Rhodococcus sp. MTM3W5.2
Taxonomy ID : 1805827
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Terrabacteria group; Actinomycetota; Actinomycetes; Mycobacteriales; Nocardiaceae; Rhodococcus; unclassified Rhodococcus (in: high G+C Gram-positive bacteria)

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
BTZ20_3357CBM48 AQA25977.1
BTZ20_3351 (GlgX)CBM48,GH13 AQA25362.1
BTZ20_3919 (GlgB)CBM48,GH13 AQA23208.1
BTZ20_4487CBM50 AQA24202.1
BTZ20_2851CBM50,CBM50 AQA24089.1
BTZ20_2840CBM50,CBM50,CBM50 AQA21068.1
BTZ20_5703CE1 AQA25275.1
BTZ20_2575CE1 AQA22163.1
BTZ20_5701CE1 AQA21024.1
BTZ20_4090CE1 AQA25364.1
BTZ20_0772CE1 AQA24446.1
BTZ20_3251CE1 AQA20636.1
BTZ20_4412 (MshB)CE14 AQA23927.1
BTZ20_4532 (McA)CE14 AQA23107.1
BTZ20_0240CE4 AQA21192.1
BTZ20_2603GH1 AQA20535.1
BTZ20_5552GH1 AQA26145.1
BTZ20_3322GH1 AQA24001.1
BTZ20_3352 (TreY)GH13 AQA22259.1
BTZ20_3772 (fragment) GH13 AQA22952.1
BTZ20_3358 (fragment) GH13 AQA22895.1
BTZ20_3918 (GlgE)GH13 AQA25297.1
BTZ20_3359 (fragment) GH13 AQA21152.1
BTZ20_3773 (fragment) GH13 AQA23711.1
BTZ20_3650GH15 AQA22863.1
BTZ20_5235 (fragment) GH15 AQA21638.1
BTZ20_0905 (fragment) GH15 AQA21423.1
BTZ20_0904 (fragment) GH15 AQA23056.1
BTZ20_4230GH183 AQA22734.1
BTZ20_0031GH183 AQA25946.1
BTZ20_5005GH183 AQA25249.1
BTZ20_0482GH183 AQA22483.1
BTZ20_0223 (fragment)GH183 AQA22096.1
BTZ20_0475GH19 AQA23211.1
BTZ20_4333GH23 AQA24944.1
BTZ20_4568GH23 AQA24646.1
BTZ20_4535GH23 AQA20685.1
BTZ20_4335GH23 AQA23624.1
BTZ20_0099GH25 AQA26178.1
BTZ20_3734GH27 AQA24889.1
BTZ20_0593GH3 AQA20824.1
BTZ20_0468GH3 AQA23090.1
BTZ20_4552GH30 AQA24954.1
BTZ20_4406GH38 AQA25934.1
BTZ20_4457GH43 AQA25061.1
BTZ20_5019GH5 AQA22291.1
BTZ20_4323GH5 AQA22644.1
BTZ20_3595GH5 AQA21940.1
BTZ20_3739 (fragment) GH5 AQA22793.1
BTZ20_4493GH5 AQA25521.1
BTZ20_1102 (fragment) GH5 AQA24490.1
BTZ20_1119 (fragment) GH5 AQA20950.1
BTZ20_2036GH57 AQA23656.1
BTZ20_0096GH63 AQA22596.1
BTZ20_0903GH76 AQA21867.1
BTZ20_1603GH93 AQA21308.1
BTZ20_4094GHnc AQA22754.1
BTZ20_3011GHnc AQA22654.1
BTZ20_1938GHnc AQA21841.1
BTZ20_1218 (fragment) GHnc AQA26191.1
BTZ20_4426GHnc AQA25281.1
BTZ20_2454GT1 AQA23457.1
BTZ20_3404 (FtsW)GT119 AQA21471.1
BTZ20_5864GT119 AQA25056.1
BTZ20_4363GT119 AQA24878.1
BTZ20_5056GT2 AQA26243.1
BTZ20_5658GT2 AQA21902.1
BTZ20_1828 (WbbL)GT2 AQA24840.1
BTZ20_5708 (Glft2)GT2 AQA24754.1
BTZ20_1417GT2 AQA25151.1
BTZ20_2994GT2 AQA25664.1
BTZ20_5654 (Glft1)GT2 AQA22350.1
BTZ20_5140 (OtsA) (fragment) GT20 AQA23568.1
BTZ20_4091GT28 AQA23119.1
BTZ20_3403 (MurG)GT28 AQA21822.1
BTZ20_3917 (GlgP)GT35 AQA21695.1
BTZ20_4650GT39 AQA25163.1
BTZ20_1305 (fragment) GT4 AQA23171.1
BTZ20_3447 (PimB)GT4 AQA23130.1
BTZ20_1172 (MshA)GT4 AQA25265.1
BTZ20_0456 (fragment) GT4 AQA26267.1
BTZ20_4366 (GlgA)GT4 AQA21924.1
BTZ20_1306 (fragment) GT4 AQA25005.1
BTZ20_2035GT4 AQA21074.1
BTZ20_5273 (PimC)GT4 AQA23989.1
BTZ20_2623 (fragment) GT4 AQA24142.1
BTZ20_0126 (Pona1)GT51 AQA24206.1
BTZ20_5457GT51 AQA23025.1
BTZ20_3544GT51 AQA25867.1
BTZ20_2277 (fragment) GT53 AQA21270.1
BTZ20_5693GT53 AQA21440.1
BTZ20_4026 (fragment) GT53 AQA23306.1
BTZ20_5692GT53 AQA21683.1
BTZ20_4027 (fragment) GT53 AQA25736.1
BTZ20_2278 (fragment) GT53 AQA22532.1
BTZ20_4371 (GpgS)GT81 AQA23775.1
BTZ20_5657GT83 AQA22248.1
BTZ20_5671 (AftA)GT85 AQA21241.1
BTZ20_3437 (fragment) GT87 AQA24542.1
BTZ20_3438 (fragment) GT87 AQA23532.1
BTZ20_4891GT87 AQA24580.1
BTZ20_4420 (PimE)GT87 AQA21949.1
BTZ20_0858 (fragment) GT87 AQA25522.1
BTZ20_5705GT89 AQA25910.1

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