Glycoside Hydrolase Family 103

Activities in Familypeptidoglycan lytic transglycosylase (EC 3.2.1.-)
Mechanism Retaining
Catalytic Nucleophile/Basecarbonyl oxygen of C-2 acetamido group of substrate (inferred)
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu (experimental)
NoteCorresponds to family 3 of the peptidoglycan lytic transglycosylases described by N.T. Blackburn and A.J. Clarke (2001) J. Mol. Evol. 52, 78-84
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Statistics GenBank accession (7575); Uniprot accession (767); PDB accession (13); 3D entries (3); cryst (0)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 BOQ57_16685   Aeromonas aquatica MX16A APJ16463.1    
 BOQ57_07465   Aeromonas aquatica MX16A APJ14771.1    
 BOQ57_11965   Aeromonas aquatica MX16A APJ15593.1    
 VI35_10335   Aeromonas caviae 8LM ATP90593.1    
 VI35_05050 (MltB)   Aeromonas caviae 8LM ATP89805.1    
 VI35_06600   Aeromonas caviae 8LM ATP90035.1    
 MC60_002390   Aeromonas caviae FDAARGOS_72 AUU20933.1    
 MC60_020030   Aeromonas caviae FDAARGOS_72 AUU24027.1    
 MC60_018570 (MltB)   Aeromonas caviae FDAARGOS_72 AUU23764.1    
 CK627_09450 (MltB)   Aeromonas dhakensis KN-Mc-6U21 ASX10991.1    
 CK627_14455   Aeromonas dhakensis KN-Mc-6U21 ASX11894.1    
 CK627_18370   Aeromonas dhakensis KN-Mc-6U21 ASX12609.1    
 AH4AK4_1079   Aeromonas hydrophila 4AK4 AHE48549.1    
 AH4AK4_1388   Aeromonas hydrophila 4AK4 AHE48849.1    
 AH4AK4_1997   Aeromonas hydrophila 4AK4 AHE49447.1    
 VU14_14850   Aeromonas hydrophila AH10 AKA18065.1    
 VU14_05375   Aeromonas hydrophila AH10 AKA16329.1    
 VU14_10075   Aeromonas hydrophila AH10 AKA17193.1    
 TK34_10390   Aeromonas hydrophila AHNIH1 ANT67840.1    
 TK34_16465   Aeromonas hydrophila AHNIH1 ANT68923.1    
 TK34_14465   Aeromonas hydrophila AHNIH1 ANT68565.1    
 RY45_16785   Aeromonas hydrophila AL06-06 AJQ55660.1    
 RY45_08380   Aeromonas hydrophila AL06-06 AJQ54097.1    
 RY45_12155   Aeromonas hydrophila AL06-06 AJQ54800.1    
 V428_08775   Aeromonas hydrophila AL09-71 AHX32180.1    
 V428_18085   Aeromonas hydrophila AL09-71 AHX33884.1    
 V428_12745   Aeromonas hydrophila AL09-71 AHX32920.1    
 AhyD4_14760   Aeromonas hydrophila D4 ALZ80791.1    
 AhyD4_10470   Aeromonas hydrophila D4 ALZ79986.1    
 AhyD4_05355   Aeromonas hydrophila D4 ALZ79050.1    
 A9258_10225   Aeromonas hydrophila GYK1 ANR99967.1    
 A9258_05145   Aeromonas hydrophila GYK1 ANR99038.1    
 A9258_14040   Aeromonas hydrophila GYK1 ANS00688.1    
 V469_05175   Aeromonas hydrophila J-1 AJE35337.1    
 V469_10310   Aeromonas hydrophila J-1 AJE36238.1    
 V469_14715   Aeromonas hydrophila J-1 AJE37026.1    
 AS145_10685   Aeromonas hydrophila JBN2301 ALQ63319.1    
 AS145_05395   Aeromonas hydrophila JBN2301 ALQ62349.1    
 AS145_14940   Aeromonas hydrophila JBN2301 ALQ64118.1    
 AHML_08545   Aeromonas hydrophila ML09-119 AGM43491.1    
 AHML_12360   Aeromonas hydrophila ML09-119 AGM44250.1    
 AHML_17430   Aeromonas hydrophila ML09-119 AGM45254.1    
 U876_10725   Aeromonas hydrophila NJ-35 AKJ34498.1    
 U876_15120   Aeromonas hydrophila NJ-35 AKJ35288.1    
 U876_05155   Aeromonas hydrophila NJ-35 AKJ33533.1    
 V429_18120   Aeromonas hydrophila pc104A AHX70685.1    
 V429_12765   Aeromonas hydrophila pc104A AHX69718.1    
 V429_08780   Aeromonas hydrophila pc104A AHX68978.1    
 AHA_1542   Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophila ATCC 7966 ABK36549.1 A0KIH9  
 AHA_3257   Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophila ATCC 7966 ABK36842.1 A0KN97  
 AHA_2136   Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophila ATCC 7966 ABK38522.1 A0KK59  
 AI20_07715   Aeromonas hydrophila YL17 AHV35075.1    
