GlycosylTransferase Family 51

Activities in Familymurein polymerase (EC
Mechanism Inverting
3D Structure Statuslysozyme-type
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseGlu
NoteThere are two categories of enzymes in this family : monofunctional (just the GT51 module) or bifunctional (GT51 module attached to a penicillin-binding transpeptidase module). These enzymes utilise Und-PP-MurAc-(GlcNAc)-pentapeptide as the sugar donor.
Statistics GenBank accession (27785); Uniprot accession (3452); PDB accession (29); 3D entries (7); cryst (0)
All (26422) Bacteria (26411) Eukaryota (8) unclassified (3) Structure (7) Characterized (15)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 A2T59_12735   Elizabethkingia anophelis CSID_3015183681 AMX55643.1    
 A2T59_07250   Elizabethkingia anophelis CSID_3015183681 AMX54661.1    
 A4C56_07250   Elizabethkingia anophelis CSID_3015183684 AMX47809.1    
 A4C56_12735   Elizabethkingia anophelis CSID_3015183684 AMX48796.1    
 AYC66_16415   Elizabethkingia anophelis E6809 AQX52164.1    
 AYC66_03855   Elizabethkingia anophelis E6809 AQX49857.1    
 AYC67_03875   Elizabethkingia anophelis F3543 AQX88208.1    
 AYC67_15700   Elizabethkingia anophelis F3543 AQX90373.1    
 A6J37_01660   Elizabethkingia anophelis FDAARGOS_198 ASV77412.1    
 A6J37_14245   Elizabethkingia anophelis FDAARGOS_198 ASV79687.1    
 M876_10435   Elizabethkingia anophelis FMS-007 AKH94982.1    
 M876_16595   Elizabethkingia anophelis FMS-007 AKH96174.1    
 BD94_2681   Elizabethkingia anophelis NUHP1 AIL46456.1    
 BD94_3949   Elizabethkingia anophelis NUHP1 AIL47724.1    
 BAZ09_010835   Elizabethkingia anophelis R26 ATC36683.1    
 BAZ09_004635   Elizabethkingia anophelis R26 ATC35542.1    
 BBD32_07065   Elizabethkingia endophytica F3201 AQX01234.1    
 BBD32_00600   Elizabethkingia endophytica F3201 AQX00064.1    
 BBD30_13420   Elizabethkingia endophytica JM-87 AQW95104.1    
 BBD30_07235   Elizabethkingia endophytica JM-87 AQW94004.1    
 AYC65_18160   Elizabethkingia genomosp. 3 str. G0146 AQX86811.1    
 AYC65_04600   Elizabethkingia genomosp. 3 str. G0146 AQX84344.1    
 BBD34_08800   Elizabethkingia genomosp. 4 str. G4123 AQX08733.1    
 BBD34_02515   Elizabethkingia genomosp. 4 str. G4123 AQX07585.1    
 BBD33_09540   Elizabethkingia meningoseptica G4076 AQX05471.1    
 BBD33_04005   Elizabethkingia meningoseptica G4076 AQX04460.1    
 BBD35_05845   Elizabethkingia meningoseptica G4120 AQX11926.1    
 BBD35_11875   Elizabethkingia meningoseptica G4120 AQX13024.1    
 B5G46_04000   Elizabethkingia meningoseptica KC1913 AQX46502.1    
 B5G46_09530   Elizabethkingia meningoseptica KC1913 AQX47514.1    
 VO54_02744 (MrcA)   Elizabethkingia miricola BM10 AJW64198.1    
 VO54_00032 (PbpF)   Elizabethkingia miricola BM10 AJW61526.1    
 CQS02_07840   Elizabethkingia miricola EM798-26 ATL43222.1    
 CQS02_14430   Elizabethkingia miricola EM798-26 ATL44410.1    
 Emin_0163   Elusimicrobium minutum Pei191 ACC97728.1 B2KBP1  
 Emin_0836   Elusimicrobium minutum Pei191 ACC98391.1 B2KCZ5  
 Emtol_1264   Emticicia oligotrophica DSM 17448 AFK02413.1    
 Emtol_3227   Emticicia oligotrophica DSM 17448 AFK04356.1    
 Emtol_2054   Emticicia oligotrophica DSM 17448 AFK03193.1    
 Emtol_2691   Emticicia oligotrophica DSM 17448 AFK03827.1    
 Epro_0892   Endomicrobium proavitum Rsa215 AKL98271.1    
 I862_04475   endosymbiont of Acanthamoeba sp. UWC8 AIF81455.1    
 I862_05970   endosymbiont of Acanthamoeba sp. UWC8 AIF81748.1    
 BSEPE_0505   endosymbiont of Bathymodiolus septemdierum str. Myojin knoll BAS67514.1    
 NAREPO1_02000 (MrcB)   endosymbiont of Euscepes postfasciatus BBA84712.1    
 NARPIN1_00760 (MrcB)   endosymbiont of Pachyrhynchus infernalis BBA84814.1    
 NARRFE1_01330 (MrcB)   endosymbiont of Rhynchophorus ferrugineus BBA85074.1    
 NARSGI1_01380 (MrcB)   endosymbiont of Sipalinus gigas BBA85284.1    
 EBS_0790   endosymbiont of unidentified scaly snail isolate Monju BAN68734.1    
 EBS_2360 (MrcA)   endosymbiont of unidentified scaly snail isolate Monju BAN70200.1    
 AZF37_07470   endosymbiont TC1 of Trimyema compressum AMP21019.1    
 AZF37_07460   endosymbiont TC1 of Trimyema compressum AMP21017.1    
 EZMO1_3938 (MrcA)   Endozoicomonas montiporae CL-33 AMO57879.1    
 EZMO1_0557 (MrcB)   Endozoicomonas montiporae CL-33 AMO54804.1    
 FA04_26900   Ensifer adhaerens Casida A ANK76235.1    
 FA04_22235   Ensifer adhaerens Casida A ANK75421.1    
 FA04_03730   Ensifer adhaerens Casida A ANK71817.1    
 FA04_17335   Ensifer adhaerens Casida A ANK74223.1    
 FA04_05345   Ensifer adhaerens Casida A ANK72102.1    
 FA04_30660   Ensifer adhaerens Casida A ANK77049.1    
 FA04_18420   Ensifer adhaerens Casida A ANK74410.1    
 OV14_2030   Ensifer adhaerens OV14 AHK43774.1    
 OV14_2382   Ensifer adhaerens OV14 AHK44075.1    
 OV14_0791 (MtgA)   Ensifer adhaerens OV14 AHK42775.1    
 OV14_a0428   Ensifer adhaerens OV14 AHK45604.1    
 OV14_a0172   Ensifer adhaerens OV14 AHK45402.1    
 OV14_b0704   Ensifer adhaerens OV14 AHK47149.1    
 OV14_1022   Ensifer adhaerens OV14 AHK42974.1    
 SJ05684_b46880   Ensifer sojae CCBAU 05684 ASY65670.1    
 SJ05684_c01970   Ensifer sojae CCBAU 05684 ASY61667.1    
 SJ05684_c09920   Ensifer sojae CCBAU 05684 ASY62451.1    
 SJ05684_c06380   Ensifer sojae CCBAU 05684 ASY62102.1    
 SJ05684_c35290   Ensifer sojae CCBAU 05684 ASY64944.1    
 SJ05684_c32970   Ensifer sojae CCBAU 05684 ASY64719.1    
 ACJ69_12735   Enterobacter asburiae ATCC 35953 AMA04446.1    
 ACJ69_13310 (MrcB)   Enterobacter asburiae ATCC 35953 AMA04555.1    
 ACJ69_18755 (MrcA)   Enterobacter asburiae ATCC 35953 AMA05536.1    
 ACJ69_19565 (MtgA)   Enterobacter asburiae ATCC 35953 AMA05683.1    
 AB190_17990 (MrcA)   Enterobacter asburiae CAV1043 AKL02359.1    
 AB190_22490   Enterobacter asburiae CAV1043 AKL03179.1    
 AB190_18820 (MtgA)   Enterobacter asburiae CAV1043 AKL02513.1    
 AB190_12395 (MrcB)   Enterobacter asburiae CAV1043 AKL01333.1    
 A0R60_4526 (PbpC)   Enterobacter asburiae ENIPBJ-CG1 AMX08735.1    
 A0R60_3825 (MtgA)   Enterobacter asburiae ENIPBJ-CG1 AMX08052.1    
 A0R60_2444 (MrcB)   Enterobacter asburiae ENIPBJ-CG1 AMX06723.1    
 A0R60_3640 (MrcA)   Enterobacter asburiae ENIPBJ-CG1 AMX07874.1    
 DI57_20150 (MrcA)   Enterobacter asburiae L1 AHW96639.1    
 DI57_20930 (MtgA)   Enterobacter asburiae L1 AHW96788.1    
 DI57_02755   Enterobacter asburiae L1 AHW93310.1    
 DI57_14660 (MrcB)   Enterobacter asburiae L1 AHW95592.1    
 Entas_3242   Enterobacter asburiae LF7a AEN65964.1    
 Entas_4092   Enterobacter asburiae LF7a AEN66800.1    
 Entas_3894   Enterobacter asburiae LF7a AEN66604.1    
 Entas_0743   Enterobacter asburiae LF7a AEN63494.1    
 BFJ73_03685   Enterobacter cloacae AOE94354.1    
 BFJ73_15000   Enterobacter cloacae AOE96464.1    
 BFJ73_19230   Enterobacter cloacae AOE97244.1    
 BFJ73_18375   Enterobacter cloacae AOE97091.1    
 Sequence 7346 from patent US 7041814   Enterobacter cloacae 15842 ABH77503.1    
 Sequence 8962 from patent US 7041814   Enterobacter cloacae 15842 ABH79119.1    
 Sequence 9341 from patent US 7041814   Enterobacter cloacae 15842 ABH79498.1    
 Sequence 9649 from patent US 7041814 (fragment)   Enterobacter cloacae 15842 ABH79806.1    
 CES92_18985   Enterobacter cloacae 704SK10 ASG40890.1    
 CES92_19875   Enterobacter cloacae 704SK10 ASG41051.1    
 CES92_13330 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae 704SK10 ASG39872.1    
 CES92_23615   Enterobacter cloacae 704SK10 ASG41723.1    
 AM329_12835   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0002 APR42885.1    
 AM329_01055   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0002 APR40701.1    
 AM329_19405   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0002 APR44097.1    
 AM329_20260   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0002 APR44258.1    
 AM429_02240   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0050 ASB72799.1    
 AM429_08125   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0050 ASB73870.1    
 AM429_01360   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0050 ASB72638.1    
 AM429_20340   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0050 ASB76129.1    
 AM432_14005   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0053 ASA04871.1    
 AM432_09315   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0053 ASA04018.1    
 AM432_21735   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0053 ASA06257.1    
 AM432_14880   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0053 ASA05034.1    
 AM444_14350   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0065 ARA27561.1    
