Caloramator sp. mosi_1
Taxonomy ID : 3023090
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Terrabacteria group; Bacillota; Clostridia; Eubacteriales; Clostridiaceae; Caloramator; unclassified Caloramator

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
PL321_06460CBM4,CBM4,CBM4,CBM4 WDC85130.1
PL321_03395CBM48,CBMnc WDC84719.1
PL321_03450 (PulA) (fragment) CBM48,GH13 WDC85582.1
PL321_17920 (fragment) CBM48,GH13 WDC84120.1
PL321_07790 (fragment) CBM50 WDC85679.1
PL321_16630CBM50 WDC83983.1
PL321_08540 (fragment) CBM50 WDC85387.1
PL321_16335CBM50 WDC83945.1
PL321_05780 (SafA)CBM50 WDC85035.1
PL321_05575CBM50 WDC85006.1
PL321_00235CBM50,CBM50,CBM50,CBM50 WDC84321.1
PL321_05305CBM54 WDC84968.1
PL321_12680CE4 WDC83546.1
PL321_06560 (fragment) GH1 WDC85145.1
PL321_06570 (fragment) GH1 WDC85652.1
PL321_06575 (fragment) GH1 WDC85147.1
PL321_06565 (fragment) GH1 WDC85146.1
PL321_06900 (fragment) GH126 WDC85189.1
PL321_06910 (fragment) GH126 WDC85191.1
PL321_17925 (fragment) GH13 WDC84121.1
PL321_01715 (fragment) GH13 WDC84505.1
PL321_02640 (fragment) GH13 WDC84621.1
PL321_03385 (fragment) GH13 WDC84717.1
PL321_17930 (fragment) GH13 WDC84122.1
PL321_07160 (fragment) GH13 WDC85664.1
PL321_06450 (fragment) GH13 WDC85128.1
PL321_02645 (fragment) GH13 WDC84622.1
PL321_03380 (fragment) GH13 WDC85580.1
PL321_07485GH13 WDC85277.1
PL321_01210 (fragment) GH13 WDC84454.1
PL321_01205 (fragment) GH13 WDC84453.1
PL321_06440 (fragment) GH13 WDC85126.1
PL321_07155 (fragment) GH13 WDC85663.1
PL321_17935 (fragment) GH13 WDC84123.1
PL321_06445 (fragment) GH13 WDC85127.1
PL321_03375 (fragment) GH13 WDC84716.1
PL321_06435 (fragment) GH13 WDC85125.1
PL321_02635 (fragment) GH13 WDC84620.1
PL321_01200 (fragment) GH13 WDC84452.1
PL321_06465GH16 WDC85649.1
PL321_06605 (fragment) GH161 WDC85153.1
PL321_06590 (fragment) GH161 WDC85150.1
PL321_06610 (fragment) GH161 WDC85154.1
PL321_06595 (fragment) GH161 WDC85151.1
PL321_06600 (fragment) GH161 WDC85152.1
PL321_03990 (fragment) GH18 WDC84795.1
PL321_03985 (fragment) GH18 WDC85596.1
PL321_02105GH18 WDC84553.1
PL321_14185 (fragment)GH189 WDC83707.1
PL321_01685 (fragment) GH23 WDC84500.1
PL321_06580GH30 WDC85148.1
PL321_07600 (fragment) GH31 WDC85674.1
PL321_07605 (fragment) GH31 WDC85297.1
PL321_02805 (fragment) GH32 WDC84649.1
PL321_10355GH36 WDC83203.1
PL321_03245GH4 WDC84701.1
PL321_00555 (fragment) GH65 WDC85522.1
PL321_00710 (fragment) GH65 WDC84389.1
PL321_00715 (fragment) GH65 WDC84390.1
PL321_00550 (fragment) GH65 WDC84365.1
PL321_00560 (fragment) GH65 WDC84366.1
PL321_14205 (fragment) GH94 WDC83710.1
PL321_14210 (fragment) GH94 WDC83711.1
PL321_18450 (fragment) GT2 WDC85910.1
PL321_18420 (fragment) GT2 WDC84194.1
PL321_04810 (fragment) GT2 WDC84901.1
PL321_04805 (fragment) GT2 WDC85615.1
PL321_07240 (fragment) GT2 WDC85240.1
PL321_07235 (fragment) GT2 WDC85239.1
PL321_18455 (fragment) GT2 WDC84197.1
PL321_04815 (fragment) GT26 WDC84902.1
PL321_17615 (MurG) (fragment) GT28 WDC84085.1
PL321_05520 (fragment) GT28 WDC84999.1
PL321_04135GT4 WDC84816.1
PL321_18470 (fragment) GT4 WDC85911.1
PL321_18440 (fragment) GT4 WDC85909.1
PL321_18475 (fragment) GT4 WDC84199.1
PL321_18435 (fragment) GT4 WDC85908.1
PL321_18430 (fragment) GT4 WDC85907.1
PL321_18245 (fragment) GT4,GT26 WDC84167.1
PL321_06420 (GlgA)GT5 WDC85123.1
PL321_14180 (fragment) GT84 WDC83706.1

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