 AI20_03065   Aeromonas hydrophila YL17 AHV34214.1    
 AI20_11460   Aeromonas hydrophila YL17 AHV35782.1    
 B224_0992   Aeromonas media WS AHX59981.1    
 B224_2131   Aeromonas media WS AHX60811.1    
 B224_3637   Aeromonas media WS AHX61901.1    
 CHQ57_11490   Aeromonas salmonicida A527 ATU98009.1    
 CHQ57_16315 (MltB)   Aeromonas salmonicida A527 ATU98827.1    
 CHQ57_07290   Aeromonas salmonicida A527 ATU97279.1    
 CE456_18960 (MltB)   Aeromonas salmonicida S121 ASI25522.1    
 CE456_09640   Aeromonas salmonicida S121 ASI22880.1    
 CE456_13250   Aeromonas salmonicida S121 ASI23482.1    
 CE463_13275   Aeromonas salmonicida S44 ASI27798.1    
 CE463_09670   Aeromonas salmonicida S44 ASI27195.1    
 CE463_18955 (MltB)   Aeromonas salmonicida S44 ASI29846.1    
 CE462_17905 (MltB)   Aeromonas salmonicida S68 ASI33978.1    
 CE462_08565   Aeromonas salmonicida S68 ASI31313.1    
 CE462_12225   Aeromonas salmonicida S68 ASI31929.1    
 BHG40_18165   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. masoucida RFAS1 ATD39633.1    
 BHG40_14390   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. masoucida RFAS1 ATD38975.1    
 BHG40_21210   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. masoucida RFAS1 ATD40162.1    
 Asalp_26860   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. pectinolytica 34mel ATP09822.1    
 Asalp_36250 (Mltb2)   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. pectinolytica 34mel ATP10717.1    
 Asalp_16970 (Mltb1)   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. pectinolytica 34mel ATP08902.1    
 ASA_2165   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida A449 ABO90230.1 A4SMV8  
 ASA_2814   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida A449 ABO90830.1 A4SPK8  
 WL1483_4040 (MltB)   Aeromonas schubertii WL1483 ALP43459.1    
 C2U37_12945 (MltB)   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH1 AUZ80458.1    
 C2U37_19290   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH1 AUZ81541.1    
 C2U37_15960   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH1 AUZ80978.1    
 C3F36_16345 (MltB)   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH2 AUY10896.1    
 C3F36_21575   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH2 AUY11795.1    
 C3F36_18385   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH2 AUY11252.1    
 C2U39_10395   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH3 AUV12535.1    
 C2U39_05490 (MltB)   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH3 AUV11681.1    
 C2U39_07240   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH3 AUV11991.1    
 C2U40_04115 (MltB)   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH4 AUZ74067.1    
 C2U40_09160   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH4 AUZ74959.1    
 C2U40_13625   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH4 AUZ75751.1    
 C2U30_06330   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH5 AUT41355.1    
 C2U30_03430   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH5 AUT40842.1    
 C2U30_08255 (MltB)   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH5 AUT44270.1    
 C2U47_17855   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH7 AUV18185.1    
 C2U47_20750   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH7 AUV18660.1    
 C2U47_15515 (MltB)   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH7 AUV17790.1    
 CK910_10755 (MltB)   Aeromonas sp. CA23 ATL98904.1    
 CK910_20270   Aeromonas sp. CA23 ATM00536.1    
 CK910_17360   Aeromonas sp. CA23 ATM00039.1    
 CK911_12575 (MltB)   Aeromonas sp. CU5 ATL93564.1    

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