Klebsiella pneumoniae NCTC13635
Taxonomy ID : 573
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Pseudomonadota; Gammaproteobacteria; Enterobacterales; Enterobacteriaceae; Klebsiella/Raoultella group; Klebsiella

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Polysaccharide Lyase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
NCTC13635_05507 (TvaI) (fragment) CBM34,GH13 VEB05788.1
NCTC13635_02288CBM35 VEB01706.1
NCTC13635_05190 (Pula_1) (fragment) CBM41,CBM48 VEB05384.1
NCTC13635_05191 (Pula_2) (fragment) CBM48,GH13 VEB05385.1
NCTC13635_04127 (Glgx_1) (fragment) CBM48,GH13 VEB04056.1
NCTC13635_04125 (Glgb_1) (fragment) CBM48,GH13 VEB04054.1
NCTC13635_06962 (fragment) CBM50 VEB07667.1
NCTC13635_02700 (Yger_2) (fragment) CBM50 VEB02239.1
NCTC13635_00294 (YgaU)CBM50 VEA99090.1
NCTC13635_02336 (NlpD)CBM50 VEB01769.1
NCTC13635_05296 (Mltd_1) (fragment) CBM50,CBM50 VEB05513.1
NCTC13635_05094 (LpxC)CE11 VEB05260.1
NCTC13635_00198CE4 VEA98958.1
NCTC13635_04458 (PgaB)CE4,GH153 VEB04477.1
NCTC13635_06227 (Ybhc_3) (fragment) CE8 VEB06714.1
NCTC13635_06226 (Ybhc_2) (fragment) CE8 VEB06713.1
NCTC13635_06225 (Ybhc_1) (fragment) CE8 VEB06712.1
NCTC13635_06083 (NagA)CE9 VEB06535.1
NCTC13635_07563 (Bglc_1) (fragment) GH1 VEB08454.1
NCTC13635_06327 (Bgla_9)GH1 VEB06846.1
NCTC13635_07564 (Bglc_2) (fragment) GH1 VEB08455.1
NCTC13635_02720 (Bgla_7) (fragment) GH1 VEB02264.1
NCTC13635_01894 (Bgla_1) (fragment) GH1 VEB01213.1
NCTC13635_02721 (Bgla_8) (fragment) GH1 VEB02266.1
NCTC13635_02262 (Bglh_2) (fragment) GH1 VEB01671.1
NCTC13635_02718 (Bgla_5) (fragment) GH1 VEB02262.1
NCTC13635_01896 (Bgla_3) (fragment) GH1 VEB01216.1
NCTC13635_01445 (Bglh_1)GH1 VEB00631.1
NCTC13635_02263 (Bglh_3) (fragment) GH1 VEB01672.1
NCTC13635_02552 (Gmud_2)GH1 VEB02043.1
NCTC13635_01895 (Bgla_2) (fragment) GH1 VEB01214.1
NCTC13635_02719 (Bgla_6) (fragment) GH1 VEB02263.1
NCTC13635_02264 (Bglh_4) (fragment) GH1 VEB01673.1
NCTC13635_02287 (Gmud_1)GH1 VEB01705.1
NCTC13635_01897 (Bgla_4) (fragment) GH1 VEB01217.1
NCTC13635_02436 (Mlta_1) (fragment) GH102 VEB01899.1
NCTC13635_02437 (Mlta_2) (fragment) GH102 VEB01900.1
NCTC13635_02438 (Mlta_3) (fragment) GH102 VEB01902.1
NCTC13635_02239 (MltB)GH103 VEB01641.1
NCTC13635_06936 (Yesr_2) (fragment) GH105 VEB07634.1
NCTC13635_06935 (Yesr_1) (fragment) GH105 VEB07633.1
NCTC13635_06897GH13 VEB07588.1
NCTC13635_05192 (Pula_3) (fragment) GH13 VEB05386.1
NCTC13635_05508 (fragment) GH13 VEB05789.1
NCTC13635_05193 (Pula_4) (fragment) GH13 VEB05387.1
NCTC13635_03901 (Mals_1) (fragment) GH13 VEB03774.1
NCTC13635_04128 (Glgx_2) (fragment) GH13 VEB04057.1
NCTC13635_04654 (Trea_2) (fragment) GH13 VEB04712.1
NCTC13635_04126 (Glgb_2) (fragment) GH13 VEB04055.1