 AM444_15255   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0065 ARA27724.1    
 AM444_19110   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0065 ARA28416.1    
 AM444_08065   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0065 ARA26426.1    
 AM383_14330   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0136 ASB84511.1    
 AM383_09105   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0136 ASB83548.1    
 AM383_13470   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0136 ASB84350.1    
 AM383_21070   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0136 ASB85735.1    
 AM409_07610   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0163 ARZ78128.1    
 AM409_14030   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0163 ARZ79315.1    
 AM409_14905   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0163 ARZ79474.1    
 AM409_20940   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0163 ARZ80543.1    
 ABY62_13810 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1311 AKK77651.1    
 ABY62_15225 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1311 AKK77913.1    
 ABY62_19110   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1311 AKK78629.1    
 ABY62_07630 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1311 AKK76527.1    
 ABY65_04840 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1411 AKK90691.1    
 ABY65_22010 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1411 AKK93869.1    
 ABY65_06260 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1411 AKK90953.1    
 ABY65_10150   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1411 AKK91669.1    
 ABY64_02990 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1668 AKK94989.1    
 ABY64_18710 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1668 AKK97897.1    
 ABY64_20125 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1668 AKK98158.1    
 ABY64_14805   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1668 AKK97179.1    
 AB285_19960 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1669 AKL53527.1    
 AB285_18545 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1669 AKL53267.1    
 AB285_02825 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1669 AKL50358.1    
 AB285_14640   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1669 AKL52546.1    
 NF29_00310 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae colR/S AMY63230.1    
 NF29_08265 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae colR/S AMY64602.1    
 NF29_07455 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae colR/S AMY64459.1    
 BFV65_15150   Enterobacter cloacae complex Hoffmann cluster III DSM 14563 AOQ00890.1    
 BFV65_19695   Enterobacter cloacae complex Hoffmann cluster III DSM 14563 AOQ01740.1    
 BFV65_18830   Enterobacter cloacae complex Hoffmann cluster III DSM 14563 AOQ01578.1    
 BFV65_03770   Enterobacter cloacae complex Hoffmann cluster III DSM 14563 AOP98756.1    
 BFV67_19595   Enterobacter cloacae complex Hoffmann cluster IV DSM 16690 AOP97289.1    
 BFV67_16375   Enterobacter cloacae complex Hoffmann cluster IV DSM 16690 AOP96701.1    
 BFV67_03765   Enterobacter cloacae complex Hoffmann cluster IV DSM 16690 AOP94337.1    
 BFV67_20470   Enterobacter cloacae complex Hoffmann cluster IV DSM 16690 AOP97448.1    
 LI67_004910 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. 35734 AKZ72092.1    
 LI67_021515 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. 35734 AKZ75234.1    
 LI67_017890   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. 35734 AKZ74538.1    
 LI67_022505 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. 35734 AKZ75423.1    
 WM95_04220   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. ECNIH7 ASD57789.1    
 WM95_17590   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. ECNIH7 ASD60278.1    
 WM95_23190   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. ECNIH7 ASD61326.1    
 WM95_22380   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. ECNIH7 ASD61173.1    
 SAMN04487932_0650   Enterobacter cloacae DG6 SMF80115.1    
 SAMN04487932_2807   Enterobacter cloacae DG6 SMF88824.1    
 SAMN04487932_1604   Enterobacter cloacae DG6 SMF85248.1    
 SAMN04487932_1431   Enterobacter cloacae DG6 SMF84895.1    
 ECNIH2_21680 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH2 AIE65912.1    
 ECNIH2_20835 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH2 AIE65750.1    
 ECNIH2_16905   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH2 AIE64999.1    
 ECNIH2_04885 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH2 AIE62726.1    
 ECNIH3_15880   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH3 AIN23736.1    
 ECNIH3_03960 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH3 AIN21492.1    
 ECNIH3_20400 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH3 AIN24580.1    
 ECNIH3_19545 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH3 AIN24419.1    
 ECNIH4_18810 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH4 AIX56174.1    
 ECNIH4_01920 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH4 AIX53067.1    
 ECNIH4_06260   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH4 AIX53876.1    
 ECNIH4_02875 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH4 AIX53243.1    
 ECNIH5_19445 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH5 AIX60811.1    
 ECNIH5_15790   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH5 AIX60142.1    
 ECNIH5_03970 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH5 AIX57963.1    
 ECNIH5_20305 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH5 AIX60971.1    
 ECR091_03940 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae ECR091 AIN26834.1    
 ECR091_19470 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae ECR091 AIN29758.1    
 ECR091_20330 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae ECR091 AIN29920.1    
 ECR091_15820   Enterobacter cloacae ECR091 AIN29074.1    
 EcWSU1_04013 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae EcWSU1 AEW75441.1    
 EcWSU1_00759 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae EcWSU1 AEW72199.1    
 EcWSU1_03335 (PbpC)   Enterobacter cloacae EcWSU1 AEW74763.1    
 EcWSU1_04183 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae EcWSU1 AEW75611.1    
 B1023_22070   Enterobacter cloacae FRM ASQ78909.1    
 B1023_03980   Enterobacter cloacae FRM ASQ75700.1    
 B1023_21180   Enterobacter cloacae FRM ASQ78749.1    
 B1023_16875   Enterobacter cloacae FRM ASQ77999.1    
 EC036_07800   Enterobacter cloacae GGT036 AIV28427.1    
 EC036_39670   Enterobacter cloacae GGT036 AIV31614.1    
 EC036_32910   Enterobacter cloacae GGT036 AIV30938.1    
 EC036_41280   Enterobacter cloacae GGT036 AIV31775.1    
 AW879_19625 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae isolate MBRL1077 AMJ72021.1    
 AW879_07040   Enterobacter cloacae isolate MBRL1077 AMJ69662.1    
 AW879_03805 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae isolate MBRL1077 AMJ69056.1    
 AW879_02960 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae isolate MBRL1077 AMJ68899.1    
 BJM06_04291 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae M12X01451 ASQ20039.1    
 BJM06_00760 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae M12X01451 ASQ16583.1    
 BJM06_03316 (PbpC)   Enterobacter cloacae M12X01451 ASQ19086.1    
 BJM06_04121 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae M12X01451 ASQ19872.1    
 MS7884_2276   Enterobacter cloacae MS7884A ASP00540.1    
 MS7884_2107   Enterobacter cloacae MS7884A ASP00379.1    
 MS7884_0939 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae MS7884A ASO99247.1    
 MS7884_3065   Enterobacter cloacae MS7884A ASP01305.1    
 M942_03095 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae P101 AHE69036.1    
 M942_02235 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae P101 AHE68878.1    
 M942_07800   Enterobacter cloacae P101 AHE69656.1    
 M942_21675 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae P101 AHE71734.1    
 B1H21_05930   Enterobacter cloacae R11 AQT88134.1    
 B1H21_02690   Enterobacter cloacae R11 AQT87554.1    
 B1H21_01785   Enterobacter cloacae R11 AQT87390.1    
 B1H21_19440   Enterobacter cloacae R11 AQT90592.1    
 ECL_00953   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae ATCC 13047 ADF60516.1 D5CHD8  
 ECL_04759   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae ATCC 13047 ADF64286.1 D5CEF3  
 ECL_03865   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae ATCC 13047 ADF63399.1 D5C7M4  
 ECL_04589   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae ATCC 13047 ADF64117.1 D5CCF0  
