GlycosylTransferase Family 51

Activities in Familymurein polymerase (EC
Mechanism Inverting
3D Structure Statuslysozyme-type
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseGlu
NoteThere are two categories of enzymes in this family : monofunctional (just the GT51 module) or bifunctional (GT51 module attached to a penicillin-binding transpeptidase module). These enzymes utilise Und-PP-MurAc-(GlcNAc)-pentapeptide as the sugar donor.
Statistics GenBank accession (42257); Uniprot accession (3450); PDB accession (31); 3D entries (8); cryst (0)
All (40766) Archaea (2) Bacteria (40748) Eukaryota (11) Viruses (1) unclassified (4) Structure (8) Characterized (15)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 BAOM_4131 (PbP)   Bacillus asahii OM18 AZV44738.1    
 BAOM_4911   Bacillus asahii OM18 AZV45469.1    
 BAOM_3494 (MrcA)   Bacillus asahii OM18 AZV44103.1    
 BAOM_4452   Bacillus asahii OM18 AZV45032.1    
 BAOM_0845   Bacillus asahii OM18 AZV41456.1    
 BAOM_1096   Bacillus asahii OM18 AZV41707.1    
 BAOM_2522   Bacillus asahii OM18 AZV43131.1    
 BATR1942_16715   Bacillus atrophaeus 1942 ADP34262.1 E3DYX1  
 BATR1942_09020   Bacillus atrophaeus 1942 ADP32737.1 E3DV27  
 BATR1942_02680   Bacillus atrophaeus 1942 ADP31492.1 E3DU17  
 BATR1942_13595   Bacillus atrophaeus 1942 ADP33641.1 E3DSM1  
 RA13_18245   Bacillus atrophaeus BA59 ATO29704.1    
 RA13_03705   Bacillus atrophaeus BA59 ATO27230.1    
 RA13_06740   Bacillus atrophaeus BA59 ATO27769.1    
 RA13_11275   Bacillus atrophaeus BA59 ATO28542.1    
 BaGK_16585   Bacillus atrophaeus GQJK17 ASS72442.1    
 BaGK_05910   Bacillus atrophaeus GQJK17 ASS70524.1    
 BaGK_19625   Bacillus atrophaeus GQJK17 ASS72997.1    
 BaGK_11565   Bacillus atrophaeus GQJK17 ASS71542.1    
 TD68_15680   Bacillus atrophaeus NRS 1221A AJF86791.1    
 TD68_12695   Bacillus atrophaeus NRS 1221A AJF87780.1    
 TD68_02310   Bacillus atrophaeus NRS 1221A AJF84325.1    
 TD68_08160   Bacillus atrophaeus NRS 1221A AJF85404.1    
 S101359_01080   Bacillus atrophaeus SRCM101359 ARW06088.1    
 S101359_03730   Bacillus atrophaeus SRCM101359 ARW08708.1    
 S101359_03104   Bacillus atrophaeus SRCM101359 ARW08083.1    
 S101359_02226 (MrcA)   Bacillus atrophaeus SRCM101359 ARW07232.1    
 DJ95_479   Bacillus atrophaeus subsp. globigii BSS AIK47882.1    
 DJ95_2618 (PbpD)   Bacillus atrophaeus subsp. globigii BSS AIK49033.1    
 DJ95_1690 (PonA)   Bacillus atrophaeus subsp. globigii BSS AIK47707.1    
 DJ95_3232   Bacillus atrophaeus subsp. globigii BSS AIK48186.1    
 D068_cds39770 (YwhE)   Bacillus atrophaeus UCMB-5137 AKL86764.1    
 D068_cds22600 (PonA)   Bacillus atrophaeus UCMB-5137 AKL84901.1    
 D068_cds10190 (PbpF)   Bacillus atrophaeus UCMB-5137 AKL83753.1    
 D068_cds33070 (PbpD)   Bacillus atrophaeus UCMB-5137 AKL86120.1    
 BBEV_2098 (PbpD)   Bacillus beveridgei MLTeJB AOM83456.1    
 BBEV_1097 (PbpF)   Bacillus beveridgei MLTeJB AOM82466.1    
 BBEV_1481 (PonA)   Bacillus beveridgei MLTeJB AOM82844.1    
 BBEV_0781 (PbpA)   Bacillus beveridgei MLTeJB AOM82152.1    
 CY96_01860   Bacillus bombysepticus str. Wang AHX16818.1    
 CY96_04630   Bacillus bombysepticus str. Wang AHX17302.1    
 CY96_06440   Bacillus bombysepticus str. Wang AHX17647.1    
 CY96_06915   Bacillus bombysepticus str. Wang AHX17738.1    
 CY96_26000   Bacillus bombysepticus str. Wang AHX21310.1    
 CY96_10535   Bacillus bombysepticus str. Wang AHX18423.1    
 DTO10_09290 (fragment)   Bacillus butanolivorans PHB-7a AXN38586.1    
 DTO10_10960   Bacillus butanolivorans PHB-7a AXN38887.1    
 DTO10_22860   Bacillus butanolivorans PHB-7a AXN40936.1    
 DTO10_17745   Bacillus butanolivorans PHB-7a AXN40020.1    
 DTO10_02120   Bacillus butanolivorans PHB-7a AXN37308.1    
 DTO10_05310   Bacillus butanolivorans PHB-7a AXN37897.1    
 CWI35_17595   [Bacillus] caldolyticus reborg#228 AUI38116.1    
 CWI35_11000   [Bacillus] caldolyticus reborg#228 AUI36956.1    
 CWI35_14215   [Bacillus] caldolyticus reborg#228 AUI37502.1    
 Bcell_1362   Bacillus cellulosilyticus DSM 2522 ADU29627.1 D2M1G3  
 Bcell_1478   Bacillus cellulosilyticus DSM 2522 ADU29741.1 D2LYT2  
 Bcell_4126   Bacillus cellulosilyticus DSM 2522 ADU32353.1 D2LYB4  
 Bcell_1916   Bacillus cellulosilyticus DSM 2522 ADU30178.1 D2LTV7  
 Bcell_3266   Bacillus cellulosilyticus DSM 2522 ADU31508.1    
 BCA_2413   Bacillus cereus 03BB102 ACO26773.1
 BCA_1117 (PbpF)   Bacillus cereus 03BB102 ACO28286.1
 BCA_1512   Bacillus cereus 03BB102 ACO30843.1
 BCA_1608   Bacillus cereus 03BB102 ACO29496.1
 BCA_0580   Bacillus cereus 03BB102 ACO29165.1
 BCA_5525   Bacillus cereus 03BB102 ACO28899.1
 AK40_136   Bacillus cereus 03BB108 AJI09587.1    
 AK40_5248   Bacillus cereus 03BB108 AJI11155.1    
 AK40_4026   Bacillus cereus 03BB108 AJI09687.1    
 AK40_230   Bacillus cereus 03BB108 AJI13438.1    
 AK40_951   Bacillus cereus 03BB108 AJI12569.1    
 AK40_4705   Bacillus cereus 03BB108 AJI09468.1    
 NT98_3294   Bacillus cereus 03BB87 AIY76929.1    
 NT98_3991   Bacillus cereus 03BB87 AIY73951.1    
