Leclercia adecarboxylata NCTC13032
Taxonomy ID : 83655
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Pseudomonadota; Gammaproteobacteria; Enterobacterales; Enterobacteriaceae; Leclercia

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Polysaccharide Lyase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Auxiliary Activity Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
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List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
NCTC13032_00709 (Gbpa_2)AA10 VTP63137.1
NCTC13032_01492 (TvaI)CBM34,GH13 VTP64461.1
NCTC13032_06922 (Glgx_5) (fragment) CBM48 VTP81811.1
NCTC13032_06926 (Glgb_4) (fragment) CBM48 VTP81827.1
NCTC13032_03449 (Trez_2) (fragment) CBM48,GH13 VTP68228.1
NCTC13032_06921 (Glgx_4) (fragment) CBM48,GH13 VTP81807.1
NCTC13032_03442 (Glgx_2) (fragment) CBM48,GH13 VTP68214.1
NCTC13032_05843 (Nlpd_1)CBM50 VTP76655.1
NCTC13032_06006 (Nlpd_2)CBM50 VTP77574.1
NCTC13032_04546CBM50 VTP69756.1
NCTC13032_06347 (YgaU)CBM50 VTP79487.1
NCTC13032_01144 (LpxC)CE11 VTP64032.1
NCTC13032_03144 (Pgab_1) (fragment) CE4,GH153 VTP67631.1
NCTC13032_02010 (YbhC)CE8 VTP65408.1
NCTC13032_01895 (Naga_1) (fragment) CE9 VTP65190.1
NCTC13032_01898 (Naga_4) (fragment) CE9 VTP65196.1
NCTC13032_01896 (Naga_2) (fragment) CE9 VTP65192.1
NCTC13032_01897 (Naga_3) (fragment) CE9 VTP65194.1
NCTC13032_05383 (Bgla_2) (fragment) GH1 VTP74067.1
NCTC13032_05028 (Bglh_3) (fragment) GH1 VTP71999.1
NCTC13032_05972 (Gmud_5) (fragment) GH1 VTP77381.1
NCTC13032_00056 (Gmud_1) (fragment) GH1 VTP61884.1
NCTC13032_00058 (Gmud_3) (fragment) GH1 VTP61888.1
NCTC13032_05026 (Bglh_1) (fragment) GH1 VTP71987.1
NCTC13032_03410 (fragment) GH1 VTP68150.1
NCTC13032_05029 (Bglh_4) (fragment) GH1 VTP72005.1
NCTC13032_05382 (Bgla_1) (fragment) GH1 VTP74061.1
NCTC13032_00057 (Gmud_2) (fragment) GH1 VTP61886.1
NCTC13032_05027 (Bglh_2) (fragment) GH1 VTP71993.1
NCTC13032_06024 (Bgla_3) (fragment) GH1 VTP77682.1
NCTC13032_05823 (Bglh_6) (fragment) GH1 VTP76535.1
NCTC13032_05971 (Gmud_4) (fragment) GH1 VTP77375.1
NCTC13032_05822 (Bglh_5) (fragment) GH1 VTP76530.1
NCTC13032_05922 (Mlta_1) (fragment) GH102 VTP77110.1
NCTC13032_05923 (Mlta_2) (fragment) GH102 VTP77116.1
NCTC13032_05804 (MltB)GH103 VTP76419.1
NCTC13032_04574 (fragment) GH105 VTP69835.1
NCTC13032_04573 (YesR) (fragment) GH105 VTP69832.1
NCTC13032_04482 (fragment) GH108 VTP69623.1
NCTC13032_00193 (fragment) GH127 VTP62156.1
NCTC13032_00195 (fragment) GH127 VTP62160.1
