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This page provides links to scientific meetings relevant to Carbohydrate-Active enZyme characterization, analysis and application.

5th Symposium on the α-Amylase Family - 2013/Oct/20-24

addition : 26 November 2014.

5th Symposium on the α-Amylase Family (ALAMY_5), at the Smolenice Castle, Slovakia, from October 20 to 34, 2013.

The scientific program will be focused on various aspects of the main alpha-amylase enzyme clan GH-H (i.e. families GH13, GH70 and GH77) as well as of the smaller alpha-amylase family GH57, and even GH119. The topics covered are as follows: (i) structure/function relationships; (ii) novel GH13 subfamilies; (iii) starch and glycogen binding domain as CBM families; (iv) industrial aspects; (v) human health and gut microflora. The “cousin” family GH31 will also be included. Within the sessions the findings on new primary and tertiary structures, specificity and evolution, protein engineering, catalytic and binding mechanisms, and stability and stabilization are expected to be presented.

Gordon Conference on Cellulosomes, Cellulases, and other Carbohydrate Modifying Enzymes

addition : 26 November 2014.

The Gordon Conference on Cellulosomes, Cellulases, and other Carbohydrate Modifying Enzymes will take place August 4-9, 2013, in Proctor Academy, Andover NH, USA.

This Gordon Conference, chaired by Harry Brumer and co-chaired by Kiyohiko Igarashi, will present cutting-edge research on the enzymatic degradation of cellulose and other plant cell wall components. The Conference will feature a range of current topics that includes the biosynthesis and ultrastructure of polysaccharide substrates, the enzymology of plant structural degradation, regulation of the degradative apparatus, (meta)genomic approaches to discover new enzymes from both plants and cell wall-degrading organisms, structural and functional carbohydrate enzymology, as well as advances in applications in the biorefinery context.

17th European Carbohydrate Symposium (July 7-11, 2013)

addition : 26 November 2014.


The 17th European Carbohydrate Symposium (Eurocarb 17) will be held during 7 - 11 July 2013, in Tel Aviv, Israel at the David Intercontinental hotel and convention center.

Eurocarb 17

Eurocarb 17 aims to introduce the latest and emerging trends in all aspects of chemistry, biochemistry, biology, technology and medical applications of carbohydrates. Eurocarb 17 offers a wonderful opportunity for scientists from all relevant fields to be updated with the current state of the art and to encourage future innovation and collaborations between scientists from the various disciplines of the glycosciences.

10th Carbohydrate Bioengineering Meeting (CBM10) in Prague, Czech Republic - 2013/April/21-24

addition : 3 December 2012.

The 10th Carbohydrate Bioengineering Meeting is Organized by the Institute of Microbiology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The conference will take place from April 21 to April 24, 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic at the Hotel Pyramida. About 300 – 350 participants are expected to participate.

The main topics of this conference are: Mechanisms and structure-function relationships of carbohydrate modifying enzymes; Glycomics; Systems glycobiology and bioinformatics; Synthesis, structure and function of carbohydrates and glycoconjugates; Carbohydrate and enzyme engineering; Carbohydrates in health and medicine; New materials and nanomaterials from carbohydrates as renewable resources.

12th European Training Course on Carbohydrates - 2012/Jun/3-7

addition : 29 February 2012.

12th European Training Course on Carbohydrates (Summer Course in Glycosciences) in Groningen, The Netherlands, from June 3 to 7, 2012.

The Summer Course Glycosciences is a broad course in glycosciences that combines general introductions in the field of polysaccharides and glycoproteins with in-depth parallel sessions. The course is at graduate level and may be valuable for those working in research and industry that are willing to refresh their knowledge within the broad field of carbohydrates and for graduate students working on a PhD related to carbohydrate chemistry, biochemistry, biology, chemical technology or food science.

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