 NT98_4463   Bacillus cereus 03BB87 AIY74028.1    
 NT98_5027   Bacillus cereus 03BB87 AIY74212.1    
 NT98_50   Bacillus cereus 03BB87 AIY74380.1    
 NT98_4086   Bacillus cereus 03BB87 AIY74848.1    
 FORC085_1545   Bacillus cereus 1000305 QBZ24611.1    
 FORC085_486   Bacillus cereus 1000305 QBZ23558.1    
 FORC085_5323   Bacillus cereus 1000305 QBZ28372.1    
 FORC085_2256   Bacillus cereus 1000305 QBZ25319.1    
 FORC085_1063   Bacillus cereus 1000305 QBZ24132.1    
 FORC085_1449   Bacillus cereus 1000305 QBZ24515.1    
 B5E38_4832   Bacillus cereus 25 ARO62258.1    
 B5E38_4387   Bacillus cereus 25 ARO61834.1    
 B5E38_4735   Bacillus cereus 25 ARO62163.1    
 B5E39_5445   Bacillus cereus 29 ARO67580.1    
 B5E39_1475   Bacillus cereus 29 ARO63930.1    
 B5E39_1575   Bacillus cereus 29 ARO64028.1    
 B5E39_5538   Bacillus cereus 29 ARO67671.1    
 B5E39_0552   Bacillus cereus 29 ARO63090.1    
 BG11_2223   Bacillus cereus 3a AJH62160.1    
 BG11_3190   Bacillus cereus 3a AJH61675.1    
 BG11_2622   Bacillus cereus 3a AJH62374.1    
 BG11_3872   Bacillus cereus 3a AJH63922.1    
 BG11_2128   Bacillus cereus 3a AJH64735.1    
 BG11_1428   Bacillus cereus 3a AJH62147.1    
 DA68_03935   Bacillus cereus A1 ANE84808.1    
 DA68_07735   Bacillus cereus A1 ANE85527.1    
 DA68_22790   Bacillus cereus A1 ANE88389.1    
 DA68_26065   Bacillus cereus A1 ANE88931.1    
 DA68_02125   Bacillus cereus A1 ANE84456.1    
 DA68_04400   Bacillus cereus A1 ANE84898.1    
 BCAH187_A1616   Bacillus cereus AH187 ACJ77956.1 B7HKH8  
 BCAH187_A2447   Bacillus cereus AH187 ACJ78227.1 B7HR23  
 BCAH187_A1716   Bacillus cereus AH187 ACJ78829.1 B7HL63  
 BCAH187_A5553   Bacillus cereus AH187 ACJ81931.1 B7HYD5  
 BCAH187_A0617   Bacillus cereus AH187 ACJ82114.1 B7HU76  
 BCAH187_A1229 (PbpF)   Bacillus cereus AH187 ACJ82460.1 B7HZJ7  
 BCAH820_2364   Bacillus cereus AH820 ACK89897.1 B7JMR6  
 BCAH820_1151 (PbpF)   Bacillus cereus AH820 ACK88902.1 B7JDM5  
 BCAH820_0543   Bacillus cereus AH820 ACK90173.1 B7JP77  
 BCAH820_1643   Bacillus cereus AH820 ACK90286.1 B7JHR6  
 BCAH820_5467   Bacillus cereus AH820 ACK89108.1 B7JHJ7  
 BCAH820_1547   Bacillus cereus AH820 ACK91426.1 B7JGT8  
 BCE1166 (PbpF)   Bacillus cereus ATCC 10987 AAS40096.1
 BCE0597   Bacillus cereus ATCC 10987 AAS39532.1
 BCE2370   Bacillus cereus ATCC 10987 AAS41288.1
 BCE1578   Bacillus cereus ATCC 10987 AAS40507.1
 BCE5504   Bacillus cereus ATCC 10987 AAS44404.1
 BCE1678   Bacillus cereus ATCC 10987 AAS40607.1
 BC0541   Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579 AAP07562.1
 BC1067   Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579 AAP08054.1
 BC1553 (probable fragment)   Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579 AAP08532.1
 BC1455   Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579 AAP08436.1
 BC5375   Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579 AAP12237.1
 BC2281   Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579 AAP09245.1
 EJ379_02785   Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579 QCX92579.1    
 EJ379_11665   Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579 QCX94207.1    
 EJ379_05460   Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579 QCX93046.1    
 EJ379_07370   Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579 QCX93404.1    
 EJ379_27450   Bacillus cereus ATCC 14579 QCX97140.1    
 BF35_2131   Bacillus cereus ATCC 4342 AJH76254.1    
 BF35_1613   Bacillus cereus ATCC 4342 AJH72325.1    
 BF35_1243   Bacillus cereus ATCC 4342 AJH74670.1    
 BF35_2810   Bacillus cereus ATCC 4342 AJH75358.1    
 BF35_441   Bacillus cereus ATCC 4342 AJH73095.1    
 BCB4264_A1510   Bacillus cereus B4264 ACK59693.1 B7HHK9  
 BCB4264_A1102 (PbpF)   Bacillus cereus B4264 ACK60339.1 B7HGF8  
 BCB4264_A2312   Bacillus cereus B4264 ACK60105.1 B7H589  
 BCB4264_A5497   Bacillus cereus B4264 ACK62003.1 B7HG36  
 BCB4264_A1605   Bacillus cereus B4264 ACK62685.1 B7HHV3  
 BCB4264_A0579   Bacillus cereus B4264 ACK61729.1 B7H9V2  
 B2J90_11885   Bacillus cereus BC-AK ARO18142.1    
 B2J90_27560   Bacillus cereus BC-AK ARO21008.1    
 B2J90_07795   Bacillus cereus BC-AK ARO17394.1    
 B2J90_02855   Bacillus cereus BC-AK ARO16512.1    
 B2J90_08285   Bacillus cereus BC-AK ARO17485.1    
 B2J90_05800   Bacillus cereus BC-AK ARO17027.1    
 CPZ31_07630   Bacillus cereus BHU1 ATI58879.1    
 CPZ31_02610   Bacillus cereus BHU1 ATI57949.1    
 CPZ31_07150   Bacillus cereus BHU1 ATI58788.1    
 CPZ31_11050   Bacillus cereus BHU1 ATI59516.1    
 CPZ31_26990   Bacillus cereus BHU1 ATI62454.1    
 CPZ31_05310   Bacillus cereus BHU1 ATI58441.1    
 CPZ32_16740   Bacillus cereus BHU2 ATI51902.1    
 CPZ32_17220   Bacillus cereus BHU2 ATI51990.1    
 CPZ32_08735   Bacillus cereus BHU2 ATI50474.1    
 CPZ32_20930   Bacillus cereus BHU2 ATI52663.1    
 CPZ32_12210   Bacillus cereus BHU2 ATI51067.1    
 CPZ32_14810   Bacillus cereus BHU2 ATI51547.1    
 BACI_c22930 (Pbp1A)   Bacillus cereus biovar anthracis str. CI ADK04940.1 D8GWY9  
