Croceibacterium atlanticum 26DY36
Taxonomy ID : 1267766
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Pseudomonadota; Alphaproteobacteria; Sphingomonadales; Erythrobacteraceae; Croceibacterium

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Polysaccharide Lyase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
WYH_02213CE20 AKH43246.1
WYH_01636 (MltA)GH102 AKH42672.1
WYH_00541 (MltB)GH103 AKH41599.1
WYH_00757GH15 AKH41811.1
WYH_01775 (LicB)GH16 AKH42811.1
WYH_00502GH171 AKH41561.1
WYH_02735GH176 AKH43765.1
WYH_00677 (Slt_2)GH23 AKH41733.1
WYH_01992 (Mltc_2)GH23 AKH43027.1
WYH_00796 (Mltf_1)GH23 AKH41850.1
WYH_00152 (Slt_1)GH23 AKH41218.1
WYH_01989 (Mltc_1)GH23 AKH43024.1
WYH_02716 (Mltc_4)GH23 AKH43746.1
WYH_03171GH23 AKH44190.1
WYH_02913 (Mltf_2)GH23 AKH43940.1
WYH_01375 (RrrD)GH24 AKH42416.1
WYH_00121GH24 AKH41187.1
WYH_01723GH25 AKH42759.1
WYH_01388 (NagZ)GH3 AKH42429.1
WYH_01400 (Bglx_1)GH3 AKH42441.1
WYH_02210 (fragment) GH3 AKH43243.1
WYH_02209 (Bglx_2) (fragment) GH3 AKH43242.1
WYH_02196 (Xsa_2)GH43 AKH43229.1
WYH_02189 (Xsa_1)GH43 AKH43222.1
WYH_02206 (Abn-tS)GH43,CBM13 AKH43239.1
WYH_02217 (XynB)GH43,CBM91 AKH43250.1
WYH_02197 (Abf2)GH51 AKH43230.1
WYH_02211GH67 AKH43244.1
WYH_00345 (SacB)GH68 AKH41408.1
WYH_02198GH95 AKH43231.1
WYH_00301 (fragment) GT1 AKH41365.1
WYH_00302 (fragment) GT1 AKH41366.1
WYH_01751GT2 AKH42787.1
WYH_01166GT2 AKH42212.1
WYH_01753 (EpsH)GT2 AKH42789.1
WYH_01761 (PgaC)GT2 AKH42797.1
WYH_00304GT2 AKH41368.1
WYH_01763 (EpsE)GT2 AKH42799.1
WYH_02920GT2 AKH43947.1
WYH_02965 (EpsJ)GT2 AKH43991.1
WYH_00756 (Otsa_1)GT20 AKH41810.1
WYH_02736 (Otsa_2)GT20 AKH43766.1
WYH_02858GT25 AKH43885.1
WYH_01344 (MurG)GT28 AKH42385.1
WYH_01164 (PmT)GT39 AKH42210.1
WYH_01819 (PglA)GT4 AKH42855.1
WYH_00655GT4 AKH41711.1
WYH_01311 (Mgta_1)GT4 AKH42354.1
WYH_01807 (EpsD)GT4 AKH42843.1
WYH_00877 (TuaC)GT4 AKH41928.1
WYH_01764 (Msha_1)GT4 AKH42800.1
WYH_02104 (PimB)GT4 AKH43138.1
WYH_01806 (PglH)GT4 AKH42842.1
WYH_01253 (EpsF) (fragment) GT4 AKH42298.1
WYH_01805 (Msha_2)GT4 AKH42841.1
WYH_02334 (Mgta_2)GT4 AKH43366.1
WYH_02761 (Msha_3) (fragment) GT4 AKH43791.1
WYH_02734 (CotsA)GT4 AKH43764.1
WYH_01013 (PbpG)GT51 AKH42061.1
WYH_00643 (MrcA)GT51 AKH41699.1
WYH_01466 (Pbpf_1)GT51 AKH42506.1
WYH_02799 (Pbpf_2)GT51 AKH43828.1
WYH_02536 (Chbp_1)GT84,GH94 AKH43566.1
WYH_02930 (Chbp_2)GT84,GH94 AKH43957.1
WYH_00052 (GumI)GT94 AKH41118.1
WYH_01762GTnc AKH42798.1
WYH_01802PL1 AKH42838.1

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