 ECENHK_20670 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae ENHKU01 AFP71965.1    
 ECENHK_04180 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae ENHKU01 AFP68723.1    
 ECENHK_16470   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae ENHKU01 AFP71131.1    
 ECENHK_19755 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae ENHKU01 AFP71782.1    
 ENC_46650   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae NCTC 9394 CBK87735.1 D6DTK5  
 ENC_34440   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae NCTC 9394 CBK86784.1 D6DMP3  
 ENC_37390   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae NCTC 9394 CBK87027.1 D6DND6  
 A3UG_21155 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. dissolvens SDM AFM61939.1    
 A3UG_20325 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. dissolvens SDM AFM61775.1    
 A3UG_03970 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. dissolvens SDM AFM58541.1    
 A3UG_16885   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. dissolvens SDM AFM61099.1    
 ABT55_19140   Enterobacter cloacae UW5 AKM88631.1    
 ABT55_05880 (MrcB)   Enterobacter cloacae UW5 AKM86155.1    
 ABT55_22590 (MtgA)   Enterobacter cloacae UW5 AKM89281.1    
 ABT55_00270 (MrcA)   Enterobacter cloacae UW5 AKM85101.1    
 AB284_05295 (MtgA)   Enterobacter hormaechei CAV1176 ANS16081.1    
 AB284_03875 (MrcA)   Enterobacter hormaechei CAV1176 ANS15818.1    
 AB284_09180   Enterobacter hormaechei CAV1176 ANS16801.1    
 AB284_21000 (MrcB)   Enterobacter hormaechei CAV1176 ANS18986.1    
 LI64_04155 (MrcB)   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hormaechei 34983 AJB69798.1    
 LI64_15690   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hormaechei 34983 AJB71913.1    
 LI64_19200 (MtgA)   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hormaechei 34983 AJB72545.1    
 LI64_20035 (MrcA)   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hormaechei 34983 AJB72702.1    
 LI66_03980 (MrcB)   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae 34399 AJB80556.1    
 LI66_16215   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae 34399 AJB82827.1    
 LI66_20100 (MtgA)   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae 34399 AJB83541.1    
 LI66_20945 (MrcA)   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae 34399 AJB83700.1    
 LI63_023530 (MrcA)   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae 34978 ALA04217.1    
 LI63_018135   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae 34978 ALA03182.1    
 LI63_022680 (MtgA)   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae 34978 ALA04054.1    
 LI63_006385 (MrcB)   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae 34978 ALA00918.1    
 BFV66_10355   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae DSM 16687 AOP82399.1    
 BFV66_04010   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae DSM 16687 AOP81210.1    
 BFV66_19750   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae DSM 16687 AOP84156.1    
 BFV66_20705   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae DSM 16687 AOP84334.1    
 LI62_04475 (MrcB)   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii 34977 AJB61349.1    
 LI62_17990   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii 34977 AJB63850.1    
 LI62_22080 (MtgA)   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii 34977 AJB64601.1    
 LI62_22930 (MrcA)   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii 34977 AJB64758.1    
 LI65_016765   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii 34998 AKZ85229.1    
 LI65_005095 (MrcB)   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii 34998 AKZ82971.1    
 LI65_020755 (MtgA)   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii 34998 AKZ86002.1    
 LI65_021605 (MrcA)   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii 34998 AKZ86166.1    
 BFV68_16210   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii DSM 16691 AOP79110.1    
 BFV68_19945   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii DSM 16691 AOP79804.1    
 BFV68_03980   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii DSM 16691 AOP76825.1    
 BFV68_20805   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii DSM 16691 AOP79964.1    
 BFV64_16625   Enterobacter kobei DSM 13645 AOP87889.1    
 BFV64_21905   Enterobacter kobei DSM 13645 AOP88840.1    
 BFV64_20940   Enterobacter kobei DSM 13645 AOP88662.1    
 BFV64_03715   Enterobacter kobei DSM 13645 AOP85523.1    
 Entcl_0338   [Enterobacter] lignolyticus SCF1 ADO46616.1 E3GBQ7  
 Entcl_0489   [Enterobacter] lignolyticus SCF1 ADO46767.1 E3G0U3  
 Entcl_1230   [Enterobacter] lignolyticus SCF1 ADO47497.1 E3G8L9  
 Entcl_3585   [Enterobacter] lignolyticus SCF1 ADO49826.1 E3G929  
 BH714_19750   Enterobacter ludwigii EN-119 AOT45317.1    
 BH714_13720   Enterobacter ludwigii EN-119 AOT46070.1    
 BH714_18635   Enterobacter ludwigii EN-119 AOT45120.1    
 BH714_12900   Enterobacter ludwigii EN-119 AOT44090.1    
 Ent638_0689   Enterobacter sp. 638 ABP59376.1 A4W6P6  
 Ent638_3013   Enterobacter sp. 638 ABP61677.1 A4WD97  
 Ent638_3643   Enterobacter sp. 638 ABP62300.1 A4WF20  
 Ent638_3809   Enterobacter sp. 638 ABP62464.1 A4WFI4  
 CU081_06700   Enterobacter sp. CRENT-193 ATW91379.1    
 CU081_10440   Enterobacter sp. CRENT-193 ATW92065.1    
 CU081_05825   Enterobacter sp. CRENT-193 ATW91221.1    
 CU081_23595 (MrcB)   Enterobacter sp. CRENT-193 ATW94476.1    
 NI40_019830 (MtgA)   Enterobacter sp. E20 ALL19300.1    
 NI40_020600 (MrcA)   Enterobacter sp. E20 ALL19443.1    
 NI40_003775 (MrcB)   Enterobacter sp. E20 ALL16303.1    
 NI40_016480   Enterobacter sp. E20 ALL18689.1    
 AKI40_4140   Enterobacter sp. FY-07 AMO50517.1    
 AKI40_0405 (MrcA)   Enterobacter sp. FY-07 AMO46833.1    
 AKI40_1342   Enterobacter sp. FY-07 AMO47758.1    
 AKI40_0569   Enterobacter sp. FY-07 AMO46993.1    
 EnteroDNA1_03544 (MrcB)   Enterobacter sp. HK169 AOL14686.1    
 EnteroDNA1_01650 (PbpF)   Enterobacter sp. HK169 AOL12858.1    
 EnteroDNA1_02287 (Pbpg_2)   Enterobacter sp. HK169 AOL13476.1    
 EnteroDNA1_02443 (MrcA)   Enterobacter sp. HK169 AOL13626.1    
 A4308_05395 (MrcA)   Enterobacter sp. ODB01 AMZ76475.1    
 A4308_04430 (MtgA)   Enterobacter sp. ODB01 AMZ76299.1    
 A4308_21175   Enterobacter sp. ODB01 AMZ79406.1    
 H650_13380 (MrcA)   Enterobacter sp. R4-368 AGN86078.1    
 H650_19535 (MrcB)   Enterobacter sp. R4-368 AGN87229.1    
 H650_08400   Enterobacter sp. R4-368 AGN85199.1    
 H650_12570 (MtgA)   Enterobacter sp. R4-368 AGN85945.1    
 BFV63_16030   Enterobacter xiangfangensis LMG27195 AOP92329.1    
 BFV63_19580   Enterobacter xiangfangensis LMG27195 AOP92988.1    
 BFV63_03940   Enterobacter xiangfangensis LMG27195 AOP90093.1    
 BFV63_20435   Enterobacter xiangfangensis LMG27195 AOP93149.1    
 F652_3097   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium bta3-1 AJR01086.1    
 F652_2525   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium bta3-1 AJR00514.1    
 F652_2725   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium bta3-1 AJR00714.1    
 F652_69   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium bta3-1 AJQ98059.1    
 D782_0486   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium strain FGI 57 AGB76549.1    
 D782_1153   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium strain FGI 57 AGB77174.1    
 D782_0321   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium strain FGI 57 AGB76391.1    
 D782_3722   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium strain FGI 57 AGB79631.1    
 ECBG_00677   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC20 EEV38408.2    
 ECBG_01019   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC20 EEV38750.2    
 ECBG_02271   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC20 EEV40002.1    
 CJZ72_06845   Enterococcus durans BDGP3 ASV95293.1    
 CJZ72_00930   Enterococcus durans BDGP3 ASV94255.1    
 CJZ72_11210   Enterococcus durans BDGP3 ASV96070.1    
 LIU_10815   Enterococcus durans KLDS 6.0930 AKZ48818.1    
 LIU_07620   Enterococcus durans KLDS 6.0930 AKZ48279.1    
 LIU_03440   Enterococcus durans KLDS 6.0930 AKZ47571.1    
 LIANG_02375   Enterococcus durans KLDS6.0933 AKX85155.1    
 LIANG_08510   Enterococcus durans KLDS6.0933 AKX86200.1    
 LIANG_12710   Enterococcus durans KLDS6.0933 AKX86926.1    
 EF62_1598   Enterococcus faecalis 62 ADX79825.1    
 EF62_1052   Enterococcus faecalis 62 ADX79303.1    
 EF62_2114   Enterococcus faecalis 62 ADX80336.1    
 A9R08_01095   Enterococcus faecalis AMB05 APS15188.1    
 A9R08_12145   Enterococcus faecalis AMB05 APS17169.1    