NCTC13032_00196 (fragment) GH127 VTP62162.1
NCTC13032_00194 (fragment) GH127 VTP62158.1
NCTC13032_03440 (fragment) GH13 VTP68210.1
NCTC13032_03444 (fragment) GH13 VTP68218.1
NCTC13032_00202 (MalS)GH13 VTP62174.1
NCTC13032_04680 (Amys_1) (fragment) GH13 VTP70201.1
NCTC13032_00696 (fragment) GH13 VTP63113.1
NCTC13032_03443 (Trey_1) (fragment) GH13 VTP68216.1
NCTC13032_06920 (Glgx_3) (fragment) GH13 VTP81803.1
NCTC13032_06925 (Glgb_3) (fragment) GH13 VTP81823.1
NCTC13032_03445 (Trey_2) (fragment) GH13 VTP68220.1
NCTC13032_03439 (fragment) GH13 VTP68208.1
NCTC13032_04682 (fragment) GH13 VTP70209.1
NCTC13032_06924 (Glgb_2) (fragment) GH13 VTP81819.1
NCTC13032_03965 (GtfA)GH13 VTP69074.1
NCTC13032_03446 (Trey_3) (fragment) GH13 VTP68222.1
NCTC13032_00695 (Trea_1) (fragment) GH13 VTP63111.1
NCTC13032_03441 (Glgx_1) (fragment) GH13 VTP68212.1
NCTC13032_04681 (Amys_2) (fragment) GH13 VTP70205.1
NCTC13032_03447 (fragment) GH13 VTP68224.1
NCTC13032_06923 (Glgb_1) (fragment) GH13 VTP81815.1
NCTC13032_03448 (Trez_1) (fragment) GH13 VTP68226.1
NCTC13032_03750 (fragment) GH15 VTP68828.1
NCTC13032_03751 (fragment) GH15 VTP68830.1
NCTC13032_03145 (Pgab_2) (fragment) GH153 VTP67633.1
NCTC13032_06352GH154 VTP79512.1
NCTC13032_06351 (fragment) GH154 VTP79507.1
NCTC13032_02272 (Chia_1) (fragment) GH18 VTP65925.1
NCTC13032_02273 (Chia_2) (fragment) GH18 VTP65927.1
NCTC13032_02274 (Chia_3) (fragment) GH18,CBM5,CBM5 VTP65929.1
NCTC13032_02567 (MdoG)GH186 VTP66506.1
NCTC13032_03677 (Mdod_2)GH186 VTP68682.1
NCTC13032_01582 (Lacz_1) (fragment) GH2 VTP64638.1
NCTC13032_06196 (Lacz_8) (fragment) GH2 VTP78668.1
NCTC13032_03824 (fragment) GH2 VTP68934.1
NCTC13032_06195 (Lacz_7) (fragment) GH2 VTP78662.1
NCTC13032_06127 (Lacz_3)GH2 VTP78277.1
NCTC13032_01583 (Lacz_2) (fragment) GH2 VTP64640.1
NCTC13032_06194 (Lacz_6) (fragment) GH2 VTP78657.1
NCTC13032_03823 (CsxA) (fragment) GH2 VTP68933.1
NCTC13032_00706 (fragment) GH20 VTP63131.1
NCTC13032_00707 (fragment) GH20 VTP63133.1
NCTC13032_06089 (Emta_2)GH23 VTP78077.1
NCTC13032_05481 (Mltf_2) (fragment) GH23 VTP74623.1
NCTC13032_06237GH23 VTP78914.1
NCTC13032_04217 (Emta_1)GH23 VTP69316.1
NCTC13032_00967 (Slt_3)GH23 VTP63666.1
NCTC13032_01322 (MltD)GH23,CBM50,CBM50 VTP64250.1
NCTC13032_02723GH24 VTP66808.1
NCTC13032_04729 (fragment) GH24 VTP70395.1
NCTC13032_03248GH24 VTP67831.1
NCTC13032_05010 (Bglx_2) (fragment) GH3 VTP71890.1
NCTC13032_02647 (NagZ)GH3 VTP66662.1
NCTC13032_05009 (Bglx_1) (fragment) GH3 VTP71884.1