 BACI_c53690   Bacillus cereus biovar anthracis str. CI ADK07915.1 D8H4U9  
 BACI_c14980 (Pbp2A)   Bacillus cereus biovar anthracis str. CI ADK04166.1 D8H729  
 BACI_c11100 (PbpF)   Bacillus cereus biovar anthracis str. CI ADK03791.1 D8H583  
 BACI_c05510   Bacillus cereus biovar anthracis str. CI ADK03266.1 D8H0Q1  
 BACI_c15920   Bacillus cereus biovar anthracis str. CI ADK04259.1 D8H7Q8  
 CK938_08435   Bacillus cereus CC-1 ASZ16635.1    
 CK938_06000   Bacillus cereus CC-1 ASZ16185.1    
 CK938_27675   Bacillus cereus CC-1 ASZ20138.1    
 CK938_03045   Bacillus cereus CC-1 ASZ15656.1    
 CK938_07940   Bacillus cereus CC-1 ASZ16542.1    
 CK938_15820   Bacillus cereus CC-1 ASZ17953.1    
 WR51_27635   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0011 ANC16543.1    
 WR51_11570   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0011 ANC13523.1    
 WR51_05705   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0011 ANC12412.1    
 WR51_02875   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0011 ANC11905.1    
 WR51_08055   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0011 ANC12866.1    
 WR51_07580   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0011 ANC12776.1    
 WR47_27635   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0021 ANC10727.1    
 WR47_02865   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0021 ANC06078.1    
 WR47_08045   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0021 ANC07041.1    
 WR47_05695   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0021 ANC06584.1    
 WR47_07570   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0021 ANC06951.1    
 WR47_11560   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0021 ANC07701.1    
 BA203_05400   Bacillus cereus D12_2 ASI71614.1    
 BA203_07230   Bacillus cereus D12_2 ASI71975.1    
 BA203_26100   Bacillus cereus D12_2 ASI75535.1    
 BA203_11105   Bacillus cereus D12_2 ASI72710.1    
 BA203_07695   Bacillus cereus D12_2 ASI72064.1    
 BA203_02780   Bacillus cereus D12_2 ASI71139.1    
 AW22_3124   Bacillus cereus D17 AJG62293.1    
 AW22_3594   Bacillus cereus D17 AJG61801.1    
 AW22_2314   Bacillus cereus D17 AJG58001.1    
 AW22_3219   Bacillus cereus D17 AJG61936.1    
 AW22_4838   Bacillus cereus D17 AJG57039.1    
 AW22_4142   Bacillus cereus D17 AJG61453.1    
 BTZK1336 (Pbp2A)   Bacillus cereus E33L AAU18912.1
 BTZK2108 (Pbp1A)   Bacillus cereus E33L AAU18151.1
 BTZK5071   Bacillus cereus E33L AAU15209.1
 BTZK0985 (PbpF)   Bacillus cereus E33L AAU19262.1
 BTZK1431   Bacillus cereus E33L AAU18819.1
 BTZK0451   Bacillus cereus E33L AAU19788.1
 bcf_05405   Bacillus cereus F837/76 AEW54204.1    
 bcf_07840   Bacillus cereus F837/76 AEW54690.1    
 bcf_11680   Bacillus cereus F837/76 AEW55458.1    
 bcf_07365   Bacillus cereus F837/76 AEW54595.1    
 bcf_26985   Bacillus cereus F837/76 AEW58490.1    
 bcf_02780   Bacillus cereus F837/76 AEW53703.1    
 BG03_3679   Bacillus cereus FM1 AJG92251.1    
 BG03_5272   Bacillus cereus FM1 AJG91922.1    
 BG03_3584   Bacillus cereus FM1 AJG92620.1    
 BG03_2899   Bacillus cereus FM1 AJG92740.1    
 BG03_4599   Bacillus cereus FM1 AJG91838.1    
 BG03_4042   Bacillus cereus FM1 AJG94220.1    
 FORC21_5240   Bacillus cereus FORC021 AQQ66035.1    
 FORC21_1413   Bacillus cereus FORC021 AQQ62208.1    
 FORC21_0471   Bacillus cereus FORC021 AQQ61266.1    
 FORC21_2205   Bacillus cereus FORC021 AQQ63000.1    
 FORC21_1509   Bacillus cereus FORC021 AQQ62304.1    
 FORC21_0997   Bacillus cereus FORC021 AQQ61792.1    
 FORC087_5392   Bacillus cereus FORC087 QDD86681.1    
 FORC087_2203   Bacillus cereus FORC087 QDD83502.1    
 FORC087_457   Bacillus cereus FORC087 QDD87242.1    
 FORC60_1376   Bacillus cereus FORC60 AVR31266.1    
 FORC60_1474   Bacillus cereus FORC60 AVR31362.1    
 FORC60_2205   Bacillus cereus FORC60 AVR32081.1    
 FORC60_0989   Bacillus cereus FORC60 AVR30882.1    
 FORC60_0484   Bacillus cereus FORC60 AVR30379.1    
 FORC60_5472   Bacillus cereus FORC60 AVR35276.1    
 FORC5_1324   Bacillus cereus FORC_005 AKE15861.1    
 FORC5_0454   Bacillus cereus FORC_005 AKE14991.1    
 FORC5_1417   Bacillus cereus FORC_005 AKE15954.1    
 FORC5_5062   Bacillus cereus FORC_005 AKE19599.1    
 FORC5_0926   Bacillus cereus FORC_005 AKE15463.1    
 FORC5_2151   Bacillus cereus FORC_005 AKE16688.1    
 FORC13_3628   Bacillus cereus FORC_013 ALZ62689.1    
 FORC13_3724   Bacillus cereus FORC_013 ALZ62785.1    
 FORC13_2949   Bacillus cereus FORC_013 ALZ62010.1    
 FORC13_4124   Bacillus cereus FORC_013 ALZ63185.1    
 FORC13_5316   Bacillus cereus FORC_013 ALZ64377.1    
 FORC13_4642   Bacillus cereus FORC_013 ALZ63703.1    
 FORC24_0968   Bacillus cereus FORC_024 AOM04258.1    
 FORC24_2129   Bacillus cereus FORC_024 AOM05419.1    
 FORC24_1345   Bacillus cereus FORC_024 AOM04635.1    
 FORC24_5128   Bacillus cereus FORC_024 AOM08418.1    
 FORC24_1436   Bacillus cereus FORC_024 AOM04726.1    
 FORC24_0448   Bacillus cereus FORC_024 AOM03738.1    
 FORC47_0452   Bacillus cereus FORC_047 ASL63297.1    
