Auxiliary Activity Family 7

Activities in Familyglucooligosaccharide oxidase (EC 1.1.3.-); chitooligosaccharide oxidase (EC 1.1.3.-)
NoteThe glucooligosaccharide oxidases (GOO) found in this family oxidize the reducing end glycosyl residues of oligosaccharides linked by alpha- or beta-1,4 bonds and glucose.
Statistics GenBank accession (127); Uniprot accession (5); PDB accession (20); 3D entries (5); cryst (0)
Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 AJAP_16595   Amycolatopsis japonica MG417-CF17 AIG76187.1    
 AJAP_35820   Amycolatopsis japonica MG417-CF17 AIG79971.1    
 SAMN04489733_5153   Amycolatopsis keratiniphila FH 1893 SDU50475.1    
 SAMN04489733_1363   Amycolatopsis keratiniphila FH 1893 SDU12674.1    
 B737_0776   Amycolatopsis mediterranei RB AGT81440.1    
 B737_5253   Amycolatopsis mediterranei RB AGT85917.1    
 BTM_4138   Burkholderia thailandensis 34 AJY31408.1    
 AKJ09_04842 (fragment)   Labilithrix luteola DSM 27648 AKU98178.1    
 B005_5004   Nocardiopsis alba ATCC BAA-2165 AFR06447.1    
 BN6_20120 (fragment)   Saccharothrix espanaensis DSM 44229 type strain: DSM 44229 CCH29334.1    

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