 A9R08_03710   Enterococcus faecalis AMB05 APS15680.1    
 DR75_2630   Enterococcus faecalis ATCC 29212 AIL05477.1    
 DR75_219 (Pbp1A)   Enterococcus faecalis ATCC 29212 AIL04424.1    
 DR75_737   Enterococcus faecalis ATCC 29212 AIL04223.1    
 BZG32_03300   Enterococcus faecalis CLB21560 AQL52773.1    
 BZG32_08635   Enterococcus faecalis CLB21560 AQL53762.1    
 BZG32_06045   Enterococcus faecalis CLB21560 AQL53274.1    
 EFD32_1472   Enterococcus faecalis D32 AFO44358.1    
 EFD32_0499   Enterococcus faecalis D32 AFO43389.1    
 EFD32_0956   Enterococcus faecalis D32 AFO43846.1    
 DENG_01288 (MrcA)   Enterococcus faecalis DENG1 AHI40294.1    
 DENG_00709 (Pbp2A)   Enterococcus faecalis DENG1 AHI39774.1    
 DENG_01917 (PbP)   Enterococcus faecalis DENG1 AHI40857.1    
 CEQ16_07625   Enterococcus faecalis FDAARGOS_338 ASE65686.1    
 CEQ16_14675   Enterococcus faecalis FDAARGOS_338 ASE66894.1    
 CEQ16_10305   Enterococcus faecalis FDAARGOS_338 ASE66155.1    
 penicillin-binding protein 1A (PonA) Enterococcus faecalis JH2-2 CAC21566.1 Q9EXN1  
 A4V06_06070   Enterococcus faecalis KB1 ANU72624.1    
 A4V06_03450   Enterococcus faecalis KB1 ANU72162.1
 A4V06_08600   Enterococcus faecalis KB1 ANU73094.1
 ADH73_00410   Enterococcus faecalis KB1 ASU24646.1    
 BSG25_04870   Enterococcus faecalis L12 APE72197.1    
 BSG25_02555   Enterococcus faecalis L12 APE71779.1    
 BSG25_07420   Enterococcus faecalis L12 APE72675.1    
 BMT03_04660   Enterococcus faecalis L9 APC55534.1    
 BMT03_07190   Enterococcus faecalis L9 APC56010.1    
 BMT03_02170   Enterococcus faecalis L9 APC55081.1    
 A3777_12065   Enterococcus faecalis LD33 AMR96319.1    
 A3777_03215   Enterococcus faecalis LD33 AMR94704.1    
 A3777_00595   Enterococcus faecalis LD33 AMR94220.1    
 A3777_12065   Enterococcus faecalis LD33 AMR96319.1    
 A3777_03215   Enterococcus faecalis LD33 AMR94704.1    
 A3777_00595   Enterococcus faecalis LD33 AMR94220.1    
 OG1RF_10925 (Pbp1A)   Enterococcus faecalis OG1RF AEA93612.1    
 OG1RF_10417 (Pbp2A)   Enterococcus faecalis OG1RF AEA93104.1    
 OG1RF_11450 (Pbp1B)   Enterococcus faecalis OG1RF AEA94137.1    
 A6B47_07790   Enterococcus faecalis sorialis ARV03749.1    
 A6B47_02920   Enterococcus faecalis sorialis ARV02851.1    
 A6B47_05260   Enterococcus faecalis sorialis ARV03276.1    
 EFS1_0527   Enterococcus faecalis str. Symbioflor 1 CCO71605.1    
 EFS1_0975 (PbpA)   Enterococcus faecalis str. Symbioflor 1 CCO72053.1    
 EFS1_1548 (fragment)   Enterococcus faecalis str. Symbioflor 1 CCO72626.1    
 EF1148   Enterococcus faecalis V583 AAO80948.1
 EF1740   Enterococcus faecalis V583 AAO81514.1
 EF0680   Enterococcus faecalis V583 AAO80501.1
 EFW11_0416   Enterococcus faecalis W11 BAV35655.1    
 EFW11_0885   Enterococcus faecalis W11 BAV36124.1    
 EFW11_1400   Enterococcus faecalis W11 BAV36639.1    
 EFE1002_2282   Enterococcus faecium CUX99760.1    
 EFE1002_771   Enterococcus faecium CUX98249.1    
 EFE1165_2701   Enterococcus faecium CVH53853.1    
 EFE1165_2219   Enterococcus faecium CVH53371.1    
 EFE1002_1384   Enterococcus faecium CUX98862.1    
 B4W81_12165   Enterococcus faecium AQY32691.1    
 B4W81_06165   Enterococcus faecium AQY31592.1    
 B4W80_09210   Enterococcus faecium AQY29088.1    
 B4W80_06525   Enterococcus faecium AQY28614.1    
 B4W81_09450   Enterococcus faecium AQY32192.1    
 B4W80_12160   Enterococcus faecium AQY29625.1    
 Sequence 4174 from patent US 6583275   Enterococcus faecium AAQ43616.1    
 Sequence 5667 from patent US 6583275   Enterococcus faecium AAQ45109.1
 CDL00_13410   Enterococcus faecium 16-346 ATU31181.1    
 CDL00_05330   Enterococcus faecium 16-346 ATU29793.1    
 AMR85_01575   Enterococcus faecium 64/3 ALF48781.1    
 AMR85_10875   Enterococcus faecium 64/3 ALF50479.1    
 AMR85_06030   Enterococcus faecium 64/3 ALF49596.1    
 AWJ25_13130   Enterococcus faecium 6E6 ALZ53123.1    
 AWJ25_07140   Enterococcus faecium 6E6 ALZ52035.1    
 AWJ25_03545   Enterococcus faecium 6E6 ALZ53394.1    
 AX771_09665   Enterococcus faecium ATCC 700221 AMQ97726.1    
 AX771_12655   Enterococcus faecium ATCC 700221 AMQ98234.1    
 AX771_06170   Enterococcus faecium ATCC 700221 AMQ97138.1    
 EFAU004_00997   Enterococcus faecium Aus0004 AFC63082.1    
 EFAU004_02016   Enterococcus faecium Aus0004 AFC64100.1    
 EFAU004_02553   Enterococcus faecium Aus0004 AFC64635.1    
 EFAU085_01348   Enterococcus faecium Aus0085 AGS75302.1    
 EFAU085_02635   Enterococcus faecium Aus0085 AGS76588.1    
 EFAU085_02032   Enterococcus faecium Aus0085 AGS75986.1    
 HMPREF0351_12495 (Pbp2A)   Enterococcus faecium DO AFK60119.1    
 HMPREF0351_11323 (PonA)   Enterococcus faecium DO AFK58947.1    
 HMPREF0351_12001 (Pbp1B)   Enterococcus faecium DO AFK59625.1    
 BO233_07305   Enterococcus faecium E1 APE40286.1    
 BO233_01445   Enterococcus faecium E1 APE39183.1    
 BO233_03850   Enterococcus faecium E1 APE39631.1    
 BK413_09495   Enterococcus faecium E232 ATW37535.1    
 BK413_06370   Enterococcus faecium E232 ATW36074.1    
 BK413_12215   Enterococcus faecium E232 ATW37171.1    
 BK695_06375   Enterococcus faecium E240 ATU00111.1    
 BK695_12175   Enterococcus faecium E240 ATU01197.1    
 BK695_09475   Enterococcus faecium E240 ATU01561.1    
 BK696_12170   Enterococcus faecium E243 ATU04148.1    
 BK696_06375   Enterococcus faecium E243 ATU03062.1    
 BK696_09470   Enterococcus faecium E243 ATU04512.1    
 XM37_09055   Enterococcus faecium E39 ANB95134.1    
 XM37_06290   Enterococcus faecium E39 ANB93754.1    
 XM37_11715   Enterococcus faecium E39 ANB94776.1    
 EfmE745_01823 (Pona_2)   Enterococcus faecium E745 AOT79121.1    
 EfmE745_01150 (Pona_1)   Enterococcus faecium E745 AOT78467.1    
 EfmE745_02487 (PbpF)   Enterococcus faecium E745 AOT79747.1    
 AL014_02530   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_1 AOM15192.1    
 AL014_14005   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_1 AOM17286.1    
 AL014_05790   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_1 AOM15786.1    
 AL024_04755   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_10 AOM37028.1    
 AL024_01660   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_10 AOM38724.1    
 AL024_12920   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_10 AOM38510.1    
 AL025_09035   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_11 AON61008.1    
 AL025_03300   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_11 AON59957.1    
 AL025_06095   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_11 AON60463.1    
 AL026_14760   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_12 APV55320.1    
 AL026_11835   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_12 APV54788.1    
 AL026_08810   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_12 APV54224.1    
 AL015_01805   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_2 AOM18094.1    
 AL015_10765   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_2 AOM20467.1    
 AL016_06195   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_3 AOM21995.1    
 AL016_03535   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_3 AOM23420.1    
 AL016_00455   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_3 AOM20918.1    
 AL017_06375   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_4 AOM25083.1    
 AL017_09770   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_4 AOM26602.1    
 AL017_12430   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_4 AOM26205.1    
 AL018_08855   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_5 AOM28539.1    
 AL018_05750   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_5 AOM29465.1    
 AL018_03085   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_5 AOM27461.1    
 AL020_13295   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_7 AOM32281.1    
 AL020_05135   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_7 AOM30812.1    
 AL020_02045   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_7 AOM32411.1    
 AL021_12390   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_8 AOM35165.1    
 AL021_07415   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_8 AOM34231.1    
 AL021_10165   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_8 AOM34743.1    
 AL023_12865   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_9 APV58110.1    
 AL023_06910   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_9 APV57013.1    
 AL023_09940   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_9 APV57577.1    
 CNX66_06795   Enterococcus faecium K60-39 ATD78320.1    
 CNX66_09870   Enterococcus faecium K60-39 ATD78870.1    
 CNX66_12350   Enterococcus faecium K60-39 ATD79315.1    
