Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron BFG-357
Taxonomy ID : 818
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; FCB group; Bacteroidota/Chlorobiota group; Bacteroidota; Bacteroidia; Bacteroidales; Bacteroidaceae; Bacteroides

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Polysaccharide Lyase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
NXY15_00310CBM32 UVV53302.1
NXY15_11295 (fragment) CBM32 UVV54619.1
NXY15_15405 (fragment) CBM32 UVV51692.1
NXY15_20770CBM32 UVV52243.1
NXY15_10755CBM50 UVV54567.1
NXY15_08750CBM51,GH27 UVV54350.1
NXY15_16360CBM6 UVV55115.1
NXY15_08470CBM62 UVV54319.1
NXY15_12285CE11 UVV54713.1
NXY15_18120 (fragment) CE2 UVV51978.1
NXY15_18115 (fragment) CE2 UVV55126.1
NXY15_06060 (fragment) CE20 UVV54060.1
NXY15_08785 (fragment) CE20 UVV54357.1
NXY15_19990CE20 UVV52174.1
NXY15_06065 (fragment) CE20 UVV54061.1
NXY15_27510 (fragment) CE20 UVV53007.1
NXY15_06025CE20 UVV54059.1
NXY15_18260CE20 UVV51995.1
NXY15_27515 (fragment) CE20 UVV53008.1
NXY15_06070 (fragment) CE20 UVV54062.1
NXY15_12140CE6 UVV54699.1
NXY15_08710 (fragment) CE9 UVV54344.1
NXY15_21825 (NagA)CE9 UVV52351.1
NXY15_08715 (fragment) CE9 UVV54345.1
NXY15_21820 (NagA)CE9 UVV52350.1
NXY15_12105GH105 UVV54695.1
NXY15_11695GH105 UVV54652.1
NXY15_04560 (fragment) GH105 UVV53878.1
NXY15_09295GH105 UVV54409.1
NXY15_04565 (fragment) GH105 UVV53879.1
NXY15_04480 (fragment) GH106 UVV53863.1
NXY15_12590 (fragment) GH110 UVV54752.1
NXY15_06160GH110 UVV54072.1
NXY15_12595 (fragment) GH110 UVV54753.1
NXY15_08400GH125 UVV55065.1
NXY15_09350 (fragment) GH13 UVV54415.1
NXY15_09360 (fragment) GH13 UVV54416.1
NXY15_15830GH13 UVV51733.1
NXY15_09355 (fragment) GH13,CBM58 UVV55074.1
NXY15_09870GH130 UVV54469.1
NXY15_11615GH130 UVV54649.1
NXY15_19835GH140 UVV52162.1
NXY15_19890GH141 UVV52166.1
NXY15_05230GH154 UVV53956.1
NXY15_04510GH154 UVV53869.1
NXY15_04360 (fragment) GH159 UVV53842.1
NXY15_04365 (fragment) GH159 UVV53843.1
NXY15_02090GH16 UVV53536.1
NXY15_03340GH16 UVV53679.1
NXY15_26385 (fragment) GH18 UVV55170.1
NXY15_13515 (fragment) GH18 UVV54844.1
NXY15_23665GH18 UVV52558.1
NXY15_15945 (fragment) GH18 UVV51741.1
NXY15_19635 (fragment) GH18 UVV52136.1
NXY15_03345GH18 UVV53680.1
NXY15_19590GH18 UVV52130.1
NXY15_19630 (fragment) GH18 UVV52135.1
NXY15_23670 (fragment) GH18 UVV52559.1
NXY15_09720GH18 UVV54457.1
NXY15_00285 (fragment) GH2 UVV55200.1
NXY15_05770 (fragment) GH2 UVV55048.1
NXY15_05765 (fragment) GH2 UVV54022.1
NXY15_08805 (fragment) GH2 UVV54361.1
NXY15_06930GH2 UVV54158.1
NXY15_08800 (fragment) GH2 UVV54360.1
NXY15_12515GH2 UVV54739.1
NXY15_04025 (fragment) GH2 UVV53787.1
NXY15_04020 (fragment) GH2,CBM32 UVV53786.1
NXY15_10425GH20 UVV54531.1
NXY15_01570GH20 UVV53470.1
NXY15_13370 (fragment) GH20 UVV54832.1
