Glycoside Hydrolase Family 91

Activities in FamilyDi-fructofuranose 1,2':2,3' dianhydride hydrolase (DFA IIIase) (EC 3.2.1.-);
Inulin fructotransferase (DFA-I-forming) (EC;
Inulin fructotransferase (DFA-III-forming) (EC;
Mechanism Inverting a
3D Structure Statusparallel β-helix
NoteWas temporarily changed into PL19 until it was recently realized that these "PLs" are analogous to GH23 SLTs/lysozymes (there is at least one hydrolase in the GH91 family) and therefore are better classified in the GH category. See CAZypedia (below) for more.
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Statistics GenBank accession (645); Uniprot accession (10); PDB accession (11); 3D entries (3); cryst (0)
Protein Name EC#ReferenceOrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 inulin fructotransferase (DFA III-producing) pubmed
Arthrobacter globiformis C11-1 BAB20662.1 Q9F235  
 inulin fructotransferase pubmed
Arthrobacter globiformis S14-3 BAA07533.1 P19870  
 inulin fructotransferase (Ift) doi
Arthrobacter sp. A-6 AAG09641.1 Q9FA01  
 inulase II / inulin fructotransferase (DFA-III-producing) (Ift) doi
Arthrobacter sp. Buo141 CAD19367.1    
 inulin fructotransferase / inulinase II (Ift) pubmed
Arthrobacter sp. H65-7 BAA18967.1 O08305  
 di-fructofuranose 1,2':2,3' dianhydride hydrolase (DFA IIIase) 3.2.1.- pubmed
Arthrobacter sp. H65-7 BAD06469.1 Q76KU1  
 inulin fructotransferase (DFA III-producing) (IFT3) pubmed
Arthrobacter sp. L68-1 BAO57215.1 X5I0M9  
 inulin fructotransferase (DFA III-producing) (Ift) pubmed
Bacillus sp. snu-7 AAZ66341.1 Q3SAG3 2INU[A,B,C]
 difructose dianhydride I (DFA I)-forming inulin fructotransferase (CcIFTase) doi
Enterocloster clostridioformis WP_027644076.1    
 inulin fructotransferase (DFA-III-producing) (Nsp-ift) pubmed
Nonomuraea sp. ID06-A0189 = AHU1850 BAN62836.1 S6B1F6  
 DFA-III-forming inulin fructotransferase (IfT)   Paenarthrobacter aurescens SK 8.001 ADJ19283.1    
 α-D-fructofuranose-β-D-fructofuranose 2?,1:2,3?-dianhydride hydrolase (AcDFA-IIIase; Achl_2895) 3.2.1.- doi
Pseudarthrobacter chlorophenolicus A6 ACL40859.1 B8HDZ1 5ZKS[A]
 DFA I-Forming Inulin Fructotransferase (SdIFTase; BN159_0187) pubmed
Streptomyces davaonensis JCM 4913 CCK24566.1 K4QSF6  

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