 M7W_997   Enterococcus faecium NRRL B-2354 AGE29631.1    
 M7W_1831   Enterococcus faecium NRRL B-2354 AGE30445.1    
 M7W_2511   Enterococcus faecium NRRL B-2354 AGE31107.1    
 M395_11850   Enterococcus faecium T110 AII39943.1    
 M395_08090   Enterococcus faecium T110 AII39385.1    
 M395_04165   Enterococcus faecium T110 AII38824.1    
 AQ614_09325   Enterococcus faecium UW7606x64/3 TC1 ALL10703.1    
 AQ614_06095   Enterococcus faecium UW7606x64/3 TC1 ALL10089.1    
 AQ614_01640   Enterococcus faecium UW7606x64/3 TC1 ALL09274.1    
 UB18_02030   Enterococcus faecium UW8175 AMP60262.1    
 UB18_07175   Enterococcus faecium UW8175 AMP61234.1    
 UB18_04390   Enterococcus faecium UW8175 AMP60706.1    
 BOW68_06000   Enterococcus faecium VRE001 APJ06413.1    
 BOW68_02445   Enterococcus faecium VRE001 APJ08010.1    
 BOW68_13980   Enterococcus faecium VRE001 APJ07860.1    
 BVA20_00300 (Pona_1)   Enterococcus faecium VREF AQT55777.1    
 BVA20_02554 (PbpF)   Enterococcus faecium VREF AQT57959.1    
 BVA20_00960 (Pona_2)   Enterococcus faecium VREF AQT56433.1    
 AL523_15100   Enterococcus gallinarum FDAARGOS_163 AMG50991.1    
 AL523_03280   Enterococcus gallinarum FDAARGOS_163 AMG48879.1    
 CO692_15890   Enterococcus gallinarum FDAARGOS_375 ATF73465.1    
 CO692_06185   Enterococcus gallinarum FDAARGOS_375 ATF71716.1    
 CO692_01010   Enterococcus gallinarum FDAARGOS_375 ATF70746.1    
 penicillin-binding protein 1A (PonA)   Enterococcus hirae CAC21568.1
 EHR_12290   Enterococcus hirae ATCC 9790 AFM71325.1    
 EHR_06545   Enterococcus hirae ATCC 9790 AFM70248.1    
 EHR_08750   Enterococcus hirae ATCC 9790 AFM70671.1    
 A6J73_06860   Enterococcus hirae FDAARGOS_234 ASV81833.1    
 A6J73_04735   Enterococcus hirae FDAARGOS_234 ASV81465.1    
 A6J73_09870   Enterococcus hirae FDAARGOS_234 ASV82387.1    
 A6P53_11155   Enterococcus hirae R17 AND73375.1    
 A6P53_05830   Enterococcus hirae R17 AND72396.1    
 A6P53_09015   Enterococcus hirae R17 AND72982.1    
 EMQU_1306   Enterococcus mundtii QU 25 QU25 BAO06863.1    
 EMQU_1942 (Pbp1B)   Enterococcus mundtii QU 25 QU25 BAO07499.1    
 EMQU_2659 (Pbp2A)   Enterococcus mundtii QU 25 QU25 BAO08216.1    
 ATZ35_06840   Enterococcus rotai LMG 26678 ALS36882.1    
 ATZ35_11180   Enterococcus rotai LMG 26678 ALS37692.1    
 ATZ35_12230   Enterococcus rotai LMG 26678 ALS37886.1    
 ATZ33_15090   Enterococcus silesiacus LMG 23085 ALS02652.1    
 ATZ33_03445   Enterococcus silesiacus LMG 23085 ALS00458.1    
 ATZ33_01710   Enterococcus silesiacus LMG 23085 ALS00139.1    
 ENT_24400   Enterococcus sp. 7L76 CBL32736.1 D4MEJ2  
 ENT_05730   Enterococcus sp. 7L76 CBL31363.1 D4MH64  
 CK496_03185   Enterococcus thailandicus a523 ASZ06974.1    
 CK496_07170   Enterococcus thailandicus a523 ASZ07697.1    
 CK496_11310   Enterococcus thailandicus a523 ASZ08464.1    
 EAM_3109 (MtgA)   Erwinia amylovora ATCC 49946 CBJ47783.1 D4ICY3  
 EAM_0797 (MrcB)   Erwinia amylovora ATCC 49946 CBJ45472.1 D4I6R6  
 EAM_3246 (MrcA)   Erwinia amylovora ATCC 49946 CBJ47920.1 D4IDU9  
 EAIL5_2845 (MrcB)   Erwinia amylovora ATCC BAA-2158 CBX81665.1 E5B860  
 EAIL5_0306 (MtgA)   Erwinia amylovora ATCC BAA-2158 CBX79126.1 E5B0X5  
 EAIL5_3517 (MrcA)   Erwinia amylovora ATCC BAA-2158 CBX82337.1 E5BA30  
 EAMY_3437 (MrcA)   Erwinia amylovora CFBP1430 CBA23691.1 D4I329  
 EAMY_2784 (MrcB)   Erwinia amylovora CFBP1430 CBA22405.1 D4HZN9  
 EAMY_0310 (MtgA)   Erwinia amylovora CFBP1430 CBA19252.1 D4HUX9  
 EbC_07920   Erwinia billingiae Eb661 CAX58323.1 D8MNB6  
 EbC_33810   Erwinia billingiae Eb661 CAX60912.1 D8MVQ5  
 EbC_40430   Erwinia billingiae Eb661 CAX61574.1 D8MXL7  
 EbC_41960   Erwinia billingiae Eb661 CAX61727.1 D8MY20  
 EM595_0320 (MrcA)   Erwinia gerundensis EM595 CUU22557.1    
 EM595_0456 (MtgA)   Erwinia gerundensis EM595 CUU22693.1    
 EM595_0787 (MrcB)   Erwinia gerundensis EM595 CUU23023.1    
 EPYR_00337 (MtgA)   Erwinia pyrifoliae DSM 12163 CAY72639.1 D2TDH5  
 EPYR_00898 (MrcB)   Erwinia pyrifoliae DSM 12163 CAY73278.1 D2T595  
 EPYR_03680 (MrcA)   Erwinia pyrifoliae DSM 12163 CAY76060.1 D2T9A9  
 EpC_03250 (MtgA)   Erwinia pyrifoliae Ep1/96 CAX54083.1    
 EpC_08490 (MrcB)   Erwinia pyrifoliae Ep1/96 CAX54628.1    
 EpC_34210 (MrcA)   Erwinia pyrifoliae Ep1/96 CAX57200.1    
 EJP617_14870 (MtgA)   Erwinia sp. Ejp617 ADP11168.1 E3DDR2  
 EJP617_09170 (MrcA)   Erwinia sp. Ejp617 ADP10598.1 E3DIQ0  
 EJP617_02520 (MrcB)   Erwinia sp. Ejp617 ADP09933.1 E3DCY5  
 ETA_03100   Erwinia tasmaniensis Et1/99 CAO95356.1    
 ETA_08640   Erwinia tasmaniensis Et1/99 CAO95910.1    
 ETA_32120   Erwinia tasmaniensis Et1/99 CAO98258.1    
 AOC36_04380   Erysipelothrix larvae LV19 AMC93234.1    
 AOC36_04270   Erysipelothrix larvae LV19 AMC93213.1    
 A2I91_06140 (fragment)   Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae GXBY-1 AMS11329.1    
 A2I91_06225   Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae GXBY-1 AMS11344.1    
 ERH_0658   Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae str. Fujisawa BAK31715.1    
 K210_01035   Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae SY1027 AGN23846.1    
 K210_01120 (fragment)   Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae SY1027 AGN23863.1    
 BC346_05660   Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae WH13013 AOO67826.1    
 BC346_05745   Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae WH13013 AOO67841.1    
 A4V01_14540   Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium I46 ANU70075.1    
 A4V01_11540   Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium I46 ANU69517.1    
 A4V01_03210   Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium I46 ANU68015.1    
 A4V01_11550   Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium I46 ANU69519.1    
 CP97_09445   Erythrobacter atlanticus s21-N3 AKQ42194.1    
 CP97_03635   Erythrobacter atlanticus s21-N3 AKQ41327.1    
 CP97_12590   Erythrobacter atlanticus s21-N3 AKQ42694.1    
 CP97_14785   Erythrobacter atlanticus s21-N3 ANC50471.1    
 CHH26_03485   Erythrobacter flavus VG1 ASP29407.1    
 CHH26_11370   Erythrobacter flavus VG1 ASP30759.1    
 CHH26_07725   Erythrobacter flavus VG1 ASP30132.1    
 CHH26_12805   Erythrobacter flavus VG1 ASP31007.1    
 BMF35_a0965   Erythrobacter gangjinensis CGMCC1.15024 APE27794.1    
 BMF35_a2385   Erythrobacter gangjinensis CGMCC1.15024 APE29214.1    
 BMF35_a2027   Erythrobacter gangjinensis CGMCC1.15024 APE28856.1    
 BMF35_a0301   Erythrobacter gangjinensis CGMCC1.15024 APE27130.1    
 Ga0102493_112400   Erythrobacter litoralis DSM 8509 AOL23415.1    
 Ga0102493_113099   Erythrobacter litoralis DSM 8509 AOL24096.1    
 Ga0102493_11318   Erythrobacter litoralis DSM 8509 AOL24460.1    
 Ga0102493_11534   Erythrobacter litoralis DSM 8509 AOL24665.1    
 ELI_01170   Erythrobacter litoralis HTCC2594 ABC62326.1 Q2NDB5  
 ELI_02675   Erythrobacter litoralis HTCC2594 ABC62627.1 Q2NCG4  
 ELI_06760   Erythrobacter litoralis HTCC2594 ABC63444.1 Q2NA47  
 ELI_11345   Erythrobacter litoralis HTCC2594 ABC64361.1 Q2N7I0  
 SAMN04515621_0151   Erythrobacter sp. HL-111 SDR71060.1    
 SAMN04515621_2631   Erythrobacter sp. HL-111 SDS97354.1    
 SAMN04515621_2856   Erythrobacter sp. HL-111 SDT07647.1    
 SAMN04515621_0815   Erythrobacter sp. HL-111 SDS01878.1    
 EACBF_2379 (PbpC)   Escherichia albertii CB9786 BAT40245.1    
 EACBF_0149 (MrcB)   Escherichia albertii CB9786 BAT38015.1    
 EACBF_3274 (MrcA)   Escherichia albertii CB9786 BAT41140.1    
 EACBF_3124 (MtgA)   Escherichia albertii CB9786 BAT40990.1    
 EAE6F_3218 (MrcA)   Escherichia albertii EC06-170 BAT45367.1    
 EAE6F_3065 (MtgA)   Escherichia albertii EC06-170 BAT45214.1    
 EAE6F_0146 (MrcB)   Escherichia albertii EC06-170 BAT42295.1    
 EAE6F_2404 (PbpC)   Escherichia albertii EC06-170 BAT44553.1    
 EAKF1_ch2573c (MrcA)   Escherichia albertii KF1 AHE60442.1    
 EAKF1_ch1268c (MrcB)   Escherichia albertii KF1 AHE59164.1    
 EAKF1_ch2731 (MtgA)   Escherichia albertii KF1 AHE60598.1    
 EAKF1_ch3480 (PbpC)   Escherichia albertii KF1 AHE61325.1    
 EAB3F_2238 (PbpC)   Escherichia albertii NIAH_Bird_3 BAT35979.1    
 EAB3F_0152 (MrcB)   Escherichia albertii NIAH_Bird_3 BAT33893.1    
 EAB3F_3080 (MrcA)   Escherichia albertii NIAH_Bird_3 BAT36821.1    
 EAB3F_2931 (MtgA)   Escherichia albertii NIAH_Bird_3 BAT36672.1    
 A8V37_23815   Escherichia coli Co6114 ANM85366.1    
 A8V37_17245   Escherichia coli Co6114 ANM84154.1    
 A8V37_12425   Escherichia coli Co6114 ANM83264.1    
 A8V37_16395   Escherichia coli Co6114 ANM83994.1    
 NCTC86EC_00296   Escherichia coli SCA69825.1    
 NCTC86EC_00161 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli SCA69702.1    
