Streptococcus sp. 116-D4
Taxonomy ID : 2598453
Lineage: cellular organisms; Bacteria; Terrabacteria group; Bacillota; Bacilli; Lactobacillales; Streptococcaceae; Streptococcus; unclassified Streptococcus

Glycoside Hydrolase Family
Number of sequences

GlycosylTransferase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate Esterase Family
Number of sequences

Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family
Number of sequences

List Of Proteins
Protein NameFamilyReference Accession
UKS_04740 (NanB)CBM40,GH33,GH33 BBP09272.1
UKS_16570CBM41,CBM41,GH13 BBP10455.1
UKS_11040 (PulA)CBM41,CBM48,GH13 BBP09902.1
UKS_11030 (GlgB)CBM48,GH13 BBP09901.1
UKS_01680CBM50 BBP08966.1
UKS_17790CBM50 BBP10577.1
UKS_05790 (BgaA)CBM67,GH2,CBM71,CBM71 BBP09377.1
UKS_12920 (PgdA)CE4 BBP10090.1
UKS_01750 (NagA)CE9 BBP08973.1
UKS_13180 (ArB)GH1 BBP10116.1
UKS_09000 (Lacg2)GH1 BBP09698.1
UKS_16600 (BglA)GH1 BBP10458.1
UKS_17980GH125 BBP10596.1
UKS_06210GH13 BBP09419.1
UKS_15640 (DexB)GH13 BBP10362.1
UKS_03790 (GtfA)GH13 BBP09177.1
UKS_18010GH2,CBM71 BBP10599.1
UKS_17950GH20 BBP10593.1
UKS_00690 (StrH)GH20,GH20 BBP08867.1
UKS_09850GH23 BBP09783.1
UKS_14310 (LytC)GH25 BBP10229.1
UKS_12240GH25 BBP10022.1
UKS_15760GH29 BBP10374.1
UKS_18000GH29 BBP10598.1
UKS_03400 (fragment) GH3 BBP09138.1
UKS_15860 (XylS)GH31 BBP10384.1
UKS_04220 (SacA)GH32 BBP09220.1
UKS_14710GH32 BBP10269.1
UKS_00710 (BgaC)GH35 BBP08869.1
UKS_03750 (AgA)GH36 BBP09173.1
UKS_17970GH38 BBP10595.1
UKS_08280GH73 BBP09626.1
UKS_01280 (MalM)GH77 BBP08926.1
UKS_03090GH85,CBM32 BBP09107.1
UKS_17990GH92 BBP10597.1
UKS_02910GH95 BBP09089.1
UKS_05060GT101,GT2 BBP09304.1
UKS_05050GT113 BBP09303.1
UKS_08470 (FtsW)GT119 BBP09645.1
UKS_07300 (RodA)GT119 BBP09528.1
UKS_03800GT121 BBP09178.1
UKS_05070GT2 BBP09305.1
UKS_08960GT2 BBP09694.1
UKS_17840GT2 BBP10582.1
UKS_00860GT2 BBP08884.1
UKS_05440GT2 BBP09342.1
UKS_06370GT2 BBP09435.1
UKS_05040GT2 BBP09302.1
UKS_13400 (MurG)GT28 BBP10138.1
UKS_01290 (MalP)GT35 BBP08927.1
UKS_08560GT4 BBP09654.1
UKS_08550 (CpoA)GT4 BBP09653.1
UKS_06360GT4 BBP09434.1
UKS_05140 (Gtf1)GT4 BBP09312.1
UKS_11000 (GlgA)GT5 BBP09898.1
UKS_01390 (Pbp1B)GT51 BBP08937.1
UKS_02120 (Pbp2A)GT51 BBP09010.1
UKS_15550 (Pbp1A)GT51 BBP10353.1
UKS_05150 (Gtf2)GT8 BBP09313.1

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