Paenibacillus sp. CC-CFT747
Taxonomy ID : 2926711
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Terrabacteria group; Bacillota; Bacilli; Bacillales; Paenibacillaceae; Paenibacillus; unclassified Paenibacillus

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Polysaccharide Lyase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
N6H14_26130 (fragment) CBM22 WJH33488.1
N6H14_20375CBM22 WJH32652.1
N6H14_27430CBM32 WJH33707.1
N6H14_08950CBM32 WJH36003.1
N6H14_29045CBM32 WJH33978.1
N6H14_30185CBM32 WJH34154.1
N6H14_26590CBM32,GH16,CBM61 WJH33567.1
N6H14_18585 (fragment) CBM47 WJH32395.1
N6H14_15870CBM48 WJH37025.1
N6H14_00370CBM50 WJH34714.1
N6H14_10265CBM50 WJH36204.1
N6H14_15910CBM50 WJH37029.1
N6H14_19685CBM50,CBM50 WJH32557.1
N6H14_25405CBM50,CBM50 WJH33372.1
N6H14_20580 (fragment) CBM6 WJH32685.1
N6H14_20575CBM6 WJH32684.1
N6H14_20565CBM6 WJH32683.1
N6H14_00175CBM67,GH78 WJH34685.1
N6H14_29050 (fragment) CBM70,PL35 WJH33979.1
N6H14_27315 (fragment) CBM70,PL8 WJH33686.1
N6H14_00140CBM9 WJH34678.1
N6H14_05820CBM96 WJH35531.1
N6H14_21510CBM96,CBM96 WJH32830.1
N6H14_21455CE14 WJH32821.1
N6H14_16890CE4 WJH37176.1
N6H14_33315CE4 WJH34592.1
N6H14_30710CE4 WJH34224.1
N6H14_25400 (fragment) CE4 WJH37486.1
N6H14_24835CE4 WJH33299.1
N6H14_03865 (fragment) CE4 WJH35220.1
N6H14_14335CE4 WJH36771.1
N6H14_14325CE7 WJH36769.1
N6H14_20100CE7 WJH32610.1
N6H14_28135CE8 WJH33827.1
N6H14_16040 (fragment) CE9 WJH37047.1
N6H14_21750 (fragment) CE9 WJH37434.1
N6H14_28705 (fragment) CE9 WJH33920.1
N6H14_16045 (fragment) CE9 WJH37048.1
N6H14_21755 (fragment) CE9 WJH37435.1
N6H14_18325 (NagA)CE9 WJH32357.1
N6H14_05520 (fragment) GH105 WJH35485.1
N6H14_05525 (fragment) GH105 WJH35486.1
N6H14_25555GH105 WJH33390.1
N6H14_21895GH105 WJH32893.1
N6H14_31865GH105 WJH34384.1
N6H14_20610GH105 WJH32688.1
N6H14_26250GH105 WJH33509.1
N6H14_31800GH105 WJH34378.1
N6H14_20825 (fragment) GH105 WJH37423.1
N6H14_18005 (fragment) GH105 WJH32306.1
N6H14_26495GH106 WJH33549.1
N6H14_28370GH106 WJH33867.1
N6H14_23650 (fragment) GH106 WJH33133.1
N6H14_25990GH106 WJH33463.1
N6H14_26575 (fragment) GH117 WJH33564.1
N6H14_26485GH117 WJH33547.1
N6H14_18535 (fragment) GH117 WJH32386.1
N6H14_15875 (PulA) (fragment) GH13 WJH37376.1
N6H14_21110 (fragment) GH130 WJH32761.1
N6H14_23665GH137 WJH33136.1
N6H14_28325 (fragment) GH138 WJH33858.1
N6H14_28060GH138 WJH33814.1
N6H14_28320 (fragment) GH138 WJH33857.1
N6H14_05505GH141 WJH35482.1
N6H14_28355 (fragment) GH143 WJH33864.1
N6H14_28360 (fragment) GH143 WJH33865.1
N6H14_17800 (fragment) GH151 WJH37391.1
N6H14_17795 (fragment) GH151 WJH32276.1
N6H14_00785GH159 WJH34778.1
N6H14_26625 (fragment) GH16 WJH33573.1
N6H14_21585GH165 WJH32844.1
N6H14_02505GH166 WJH35020.1
N6H14_32110GH172 WJH34416.1
N6H14_25390 (fragment) GH18 WJH33370.1