 NCTC86EC_03704 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli SCA73068.1    
 NCTC86EC_03900 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli SCA73254.1    
 ECWI1_512   Escherichia coli SMB22735.1    
 ECWI2_1205   Escherichia coli SMB24827.1    
 ECWI1_1200   Escherichia coli SMB24842.1    
 ECWI2_334   Escherichia coli SMB22188.1    
 ECWI2_514   Escherichia coli SMB22734.1    
 ECWI1_332   Escherichia coli SMB22187.1    
 ECWI2_3721   Escherichia coli SMB34112.1    
 ECWI1_3724   Escherichia coli SMB34113.1    
 BUQ71_06550   Escherichia coli ARV34284.1    
 BUQ71_13185   Escherichia coli ARV35481.1    
 BUQ71_05640   Escherichia coli ARV34118.1    
 BUQ71_01510   Escherichia coli ARV33374.1    
 EC042_3657 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 042 CBG36482.1 D3GZL4  
 EC042_2723 (PbpC)   Escherichia coli 042 CBG35556.1 D3H3M9  
 EC042_3498 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli 042 CBG36324.1 D3GXU7  
 EC042_0149 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 042 CBG32981.1 D3GR96  
 GJ11_00795 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 06-00048 ANO87306.1    
 GJ11_16450   Escherichia coli 06-00048 ANO90287.1    
 GJ11_21865 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 06-00048 ANO91315.1    
 GJ11_20895 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli 06-00048 ANO91131.1    
 CP48_00760 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 08-00022 ANP05662.1    
 CP48_20520 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 08-00022 ANP09397.1    
 CP48_15465   Escherichia coli 08-00022 ANP08443.1    
 CP48_19585 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli 08-00022 ANP09219.1    
 GJ12_21260 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 09-00049 ANP20210.1    
 GJ12_00780 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 09-00049 ANP16270.1    
 GJ12_16780   Escherichia coli 09-00049 ANP19352.1    
 GJ12_20420 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli 09-00049 ANP20049.1    
 BZY78_14075   Escherichia coli 1031 ARV55016.1    
 BZY78_09880   Escherichia coli 1031 ARV54253.1    
 BZY78_21405   Escherichia coli 1031 ARV56341.1    
 BZY78_14975   Escherichia coli 1031 ARV55180.1    
 BFL17_00830   Escherichia coli 10671 API35625.1    
 BFL17_22215   Escherichia coli 10671 API39386.1    
 BFL17_23085   Escherichia coli 10671 API39545.1    
 BFL17_18315   Escherichia coli 10671 API38713.1    
 CNQ47_07925   Escherichia coli 1105 ATC16534.1    
 CNQ47_03625   Escherichia coli 1105 ATC15770.1    
 CNQ47_20780 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 1105 ATC18816.1    
 CNQ47_02635   Escherichia coli 1105 ATC15590.1    
 CNQ48_20290 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 1190 ATC14010.1    
 CNQ48_06945   Escherichia coli 1190 ATC11586.1    
 CNQ48_03000   Escherichia coli 1190 ATC10869.1    
 CNQ48_02025   Escherichia coli 1190 ATC10692.1    
 CNQ49_21425   Escherichia coli 1223 ATC09343.1    
 CNQ49_04480 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 1223 ATC06365.1    
 CNQ49_22435   Escherichia coli 1223 ATC09529.1    
 CNQ49_17520   Escherichia coli 1223 ATC08660.1    
 CNQ50_06740   Escherichia coli 127 ATC01827.1    
 CNQ50_01965   Escherichia coli 127 ATC00994.1    
 CNQ50_03025   Escherichia coli 127 ATC01178.1    
 CNQ50_20810 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 127 ATC04199.1    
 CNQ51_02875   Escherichia coli 1283 ATB96471.1    
 CNQ51_01915   Escherichia coli 1283 ATB96300.1    
 CNQ51_19465 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 1283 ATB99378.1    
 CNQ51_06505   Escherichia coli 1283 ATB97110.1    
 EC1303_c01450 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 1303 AJF54926.1    
 EC1303_c26710 (PbpC)   Escherichia coli 1303 AJF57375.1    
 EC1303_c33570 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli 1303 AJF58027.1    
 EC1303_c35420 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 1303 AJF58202.1    
 EC725_02635   Escherichia coli 13E0725 AQZ84405.1    
 EC725_03545   Escherichia coli 13E0725 AQZ84571.1    
 EC725_22585   Escherichia coli 13E0725 AQZ87920.1    
 EC725_07980   Escherichia coli 13E0725 AQZ85348.1    
 EC767_23375   Escherichia coli 13E0767 ARA09599.1    
 EC767_24285   Escherichia coli 13E0767 ARA09766.1    
 EC767_07610   Escherichia coli 13E0767 ARA06751.1    
 EC767_04930   Escherichia coli 13E0767 ARA06285.1    
 EC780_24455   Escherichia coli 13E0780 ARA04372.1    
 EC780_08290   Escherichia coli 13E0780 ARA01514.1    
 EC780_03550   Escherichia coli 13E0780 ARA00685.1    
 EC780_02640 (fragment)   Escherichia coli 13E0780 ARA00519.1    
 CNQ52_20050 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 1428 ATB94434.1    
 CNQ52_03060   Escherichia coli 1428 ATB91369.1    
 CNQ52_02140   Escherichia coli 1428 ATB91202.1    
 CNQ52_06860   Escherichia coli 1428 ATB92056.1    
 CNQ53_21535 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 144 ATB89560.1    
 CNQ53_08025   Escherichia coli 144 ATB87151.1    
 CNQ53_03920   Escherichia coli 144 ATB86420.1    
 CNQ53_03040   Escherichia coli 144 ATB86259.1    
 BFL20_18735   Escherichia coli 155 APH99576.1    
 BFL20_22680   Escherichia coli 155 API00259.1    
 BFL20_00830   Escherichia coli 155 APH96450.1    
 BFL20_23545   Escherichia coli 155 API00416.1    
 CNQ54_02960   Escherichia coli 1943 ATB81442.1    
 CNQ54_20115 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 1943 ATB84541.1    
 CNQ54_02040   Escherichia coli 1943 ATB81274.1    
 CNQ54_06665   Escherichia coli 1943 ATB82115.1    
 MJ49_13355 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 2009C-3133 ALL88521.1    
 MJ49_14255 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli 2009C-3133 ALL88687.1    
 MJ49_18330   Escherichia coli 2009C-3133 ALL89424.1    
 MJ49_06290 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 2009C-3133 ALL87239.1    
 A5956_08105 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 2011C-3911 ANE59695.1    
 A5956_07230 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli 2011C-3911 ANE59533.1    
 A5956_14265 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 2011C-3911 ANE60828.1    
 A5956_02995   Escherichia coli 2011C-3911 ANE58772.1    
 AKK22_03425 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 2012C-4227 ALL91979.1    
 AKK22_00205 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 2012C-4227 ALL91400.1    
 AKK22_18715   Escherichia coli 2012C-4227 ALL94637.1    
 AKK22_22490 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli 2012C-4227 ALL95295.1    
 A5955_03525   Escherichia coli 2013C-4465 ANE63481.1    
 A5955_15345 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 2013C-4465 ANE65630.1    
 A5955_07590 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli 2013C-4465 ANE64221.1    
 A5955_08420 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 2013C-4465 ANE64374.1    
 BUE82_05935   Escherichia coli 2016C-3936C1 APT61530.1    
 BUE82_01590   Escherichia coli 2016C-3936C1 APT60755.1    
 BUE82_20080   Escherichia coli 2016C-3936C1 APT64015.1    
 BUE82_00680   Escherichia coli 2016C-3936C1 APT60588.1    
 BZY74_12300   Escherichia coli 207 ARV49826.1    
 BZY74_01340   Escherichia coli 207 ARV47828.1    
 BZY74_05965   Escherichia coli 207 ARV48676.1    
 BZY74_05100   Escherichia coli 207 ARV48517.1    
 MRY16002_c1410 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 20Ec-P-124 BAX09475.1    
 MRY16002_c25830 (PbpF)   Escherichia coli 20Ec-P-124 BAX11917.1    
 MRY16002_c33360 (Pbpg_2)   Escherichia coli 20Ec-P-124 BAX12670.1    
 MRY16002_c35040 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 20Ec-P-124 BAX12838.1    
 A9C00_07815   Escherichia coli 210205630 ANQ01921.1    
 A9C00_12260   Escherichia coli 210205630 ANQ02727.1    
 A9C00_11415   Escherichia coli 210205630 ANQ02571.1    
 A9C00_18875   Escherichia coli 210205630 ANQ03930.1    
 BBP24_20310   Escherichia coli 210221272 AOR21433.1    
 BBP24_16860   Escherichia coli 210221272 AOR20812.1    
 BBP24_21265   Escherichia coli 210221272 AOR21613.1    
 BBP24_04160   Escherichia coli 210221272 AOR18492.1    
 AL551_18610 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli 268-78-1 AMF90158.1    
 AL551_11530 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 268-78-1 AMF88877.1    
 AL551_22690   Escherichia coli 268-78-1 AMF90889.1    
 AL551_17745 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 268-78-1 AMF90003.1    
 BFL22_18430   Escherichia coli 272 API05178.1    
 BFL22_22350   Escherichia coli 272 API05860.1    
 BFL22_00830   Escherichia coli 272 API02065.1    