NCTC13635_03902 (Mals_2) (fragment) GH13 VEB03775.1
NCTC13635_00112 (Tres_2) (fragment) GH13 VEA98841.1
NCTC13635_00111 (Tres_1) (fragment) GH13 VEA98839.1
NCTC13635_04653 (Trea_1) (fragment) GH13 VEB04711.1
NCTC13635_01043 (Chia1)GH18 VEB00097.1
NCTC13635_07592 (Mdod_1)GH186 VEB08492.1
NCTC13635_06687 (Mdog_2) (fragment)GH186 VEB07313.1
NCTC13635_06686 (Mdog_1) (fragment)GH186 VEB07311.1
NCTC13635_00630GH19 VEA99539.1
NCTC13635_01109 (fragment) GH19 VEB00188.1
NCTC13635_00478 (LacZ)GH2 VEA99335.1
NCTC13635_05297 (Mltd_2)GH23 VEB05514.1
NCTC13635_07048 (Emta_2)GH23 VEB07776.1
NCTC13635_02037 (Mltf_2) (fragment) GH23 VEB01397.1
NCTC13635_04926 (Slt_3) (fragment) GH23 VEB05046.1
NCTC13635_02036 (Mltf_1) (fragment) GH23 VEB01396.1
NCTC13635_02806 (Emta_1)GH23 VEB02377.1
NCTC13635_01178GH23 VEB00277.1
NCTC13635_04382 (Mltf_4)GH23 VEB04383.1
NCTC13635_02038 (Mltf_3) (fragment) GH23 VEB01398.1
NCTC13635_01689GH23 VEB00957.1
NCTC13635_01715GH24 VEB00993.1
NCTC13635_06761 (NagZ) (fragment) GH3 VEB07407.1
NCTC13635_01436 (Bglx_2) (fragment) GH3 VEB00614.1
NCTC13635_01437 (Bglx_3) (fragment) GH3 VEB00616.1
NCTC13635_06338 (Yici_5) (fragment) GH31 VEB06860.1
NCTC13635_06337 (Yici_4) (fragment) GH31 VEB06859.1
NCTC13635_03774 (Yici_3) (fragment) GH31 VEB03606.1
NCTC13635_03773 (Yici_2) (fragment) GH31 VEB03605.1
NCTC13635_05770 (Scrb_2) (fragment) GH32 VEB06135.1
NCTC13635_05769 (Scrb_1) (fragment) GH32 VEB06133.1
NCTC13635_02569 (Saca_2) (fragment) GH32 VEB02065.1
NCTC13635_03510 (Lacy_4) (fragment) GH36 VEB03271.1
NCTC13635_03511 (RafA) (fragment) GH36 VEB03273.1
NCTC13635_07052 (Trea_4) (fragment) GH37 VEB07781.1
NCTC13635_07051 (Trea_3) (fragment) GH37 VEB07780.1
NCTC13635_04010 (Tref_1) (fragment) GH37 VEB03907.1
NCTC13635_04011 (Tref_2) (fragment) GH37 VEB03908.1
NCTC13635_00871 (Chbf_2) (fragment) GH4 VEA99863.1
NCTC13635_00989 (Chbf_3) (fragment) GH4 VEB00025.1
NCTC13635_00366 (PagL) (fragment) GH4 VEA99185.1
NCTC13635_03776 (BglT) (fragment) GH4 VEB03609.1
NCTC13635_03667 (Aglb_2)GH4 VEB03467.1
NCTC13635_04650 (Chbf_5)GH4 VEB04708.1
NCTC13635_00365 (MalH) (fragment) GH4 VEA99183.1
NCTC13635_00869 (Chbf_1) (fragment) GH4 VEA99859.1
NCTC13635_04441 (Mela_2) (fragment) GH4 VEB04456.1
NCTC13635_00990 (Chbf_4) (fragment) GH4 VEB00026.1
NCTC13635_04440 (Mela_1) (fragment) GH4 VEB04454.1
NCTC13635_04442 (Mela_3) (fragment) GH4 VEB04457.1
NCTC13635_00364 (Aglb_1) (fragment) GH4 VEA99182.1
NCTC13635_05637 (Bgly_2) (fragment) GH42 VEB05960.1
NCTC13635_05636 (Bgly_1) (fragment) GH42 VEB05958.1
NCTC13635_04597 (BgaA) (fragment) GH42 VEB04644.1
NCTC13635_04596 (LacA) (fragment) GH42 VEB04643.1
NCTC13635_05113 (fragment) GH43 VEB05284.1
NCTC13635_05112 (fragment) GH43 VEB05283.1