 FORC47_2106   Bacillus cereus FORC_047 ASL64951.1    
 FORC47_p215   Bacillus cereus FORC_047 ASL62567.1    
 FORC47_1440   Bacillus cereus FORC_047 ASL64285.1    
 FORC47_1347   Bacillus cereus FORC_047 ASL64192.1    
 FORC47_0967   Bacillus cereus FORC_047 ASL63812.1    
 FORC47_5288   Bacillus cereus FORC_047 ASL68133.1    
 FORC48_1003   Bacillus cereus FORC_048 ASI82098.1    
 FORC48_5382   Bacillus cereus FORC_048 ASI86457.1    
 FORC48_1490   Bacillus cereus FORC_048 ASI82583.1    
 FORC48_0481   Bacillus cereus FORC_048 ASI81578.1    
 FORC48_2216   Bacillus cereus FORC_048 ASI83306.1    
 FORC48_1394   Bacillus cereus FORC_048 ASI82487.1    
 FORC086_07620   Bacillus cereus FORC_086 QCT43947.1    
 FORC086_27325   Bacillus cereus FORC_086 QCT47564.1    
 FORC086_08105   Bacillus cereus FORC_086 QCT44038.1    
 FORC086_05720   Bacillus cereus FORC_086 QCT43586.1    
 FORC086_02895   Bacillus cereus FORC_086 QCT43087.1    
 FORC086_11655   Bacillus cereus FORC_086 QCT44699.1    
 BCK_02985   Bacillus cereus FRI-35 AFQ08507.1    
 BCK_00630   Bacillus cereus FRI-35 AFQ08039.1    
 BCK_01110   Bacillus cereus FRI-35 AFQ08134.1    
 BCK_05430   Bacillus cereus FRI-35 AFQ08993.1    
 BCK_08480   Bacillus cereus FRI-35 AFQ09603.1    
 BCK_23165   Bacillus cereus FRI-35 AFQ12511.1    
 BcrFT9_00922   Bacillus cereus FT9 AIE78469.1    
 BcrFT9_00512   Bacillus cereus FT9 AIE78078.1    
 BcrFT9_01234   Bacillus cereus FT9 AIE78779.1    
 BcrFT9_01859 (fragment)   Bacillus cereus FT9 AIE79401.1    
 BcrFT9_04317   Bacillus cereus FT9 AIE81822.1    
 AQ16_942   Bacillus cereus G9241 AJI06010.1
 AQ16_1037   Bacillus cereus G9241 AJI06418.1    
 AQ16_1974   Bacillus cereus G9241 AJI03175.1    
 AQ16_247   Bacillus cereus G9241 AJI05023.1    
 AQ16_1412   Bacillus cereus G9241 AJI02712.1    
 AQ16_2646   Bacillus cereus G9241 AJI05504.1    
 BCG9842_B5453   Bacillus cereus G9842 ACK93150.1 B7IR29  
 BCG9842_B4203 (PbpF)   Bacillus cereus G9842 ACK97342.1 B7IKE1  
 BCG9842_B3835   Bacillus cereus G9842 ACK95512.1 B7IP33  
 BCG9842_B4759   Bacillus cereus G9842 ACK94731.1 B7IWS0  
 BCG9842_B3013   Bacillus cereus G9842 ACK97526.1 B7IW39  
 BCG9842_B3739   Bacillus cereus G9842 ACK97693.1 B7IPC8  
 CJ306_28725   Bacillus cereus HBL-AI ASZ69057.1    
 CJ306_05705   Bacillus cereus HBL-AI ASZ64858.1    
 CJ306_02935   Bacillus cereus HBL-AI ASZ64368.1    
 CJ306_12120   Bacillus cereus HBL-AI ASZ66043.1    
 CJ306_08165   Bacillus cereus HBL-AI ASZ65313.1    
 CJ306_07685   Bacillus cereus HBL-AI ASZ65221.1    
 WR52_07290   Bacillus cereus HN001 ANC18568.1    
 WR52_11505   Bacillus cereus HN001 ANC19367.1    
 WR52_07760   Bacillus cereus HN001 ANC18659.1    
 WR52_02680   Bacillus cereus HN001 ANC17710.1    
 WR52_05450   Bacillus cereus HN001 ANC18214.1    
 WR52_27390   Bacillus cereus HN001 ANC22338.1    
 BA204_26090   Bacillus cereus K8 ASJ51394.1    
 BA204_10850   Bacillus cereus K8 ASJ48534.1    
 BA204_07175   Bacillus cereus K8 ASJ47839.1    
 BA204_05390   Bacillus cereus K8 ASJ47491.1    
 BA204_07645   Bacillus cereus K8 ASJ47929.1    
 BA204_02745   Bacillus cereus K8 ASJ47012.1    
 BA201_07125   Bacillus cereus M13 ASK13657.1    
 BA201_27025   Bacillus cereus M13 ASK17431.1    
 BA201_07595   Bacillus cereus M13 ASK13747.1    
 BA201_11050   Bacillus cereus M13 ASK14403.1    
 BA201_05295   Bacillus cereus M13 ASK13299.1    
 BA201_02705   Bacillus cereus M13 ASK12828.1    
 BA202_11590   Bacillus cereus M3 ASI77851.1    
 BA202_26370   Bacillus cereus M3 ASI80616.1    
 BA202_05525   Bacillus cereus M3 ASI76718.1    
 BA202_02890   Bacillus cereus M3 ASI76244.1    
 BA202_07545   Bacillus cereus M3 ASI77096.1    
 BA202_08025   Bacillus cereus M3 ASI77186.1    
 C1T25_19280   Bacillus cereus MBGJa3 AUZ28245.1    
 C1T25_05885   Bacillus cereus MBGJa3 AUZ25806.1    
 C1T25_11585   Bacillus cereus MBGJa3 AUZ26846.1    
 C1T25_16040   Bacillus cereus MBGJa3 AUZ27649.1    
 CSW12_06890   Bacillus cereus MLY1 AUB62783.1    
 CSW12_11860   Bacillus cereus MLY1 AUB63692.1    
 CSW12_01415   Bacillus cereus MLY1 AUB61799.1    
 CSW12_04680   Bacillus cereus MLY1 AUB62369.1    
 CSW12_19885   Bacillus cereus MLY1 AUB65142.1    
 CSW12_26730   Bacillus cereus MLY1 AUB66395.1    
 CSW12_16340   Bacillus cereus MLY1 AUB64501.1    
 BCN_5302   Bacillus cereus NC7401 BAL21095.1    
 BCN_1533   Bacillus cereus NC7401 BAL17326.1    
 BCN_2267   Bacillus cereus NC7401 BAL18060.1    
 BCN_1046   Bacillus cereus NC7401 BAL16839.1    
 BCN_1433   Bacillus cereus NC7401 BAL17226.1    
 BCN_0518   Bacillus cereus NC7401 BAL16311.1    
 ACN91_25160   Bacillus cereus NJ-W ALC54736.1    
 ACN91_20120   Bacillus cereus NJ-W ALC53792.1    
 ACN91_22575   Bacillus cereus NJ-W ALC54263.1    
 ACN91_20595   Bacillus cereus NJ-W ALC53882.1    
 ACN91_16635   Bacillus cereus NJ-W ALC53147.1    
 ACN91_01005   Bacillus cereus NJ-W ALC50212.1    
 BCQ_5214   Bacillus cereus Q1 ACM15614.1 B9IS06  
 BCQ_1137 (PbpF)   Bacillus cereus Q1 ACM11567.1 B9IT85  
 BCQ_2271 (Pbp1A)   Bacillus cereus Q1 ACM12699.1 B9IZY7  
