Bacillus anthracis SK-102
Taxonomy ID : 1392
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Terrabacteria group; Bacillota; Bacilli; Bacillales; Bacillaceae; Bacillus; Bacillus cereus group

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Auxiliary Activity Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
BF31_3961 (CbP)AA10 AJH28659.1
BF31_3993AA10,CBM5 AJH28924.1
BF31_2641 (NplT)CBM34,GH13 AJH29871.1
BF31_4056 (PulA)CBM41,CBM48,GH13 AJH30387.1
BF31_1785 (GlgB)CBM48,GH13 AJH29673.1
BF31_2199 (SpoviD)CBM50 AJH29978.1
BF31_5240CBM50 AJH29496.1
BF31_5233CBM50 AJH29935.1
BF31_2233 (SafA)CBM50 AJH29947.1
BF31_2968CBM50,CBM50 AJH28241.1
BF31_3181CBM50,CBM50,GH18 AJH30913.1
BF31_1950 (PulA)CBM68,CBM48,GH13 AJH29345.1
BF31_3535CBM92 AJH29995.1
BF31_5185 (Bshb1)CE14 AJH28887.1
BF31_2919CE4 AJH28858.1
BF31_4914CE4 AJH30496.1
BF31_4779CE4 AJH29453.1
BF31_3171 (PdaB)CE4 AJH30393.1
BF31_1408CE4 AJH28665.1
BF31_4792CE4 AJH29638.1
BF31_1016 (PdaB)CE4 AJH29742.1
BF31_700 (PdaA)CE4 AJH31154.1
BF31_3856CE4 AJH27640.1
BF31_2598 (NagA)CE9 AJH29129.1
BF31_3500GH113 AJH27848.1
BF31_1427GH126 AJH27546.1
BF31_754 (GsJ)GH13 AJH30413.1
BF31_2640 (MalL)GH13 AJH28540.1
BF31_476 (TreC)GH13 AJH30444.1
BF31_5558GH13 AJH28034.1
BF31_3290 (AmyS)GH13 AJH28984.1
BF31_265GH170 AJH29545.1
BF31_299GH170 AJH27149.1
BF31_293GH170 AJH26868.1
BF31_3004GH18 AJH26655.1
BF31_3352 (fragment) GH18 AJH29736.1
BF31_740GH18,CBM2 AJH26366.1
BF31_3353 (fragment)GH18,GT2,CE4 AJH28929.1
BF31_5756GH23 AJH26330.1
BF31_5038GH23 AJH31311.1
BF31_5824GH23 AJH26158.1
BF31_640GH25 AJH27934.1
BF31_3982GH25 AJH30359.1
BF31_3334GH25 AJH31731.1
BF31_333GH32 AJH30495.1
BF31_1413GH4 AJH31327.1
BF31_4933GH73 AJH27713.1
BF31_4109GH8 AJH27279.1
BF31_4784GHnc AJH31162.1
BF31_4142GT1 AJH28258.1
BF31_4675GT1 AJH30070.1
BF31_5044 (fragment) GT2 AJH27582.1
BF31_5050 (fragment) GT2 AJH30186.1
BF31_5740GT2 AJH26190.1
BF31_1238GT2 AJH30730.1
BF31_1244GT2 AJH30259.1
BF31_5509GT2 AJH31070.1
BF31_3349 (fragment) GT2 AJH30851.1
BF31_1444GT2 AJH28579.1
BF31_5505GT2 AJH29593.1
BF31_856 (fragment) GT2 AJH28483.1
BF31_5128GT2 AJH31374.1
BF31_4488GT2 AJH29551.1
BF31_3782GT2,GT2 AJH28796.1
BF31_623GT2,GT2 AJH28025.1
BF31_3779GT2,GT2 AJH29192.1
BF31_3261GT2,GT2 AJH29609.1
BF31_3777GT2,GT2 AJH28494.1
BF31_619GT2,GT2 AJH29461.1
BF31_1252GT26 AJH28408.1
BF31_3923GT26 AJH29619.1
BF31_2815 (MurG)GT28 AJH31587.1
BF31_616 (UgtP)GT28 AJH31192.1
BF31_2406 (MurG)GT28 AJH27053.1
BF31_1789 (GlgP)GT35 AJH31494.1
BF31_1397GT4 AJH31064.1
BF31_1892GT4 AJH26502.1
BF31_854 (fragment) GT4 AJH31295.1
BF31_1396GT4 AJH29907.1
BF31_5184 (BshA)GT4 AJH31502.1
BF31_1251GT4 AJH27291.1
BF31_1399 (fragment) GT4 AJH28039.1
BF31_5127GT4 AJH27361.1
BF31_855 (fragment) GT4,GT2 AJH28684.1
BF31_1400 (fragment) GT4,GT4 AJH29022.1
BF31_1788 (GlgA)GT5 AJH29752.1
BF31_1299GT51 AJH27784.1
BF31_566GT51 AJH27239.1
BF31_5170GT51 AJH27553.1
BF31_43GT51 AJH28227.1
BF31_5265GT51 AJH30258.1
BF31_4424GT51 AJH28534.1
BF31_3265 (fragment) GTnc AJH26668.1
BF31_5046GTnc AJH31060.1

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