GlycosylTransferase Family 9

Activities in Familylipopolysaccharide N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase (EC; heptosyltransferase (EC 2.4.-.-).
Mechanism Inverting
3D Structure StatusGT-B
Statistics GenBank accession (13822); Uniprot accession (1900); PDB accession (5); 3D entries (3); cryst (0)
All (13504) Archaea (30) Bacteria (13473) unclassified (1) Structure (3) Characterized (15)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 F542_7380   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-188 AHG81456.1    
 F542_7660   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-188 AHG81484.1    
 F542_1900   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-188 AHG80908.1    
 F542_8890   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-188 AHG81607.1    
 F543_10240   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-189 AHG83888.1    
 F543_1570   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-189 AHG83021.1    
 F543_8600   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-189 AHG83724.1    
 F543_8900   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-189 AHG83754.1    
 F543_2570   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-189 AHG83121.1    
 F543_10210 (fragment)   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-189 AHG83885.1    
 F543_10220 (fragment)   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-189 AHG83886.1    
 F544_21630   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-190 AHG87391.1    
 F544_13460   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-190 AHG86574.1    
 F544_15020   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-190 AHG86730.1    
 F544_13480   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-190 AHG86576.1    
 F544_20490   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-190 AHG87277.1    
 F544_14730   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-190 AHG86701.1    
 WQG_13130   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-192 AGH38590.1    
 WQG_13150   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-192 AGH38592.1    
 WQG_14400   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-192 AGH38717.1    
 WQG_14680   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-192 AGH38745.1    
 WQG_20680   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-192 AGH39345.1    
 WQG_21060   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-192 AGH39383.1    
 BLASA_0451   Blastococcus saxobsidens DD2 CCG01415.1    
 BLASA_2886 (fragment)   Blastococcus saxobsidens DD2 CCG03757.1    
 BLASA_0446   Blastococcus saxobsidens DD2 CCG01410.1    
 BLASA_2887 (fragment)   Blastococcus saxobsidens DD2 CCG03758.1    
 BOBLI757_618 (RfaF)   Blochmannia endosymbiont of Camponotus (Colobopsis) obliquus 757 AKC60747.1    
 BOBLI757_619 (RfaC)   Blochmannia endosymbiont of Camponotus (Colobopsis) obliquus 757 AKC60748.1    
 BTURN675_608 (RfaF)   Blochmannia endosymbiont of Polyrhachis (Hedomyrma) turneri 675 AKC60160.1    
 BTURN675_609 (RfaC)   Blochmannia endosymbiont of Polyrhachis (Hedomyrma) turneri 675 AKC60161.1    
 B0B51_10995   blood disease bacterium A2-HR MARDI AQW30432.1    
 B0B51_06550   blood disease bacterium A2-HR MARDI AQW29683.1    
 BDB_80477 (RfaF)   blood disease bacterium R229 CCA80088.1    
 BDB_120063 (RfaC)   blood disease bacterium R229 CCA81016.1    
 BAV0125 (RfaC)   Bordetella avium 197N CAJ47731.1 Q2L1H8  
 BAV2230 (RfaF)   Bordetella avium 197N CAJ49840.1 Q2KYS5  
 BAV2018   Bordetella avium 197N CAJ49627.1 Q2KZU7  
 BAU08_25260   Bordetella bronchialis AU17976 ANN75059.1    
 BAU08_17145   Bordetella bronchialis AU17976 ANN72844.1    
 BAU08_21505   Bordetella bronchialis AU17976 ANN74966.1    