 BCQ_1526 (Pbp2A)   Bacillus cereus Q1 ACM11954.1 B9IVH9  
 BCQ_0607   Bacillus cereus Q1 ACM11061.1 B9J3R2  
 BCQ_1618   Bacillus cereus Q1 ACM12046.1 B9IVS1  
 BF33_2015   Bacillus cereus S2-8 AJK35251.1    
 BF33_2716   Bacillus cereus S2-8 AJK34672.1    
 BF33_2811   Bacillus cereus S2-8 AJK35961.1    
 BF33_3210   Bacillus cereus S2-8 AJK37077.1    
 BF33_4458   Bacillus cereus S2-8 AJK33212.1    
 BF33_3777   Bacillus cereus S2-8 AJK35045.1    
 C2I25_06055   Bacillus cereus TG1-6 AVP44718.1    
 C2I25_28280   Bacillus cereus TG1-6 AVP48712.1    
 C2I25_12295   Bacillus cereus TG1-6 AVP45782.1    
 C2I25_03645   Bacillus cereus TG1-6 AVP44257.1    
 C2I25_08790   Bacillus cereus TG1-6 AVP45204.1    
 C2I25_04130   Bacillus cereus TG1-6 AVP44351.1    
 DT426_02320   Bacillus cereus ZB201708 AZV64573.1    
 DT426_05170   Bacillus cereus ZB201708 AZV65081.1    
 DT426_07540   Bacillus cereus ZB201708 AZV65525.1    
 DT426_07070   Bacillus cereus ZB201708 AZV65435.1    
 DT426_27005   Bacillus cereus ZB201708 AZV69131.1    
 DT426_11210   Bacillus cereus ZB201708 AZV66212.1    
 C2I06_08085   Bacillus circulans PK3_109 AYV66836.1    
 C2I06_17015   Bacillus circulans PK3_109 AYV68430.1    
 C2I06_11725   Bacillus circulans PK3_109 AYV67497.1    
 C2I06_20715   Bacillus circulans PK3_109 AYV69082.1    
 C2H98_17320   Bacillus circulans PK3_138 AYV73170.1    
 C2H98_01275   Bacillus circulans PK3_138 AYV70310.1    
 C2H98_13645   Bacillus circulans PK3_138 AYV72527.1    
 C2H98_22770   Bacillus circulans PK3_138 AYV74145.1    
 BC8716_17840   Bacillus clausii DSM 8716 AST97714.1    
 BC8716_07770   Bacillus clausii DSM 8716 AST95852.1    
 BC8716_21070   Bacillus clausii DSM 8716 AST98296.1    
 BC8716_20720   Bacillus clausii DSM 8716 AST98234.1    
 BC8716_13850   Bacillus clausii DSM 8716 AST96972.1    
 DB29_02299   Bacillus clausii ENTPro ALA53127.1    
 DB29_03491   Bacillus clausii ENTPro ALA54319.1    
 DB29_00485   Bacillus clausii ENTPro ALA51313.1    
 DB29_04308   Bacillus clausii ENTPro ALA55136.1    
 DB29_00558   Bacillus clausii ENTPro ALA51386.1    
 ABC2759   Bacillus clausii KSM-K16 BAD65293.1
 ABC1537 (PbpF)   Bacillus clausii KSM-K16 BAD64072.1
 ABC1473 (PbpD)   Bacillus clausii KSM-K16 BAD64008.1
 ABC3899 (PbpG)   Bacillus clausii KSM-K16 BAD66430.1 Q5WB30  
 ABC2055 (PonA)   Bacillus clausii KSM-K16 BAD64590.1
 Bcoa_1414   Bacillus coagulans 36D1 AEP00620.1    
 Bcoa_2201   Bacillus coagulans 36D1 AEP01383.1    
 Bcoa_2995   Bacillus coagulans 36D1 AEP02171.1    
 BIZ35_05145   Bacillus coagulans BC-HY1 APB36265.1    
 BIZ35_09200   Bacillus coagulans BC-HY1 APB36975.1    
 BIZ35_13280   Bacillus coagulans BC-HY1 APB37660.1    
 BF29_2101   Bacillus coagulans DSM 1 = ATCC 7050 AJH77634.1    
 BF29_573 (PonA)   Bacillus coagulans DSM 1 = ATCC 7050 AJH77324.1    
 BF29_1378   Bacillus coagulans DSM 1 = ATCC 7050 AJH79526.1    
 SB48_HM08orf03215   Bacillus coagulans HM-08 AJO22821.1    
 SB48_HM08orf00256   Bacillus coagulans HM-08 AJO20967.1    
 SB48_HM08orf01685   Bacillus coagulans HM-08 AJO21892.1    
 ESP47_09040   Bacillus coagulans IDCC1201 QAU27206.1    
 ESP47_05045   Bacillus coagulans IDCC1201 QAU26506.1    
 ESP47_12920   Bacillus coagulans IDCC1201 QAU28775.1    
 CYJ15_17410   Bacillus coagulans LA204 AWP38842.1    
 CYJ15_13545   Bacillus coagulans LA204 AWP37931.1    
 CYJ15_09105   Bacillus coagulans LA204 AWP37134.1    
 CIW84_04765   Bacillus coagulans LBSC ATW82349.1    
 CIW84_00765   Bacillus coagulans LBSC ATW84711.1    
 CIW84_08810   Bacillus coagulans LBSC ATW83071.1    
 C3766_13195   Bacillus coagulans R11 AVD56991.1    
 C3766_09025   Bacillus coagulans R11 AVD56265.1    
 C3766_17185   Bacillus coagulans R11 AVD57907.1    
 AB434_3259   Bacillus coagulans Vibact AKN55664.1    
 AB434_0986   Bacillus coagulans Vibact AKN53391.1    
 AB434_0084   Bacillus coagulans Vibact AKN52489.1    
 BC6307_10055   Bacillus cohnii DSM 6307 AST91600.1    
 BC6307_17065   Bacillus cohnii DSM 6307 AST92874.1    
 BC6307_22260   Bacillus cohnii DSM 6307 AST93802.1    
 BC6307_04025   Bacillus cohnii DSM 6307 AST94214.1    
 BC6307_03645   Bacillus cohnii DSM 6307 AST90429.1    
 CG474_004890   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_1 AWC60080.1    
 CG474_002820   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_1 AWC59742.1    
 CG474_021055   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_1 AWC62916.1    
 CG474_007450   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_1 AWC60537.1    
 CG474_006985   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_1 AWC60451.1    
 CG474_009655   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_1 AWC60934.1    
 CG479_004740   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_13 AWC43888.1    
 CG479_006585   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_13 AWC44209.1    
 CG479_009355   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_13 AWC44706.1    
 CG479_007050   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_13 AWC44295.1    
