Veillonella atypica G765s_culture10
Taxonomy ID : 39777
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Terrabacteria group; Bacillota; Negativicutes; Veillonellales; Veillonellaceae; Veillonella

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
NX757_02295 (LpxC)CE11 WOB47230.1
NX757_10090GH18 WOB46816.1
NX757_05500GH3 WOB46001.1
NX757_04960GH3 WOB47694.1
NX757_01525GT121 WOB47099.1
NX757_08465GT121 WOB46522.1
NX757_02275 (LpxB)GT19 WOB47765.1
NX757_08830GT2 WOB46582.1
NX757_05390GT2 WOB45980.1
NX757_09640GT2 WOB46733.1
NX757_09625GT26 WOB46730.1
NX757_07890GT28 WOB46420.1
NX757_09300 (MurG)GT28 WOB46670.1
NX757_02265GT30 WOB47226.1
NX757_01530GT4 WOB47100.1
NX757_05405GT4 WOB45982.1
NX757_05450GT4 WOB45991.1
NX757_05435GT4 WOB45988.1
NX757_03840GT51 WOB47490.1
NX757_01045GT9 WOB47759.1
NX757_01050GT9 WOB47013.1
NX757_07480 (WaaF)GT9 WOB46358.1

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