)GH73 ALP04249.1
PCZ31_3231 (fragment) GH73 ALP05130.1
PCZ31_2322 (Lytc_27)GH73 ALP04244.1
PCZ31_0981 (Lytg_1)GH73 ALP02924.1
PCZ31_0524GHnc ALP02475.1
PCZ31_0979 (fragment) GHnc ALP02922.1
PCZ31_3483 (OleD)GT1 ALP05379.1
PCZ31_1806 (Ftsw_2)GT119 ALP03735.1
PCZ31_1089 (Ftsw_1)GT119 ALP03028.1
PCZ31_1520GT125 ALP03450.1
PCZ31_1523 (Tuag_1)GT2 ALP03453.1
PCZ31_1524 (PglI)GT2 ALP03454.1
PCZ31_1525 (Tuag_2)GT2 ALP03455.1
PCZ31_1521GT2 ALP03451.1
PCZ31_1914 (BcsA)GT2 ALP03841.1
PCZ31_3760 (Suns_2)GT2 ALP05646.1
PCZ31_0976 (Icaa_1)GT2 ALP02919.1
PCZ31_1161 (Icaa_2) (fragment) GT2 ALP03098.1
PCZ31_0265 (fragment) GT2 ALP02223.1
PCZ31_0264 (Suns_1) (fragment) GT2 ALP02222.1
PCZ31_1162 (fragment) GT2 ALP03099.1
PCZ31_2899 (Ugtp_4)GT28 ALP04803.1
PCZ31_1580 (Ugtp_3)GT28 ALP03510.1
PCZ31_1807 (MurG)GT28 ALP03736.1
PCZ31_0020 (UgtP)GT28 ALP01982.1
PCZ31_1519GT32 ALP03449.1
PCZ31_0904 (GlgP) (fragment) GT35 ALP02848.1
PCZ31_1527 (MshA)GT4 ALP03457.1
PCZ31_0861GT4 ALP02805.1
PCZ31_0903 (GlgA)GT5 ALP02847.1
PCZ31_2093 (MrcA)GT51 ALP04016.1
PCZ31_0796 (PbpF)GT51 ALP02741.1

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