 BFL22_23220   Escherichia coli 272 API06018.1    
 ARC77_20090 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 28RC1 AMW44382.1    
 ARC77_12490 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli 28RC1 AMW42994.1    
 ARC77_13320 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 28RC1 AMW43148.1    
 ARC77_08890   Escherichia coli 28RC1 AMW42353.1    
 CNQ55_07860   Escherichia coli 317 ATB77450.1    
 CNQ55_01925   Escherichia coli 317 ATB76403.1    
 CNQ55_21220 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 317 ATB79818.1    
 CNQ55_03555   Escherichia coli 317 ATB76696.1    
 BFL24_00830   Escherichia coli 319 API07678.1    
 BFL24_22060   Escherichia coli 319 API11412.1    
 BFL24_18175   Escherichia coli 319 API10733.1    
 BFL24_22930   Escherichia coli 319 API11570.1    
 BFL21_00830   Escherichia coli 350 API13271.1    
 BFL21_18120   Escherichia coli 350 API16330.1    
 BFL21_22035   Escherichia coli 350 API17013.1    
 BFL21_22905   Escherichia coli 350 API17171.1    
 CLD29_18100   Escherichia coli 360/16 ASZ47854.1    
 CLD29_00780 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 360/16 ASZ44725.1    
 CLD29_17130   Escherichia coli 360/16 ASZ47673.1    
 CLD29_13270   Escherichia coli 360/16 ASZ46974.1    
 BFL23_00830   Escherichia coli 472 API18819.1    
 BFL23_18840   Escherichia coli 472 API21984.1    
 BFL23_23645   Escherichia coli 472 API22819.1    
 BFL23_22775   Escherichia coli 472 API22663.1    
 ECs0153   Escherichia coli 493/89 ACI71324.1 C3TPX2  
 ECs3385   Escherichia coli 493/89 ACI79981.1 C3SZU7  
 ECs4238   Escherichia coli 493/89 ACI76611.1 C3SQ67  
 ECs4087   Escherichia coli 493/89 ACI77291.1 C3SS52  
 ECP_0159   Escherichia coli 536 ABG68199.1 Q0TLI2  
 ECP_2524   Escherichia coli 536 ABG70513.1 Q0TEW6  
 ECP_3296   Escherichia coli 536 ABG71278.1 Q0TCQ1  
 ECP_3482   Escherichia coli 536 ABG71458.1 Q0TC71  
 EC55989_0143 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 55989 CAU96030.1 B7LGL1  
 EC55989_2804 (PbpC)   Escherichia coli 55989 CAU98677.1 B7LDB1  
 EC55989_3626 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli 55989 CAU99863.1 B7LHS1  
 EC55989_3801   Escherichia coli 55989 CAV00150.1 B7L4S0  
 CA593_02975   Escherichia coli 5CRE51 ARR32158.1    
 CA593_14225   Escherichia coli 5CRE51 ARR34172.1    
 CA593_09240   Escherichia coli 5CRE51 ARR33272.1    
 CA593_10260   Escherichia coli 5CRE51 ARR33459.1    
 RR31_00775 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 6409 AJB50293.1    
 RR31_13445   Escherichia coli 6409 AJB52633.1    
 RR31_16825 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli 6409 AJB53241.1    
 RR31_17770 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 6409 AJB53415.1    
 CLD27_14565   Escherichia coli 646 ASZ42493.1    
 CLD27_18425   Escherichia coli 646 ASZ43191.1    
 CLD27_19320   Escherichia coli 646 ASZ43360.1    
 CLD27_00790 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 646 ASZ40060.1    
 CNQ56_03050   Escherichia coli 746 ATB71532.1    
 CNQ56_07370   Escherichia coli 746 ATB72294.1    
 CNQ56_20700 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 746 ATB74673.1    
 CNQ56_02170   Escherichia coli 746 ATB71372.1    
 BFL18_22710   Escherichia coli 7784 API28314.1    
 BFL18_17930   Escherichia coli 7784 API27476.1    
 BFL18_21820   Escherichia coli 7784 API28151.1    
 BFL18_00830   Escherichia coli 7784 API24463.1    
 AC789_1c01490 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 789 AJE54448.1    
 AC789_1c28550 (PbpC)   Escherichia coli 789 AJE57079.1    
 AC789_1c35780 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli 789 AJE57780.1    
 AC789_1c37650 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 789 AJE57956.1    
 DNNLJILF_01088 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli 81009 ART42426.1    
 DNNLJILF_01898 (PbpC)   Escherichia coli 81009 ART43188.1    
 DNNLJILF_00905 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 81009 ART42250.1    
 DNNLJILF_04466 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 81009 ART45607.1    
 ECs4087   Escherichia coli 86-24 ACI77292.1 C3SS53  
 ECs3385   Escherichia coli 86-24 ACI79982.1 C3SZU7  
 ECs0153   Escherichia coli 86-24 ACI71325.1 C3TPX2  
 ECs3385   Escherichia coli 87-14 ACI79983.1 C3SZU7  
 ECs0153   Escherichia coli 87-14 ACI71326.1 C3TPX2  
 BS635_01265   Escherichia coli 9 ARV28573.1    
 BS635_13125   Escherichia coli 9 ARV30710.1    
 BS635_05070   Escherichia coli 9 ARV29246.1    
 BS635_05950   Escherichia coli 9 ARV29408.1    
 BFL16_18895   Escherichia coli 9000 API33131.1    
 BFL16_22850   Escherichia coli 9000 API33817.1    
 BFL16_00830   Escherichia coli 9000 API29944.1    
 BFL16_23720   Escherichia coli 9000 API33977.1    
 HW43_04510 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 94-3024 AIZ85732.1    
 HW43_16995   Escherichia coli 94-3024 AIZ88099.1    
 HW43_21000 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli 94-3024 AIZ88848.1    
 HW43_21820 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 94-3024 AIZ89000.1    
 EC95JB1_01743 (PbpF)   Escherichia coli 95JB1 ART17766.1    
 EC95JB1_04160 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 95JB1 ART14888.1    
 EC95JB1_02593 (Pbpg_2)   Escherichia coli 95JB1 ART18564.1    
 EC95JB1_02776 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 95JB1 ART18733.1    
 EC95NR1_04334 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli 95NR1 ART22698.1    
 EC95NR1_01740 (PbpF)   Escherichia coli 95NR1 ART25550.1    
 EC95NR1_02592 (Pbpg_2)   Escherichia coli 95NR1 ART26343.1    
 EC95NR1_02776 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli 95NR1 ART26513.1    
 ECABU_c28250 (PbpC)   Escherichia coli ABU 83972 ADN47317.1 E1P6Z3  
 ECABU_c38140 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli ABU 83972 ADN48254.1 E1PHJ8  
 ECABU_c36230 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli ABU 83972 ADN48076.1 E1PFU1  
 ECABU_c01630 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli ABU 83972 ADN44776.1 E1P6G2  
 CES94_07055   Escherichia coli ABWA45 ASG48740.1    
 CES94_02005   Escherichia coli ABWA45 ASG47858.1    
 CES94_21545 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli ABWA45 ASG51248.1    
 CES94_02995   Escherichia coli ABWA45 ASG48036.1    
 J444_3510 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli ACN001 AKP86189.1    
 J444_0155 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli ACN001 AKP82905.1    
 J444_3692 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli ACN001 AKP86368.1    
 J444_2639 (PbpC)   Escherichia coli ACN001 AKP85329.1    
 ACN002_3476 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli ACN002 ALY14934.1    
 ACN002_0152 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli ACN002 ALY11610.1    
 ACN002_3299 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli ACN002 ALY14757.1    
 ACN002_2558 (PbpC)   Escherichia coli ACN002 ALY14016.1    
 L282_0664   Escherichia coli APEC IMT5155 AJB35654.1    
 L282_1442 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli APEC IMT5155 AJB36425.1    
 L282_1623 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli APEC IMT5155 AJB36605.1    
 L282_3002 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli APEC IMT5155 AJB37964.1    
 APECO1_1836   Escherichia coli APEC O1 ABI99634.1 A1A7J5  
 APECO1_4005   Escherichia coli APEC O1 ABJ01947.1 A1AE57  
 APECO1_3227   Escherichia coli APEC O1 ABJ02699.1 A1AGA9  
 APECO1_3068   Escherichia coli APEC O1 ABJ02862.1 A1AGS2  
 APECO18_13085 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli APEC O18 AKK34986.1    
 APECO18_19345 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli APEC O18 AKK36133.1    
 APECO18_12175 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli APEC O18 AKK34814.1    
 APECO18_08380   Escherichia coli APEC O18 AKK34109.1    
 APECO2_02155 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli APEC O2 AKK37532.1    
 APECO2_15255   Escherichia coli APEC O2 AKK39945.1    
 APECO2_19570 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli APEC O2 AKK40740.1    
 APECO2_23300 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli APEC O2 AKK41430.1    
 APECO78_16325   Escherichia coli APEC O78 AGC87986.1    
 APECO78_19880   Escherichia coli APEC O78 AGC88693.1    
 APECO78_20770 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli APEC O78 AGC88871.1    
 APECO78_04185   Escherichia coli APEC O78 AGC85574.1    
 AM333_01945   Escherichia coli AR_0006 ATX40595.1    
 AM333_09810 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli AR_0006 ATX41993.1    
 AM333_02830   Escherichia coli AR_0006 ATX40758.1    
