Methanocella conradii HZ254
Taxonomy ID : 1041930
Lineage: cellular organisms; Archaea; Euryarchaeota; Stenosarchaea group; Methanomicrobia; Methanocellales; Methanocellaceae; Methanocella; Methanocella conradii

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
Mtc_0399GH113 AFC99167.1
Mtc_0451GH15 AFC99218.1
Mtc_0808GH15 AFC99569.1
Mtc_0546GH16 AFC99311.1
Mtc_0548GH16,GH16 AFC99313.1
Mtc_1227GH176 AFC99980.1
Mtc_1547GH176 AFD00299.1
Mtc_2113GH57 AFD00851.1
Mtc_0629GT2 AFC99392.1
Mtc_0352GT2 AFC99122.1
Mtc_0206GT2 AFC98977.1
Mtc_0001GT2 AFC98776.1
Mtc_0191GT2 AFC98962.1
Mtc_0198GT2 AFC98969.1
Mtc_0464GT2 AFC99229.1
Mtc_0550GT2 AFC99315.1
Mtc_0624GT2 AFC99387.1
Mtc_1259GT2 AFD00013.1
Mtc_1453GT2 AFD00205.1
Mtc_1461GT2 AFD00213.1
Mtc_2370GT2 AFD01103.1
Mtc_0609GT2 AFC99372.1
Mtc_0809GT4 AFC99570.1
Mtc_0203GT4 AFC98974.1
Mtc_0204GT4 AFC98975.1
Mtc_0345GT4 AFC99115.1
Mtc_0426GT4 AFC99193.1
Mtc_0463GT4 AFC99228.1
Mtc_0543GT4 AFC99308.1
Mtc_0555GT4 AFC99320.1
Mtc_0608GT4 AFC99371.1
Mtc_0610GT4 AFC99373.1
Mtc_0616GT4 AFC99379.1
Mtc_0623GT4 AFC99386.1
Mtc_1078GT4 AFC99834.1
Mtc_1225GT4 AFC99978.1
Mtc_1226GT4 AFC99979.1
Mtc_2114GT4 AFD00852.1
Mtc_2115GT4 AFD00853.1
Mtc_0199GT4 AFC98970.1
Mtc_0201GT4 AFC98972.1
Mtc_0202GT4 AFC98973.1
Mtc_0542GT4 AFC99307.1
Mtc_0544GT4 AFC99309.1
Mtc_0611GT4 AFC99374.1
Mtc_1455GT4 AFD00207.1
Mtc_1456GT4 AFD00208.1
Mtc_0615GT4,GT4 AFC99378.1
Mtc_0182GT66 AFC98953.1
Mtc_0205GT66 AFC98976.1
Mtc_0183GT66 AFC98954.1

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