NCTC13635_02848 (XynB) (fragment) GH43 VEB02431.1
NCTC13635_02847 (fragment) GH43,CBM91 VEB02430.1
NCTC13635_02290 (fragment) GH5 VEB01708.1
NCTC13635_05634 (Ganb_1) (fragment) GH53 VEB05956.1
NCTC13635_05635 (Ganb_2) (fragment) GH53 VEB05957.1
NCTC13635_03903GH73 VEB03776.1
NCTC13635_04150 (Malq_2) (fragment) GH77 VEB04086.1
NCTC13635_04151 (Malq_3) (fragment) GH77 VEB04087.1
NCTC13635_00031 (fragment) GH78 VEA98730.1
NCTC13635_03972 (fragment) GH8 VEB03857.1
NCTC13635_03986 (BcsZ) (fragment) GH8 VEB03876.1
NCTC13635_03973 (fragment) GH8 VEB03858.1
NCTC13635_01293 (GspA) (fragment)GT111,GT8 VEB00422.1
NCTC13635_06028 (Mrdb_1)GT119 VEB06474.1
NCTC13635_06029 (Mrdb_2) (fragment)GT119 VEB06475.1
NCTC13635_05086 (FtsW)GT119,GT28 VEB05250.1
NCTC13635_03369 (fragment)GT120 VEB03101.1
NCTC13635_03861GT121 VEB03723.1
NCTC13635_05250 (LpxB)GT19 VEB05460.1
NCTC13635_06689 (Mdoh_2)GT2 VEB07315.1
NCTC13635_03872GT2 VEB03737.1
NCTC13635_03853GT2 VEB03712.1
NCTC13635_03855GT2 VEB03715.1
NCTC13635_01288GT2 VEB00416.1
NCTC13635_03964 (AcsaB)GT2 VEB03846.1
NCTC13635_03980 (Bcsa_1)GT2 VEB03868.1
NCTC13635_04048 (ArnC) (fragment) GT2 VEB03954.1
NCTC13635_06931 (Otsa_2) (fragment) GT20 VEB07628.1
NCTC13635_06930 (Otsa_1) (fragment) GT20 VEB07626.1
NCTC13635_03368 (fragment) GT26 VEB03099.1
NCTC13635_03854 (WaaA)GT30 VEB03713.1
NCTC13635_04132 (Malp_1) (fragment) GT35 VEB04062.1
NCTC13635_04148 (Malp_5)GT35 VEB04083.1
NCTC13635_04135 (Malp_4) (fragment) GT35 VEB04066.1
NCTC13635_04134 (Malp_3) (fragment) GT35 VEB04065.1
NCTC13635_04133 (Malp_2) (fragment) GT35 VEB04063.1
NCTC13635_06589 (fragment) GT4 VEB07189.1
NCTC13635_06590 (TagE) (fragment) GT4 VEB07190.1
NCTC13635_03857 (RfaG)GT4 VEB03717.1
NCTC13635_01286 (fragment) GT4 VEB00413.1
NCTC13635_03856GT4 VEB03716.1
NCTC13635_01287 (fragment) GT4 VEB00414.1
NCTC13635_01315 (fragment) GT4 VEB00452.1
NCTC13635_01316 (fragment) GT4 VEB00454.1
NCTC13635_04130 (GlgA)GT5 VEB04060.1
NCTC13635_05198 (Mrcb_2)GT51 VEB05394.1
NCTC13635_03131 (fragment) GT51 VEB02788.1
NCTC13635_04177 (MrcA)GT51 VEB04121.1
NCTC13635_01976 (PbpA) (fragment) GT51 VEB01318.1
NCTC13635_03130 (fragment) GT51 VEB02787.1
NCTC13635_03371 (WecF)GT56 VEB03103.1
NCTC13635_03862GT73 VEB03724.1
NCTC13635_01292 (fragment) GT8 VEB00421.1
NCTC13635_04051 (ArnT) (fragment) GT83 VEB03958.1
NCTC13635_06875 (fragment) GT9 VEB07561.1
NCTC13635_03864 (RfaF) (fragment) GT9 VEB03726.1
NCTC13635_03860GT9 VEB03721.1
NCTC13635_03858 (RfaQ)GT9 VEB03718.1
NCTC13635_03863 (RfaC)GT9 VEB03725.1
NCTC13635_01314 (fragment) GTnc VEB00451.1
NCTC13635_02577 (fragment) PL22 VEB02076.1
NCTC13635_02576 (fragment) PL22 VEB02074.1

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