NXY15_13380 (fragment) GH20 UVV55095.1
NXY15_13375 (fragment) GH20 UVV54833.1
NXY15_08790GH20 UVV54358.1
NXY15_13990GH23 UVV54908.1
NXY15_14820GH24 UVV55012.1
NXY15_19780GH28 UVV52153.1
NXY15_01075GH28 UVV53413.1
NXY15_00300GH29 UVV53300.1
NXY15_10960 (fragment) GH29 UVV55087.1
NXY15_27880GH29 UVV53043.1
NXY15_04010 (fragment) GH3 UVV53784.1
NXY15_06985 (fragment) GH3 UVV54162.1
NXY15_06980 (fragment) GH3 UVV54161.1
NXY15_05270 (fragment) GH30 UVV53963.1
NXY15_05275 (fragment) GH30 UVV53964.1
NXY15_05700 (fragment) GH31 UVV54016.1
NXY15_05705 (fragment) GH31 UVV54017.1
NXY15_27385GH32 UVV55176.1
NXY15_27360GH32 UVV55175.1
NXY15_19815 (fragment) GH33 UVV52158.1
NXY15_19810 (fragment) GH33 UVV52157.1
NXY15_11995 (fragment) GH35 UVV54680.1
NXY15_12005 (fragment) GH35 UVV54682.1
NXY15_12000 (fragment) GH35 UVV54681.1
NXY15_09980GH36 UVV54482.1
NXY15_11930GH42 UVV55091.1
NXY15_17585 (fragment) GH43 UVV51919.1
NXY15_09150 (fragment) GH43 UVV54393.1
NXY15_28175 (fragment) GH43 UVV53075.1
NXY15_17000 (fragment) GH43 UVV51848.1
NXY15_17580 (fragment) GH43 UVV51918.1
NXY15_04345GH43 UVV53841.1
NXY15_09140 (fragment) GH43 UVV54391.1
NXY15_04490 (fragment) GH43 UVV53865.1
NXY15_04750GH43 UVV53901.1
NXY15_28180 (fragment) GH43 UVV53076.1
NXY15_29715GH43 UVV53253.1
NXY15_17005 (fragment) GH43 UVV51849.1
NXY15_07970GH43 UVV54264.1
NXY15_09145 (fragment) GH43,CBM32 UVV54392.1
NXY15_09155 (fragment) GH43,CBM91 UVV54394.1
NXY15_04485 (fragment) GH43,GH106 UVV53864.1
NXY15_05800 (fragment) GH51 UVV54026.1
NXY15_09120 (fragment) GH51 UVV54390.1
NXY15_17540GH51 UVV51916.1
NXY15_05805 (fragment) GH51 UVV54027.1
NXY15_05735 (fragment) GH66 UVV54020.1
NXY15_05730 (fragment) GH66 UVV54019.1
NXY15_15020GH73 UVV51633.1
NXY15_06990GH76 UVV54163.1
NXY15_28360 (fragment) GH76 UVV53106.1
NXY15_28365 (fragment) GH76 UVV53107.1
NXY15_09955 (fragment) GH76 UVV54478.1
NXY15_09960 (fragment) GH76 UVV54479.1
NXY15_09965 (fragment) GH76 UVV54480.1
NXY15_28355 (fragment) GH76 UVV53105.1
NXY15_08045GH76 UVV54268.1
NXY15_19820 (fragment) GH78 UVV52159.1
NXY15_01940 (fragment) GH78 UVV55019.1
NXY15_07290GH88 UVV54192.1
NXY15_04495GH88 UVV53866.1
NXY15_18220GH89 UVV51991.1
NXY15_11470GH92 UVV54630.1
NXY15_08410 (fragment) GH92 UVV54308.1
NXY15_01885 (fragment) GH92 UVV53511.1
NXY15_29705 (fragment) GH92 UVV53251.1
NXY15_29650 (fragment) GH92 UVV53242.1
NXY15_29710 (fragment) GH92 UVV53252.1
NXY15_01890 (fragment) GH92 UVV53512.1
NXY15_11185GH92 UVV54612.1
NXY15_29700 (fragment) GH92 UVV55195.1
NXY15_29645 (fragment) GH92 UVV53241.1
NXY15_01895 (fragment) GH92 UVV53513.1
NXY15_08415 (fragment) GH92 UVV54309.1
NXY15_15555 (fragment) GH95 UVV51707.1
NXY15_15560 (fragment) GH95 UVV51708.1
NXY15_06180 (fragment) GH97 UVV54075.1
