Rhodopirellula baltica SH 1
Taxonomy ID : 243090
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; PVC group; Planctomycetota; Planctomycetia; Pirellulales; Pirellulaceae; Rhodopirellula; Rhodopirellula baltica

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Polysaccharide Lyase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
RB2638 (GlgB)CBM48,GH13 CAD72753.1
RB5200CBM48,GH13 CAD78345.1
RB4894 (GlgX)CBM48,GH13 CAD78160.1
RB9292 (GlgX)CBM48,GH13 CAD76180.1
RB548 (GlgB)CBM48,GH13 CAD71645.1
RB4621CBM51 CAD73893.1
RB2440CBM60,CBM60 CAD72629.1
RB5832CBMnc CAD74460.1
RB11162CBMnc CAD77196.1
RB4934 (LpxC)CE11 CAD78187.1
RB3639CE12 CAD73312.1
RB10036CE14 CAD76593.1
RB3342CE14 CAD73135.1
RB4014CE15 CAD73544.1
RB11994CE19 CAD77342.1
RB9651CE20 CAD76385.1
RB10048CE20 CAD76603.1
RB6807CE20 CAD75019.1
RB5007 (AxeA)CE6 CAD78234.1
RB12559 (NagA)CE9 CAD77656.1
RB1356 (NagA) (possible fragment)CE9 CAD72050.1
RB763CEnc CAD71736.1
RB10416GH10 CAD78872.1
RB9136GH10 CAD76104.1
RB9911GH10 CAD76526.1
RB13146GH117 CAD77969.1
RB5280 (fragment) GH117 CAD78391.1
RB5313GH127 CAD74168.1
RB5196GH13 CAD78342.1
RB2986GH13 CAD72944.1
RB12343GH13 CAD77533.1
RB2991GH130 CAD72947.1
RB2988GH130 CAD72945.1
RB4444GH141 CAD73789.1
RB13162GH141 CAD77977.1
RB2702GH16 CAD72787.1
RB3123GH16,CBM16 CAD73010.1
RB7510GH171 CAD75401.1
RB1467GH174 CAD72107.1
RB1939GH177 CAD72345.1
RB3330GH177 CAD73129.1
RB3442GH177 CAD73198.1
RB10503GH177 CAD78915.1
RB11762 (StrI)GH177 CAD79304.1
RB6383 (MdoG)GH186 CAD74766.1
RB3405GH2 CAD73174.1
RB4561GH20 CAD73859.1
RB5816 (FucA)GH29 CAD74450.1
RB12360GH32 CAD77540.1
RB3006GH33 CAD72956.1
RB8895 (NanH)GH33 CAD75983.1
RB3353GH33 CAD73141.1
RB1257GH33 CAD71993.1
RB5143GH33 CAD78312.1
RB8501GH33 CAD78672.1
RB11055GH33 CAD77137.1
RB2377 (AtsA)GH43 CAD72594.1
RB8073 (Abf2)GH43 CAD78454.1
RB5256GH5 CAD78375.1
RB5008GH5 CAD78235.1
RB2160GH57 CAD72460.1
RB4161 (MalQ)GH77 CAD73618.1
RB700 (RamA)GH78 CAD71707.1
RB736GH78 CAD71725.1
RB3421 (AgrA)GH86 CAD73183.1
RB4699GH95 CAD73939.1
RB10507GH97 CAD78916.1
RB10595GHnc CAD78965.1
RB10999 (CfT)GHnc CAD77110.1
RB14GHnc CAD71336.1
RB2856GHnc CAD72868.1
RB1470GHnc,PL43 CAD72108.1
RB10996GT1 CAD77108.1
RB9238 (FucT2)GT11 CAD76156.1
RB11527GT12 CAD79176.1
RB11356GT12 CAD79076.1
RB11529GT12 CAD79177.1
RB1372GT121 CAD72060.1
RB2725 (LpxB)GT19 CAD72801.1
RB2469GT2 CAD72646.1
RB2206GT2 CAD72489.1
RB5846GT2 CAD74465.1
RB7643GT2 CAD75486.1
RB9237GT2 CAD76155.1
RB1637GT2 CAD72202.1
RB11941GT2 CAD77310.1
RB12831GT2 CAD77808.1
RB6305GT2 CAD74718.1
RB9623GT2 CAD76369.1
RB9637GT2 CAD76377.1
RB289GT2 CAD71492.1
RB6377 (MdoH)GT2 CAD74760.1
RB8905GT2 CAD75990.1
RB13211GT2,GT83 CAD78003.1
RB5016GT25 CAD78240.1
RB11533GT25 CAD79178.1
RB1367GT26 CAD72058.1
RB12601 (WecG)GT26 CAD77676.1
RB11688 (KdtA)GT30 CAD79268.1
RB9614GT32 CAD76365.1
RB8383 (GlgP)GT35 CAD78612.1
RB5197 (Sps)GT4 CAD78343.1
RB2484GT4 CAD72658.1
RB4333GT4 CAD73721.1
RB2499GT4 CAD72671.1
RB2471GT4 CAD72648.1
RB2493GT4 CAD72665.1
RB1027GT4 CAD71871.1
RB2482GT4 CAD72657.1
RB2001GT4 CAD72369.1
RB2474 (fragment)GT4 CAD72651.1
RB2485GT4 CAD72659.1
RB2473GT4 CAD72650.1
RB5991GT4 CAD74550.1
RB10436GT4 CAD78882.1
RB10434GT4 CAD78881.1
RB12590GT4 CAD77671.1
RB6241GT4 CAD74683.1
RB12604GT4 CAD77678.1
RB2990GT4 CAD72946.1
RB2985GT4 CAD72943.1
RB9617GT4 CAD76366.1
RB10614GT4 CAD76877.1
RB12344GT4 CAD77534.1
RB3591GT4 CAD73281.1
RB6520GT4 CAD74857.1
RB8313 (WbnE)GT4 CAD78573.1
RB7146GT4 CAD75205.1
RB9627GT4 CAD76373.1
RB5546GT4 CAD74298.1
RB6654 (GlgA)GT5 CAD74926.1
RB1005GT81 CAD71863.1
RB9245 (WaaQ)GT9 CAD76160.1
RB9648GTnc CAD76383.1
RB9640GTnc CAD76378.1
RB5312 (Pel)PL1 CAD74167.1
RB5316PL1 CAD74169.1
RB3417PL10 CAD73181.1
RB9973PL10 CAD76556.1
RB4730PL14 CAD73961.1
RB3601PL7 CAD73288.1

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