Natranaeroarchaeum sulfidigenes AArc-S
Taxonomy ID : 2784880
Lineage: cellular organisms; Archaea; Euryarchaeota; Stenosarchaea group; Halobacteria; Halobacteriales; Natronoarchaeaceae; Natranaeroarchaeum

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
AArcS_0416 (Amya2)GH13 QSG01645.1
AArcS_0863 (Amya4)GH13 QSG02086.1
AArcS_2696GH13 QSG03892.1
AArcS_2697 (Amya9)GH13 QSG03893.1
AArcS_1404 (Amya6)GH13 QSG02619.1
AArcS_3130 (Amya10)GH13 QSG04317.1
AArcS_1405 (Amya7)GH13 QSG02620.1
AArcS_0501 (Amya3)GH13 QSG01730.1
AArcS_0289 (AmyA)GH13 QSG01523.1
AArcS_1411 (Amya8)GH13 QSG02626.1
AArcS_1202 (Amya5)GH13 QSG02420.1
AArcS_1062GH13,CBM20 QSG02283.1
AArcS_0417 (Sga1)GH15 QSG01646.1
AArcS_1520 (Sga12)GH15,GH15 QSG02732.1
AArcS_0516 (BglS)GH16 QSG01745.1
AArcS_2185 (BglX)GH3 QSG03382.1
AArcS_1167 (SacC)GH32 QSG02385.1
AArcS_0529GH37 QSG01757.1
AArcS_2086 (CelF)GH4 QSG03286.1
AArcS_2082GH42 QSG03282.1
AArcS_1170GH68 QSG02388.1
AArcS_1519 (MalQ) (fragment) GH77 QSG02731.1
AArcS_2188GH81 QSG03385.1
AArcS_2349 (LacZ)GHnc QSG03545.1
AArcS_0517GT2 QSG01746.1
AArcS_1801GT2 QSG03011.1
AArcS_2654GT2 QSG03850.1
AArcS_2603GT2 QSG03799.1
AArcS_0847GT2 QSG02071.1
AArcS_0620 (AglL)GT4 QSG01847.1
AArcS_1805 (AglA)GT4 QSG03014.1
AArcS_0477 (Rfag2)GT4 QSG01706.1
AArcS_0049 (RfaG)GT4 QSG01289.1
AArcS_2735 (Agla3)GT4 QSG03931.1
AArcS_0481 (Rfag4)GT4 QSG01710.1
AArcS_2655 (Agla2)GT4 QSG03851.1
AArcS_0478 (Rfag3)GT4 QSG01707.1
AArcS_0470 (AglS)GT66 QSG01699.1
AArcS_1839 (Agls2) (fragment) GT66 QSG03048.1
AArcS_2551GT81 QSG03747.1

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