NCTC13032_07369 (Yici_3) (fragment) GH31 VTP83533.1
NCTC13032_07368 (Yici_2) (fragment) GH31 VTP83528.1
NCTC13032_00087 (Yici_1)GH31 VTP61944.1
NCTC13032_04324 (ScrB)GH32 VTP69421.1
neuraminidaseGH33 VTP68013.1
NCTC13032_07313 (Rafa_2) (fragment) GH36 VTP83283.1
NCTC13032_07312 (Rafa_1) (fragment) GH36 VTP83279.1
NCTC13032_07035 (Tref_1) (fragment) GH37 VTP82262.1
NCTC13032_07036 (Tref_2) (fragment) GH37 VTP82266.1
NCTC13032_04214 (Trea_2)GH37 VTP69313.1
NCTC13032_01961 (Mngb_1)GH38 VTP65320.1
NCTC13032_01962 (Mngb_2) (fragment) GH38 VTP65322.1
NCTC13032_02867 (Chbf_1) (fragment) GH4 VTP67090.1
NCTC13032_05437 (MalH)GH4 VTP74383.1
NCTC13032_02868 (Chbf_2) (fragment) GH4 VTP67092.1
NCTC13032_04159 (BglY)GH42 VTP69258.1
NCTC13032_01160 (fragment) GH43 VTP64062.1
NCTC13032_02448 (Xynb_4) (fragment) GH43 VTP66274.1
NCTC13032_01161 (fragment) GH43 VTP64064.1
NCTC13032_00722 (Xynb_1)GH43,CBM91 VTP63163.1
NCTC13032_02447 (Xynb_3) (fragment) GH43,CBM91 VTP66272.1
NCTC13032_03955 (KojP)GH65 VTP69064.1
NCTC13032_00205 (fragment) GH73 VTP62180.1
NCTC13032_02609 (FlgJ)GH73 VTP66590.1
NCTC13032_00204 (fragment) GH73 VTP62178.1
NCTC13032_06904 (fragment) GH77 VTP81739.1
NCTC13032_06900 (fragment) GH77 VTP81723.1
NCTC13032_06901 (fragment) GH77 VTP81727.1
NCTC13032_06902 (fragment) GH77 VTP81731.1
NCTC13032_06903 (MalQ) (fragment) GH77 VTP81735.1
NCTC13032_06408 (fragment) GH8 VTP79785.1
NCTC13032_06409 (fragment) GH8 VTP79790.1
NCTC13032_06349 (UgL) (fragment) GH88 VTP79497.1
NCTC13032_05873 (Crtx_3) (fragment) GT1 VTP76828.1
NCTC13032_05872 (Crtx_2) (fragment) GT1 VTP76825.1
NCTC13032_05871 (Crtx_1) (fragment) GT1 VTP76819.1
NCTC13032_01133 (Ftsw_1)GT119 VTP64010.1
NCTC13032_01854 (Mrdb_1)GT119 VTP65123.1
NCTC13032_01855 (Mrdb_2) (fragment)GT119 VTP65125.1
NCTC13032_07149 (fragment)GT120 VTP82664.1
NCTC13032_01281 (LpxB)GT19 VTP64215.1
NCTC13032_00150 (fragment) GT2 VTP62070.1
NCTC13032_04895 (fragment) GT2 VTP71217.1
NCTC13032_00501 (fragment) GT2 VTP62735.1
NCTC13032_02568 (Mdoh_1) (fragment) GT2 VTP66508.1
NCTC13032_04854 (fragment) GT2 VTP70982.1
NCTC13032_03805 (Acsab_1) (fragment) GT2 VTP68915.1
NCTC13032_04888 (fragment) GT2 VTP71175.1
NCTC13032_00502 (fragment) GT2 VTP62737.1
NCTC13032_06421 (BcsA) (fragment) GT2 VTP79879.1
NCTC13032_02569 (Mdoh_2) (fragment) GT2 VTP66510.1
NCTC13032_07000 (fragment) GT2 VTP82123.1
NCTC13032_03147 (Pgac_2)GT2 VTP67637.1
NCTC13032_03806 (fragment) GT2 VTP68916.1
NCTC13032_00152 (fragment) GT2 VTP62074.1