NXY15_28165GH97 UVV53074.1
NXY15_06185 (fragment) GH97 UVV54076.1
NXY15_10400GH99 UVV54528.1
NXY15_19075GT101 UVV52074.1
NXY15_10095 (RodA)GT119 UVV54492.1
NXY15_21930GT121 UVV52364.1
NXY15_08430GT121 UVV54312.1
NXY15_17770GT122 UVV51940.1
NXY15_26475GT129 UVV52901.1
NXY15_04120GT129 UVV53803.1
NXY15_24035GT129 UVV52593.1
NXY15_04150 (fragment) GT14 UVV53809.1
NXY15_04155GT14 UVV53810.1
NXY15_04145 (fragment) GT14 UVV53808.1
NXY15_07470 (fragment) GT14 UVV54215.1
NXY15_11255 (LpxB)GT19 UVV54617.1
NXY15_27080GT2 UVV52959.1
NXY15_24040 (fragment) GT2 UVV52594.1
NXY15_26470GT2 UVV52900.1
NXY15_04180GT2 UVV53815.1
NXY15_26480GT2 UVV52902.1
NXY15_16925GT2 UVV51839.1
NXY15_07480GT2 UVV54216.1
NXY15_07390 (fragment) GT2 UVV54201.1
NXY15_23990GT2 UVV52587.1
NXY15_19065GT2 UVV52072.1
NXY15_07435GT2 UVV54209.1
NXY15_18460GT2 UVV52014.1
NXY15_04225GT2 UVV53824.1
NXY15_07380GT2 UVV54199.1
NXY15_24025GT2 UVV52592.1
NXY15_04125 (fragment) GT2 UVV53804.1
NXY15_04740GT2 UVV53900.1
NXY15_18430 (fragment) GT2 UVV52011.1
NXY15_04170GT2 UVV53813.1
NXY15_17800GT2 UVV51946.1
NXY15_07395 (fragment) GT2 UVV54202.1
NXY15_07420 (fragment) GT2 UVV54206.1
NXY15_26490 (fragment) GT25 UVV52904.1
NXY15_26485 (fragment) GT25 UVV52903.1
NXY15_07880 (fragment) GT28 UVV54260.1
NXY15_07875 (fragment) GT28 UVV54259.1
NXY15_02755GT30 UVV53606.1
NXY15_09840 (fragment) GT32 UVV54463.1
NXY15_09850 (fragment) GT32 UVV54465.1
NXY15_09845 (fragment) GT32 UVV54464.1
NXY15_04160GT32 UVV53811.1
NXY15_04735GT4 UVV53899.1
NXY15_27100 (fragment) GT4 UVV52963.1
NXY15_18455GT4 UVV52013.1
NXY15_04690 (fragment) GT4 UVV53895.1
NXY15_17765GT4 UVV51939.1
NXY15_04115GT4 UVV53802.1
NXY15_07400GT4 UVV54203.1
NXY15_24075GT4 UVV52600.1
NXY15_17750 (fragment) GT4 UVV51936.1
NXY15_22735 (fragment) GT4 UVV52459.1
NXY15_22780GT4 UVV52468.1
NXY15_27095 (fragment) GT4 UVV52962.1
NXY15_00040GT4 UVV53270.1
NXY15_04685 (fragment) GT4 UVV53894.1
NXY15_22720GT4 UVV52456.1
NXY15_19070GT4 UVV52073.1
NXY15_07410GT4 UVV54204.1
NXY15_04670GT4 UVV53891.1
NXY15_12905 (fragment) GT5 UVV54789.1
NXY15_22785GT8 UVV52469.1
NXY15_04165GT8 UVV53812.1
NXY15_07365GT9 UVV54197.1
NXY15_04110GTnc UVV53801.1
NXY15_11765 (fragment) PL1 UVV54659.1
NXY15_11760 (fragment) PL1 UVV54658.1
NXY15_00720 (PelA)PL10 UVV53364.1
NXY15_11965 (fragment) PL11 UVV54678.1
NXY15_11960 (fragment) PL11 UVV54677.1
NXY15_15600PL12 UVV51713.1
NXY15_15685PL13 UVV51718.1
NXY15_16990 (fragment) PL27 UVV51847.1
NXY15_07135 (fragment) PL29 UVV54175.1
NXY15_07140 (fragment) PL29 UVV54176.1
NXY15_04955 (fragment) PL33 UVV53924.1
NXY15_15575 (fragment) PL8 UVV51711.1
NXY15_12085PL9 UVV54693.1
NXY15_12160 (fragment) PL9 UVV54701.1
NXY15_12155 (fragment) PL9 UVV54700.1

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