 CG479_002745   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_13 AWC43558.1    
 CG479_020635   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_13 AWC46674.1    
 CG480_008210   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_15 AWC40471.1    
 CG480_010140   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_15 AWC40811.1    
 CG480_007745   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_15 AWC40384.1    
 CG480_021495   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_15 AWC42790.1    
 CG480_012290   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_15 AWC41168.1    
 CG480_005490   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_15 AWC39990.1    
 CG476_007030   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_2 AWC56347.1    
 CG476_021700   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_2 AWC58898.1    
 CG476_005110   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_2 AWC56008.1    
 CG476_009755   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_2 AWC56826.1    
 CG476_007495   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_2 AWC56432.1    
 CG476_002960   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_2 AWC55652.1    
 CG481_021330   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_23 AWC38697.1    
 CG481_009590   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_23 AWC36677.1    
 CG481_002755   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_23 AWC35511.1    
 CG481_006925   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_23 AWC36202.1    
 CG481_004820   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_23 AWC35841.1    
 CG481_007390   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_23 AWC36289.1    
 CG482_007375   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_25 AWC32259.1    
 CG482_009580   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_25 AWC32649.1    
 CG482_006910   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_25 AWC32174.1    
 CG482_021495   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_25 AWC34705.1    
 CG482_002755   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_25 AWC31472.1    
 CG482_004815   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_25 AWC31803.1    
 CG477_009725   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_3 AWC52694.1    
 CG477_021680   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_3 AWC54776.1    
 CG477_005110   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_3 AWC51879.1    
 CG477_002960   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_3 AWC51523.1    
 CG477_007465   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_3 AWC52297.1    
 CG477_007000   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_3 AWC52212.1    
 CG483_005115   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_38 AWC27810.1    
 CG483_007040   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_38 AWC28146.1    
 CG483_007505   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_38 AWC28231.1    
 CG483_009765   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_38 AWC28626.1    
 CG483_002965   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_38 AWC27457.1    
 CG483_021475   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_38 AWC30649.1    
 CG475_005110   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_39 AWC64133.1    
 CG475_009760   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_39 AWC64953.1    
 CG475_002960   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_39 AWC63776.1    
 CG475_021715   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_39 AWC67036.1    
 CG475_007035   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_39 AWC64471.1    
 CG475_007500   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_39 AWC64557.1    
 CG478_008210   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_4 AWC48402.1    
 CG478_021495   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_4 AWC50721.1    
 CG478_010140   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_4 AWC48742.1    
 CG478_012290   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_4 AWC49099.1    
 CG478_005490   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_4 AWC47921.1    
 CG478_007745   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_4 AWC48315.1    
 Bcer98_0466   Bacillus cytotoxicus NVH 391-98 ABS20821.1 A7GL13  
 Bcer98_0823   Bacillus cytotoxicus NVH 391-98 ABS21159.1 A7GM01  
 Bcer98_1180   Bacillus cytotoxicus NVH 391-98 ABS21502.1 A7GMZ4  
 Bcer98_1272   Bacillus cytotoxicus NVH 391-98 ABS21594.1 A7GN86  
 Bcer98_1722   Bacillus cytotoxicus NVH 391-98 ABS22024.1 A7GPG6  
 Bcer98_3888   Bacillus cytotoxicus NVH 391-98 ABS24074.1 A7GVB6  
 BEH_03510   Bacillus endophyticus Hbe603 AKO91259.1    
 BEH_05480   Bacillus endophyticus Hbe603 AKO91601.1    
 BEH_23645   Bacillus endophyticus Hbe603 AKO94820.1    
 BEH_21340   Bacillus endophyticus Hbe603 AWG44233.1    