 AM333_23945   Escherichia coli AR_0006 ATX44507.1    
 AM338_14885   Escherichia coli AR_0011 ATX48043.1    
 AM338_10815   Escherichia coli AR_0011 ATX47324.1    
 AM338_22535 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli AR_0011 ATX49407.1    
 AM338_15915   Escherichia coli AR_0011 ATX48227.1    
 AM341_20265   Escherichia coli AR_0014 ATX53886.1    
 AM341_16180   Escherichia coli AR_0014 ATX53171.1    
 AM341_08540 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli AR_0014 ATX51815.1    
 AM341_15150   Escherichia coli AR_0014 ATX52988.1    
 AM342_09540   Escherichia coli AR_0015 ATX56836.1    
 AM342_10425   Escherichia coli AR_0015 ATX56999.1    
 AM342_05860   Escherichia coli AR_0015 ATX56179.1    
 AM342_17835 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli AR_0015 ATX58297.1    
 AM434_04315   Escherichia coli AR_0055 ASC15640.1    
 AM434_17140   Escherichia coli AR_0055 ASC17958.1    
 AM437_24105   Escherichia coli AR_0058 ARX27215.1    
 AM437_03290   Escherichia coli AR_0058 ARX23467.1    
 AM437_10165   Escherichia coli AR_0058 ARX24708.1    
 AM437_02320   Escherichia coli AR_0058 ARX23289.1    
 AM440_22200   Escherichia coli AR_0061 ARA38263.1    
 AM440_17480   Escherichia coli AR_0061 ARA37420.1    
 AM440_18440   Escherichia coli AR_0061 ARA37598.1    
 AM440_10910   Escherichia coli AR_0061 ARA36250.1    
 AM448_15360   Escherichia coli AR_0069 ARA32346.1    
 AM448_07805   Escherichia coli AR_0069 ARA30985.1    
 AM448_04050   Escherichia coli AR_0069 ARA30297.1    
 AM448_08865   Escherichia coli AR_0069 ARA31179.1    
 AM483_00275   Escherichia coli AR_0104 ARA62091.1    
 AM483_01235   Escherichia coli AR_0104 ARA62266.1    
 AM483_05550   Escherichia coli AR_0104 ARA63030.1    
 AM483_19335   Escherichia coli AR_0104 ARA65516.1    
 AM361_20105   Escherichia coli AR_0114 ARZ85096.1    
 AM361_16585   Escherichia coli AR_0114 ARZ84459.1    
 AM361_15540   Escherichia coli AR_0114 ARZ84270.1    
 AM361_08835   Escherichia coli AR_0114 ARZ83085.1    
 AM365_08630   Escherichia coli AR_0118 ARA16987.1    
 AM365_20675   Escherichia coli AR_0118 ARA19152.1    
 AM365_15990   Escherichia coli AR_0118 ARA18296.1    
 AM365_16860   Escherichia coli AR_0118 ARA18456.1    
 AM375_05440   Escherichia coli AR_0128 ARX54715.1    
 AM375_06320   Escherichia coli AR_0128 ARX54877.1    
 AM375_10055   Escherichia coli AR_0128 ARX55553.1    
 AM375_23905   Escherichia coli AR_0128 ARX58016.1    
 AM384_13175   Escherichia coli AR_0137 ASB79383.1    
 AM384_01775   Escherichia coli AR_0137 ASB77343.1    
 AM384_09415   Escherichia coli AR_0137 ASB78700.1    
 AM384_08380   Escherichia coli AR_0137 ASB78514.1    
 AM396_23150   Escherichia coli AR_0149 ARW89552.1    
 AM366_23260   Escherichia coli AR_0149 ARW94283.1    
 AM366_04310   Escherichia coli AR_0149 ARW90899.1    
 AM396_06145   Escherichia coli AR_0149 ARW86532.1    
 AM396_19100   Escherichia coli AR_0149 ARW88829.1    
 AM396_24170   Escherichia coli AR_0149 ARW89740.1    
 AM366_09115   Escherichia coli AR_0149 ARW91764.1    
 AM397_07515   Escherichia coli AR_0150 ARZ87708.1    
 AM397_14080   Escherichia coli AR_0150 ARZ88875.1    
 AM397_06500   Escherichia coli AR_0150 ARZ87522.1    
 AM397_02395   Escherichia coli AR_0150 ARZ86787.1    
 AM398_04420   Escherichia coli AR_0151 ARX28642.1    
 AM398_05435   Escherichia coli AR_0151 ARX28827.1    
 AM398_22725   Escherichia coli AR_0151 ARX31899.1    
 AM398_09545   Escherichia coli AR_0151 ARX29559.1    
 AM408_01115   Escherichia coli AR_0162 ARX12407.1    
 AM408_02135   Escherichia coli AR_0162 ARX12594.1    
 AM408_06180   Escherichia coli AR_0162 ARX13318.1    
 AM408_19250   Escherichia coli AR_0162 ARX15641.1    
 DR76_1291 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 AIL15407.1    
 DR76_2666 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 AIL17347.1    
 DR76_1109 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 AIL14191.1    
 DR76_407   Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 AIL18565.1    
 EcolC_0317   Escherichia coli ATCC 8739 ACA75995.1 B1IP69  
 EcolC_0492   Escherichia coli ATCC 8739 ACA76169.1 B1IQR5  
 EcolC_1158   Escherichia coli ATCC 8739 ACA76825.1 B1IWE2  
 EcolC_3510   Escherichia coli ATCC 8739 ACA79124.1 B1IQJ1  
 C2566_16070   Escherichia coli B C2566 AMH23237.1    
 C2566_20375 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli B C2566 AMH24023.1    
 C2566_19430 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli B C2566 AMH23849.1    
 C2566_04495 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli B C2566 AMH21130.1    
 C3029_04500 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli B C3029 AMH25342.1    
 C3029_20995 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli B C3029 AMH28340.1    
 C3029_16675   Escherichia coli B C3029 AMH27552.1    
 C3029_20050 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli B C3029 AMH28166.1    
 ECB_02411 (PbpC)   Escherichia coli B str. REL606 ACT40065.1 C6UBC6  
 ECB_03248 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli B str. REL606 ACT40896.1 C6UFZ6  
 ECB_00148 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli B str. REL606 ACT37841.1 C6UMB0  
 ECB_03073 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli B str. REL606 ACT40722.1 C6UF38  
 L960_3703   Escherichia coli B7A AIF63526.1    
 L960_2233c   Escherichia coli B7A AIF62056.1    
 L960_3533c   Escherichia coli B7A AIF63356.1    
 L960_4466   Escherichia coli B7A AIF64289.1    
 CDW44_00900 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli BH100 ATV07369.1    
 CDW44_18510   Escherichia coli BH100 ATV10507.1    
 CDW44_19510   Escherichia coli BH100 ATV10687.1    
 CDW44_13860   Escherichia coli BH100 ATV09680.1    
 SR36_12325   Escherichia coli BL21 (TaKaRa) AJH11207.1    
 SR36_00775 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli BL21 (TaKaRa) AJH09107.1    
 SR36_16745 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli BL21 (TaKaRa) AJH12016.1    
 SR36_15800 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli BL21 (TaKaRa) AJH11842.1    
 B21_02373 (PbpC)   Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) CAQ32890.1 C5W7M1  
 B21_03024 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) CAQ33541.1 C5W9F5  
 B21_03200 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) CAQ33717.2
 ECD_00148 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) ACT42049.1    
 ECD_02411 (PbpC)   Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) ACT44231.1    
 ECD_03073 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) ACT44877.1    
 B21_00147 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) CAQ30664.1 C5W144  
 ECBD_1167   Escherichia coli BL21-Gold(DE3)pLysS AG ACT28233.1    
 ECBD_0534   Escherichia coli BL21-Gold(DE3)pLysS AG ACT27604.1    
 ECBD_3470   Escherichia coli BL21-Gold(DE3)pLysS AG ACT30469.1    
 ECBD_0351   Escherichia coli BL21-Gold(DE3)pLysS AG ACT27423.1    
 AYR48_12735 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli BLK16 ARD82389.1    
 AYR48_19570 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli BLK16 ARD83632.1    
 AYR48_09565   Escherichia coli BLK16 ARD81814.1    
 AYR48_13685 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli BLK16 ARD82564.1    
 AYL54_12740 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli BLK9 ARD78519.1    
 AYL54_09570   Escherichia coli BLK9 ARD77939.1    
 AYL54_13690 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli BLK9 ARD78694.1    
 AYL54_19575 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli BLK9 ARD79767.1    
 B5762_03334 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli BLR(DE3) ARH98832.1    
 B5762_02604 (PbpC)   Escherichia coli BLR(DE3) ARH98160.1    
 B5762_00161 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli BLR(DE3) ARH95934.1    
 B5762_03531 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli BLR(DE3) ARH99013.1    
 BW25113_2519 (PbpC)   Escherichia coli BW25113 K-12 AIN32920.1    
 BW25113_3208 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli BW25113 K-12 AIN33551.1    
 BW25113_3396 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli BW25113 K-12 AIN33728.1    
 BW25113_0149 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli BW25113 K-12 AIN30679.1    
 BWG_3087 (MrcA)   Escherichia coli BW2952 K-12 ACR63214.1 C4ZUQ1  
 BWG_0142 (MrcB)   Escherichia coli BW2952 K-12 ACR63194.1 C4ZRP2  
 BWG_2283 (PbpC)   Escherichia coli BW2952 K-12 ACR63256.1 C4ZX94  
 BWG_2910 (MtgA)   Escherichia coli BW2952 K-12 ACR62089.1 C4ZSU7  
 B6N50_19230   Escherichia coli C ARE48989.1    

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