Gene tags
CategoryFull nameFor Query
CAZymes Glycoside hydrolaseGH1 to GH145
Polysaccharide lyasePL1 to PL27
Carbohydrate-binding moduleCBM1 to CBM81
Carbohydrate esteraseCE1 to CE16
Sulfatase Sulf_1 to Sulf_4
Peptidase Pept_ + 2-letter MEROPS clan
Regulators Extracytoplasmic function sigma factorECF-σ
Extracytoplasmic function anti-sigma factorAnti-σ
Hybrid two-component systemHTCS
SusR-like regulatorSusR
AraC-like transcriptional activatorAraC
GntR-like transcriptional regulatorGntR
Monosaccharide metabolism Regulator/ORF/kinase family ROK
Epimerase EPI
Transporters Major facilitator family transporter MFS
ATP-binding cassette transporter ABC
SusC-like TonB-dependent transporterSusC
PUL marker geneSusD-like outermembrane-binding proteinSusD