 BAU06_20975   Bordetella bronchialis AU3182 ANN69817.1    
 BAU06_16900   Bordetella bronchialis AU3182 ANN67752.1    
 BAU06_24685   Bordetella bronchialis AU3182 ANN69074.1    
 BAU06_20990   Bordetella bronchialis AU3182 ANN68446.1    
 BN112_3255 (RfaC)   Bordetella bronchiseptica 253 CCJ55170.1    
 BN112_1194 (WaaF)   Bordetella bronchiseptica 253 CCJ53112.1    
 AL472_18530   Bordetella bronchiseptica ATCC:BAA-588D-5 AMG89512.1    
 AL472_02245   Bordetella bronchiseptica ATCC:BAA-588D-5 AMG86765.1    
 WaaC   Bordetella bronchiseptica CN7635E CAA07672.1 O88002  
 BBB44_11505   Bordetella bronchiseptica I328 AOB26814.1    
 BBB44_00745   Bordetella bronchiseptica I328 AOB24896.1    
 BBB44_11490   Bordetella bronchiseptica I328 AOB26811.1    
 BBB44_16140   Bordetella bronchiseptica I328 AOB27663.1    
 BN115_0145 (RfaC)   Bordetella bronchiseptica MO149 CCJ56903.1    
 BN115_3178 (WaaF)   Bordetella bronchiseptica MO149 CCJ59934.1    
 BB0156 (WaaC;RfaC)   Bordetella bronchiseptica RB50 CAE30657.1
 BB3391 (WaaF)   Bordetella bronchiseptica RB50 CAE33883.1
 BBS798_0155 (RfaC)   Bordetella bronchiseptica S798 BAO66881.1    
 BBS798_3223 (WaaF)   Bordetella bronchiseptica S798 BAO69948.1    
 BAU07_24835   Bordetella flabilis AU10664 ANN79911.1    
 BAU07_04810   Bordetella flabilis AU10664 ANN80245.1    
 BAU07_05410   Bordetella flabilis AU10664 ANN76632.1    
 BAU07_09300   Bordetella flabilis AU10664 ANN77276.1    
 BAU07_05425   Bordetella flabilis AU10664 ANN80256.1    
 CAL15_11125   Bordetella genomosp. 13 AU7206 ARP97402.1    
 CAL15_06950   Bordetella genomosp. 13 AU7206 ARP94143.1    
 CAL15_22945   Bordetella genomosp. 13 AU7206 ARP96975.1    
 CAL15_13745   Bordetella genomosp. 13 AU7206 ARP95354.1    
 CAL15_06965   Bordetella genomosp. 13 AU7206 ARP97327.1    
 CAL15_11745   Bordetella genomosp. 13 AU7206 ARP94990.1    
 CAL11_10220   Bordetella genomosp. 6 AU22978 ARP76493.1    
 CAL11_10235   Bordetella genomosp. 6 AU22978 ARP76496.1    
 CAL11_23405   Bordetella genomosp. 6 AU22978 ARP78892.1    
 CAL11_07420   Bordetella genomosp. 6 AU22978 ARP75991.1    
 CAL12_17945   Bordetella genomosp. 8 AU19157 ARP82510.1    
 CAL12_26885 (fragment)   Bordetella genomosp. 8 AU19157 ARP84768.1    
 CAL12_22995   Bordetella genomosp. 8 AU19157 ARP83399.1    
 CAL12_22980   Bordetella genomosp. 8 AU19157 ARP83397.1    
 CAL14_03665   Bordetella genomosp. 9 AU14267 ARP89498.1    
 CAL14_07395   Bordetella genomosp. 9 AU14267 ARP90137.1    
 CAL14_03285   Bordetella genomosp. 9 AU14267 ARP89433.1    
 CAL14_03280   Bordetella genomosp. 9 AU14267 ARP89432.1    
 CAL14_03650   Bordetella genomosp. 9 AU14267 ARP89496.1    
 CAL14_19660   Bordetella genomosp. 9 AU14267 ARP92225.1    
 CAL13_04295   Bordetella genomosp. 9 AU17164 ARP85521.1    
 CAL13_03920   Bordetella genomosp. 9 AU17164 ARP85456.1    
 CAL13_03915   Bordetella genomosp. 9 AU17164 ARP85455.1    
 CAL13_04310   Bordetella genomosp. 9 AU17164 ARP85524.1    
 CAL13_07785   Bordetella genomosp. 9 AU17164 ARP86116.1    
 CAL13_20125 (fragment)   Bordetella genomosp. 9 AU17164 ARP88261.1    
 ACR54_02994 (RfaF)   Bordetella hinzii F582 AKQ56297.1    
 ACR54_00147 (RfaC)   Bordetella hinzii F582 AKQ53505.1    
 ACR55_00149 (RfaC)   Bordetella hinzii H568 AKQ58066.1    
 ACR55_02371 (Rfaf_1)   Bordetella hinzii H568 AKQ60239.1    
 ACR55_02374 (RfaQ)   Bordetella hinzii H568 AKQ60242.1    
 ACR55_02975 (Rfaf_2)   Bordetella hinzii H568 AKQ60828.1    
 SAMEA4040645_01622 (RfaF)   Bordetella hinzii NCTC13200 SNV75781.1    
 SAMEA4040645_04476 (RfaC)   Bordetella hinzii NCTC13200 SNW00241.1    
 D558_2556 (fragment)   Bordetella holmesii 44057 AIT27217.1    

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