N6H14_16590GH18 WJH37142.1
N6H14_28100 (fragment) GH2 WJH33820.1
N6H14_16090 (fragment) GH2 WJH37055.1
N6H14_26290GH2 WJH33516.1
N6H14_20555GH2 WJH32681.1
N6H14_16085 (fragment) GH2 WJH37379.1
N6H14_01125GH2 WJH34822.1
N6H14_26600GH2 WJH37497.1
N6H14_06975GH2 WJH35702.1
N6H14_20830GH20 WJH32718.1
N6H14_15735GH20 WJH36999.1
N6H14_00060GH23 WJH34667.1
N6H14_25345GH25 WJH33363.1
N6H14_30045 (fragment) GH26 WJH34133.1
N6H14_30050 (fragment) GH26 WJH34134.1
N6H14_05380 (fragment) GH27 WJH35462.1
N6H14_28340 (fragment) GH28 WJH33861.1
N6H14_28335 (fragment) GH28 WJH33860.1
N6H14_26605GH29 WJH33569.1
N6H14_04025GH29 WJH35244.1
N6H14_20160GH29 WJH32621.1
N6H14_04965GH29 WJH35393.1
N6H14_28050GH29 WJH33812.1
N6H14_18560GH29 WJH32391.1
N6H14_04395GH3 WJH37266.1
N6H14_18950 (NagZ)GH3 WJH32454.1
N6H14_18305 (fragment) GH3 WJH32356.1
N6H14_18300 (fragment) GH3 WJH32355.1
N6H14_18545GH31 WJH32388.1
N6H14_04340 (fragment) GH32 WJH35294.1
N6H14_04345 (fragment) GH32 WJH35295.1
N6H14_04365GH32 WJH35299.1
N6H14_20245GH33 WJH32631.1
N6H14_13825 (fragment) GH33 WJH37355.1
N6H14_28260 (fragment) GH33 WJH37518.1
N6H14_20675 (fragment) GH33 WJH37421.1
N6H14_28265 (fragment) GH33 WJH33846.1
N6H14_26355GH33 WJH33522.1
N6H14_09110GH33 WJH36023.1
N6H14_09105GH33 WJH36022.1
N6H14_04640GH36 WJH35338.1
N6H14_28950GH36 WJH33962.1
N6H14_04795 (fragment) GH36 WJH35365.1
N6H14_14970 (fragment) GH36 WJH36882.1
N6H14_20300GH36 WJH32639.1
N6H14_29380 (fragment) GH38 WJH34031.1
N6H14_32215 (fragment) GH38 WJH34435.1
N6H14_32200 (fragment) GH38 WJH34432.1
N6H14_25535 (fragment) GH38 WJH37490.1
N6H14_27705 (fragment) GH38 WJH33757.1
N6H14_29375 (fragment) GH38 WJH34030.1
N6H14_29330 (fragment) GH38 WJH37529.1
N6H14_27715 (fragment) GH38 WJH33758.1
N6H14_27710 (fragment) GH38 WJH37506.1
N6H14_29340 (fragment) GH38 WJH37530.1
N6H14_32210 (fragment) GH38 WJH34434.1
N6H14_17495GH4 WJH32231.1
N6H14_23795GH42 WJH33153.1
N6H14_20560GH43 WJH32682.1
N6H14_20545GH43 WJH32679.1
N6H14_08655 (fragment) GH43 WJH35955.1
N6H14_06995GH43 WJH35705.1
N6H14_08660 (fragment) GH43 WJH35956.1
N6H14_02110GH43 WJH34961.1
N6H14_20590GH43,CBM35 WJH32686.1
N6H14_26235GH43,GH43 WJH33507.1
N6H14_27900 (fragment) GH5 WJH33784.1
N6H14_21400 (fragment) GH50 WJH32810.1
N6H14_21405 (fragment) GH50,CBMnc WJH32811.1
N6H14_20540GH51 WJH32678.1
N6H14_16950GH51 WJH37185.1
N6H14_28030GH78 WJH33808.1
N6H14_25635 (fragment) GH78 WJH33405.1
N6H14_25640 (fragment) GH78 WJH33406.1
N6H14_08870GH78 WJH35990.1
N6H14_20315GH78 WJH32641.1
N6H14_20870GH78 WJH32724.1
N6H14_28410 (fragment) GH78 WJH37520.1
N6H14_28415 (fragment) GH78 WJH33874.1
N6H14_20890 (fragment) GH78 WJH32727.1
N6H14_01655GH88 WJH34901.1
N6H14_29040GH88 WJH33977.1
N6H14_27995GH88 WJH33801.1
N6H14_21090GH88 WJH37427.1
N6H14_06965GH93 WJH35701.1