 FED53_09375   Bacillus flexus QCS52811.1    
 FED53_01295   Bacillus flexus QCS51353.1    
 FED53_17700   Bacillus flexus QCS54285.1    
 FED53_14010   Bacillus flexus QCS53623.1    
 BC359_17280   Bacillus flexus KLBMP 4941 AQX55885.1    
 BC359_01745   Bacillus flexus KLBMP 4941 AQX53142.1    
 BC359_09710   Bacillus flexus KLBMP 4941 AQX54557.1    
 NCTC4823_02863 (Pona_3)   Bacillus freudenreichii NCTC4823 VEF48777.1    
 NCTC4823_00404 (Pona_1)   Bacillus freudenreichii NCTC4823 VEF46425.1    
 NCTC4823_02061 (Pona_2)   Bacillus freudenreichii NCTC4823 VEF48000.1    
 NCTC4823_03225 (Pbp1a/1B)   Bacillus freudenreichii NCTC4823 VEF49113.1    
 NCTC4823_01298 (PdpF)   Bacillus freudenreichii NCTC4823 VEF47270.1    
 NCTC4823_04054 (Pona_4)   Bacillus freudenreichii NCTC4823 VEF49895.1    
 BGM20_13010   Bacillus gibsonii FJAT-10019 AOL31489.1    
 BGM20_09850   Bacillus gibsonii FJAT-10019 AOL33005.1    
 BGM20_20330   Bacillus gibsonii FJAT-10019 AOL32783.1    
 BGM20_04875   Bacillus gibsonii FJAT-10019 AOL29996.1    
 BGLY_2639 (PonA)   Bacillus glycinifermentans SCA86462.1    
 BGLY_1125 (PbpF)   Bacillus glycinifermentans SCA84948.1    
 BGLY_4380 (YwhE)   Bacillus glycinifermentans SCA88203.1    
 BGLY_3716 (PbpD)   Bacillus glycinifermentans SCA87539.1    
 COP00_22205   Bacillus glycinifermentans KBN06P03352 ATH94948.1    
 COP00_05470   Bacillus glycinifermentans KBN06P03352 ATH92136.1    
 COP00_14060   Bacillus glycinifermentans KBN06P03352 ATH93608.1    
 COP00_10380   Bacillus glycinifermentans KBN06P03352 ATH92955.1    
 EQZ20_13340   Bacillus glycinifermentans SRCM103574 QAT65784.1    
 EQZ20_18685   Bacillus glycinifermentans SRCM103574 QAT66699.1    
 EQZ20_22660   Bacillus glycinifermentans SRCM103574 QAT67404.1    
 EQZ20_05985   Bacillus glycinifermentans SRCM103574 QAT64499.1    
 AM592_02780   Bacillus gobiensis FJAT-4402 ALC80626.1    
 AM592_15180   Bacillus gobiensis FJAT-4402 ALC82776.1    
 AM592_11825   Bacillus gobiensis FJAT-4402 ALC84218.1    
 BH3812   Bacillus halodurans C-125 BAB07531.1
 BH1201   Bacillus halodurans C-125 BAB04920.1
 BH1702 (PonA)   Bacillus halodurans C-125 BAB05421.1
 BH3229   Bacillus halodurans C-125 BAB06948.1
 DIC78_15440   Bacillus halotolerans ZB201702 AZV50284.1    
 DIC78_20315   Bacillus halotolerans ZB201702 AZV51165.1    
 DIC78_12225   Bacillus halotolerans ZB201702 AZV49697.1    
 DIC78_04565   Bacillus halotolerans ZB201702 AZV48372.1    
 B4U37_12595   Bacillus horikoshii 20a ART76829.1    
 B4U37_06480   Bacillus horikoshii 20a ART78557.1    
 B4U37_06105   Bacillus horikoshii 20a ART75625.1    
 B4U37_20620   Bacillus horikoshii 20a ART78303.1    
 B4U37_16975   Bacillus horikoshii 20a ART77644.1    
 N288_12105   Bacillus infantis NRRL B-14911 AGX04327.1    
 N288_20745   Bacillus infantis NRRL B-14911 AGX05995.1    
 N288_24000   Bacillus infantis NRRL B-14911 AGX06635.1    
 N288_06510   Bacillus infantis NRRL B-14911 AGX03235.1    
 N288_16835   Bacillus infantis NRRL B-14911 AGX05254.1    
 N288_19880   Bacillus infantis NRRL B-14911 AGX05851.1    
 CKF48_12045   Bacillus kochii BDGP4 ASV67977.1    
 CKF48_16125   Bacillus kochii BDGP4 ASV68677.1    
 CKF48_19115   Bacillus kochii BDGP4 ASV69232.1    
 CKF48_02830   Bacillus kochii BDGP4 ASV66364.1    
 BkAM31D_04545 (PbpF)   Bacillus krulwichiae AM31D ARK29185.1    
 BkAM31D_04130 (PbpD)   Bacillus krulwichiae AM31D ARK29102.1    
 BkAM31D_18915 (Pona_2)   Bacillus krulwichiae AM31D ARK31738.1    
 BkAM31D_11235 (Pona_1)   Bacillus krulwichiae AM31D ARK30352.1    
 BkAM31D_24710 (PbpG)   Bacillus krulwichiae AM31D ARK32806.1    
 BleG1_1293   Bacillus lehensis G1 AIC93876.1    
 BleG1_1352   Bacillus lehensis G1 AIC93935.1    
 BleG1_3758   Bacillus lehensis G1 AIC96305.1    
 BleG1_1987   Bacillus lehensis G1 AIC94565.1    
 BleG1_2750   Bacillus lehensis G1 AIC95315.1    
 NCTC4824_03916 (Pona_3)   Bacillus lentus NCTC4824 SQI63085.1    
 NCTC4824_01976 (Pona_1)   Bacillus lentus NCTC4824 SQI56610.1    
 NCTC4824_00569 (PbpF)   Bacillus lentus NCTC4824 SQI52906.1    
 NCTC4824_03058 (Pona_2)   Bacillus lentus NCTC4824 SQI61070.1    
 NCTC4824_01350 (PdpF)   Bacillus lentus NCTC4824 SQI54912.1    
 unnamed protein product   Bacillus licheniformis CAF05464.1
 unnamed protein product   Bacillus licheniformis CAF05465.1
 BLDA23_06790   Bacillus licheniformis 0DA23-1 AXF88000.1    
 BLDA23_21080   Bacillus licheniformis 0DA23-1 AXF90633.1    
 BLDA23_12805   Bacillus licheniformis 0DA23-1 AXF89123.1    
 BLDA23_18180   Bacillus licheniformis 0DA23-1 AXF90090.1    
 BL14DL4_00593 (MrcA)   Bacillus licheniformis 14ADL4 AVI45856.1    
 BL14DL4_03680   Bacillus licheniformis 14ADL4 AVI48827.1    
 BL14DL4_02219   Bacillus licheniformis 14ADL4 AVI47447.1    
 BL14DL4_01589   Bacillus licheniformis 14ADL4 AVI46819.1    
 EJ992_05535   Bacillus licheniformis ATCC 14580 QCX98441.1    
 EJ992_16735   Bacillus licheniformis ATCC 14580 QCY00555.1    
 EJ992_19910   Bacillus licheniformis ATCC 14580 QCY01160.1    
 EJ992_11995   Bacillus licheniformis ATCC 14580 QCX99682.1    
