Chromobacterium violaceum NCTC9695
Taxonomy ID : 536
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Pseudomonadota; Betaproteobacteria; Neisseriales; Chromobacteriaceae; Chromobacterium

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Auxiliary Activity Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
NCTC9695_05097 (Gbpa_3)AA10 VEB44606.1
NCTC9695_04855 (Gbpa_2)AA10,CBM12 VEB44366.1
NCTC9695_00786 (Gbpa_1)AA10,CBM12 VEB40387.1
NCTC9695_04261 (ChiD)CBM12,GH18 VEB43801.1
NCTC9695_01902 (fragment) CBM13 VEB41469.1
NCTC9695_02675CBM5 VEB42232.1
NCTC9695_06148CBM5 VEB45622.1
NCTC9695_04918 (Nlpd_1)CBM50 VEB44428.1
NCTC9695_05386 (IaP)CBM50 VEB44882.1
NCTC9695_01706 (Mltd_1)CBM50,CBM50 VEB41285.1
NCTC9695_06272 (LpxC)CE11 VEB45740.1
NCTC9695_06194 (Pgab_4) (fragment) CE4 VEB45663.1
NCTC9695_04271 (Pgab_2) (fragment) CE4,GH153 VEB43811.1
NCTC9695_00789 (Naga_2) (fragment) CE9 VEB40390.1
NCTC9695_00788 (Naga_1) (fragment) CE9 VEB40389.1
NCTC9695_01733 (Bglc_2) (fragment) GH1 VEB41312.1
NCTC9695_01732 (Bglc_1) (fragment) GH1 VEB41311.1
NCTC9695_05491 (MltA)GH102 VEB44987.1
NCTC9695_02276 (MltB) (fragment) GH103 VEB41836.1
NCTC9695_04824 (Trea_2) (fragment) GH13 VEB44335.1
NCTC9695_04823 (Trea_1) (fragment) GH13 VEB44334.1
NCTC9695_05098 (CgA) (fragment) GH15,CBM20 VEB44607.1
NCTC9695_04270 (Pgab_1) (fragment) GH153 VEB43810.1
NCTC9695_06193 (Pgab_3) (fragment) GH153 VEB45662.1
NCTC9695_04269 (fragment) GH153 VEB43809.1
NCTC9695_00123 (Bg1)GH16 VEB39738.1
NCTC9695_04844GH18 VEB44355.1
NCTC9695_03966 (Ydhd_2) (fragment) GH18 VEB43507.1
NCTC9695_03965 (Ydhd_1) (fragment) GH18 VEB43506.1
NCTC9695_06147 (ChtA) (fragment) GH18 VEB45621.1
NCTC9695_02009 (ChiA)GH18,CBM5,CBM5 VEB41576.1
NCTC9695_02674GH19 VEB42231.1
NCTC9695_02091 (Chb_3) (fragment) GH20 VEB41658.1
NCTC9695_02090 (Chb_2) (fragment) GH20 VEB41657.1
NCTC9695_01707 (Mltd_2)GH23 VEB41286.1
NCTC9695_00813 (fragment) GH23 VEB40414.1
NCTC9695_00812 (fragment) GH23 VEB40413.1
NCTC9695_03790GH23 VEB43334.1
NCTC9695_02907 (SlT)GH23 VEB42457.1
NCTC9695_00999GH24 VEB40598.1
NCTC9695_00339 (fragment) GH3 VEB39954.1
NCTC9695_02971 (Nagz_2) (fragment) GH3 VEB42521.1
NCTC9695_02972 (fragment) GH3 VEB42522.1
NCTC9695_00338 (YbbD) (fragment) GH3 VEB39953.1
NCTC9695_02970 (Nagz_1) (fragment) GH3 VEB42520.1
NCTC9695_04707 (ScrB) (fragment) GH32 VEB44219.1
NCTC9695_05726 (CsN) (fragment) GH46 VEB45216.1
NCTC9695_04177 (Flgj_1) (fragment) GH73 VEB43718.1
NCTC9695_04340 (fragment) GH73 VEB43874.1
NCTC9695_04339 (Flgj_2) (fragment) GH73 VEB43873.1
NCTC9695_00751 (fragment) GH79 VEB40352.1