NCTC13032_04887 (fragment) GT2 VTP71169.1
NCTC13032_00131 (fragment) GT2 VTP62032.1
NCTC13032_04853 (WbbL) (fragment) GT2 VTP70976.1
NCTC13032_00125GT2 VTP62020.1
NCTC13032_00151 (fragment) GT2 VTP62072.1
NCTC13032_06420 (Acsab_2) (fragment) GT2 VTP79874.1
NCTC13032_04609 (OtsA)GT20 VTP69939.1
NCTC13032_07147 (TagA)GT26 VTP82656.1
NCTC13032_01135 (Murg_1) (fragment) GT28 VTP64014.1
NCTC13032_01136 (Murg_2) (fragment) GT28 VTP64016.1
NCTC13032_00126 (Waaa_1) (fragment) GT30 VTP62022.1
NCTC13032_00127 (Waaa_2) (fragment) GT30 VTP62024.1
NCTC13032_06914 (Malp_3) (fragment) GT35 VTP81779.1
NCTC13032_06905 (Malp_1)GT35 VTP81743.1
NCTC13032_06913 (Malp_2) (fragment) GT35 VTP81775.1
NCTC13032_06915 (Malp_4) (fragment) GT35 VTP81783.1
NCTC13032_03413 (fragment) GT4 VTP68156.1
NCTC13032_04881 (fragment) GT4 VTP71133.1
NCTC13032_00137 (fragment) GT4 VTP62044.1
NCTC13032_00507 (Glga_1) (fragment) GT4 VTP62747.1
NCTC13032_04866 (fragment) GT4 VTP71046.1
NCTC13032_00506 (fragment) GT4 VTP62745.1
NCTC13032_04865 (fragment) GT4 VTP71040.1
NCTC13032_03412 (fragment) GT4 VTP68154.1
NCTC13032_00136 (RfaG) (fragment) GT4 VTP62042.1
NCTC13032_04867 (fragment) GT4 VTP71052.1
NCTC13032_00135 (PimB)GT4 VTP62040.1
NCTC13032_04852 (fragment) GT4 VTP70970.1
NCTC13032_03411 (fragment) GT4 VTP68152.1
NCTC13032_04882 (fragment) GT4 VTP71139.1
NCTC13032_00505 (fragment) GT4 VTP62743.1
NCTC13032_04848GT4 VTP70946.1
NCTC13032_06917 (Glga_3) (fragment) GT5 VTP81791.1
NCTC13032_06916 (Glga_2) (fragment) GT5 VTP81787.1
NCTC13032_05424 (PonA) (fragment) GT51 VTP74304.1
NCTC13032_05425 (Mrca_1) (fragment) GT51 VTP74310.1
NCTC13032_06867 (Mrca_2)GT51 VTP81593.1
NCTC13032_06628 (PbpD)GT51 VTP80676.1
NCTC13032_01232 (Mrcb_1)GT51 VTP64167.1
NCTC13032_07150 (WecF)GT56 VTP82668.1
NCTC13032_00138 (RfaQ)GT9 VTP62046.1
NCTC13032_00141 (Rfaf_1) (fragment) GT9 VTP62052.1
NCTC13032_00140 (Rfac_2) (fragment) GT9 VTP62050.1
NCTC13032_00139 (Rfac_1) (fragment) GT9 VTP62048.1
NCTC13032_00142 (Rfaf_2) (fragment) GT9 VTP62054.1
NCTC13032_04891GTnc VTP71193.1
NCTC13032_05992 (fragment) PL22 VTP77501.1
NCTC13032_05983 (fragment) PL22 VTP77446.1
NCTC13032_05984 (fragment) PL22 VTP77452.1
NCTC13032_05993 (fragment) PL22 VTP77507.1
NCTC13032_03456 (Algl_3) (fragment) PL5 VTP68242.1
NCTC13032_03454 (Algl_1) (fragment) PL5 VTP68238.1
NCTC13032_03455 (Algl_2) (fragment) PL5 VTP68240.1
NCTC13032_07441 (PelX)PL9 VTP83786.1

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