Rickettsia rickettsii str. Hlp#2
Taxonomy ID : 1105101
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Pseudomonadota; Alphaproteobacteria; Rickettsiales; Rickettsiaceae; Rickettsieae; Rickettsia; spotted fever group; Rickettsia rickettsii

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
RPK_01895 (LpxC)CE11 AFB28661.1
RPK_02185GH23 AFB28709.1
RPK_03400GH23 AFB28922.1
RPK_06020GH3 AFB29364.1
RPK_04320GT119 AFB29089.1
RPK_03335GT119 AFB28909.1
RPK_03990 (LpxB)GT19 AFB29029.1
RPK_02985GT2 AFB28848.1
RPK_01620GT2 AFB28609.1
RPK_03855GT2,GT2 AFB29006.1
RPK_03330 (MurG)GT28 AFB28908.1
RPK_00650GT30 AFB28436.1
RPK_03250GT4 AFB28897.1
RPK_03835GT4 AFB29002.1
RPK_06785GT51 AFB29501.1

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