NCTC9695_03851 (BcsZ) (fragment) GH8 VEB43393.1
NCTC9695_03850 (fragment) GH8 VEB43392.1
NCTC9695_04197 (fragment) GH9 VEB43738.1
NCTC9695_04196 (fragment) GH9 VEB43737.1
NCTC9695_03466GHnc VEB43012.1
NCTC9695_01917 (fragment) GT104 VEB41484.1
NCTC9695_00756 (fragment)GT107 VEB40357.1
NCTC9695_00755 (fragment)GT107 VEB40356.1
NCTC9695_06285 (FtsW)GT119 VEB45753.1
NCTC9695_06307 (MrdB)GT119 VEB45775.1
NCTC9695_01140 (RfaL) (fragment)GT121 VEB40738.1
NCTC9695_03082 (LpxB)GT19 VEB42632.1
NCTC9695_03860 (Bcsa_4) (fragment) GT2 VEB43402.1
NCTC9695_00767GT2 VEB40368.1
NCTC9695_01136 (Kfoc_2)GT2 VEB40734.1
NCTC9695_00299 (fragment) GT2 VEB39914.1
NCTC9695_00761GT2 VEB40362.1
NCTC9695_03859 (Bcsa_3) (fragment) GT2 VEB43401.1
NCTC9695_04633GT2 VEB44158.1
NCTC9695_01635 (YfdH) (fragment) GT2 VEB41216.1
NCTC9695_05640GT2 VEB45135.1
NCTC9695_00758 (Pgac_1)GT2 VEB40359.1
NCTC9695_01035 (Arnc_1) (fragment) GT2 VEB40633.1
NCTC9695_01636 (Arnc_2) (fragment) GT2 VEB41217.1
NCTC9695_05839 (fragment) GT2 VEB45328.1
NCTC9695_04268 (Pgac_2)GT2 VEB43808.1
NCTC9695_02895GT2 VEB42445.1
NCTC9695_05643 (fragment) GT2 VEB45138.1
NCTC9695_05644GT2 VEB45139.1
NCTC9695_00762 (Kfoc_1)GT2,GT2 VEB40363.1
NCTC9695_06284 (MurG)GT28 VEB45752.1
NCTC9695_00297 (WaaA)GT30 VEB39912.1
NCTC9695_00763GT31 VEB40364.1
NCTC9695_05972GT4 VEB45454.1
NCTC9695_01232 (Msha_1) (fragment) GT4 VEB40829.1
NCTC9695_01233 (MgtA) (fragment) GT4 VEB40830.1
NCTC9695_01147GT4 VEB40745.1
NCTC9695_01141GT4 VEB40739.1
NCTC9695_05973 (GlgA) (fragment) GT4 VEB45455.1
NCTC9695_01134 (fragment) GT4 VEB40732.1
NCTC9695_01135 (RfaG) (fragment) GT4 VEB40733.1
NCTC9695_04624 (fragment) GT4 VEB44149.1
NCTC9695_04625 (fragment) GT4 VEB44150.1
NCTC9695_04629 (fragment) GT4 VEB44154.1
NCTC9695_01133 (fragment) GT4 VEB40731.1
NCTC9695_05974 (fragment) GT4 VEB45456.1
NCTC9695_05844GT4 VEB45333.1
NCTC9695_04626GT4 VEB44151.1
NCTC9695_05975GT4 VEB45457.1
NCTC9695_00706 (PimA)GT4 VEB40308.1
NCTC9695_01425 (Msha_2)GT4 VEB41011.1
NCTC9695_04628 (fragment) GT4,GH39 VEB44153.1
NCTC9695_01165 (Mrca_1)GT51 VEB40763.1
NCTC9695_05247 (Mrca_3)GT51 VEB44743.1
NCTC9695_01037 (fragment) GT83 VEB40635.1
NCTC9695_01038 (fragment) GT83 VEB40636.1
NCTC9695_01040 (fragment) GT83 VEB40638.1
NCTC9695_01039 (Arnt_1) (fragment) GT83 VEB40637.1
NCTC9695_01637 (Arnt_2)GT83 VEB41218.1
NCTC9695_02998 (RfaF) (fragment) GT9 VEB42548.1
NCTC9695_01143 (Rfaq_2) (fragment) GT9 VEB40741.1
NCTC9695_01142 (Rfaq_1) (fragment) GT9 VEB40740.1
NCTC9695_00298 (RfaC)GT9 VEB39913.1
NCTC9695_02997 (fragment) GT9 VEB42547.1

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