N6H14_26400 (fragment) GH95 WJH33530.1
N6H14_28075GH95 WJH33817.1
N6H14_23800GH95 WJH33154.1
N6H14_23645GH95 WJH33132.1
N6H14_26395 (fragment) GH95 WJH33529.1
N6H14_26520 (fragment) GH95 WJH33554.1
N6H14_12240 (fragment) GH95 WJH36461.1
N6H14_27115 (fragment) GH97 WJH33649.1
N6H14_27110 (fragment) GH97 WJH37503.1
N6H14_19455GHnc WJH32527.1
N6H14_27435 (fragment)GHnc WJH33708.1
N6H14_21015 (fragment) GHnc WJH32745.1
N6H14_21515 (fragment) GHnc WJH32831.1
N6H14_27625GHnc WJH33743.1
N6H14_22330 (fragment) GHnc WJH32957.1
N6H14_27445 (fragment)GHnc WJH33710.1
N6H14_29095GHnc WJH33986.1
N6H14_21710 (fragment) GHnc WJH32866.1
N6H14_21520 (fragment) GHnc WJH32832.1
N6H14_27365 (fragment) GHnc WJH33694.1
N6H14_28175GHnc WJH33832.1
N6H14_20105 (fragment) GHnc WJH37415.1
N6H14_21705 (fragment) GHnc WJH32865.1
N6H14_04590 (fragment) GT2 WJH35329.1
N6H14_27100GT2 WJH33647.1
N6H14_06195GT2 WJH35591.1
N6H14_03475GT2 WJH35163.1
N6H14_00955 (fragment) GT2 WJH34803.1
N6H14_23500GT2 WJH33107.1
N6H14_00960 (fragment) GT2 WJH34804.1
N6H14_07860GT2 WJH35827.1
N6H14_01020GT2 WJH34812.1
N6H14_06695GT2 WJH35662.1
N6H14_18910GT2 WJH32448.1
N6H14_19060 (fragment) GT2 WJH32473.1
N6H14_18020GT2 WJH32309.1
N6H14_18050GT2 WJH32314.1
N6H14_19045 (fragment) GT2 WJH32470.1
N6H14_17985GT2 WJH32304.1
N6H14_19055 (fragment) GT2 WJH32472.1
N6H14_18060GT2 WJH32315.1
N6H14_19050 (fragment) GT2 WJH32471.1
N6H14_18905GT2 WJH32447.1
N6H14_10915GT26 WJH36295.1
N6H14_03860 (fragment) GT28 WJH35219.1
N6H14_24300GT28 WJH33227.1
N6H14_03855 (fragment) GT28 WJH35218.1
N6H14_17360 (GlgP) (fragment) GT35 WJH37388.1
N6H14_17355 (fragment) GT35 WJH32207.1
N6H14_17365 (fragment) GT35 WJH32208.1
N6H14_01630GT39 WJH34896.1
N6H14_06060GT4 WJH35571.1
N6H14_06080GT4 WJH35575.1
N6H14_02465 (PelF) (fragment) GT4 WJH35013.1
N6H14_17000GT4 WJH37192.1
N6H14_06070GT4 WJH35573.1
N6H14_17005 (fragment) GT4 WJH37193.1
N6H14_30365 (BshA)GT4 WJH34178.1
N6H14_29180 (fragment) GT4 WJH33999.1
N6H14_18045GT4 WJH32313.1
N6H14_18000GT4 WJH32305.1
N6H14_19070 (fragment) GT4 WJH32474.1
N6H14_19075 (fragment) GT4 WJH32475.1
N6H14_24030GT51 WJH33185.1
N6H14_07965 (fragment) GT51 WJH35847.1
N6H14_16830GT51 WJH37166.1
N6H14_29785 (fragment) GT51 WJH34093.1
N6H14_10000PL1 WJH36164.1
N6H14_21845 (fragment) PL1 WJH32885.1
N6H14_20820 (PelA)PL10 WJH32717.1
N6H14_14945 (fragment) PL17 WJH36878.1
N6H14_28305 (fragment) PL2 WJH33854.1
N6H14_28310 (fragment) PL2 WJH33855.1
N6H14_21920PL22 WJH32897.1
N6H14_04945 (fragment) PL33 WJH35390.1
N6H14_12255 (fragment) PL38 WJH36463.1
N6H14_27310 (fragment) PL8 WJH33685.1
N6H14_21115PL8 WJH32762.1
N6H14_01165PL9,CBM32 WJH34829.1
N6H14_02375PLnc WJH34999.1
N6H14_21230PLnc WJH32784.1
N6H14_28940PLnc WJH33960.1
N6H14_00235 (fragment) PLnc WJH37214.1

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