Anaerotignum propionicum DSM 1682 X2
Taxonomy ID : 991789
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Terrabacteria group; Bacillota; Clostridia; Lachnospirales; Anaerotignaceae; Anaerotignum; Anaerotignum propionicum

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
CPRO_17640CBM32 AMJ41352.1
CPRO_16600CBM32 AMJ41250.1
CPRO_02670 (GlgB)CBM48,GH13 AMJ39890.1
CPRO_27580CBM50 AMJ42304.1
CPRO_15470CBM50 AMJ41140.1
CPRO_08580CBM50 AMJ40458.1
CPRO_28740CBM50 AMJ42415.1
CPRO_22630 (YneA)CBM50 AMJ41830.1
CPRO_04800CBM50 AMJ40089.1
CPRO_08000 (YfkN)CBM50 AMJ40401.1
CPRO_28950CBM50 AMJ42428.1
CPRO_04140 (YaaH)CBM50,CBM50,GH18 AMJ40023.1
CPRO_11750 (Anca_1)CBM54 AMJ40768.1
CPRO_28550CBM54 AMJ42396.1
CPRO_27370 (PdaC)CE4 AMJ42283.1
CPRO_14270 (PdaA) (fragment) CE4 AMJ41020.1
CPRO_13520 (TvaI)GH13 AMJ40945.1
CPRO_08930 (SlT)GH23 AMJ40493.1
CPRO_01510GH26 AMJ39775.1
CPRO_04360 (NagZ)GH3 AMJ40045.1
CPRO_02100 (MalQ)GH77 AMJ39833.1
CPRO_11990 (Ftsw_3)GT119 AMJ40792.1
CPRO_00970 (Ftsw_1)GT119 AMJ39721.1
CPRO_08350 (Ftsw_2)GT119 AMJ40435.1
CPRO_26290 (MurJ)GT121 AMJ42177.1
CPRO_03130GT2 AMJ39935.1
CPRO_26240 (TagA)GT26 AMJ42172.1
CPRO_27150 (MurG)GT28 AMJ42263.1
CPRO_28860 (GlgP)GT35 AMJ42419.1
CPRO_04910 (MgS)GT4 AMJ40099.1
CPRO_26250 (Epsd_1)GT4 AMJ42173.1
CPRO_26280 (Epsd_2)GT4 AMJ42176.1
CPRO_03510 (GlgA)GT5 AMJ39967.1
CPRO_13600 (MrcA)GT51 AMJ40953.1

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