Streptococcus pneumoniae ATCC 49619
Taxonomy ID : 1313
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Terrabacteria group; Bacillota; Bacilli; Lactobacillales; Streptococcaceae; Streptococcus

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Polysaccharide Lyase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
SPAT_0970 (NplT) (fragment) CBM34,GH13 BBG39022.1
SPAT_1561 (Nana_3)CBM40,GH33 BBG39609.1
SPAT_1555 (Nanb_2)CBM40,GH33,GH33 BBG39603.1
SPAT_1230 (Nanb_1)CBM40,GH33,GH33 BBG39280.1
SPAT_0292 (PulA)CBM41,CBM41,CBM48,GH13 BBG38349.1
SPAT_1049 (AmyX)CBM41,CBM48,GH13 BBG39101.1
SPAT_0769 (Ply_1) (fragment) CBM47 BBG38826.1
SPAT_0768 (fragment) CBM47 BBG38825.1
SPAT_1051 (GlgB)CBM48,GH13 BBG39103.1
SPAT_0143 (LytN)CBM50 BBG38200.1
SPAT_1930CBM50 BBG39946.1
SPAT_2049 (EabC)CBM51,CBM51,GH98 BBG40052.1
SPAT_1359 (PgdA)CE4 BBG39408.1
SPAT_1564 (AxeA)CE7 BBG39612.1
SPAT_1922 (NagA)CE9 BBG39938.1
SPAT_0682 (Bglh_2) (fragment) GH1 BBG38739.1
SPAT_0289 (Gmud_1)GH1 BBG38346.1
SPAT_0536 (Bglh_1)GH1 BBG38593.1
SPAT_1888 (Gmud_2)GH1 BBG39904.1
SPAT_1092 (LacG)GH1 BBG39144.1
SPAT_2035GH125 BBG40038.1
SPAT_0353 (DexB)GH13 BBG38410.1
SPAT_1743 (GtfA)GH13 BBG39790.1
SPAT_1277 (AmyS)GH13 BBG39326.1
SPAT_1731 (TreA)GH13 BBG39778.1
SPAT_0596GH2,CBM71,CBM71 BBG38653.1
SPAT_2032GH20 BBG40035.1
SPAT_0103 (Strh_1)GH20,GH20 BBG38160.1
SPAT_0953GH23 BBG39005.1
SPAT_0917GH25 BBG38970.1
SPAT_1450 (Lytb_5)GH25 BBG39499.1
SPAT_2037GH29 BBG40040.1
SPAT_2052GH29 BBG40055.1
SPAT_0327GH31 BBG38384.1
SPAT_1643 (SacA)GH32 BBG39690.1
SPAT_1593 (ScrB)GH32 BBG39641.1
SPAT_0105 (BgA)GH35 BBG38162.1
SPAT_2051GH36 BBG40054.1
SPAT_1747 (Agask_1)GH36 BBG39794.1
SPAT_2050 (Agask_2)GH36 BBG40053.1
SPAT_2034 (MngB)GH38 BBG40037.1
SPAT_0896 (Lytb_3)GH73 BBG38949.1
SPAT_1997 (MalQ)GH77 BBG40000.1
SPAT_0474 (Strh_2)GH85,CBM32 BBG38531.1
SPAT_0336 (UgL)GH88 BBG38393.1
SPAT_2036GH92 BBG40039.1
SPAT_1525 (fragment) GH95 BBG39573.1
SPAT_1526 (fragment) GH95 BBG39574.1
SPAT_0999 (FtsW)GT119 BBG39051.1
SPAT_0746 (RodA)GT119 BBG38803.1
SPAT_1742GT121 BBG39789.1
SPAT_0363GT131 BBG38420.1
SPAT_0120 (EpsH) (fragment) GT2 BBG38177.1
SPAT_0138 (PgaC)GT2 BBG38195.1
SPAT_0178 (WfgD)GT2 BBG38235.1
SPAT_0362GT2 BBG38419.1
SPAT_1478 (CsbB)GT2 BBG39526.1
SPAT_1261 (EpsJ)GT2 BBG39310.1
SPAT_0360 (TarA)GT26 BBG38417.1
SPAT_0633 (MurG)GT28 BBG38690.1
SPAT_1996 (MalP)GT35 BBG39999.1
SPAT_0177 (BshA) (fragment) GT4 BBG38234.1
SPAT_1008GT4 BBG39060.1
SPAT_1007 (CpoA)GT4 BBG39059.1
SPAT_1262 (PglJ)GT4 BBG39311.1
SPAT_1054 (GlgA)GT5 BBG39106.1
SPAT_0374 (PonA)GT51 BBG38431.1
SPAT_1989 (Pbpf_2)GT51 BBG39992.1
SPAT_1879 (Pbpf_1)GT51 BBG39895.1
SPAT_0433 (fragment) GT8 BBG38490.1
SPAT_0341PL12 BBG38398.1

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