Rickettsia parkeri Black Gap
Taxonomy ID : 35792
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Pseudomonadota; Alphaproteobacteria; Rickettsiales; Rickettsiaceae; Rickettsieae; Rickettsia; spotted fever group

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
JRD95_00831CBM50 QWB86775.1
JRD95_00374 (LpxC)CE11 QWB86325.1
JRD95_00878GH23 QWB86819.1
JRD95_00597GH23 QWB86544.1
JRD95_01227 (NagZ)GH3 QWB87157.1
JRD95_00766GH33 QWB86712.1
JRD95_01194 (fragment) GT10 QWB87125.1
JRD95_01195 (fragment) GT10 QWB87126.1
JRD95_00415 (MrdB)GT119 QWB86365.1
JRD95_00612 (FtsW)GT119 QWB86559.1
JRD95_00479 (LpxB)GT19 QWB86429.1
JRD95_00327GT2 QWB86279.1
JRD95_00678 (Arnc_2)GT2 QWB86625.1
JRD95_01093 (fragment) GT2 QWB87028.1
JRD95_00504 (Arnc_1)GT2,GT2 QWB86454.1
JRD95_00613 (MurG)GT28 QWB86560.1
JRD95_00133 (WaaA)GT30 QWB86090.1
JRD95_00627 (Gtf1)GT4 QWB86574.1
JRD95_00508 (PglA)GT4 QWB86458.1
JRD95_00282 (Pbpc_2) (fragment) GT51 QWB86236.1
JRD95_01377 (MrcA)GT51 QWB87305.1

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