Staphylococcus aureus FDAARGOS_2
Taxonomy ID : 1280
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Terrabacteria group; Bacillota; Bacilli; Bacillales; Staphylococcaceae; Staphylococcus

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Polysaccharide Lyase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
RK61_14270CBM50 AVG67943.1
RK61_03315 (SpA)CBM50 AVG65944.1
RK61_11840CBM50 AVG67482.1
RK61_10530CBM50 AVG67240.1
RK61_00290CBM50,CBM50 AVG65399.1
RK61_01505CBM50,CBM50,CBM50 AVG65609.1
RK61_04000 (IcaB)CE4 AVG66069.1
RK61_00100 (NagA)CE9 AVG65363.1
RK61_02475GH1 AVG65789.1
RK61_06575 (LacG)GH1 AVG66552.1
RK61_10400GH13 AVG67214.1
RK61_01450 (TreC)GH13 AVG65599.1
RK61_02885GH170 AVG68007.1
RK61_04555GH23 AVG66172.1
RK61_07105GH23 AVG66647.1
RK61_13130GH23 AVG67722.1
RK61_07435GH32 AVG66705.1
RK61_09025GH73 AVG66951.1
RK61_05995GH73 AVG68033.1
RK61_04120GH73 AVG66092.1
RK61_12890GH73 AVG67679.1
RK61_07795GHnc AVG66765.1
RK61_12575GT119 AVG67618.1
RK61_07175GT119 AVG66660.1
RK61_04585GT2 AVG66177.1
RK61_00420GT2 AVG65425.1
RK61_04010 (PgaC)GT2 AVG66071.1
RK61_02520GT2 AVG65797.1
RK61_00085GT2 AVG65360.1
RK61_00440GT26 AVG65429.1
RK61_10865GT28 AVG67302.1
RK61_13415GT28 AVG67778.1
RK61_00860GT4 AVG65504.1
RK61_00855GT4 AVG65503.1
RK61_03205GT4 AVG65923.1
RK61_10645 (BshA)GT4 AVG67261.1
RK61_03030GT4 AVG65889.1
RK61_12985GT4 AVG67698.1
RK61_04100 (GtfA)GT4 AVG66088.1
RK61_08275GT51 AVG66851.1
RK61_10685GT51 AVG67269.1
RK61_09265GT51 AVG66997.1
RK61_04105 (GtfB)GT8 AVG66089.1
RK61_06500PL8 AVG66537.1

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