 CPQ91_17225   Bacillus licheniformis ATCC 9789 ATI77469.1    
 CPQ91_05525   Bacillus licheniformis ATCC 9789 ATI75318.1    
 CPQ91_20155   Bacillus licheniformis ATCC 9789 ATI78017.1    
 CPQ91_11860   Bacillus licheniformis ATCC 9789 ATI76508.1    
 BL1202_03616   Bacillus licheniformis BL1202 AOP16537.1    
 BL1202_01274   Bacillus licheniformis BL1202 AOP14223.1    
 BL1202_04284   Bacillus licheniformis BL1202 AOP17204.1    
 BL1202_02587 (MrcA)   Bacillus licheniformis BL1202 AOP15534.1    
 CD200_16780   Bacillus licheniformis CBA7132 AWV41990.1    
 CD200_11940   Bacillus licheniformis CBA7132 AWV41118.1    
 CD200_19950   Bacillus licheniformis CBA7132 AWV42584.1    
 CD200_05625   Bacillus licheniformis CBA7132 AWV39925.1    
 BLi03331 or BL02536 (PbpD)   Bacillus licheniformis DSM 13 = ATCC 14580 AAU42163.1
 BLi02367 or BL02732 (PonA)   Bacillus licheniformis DSM 13 = ATCC 14580 AAU41247.1
 BLi03977 or BL03962 (YwhE)   Bacillus licheniformis DSM 13 = ATCC 14580 AAU42791.1
 BLi01091 or BL01071 (PbpF)   Bacillus licheniformis DSM 13 = ATCC 14580 AAU39999.1
 AB684_17005   Bacillus licheniformis HRBL-15TDI7 AMR12790.1    
 AB684_05505   Bacillus licheniformis HRBL-15TDI7 AMR09648.1    
 AB684_12235   Bacillus licheniformis HRBL-15TDI7 AMR10914.1    
 AB684_19835   Bacillus licheniformis HRBL-15TDI7 AMR12311.1    
 C1T27_17095   Bacillus licheniformis MBGJa67 AUZ31960.1    
 C1T27_12040   Bacillus licheniformis MBGJa67 AUZ31051.1    
 C1T27_19995   Bacillus licheniformis MBGJa67 AUZ32506.1    
 C1T27_05590   Bacillus licheniformis MBGJa67 AUZ29827.1    
 EYQ98_06455   Bacillus licheniformis MCC 2514 QBR19349.1    
 EYQ98_12670   Bacillus licheniformis MCC 2514 QBR20506.1    
 EYQ98_17675   Bacillus licheniformis MCC 2514 QBR21398.1    
 NCTC10341_01169 (PbpF)   Bacillus licheniformis NCTC10341 VEH77296.1    
 NCTC10341_03522 (PbpD)   Bacillus licheniformis NCTC10341 VEH81131.1    
 NCTC10341_04188 (YwhE)   Bacillus licheniformis NCTC10341 VEH82334.1    
 NCTC10341_02514 (Pona_1)   Bacillus licheniformis NCTC10341 VEH78612.1    
 NCTC8721_02514 (PonA)   Bacillus licheniformis NCTC8721 VEB19476.1    
 NCTC8721_01240 (PbpF)   Bacillus licheniformis NCTC8721 VEB18231.1    
 NCTC8721_03596 (PbpD)   Bacillus licheniformis NCTC8721 VEB20506.1    
 NCTC8721_04210 (YwhE)   Bacillus licheniformis NCTC8721 VEB21112.1    
 CXG95_08385   Bacillus licheniformis PB3 AZN79092.1    
 CXG95_14670   Bacillus licheniformis PB3 AZN80279.1    
 CXG95_00370   Bacillus licheniformis PB3 AZN77631.1    
 CXG95_03555   Bacillus licheniformis PB3 AZN78228.1    
 B37_00700 (PbpF)   Bacillus licheniformis SCCB 37 ARC72753.1    
 B37_01917 (PonA)   Bacillus licheniformis SCCB 37 ARC73968.1    
 B37_02991 (PbpD)   Bacillus licheniformis SCCB 37 ARC75016.1    
 B37_03574 (PbpG)   Bacillus licheniformis SCCB 37 ARC75597.1    
 B14_01131 (PbpD)   Bacillus licheniformis SCDB 14 ARC64156.1    
 B14_02089 (PonA)   Bacillus licheniformis SCDB 14 ARC65088.1    
 B14_03271 (PbpF)   Bacillus licheniformis SCDB 14 ARC66268.1    
 B14_00496 (PbpG)   Bacillus licheniformis SCDB 14 ARC63523.1    
 B34_02616 (PbpG)   Bacillus licheniformis SCDB 34 ARC70030.1    
 B34_00938 (PonA)   Bacillus licheniformis SCDB 34 ARC68380.1    
 B34_01964 (PbpD)   Bacillus licheniformis SCDB 34 ARC69380.1    
 B34_04197 (PbpF)   Bacillus licheniformis SCDB 34 ARC71535.1    
 BaDB11_00577 (PonA)   Bacillus licheniformis SCK B11 ARC59245.1    
 BaDB11_01524 (PbpD)   Bacillus licheniformis SCK B11 ARC60166.1    
 BaDB11_02160 (PbpG)   Bacillus licheniformis SCK B11 ARC60800.1    
 BaDB11_03632 (PbpF)   Bacillus licheniformis SCK B11 ARC62196.1    
 S100141_00565   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM100141 ARW41888.1    
 S100141_03456   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM100141 ARW44750.1    
 S100141_02871   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM100141 ARW44166.1    
 S100141_01789 (MrcA)   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM100141 ARW43110.1    
 S100141_00112   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM100141 ARW41456.1    
 S101441_04099   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM101441 ARW33618.1    
 S101441_01200   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM101441 ARW30750.1    
 S101441_03339   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM101441 ARW32859.1    
 S101441_02396 (MrcA)   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM101441 ARW31944.1    
 EQY74_05875   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM103529 QAT52435.1    
 EQY74_21335   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM103529 QAT55286.1    
 EQY74_18140   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM103529 QAT54685.1    
 EQY74_13400   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM103529 QAT53826.1    
 ETA57_17805   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM103583 QAW30303.1    
 ETA57_06230   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM103583 QAW28191.1    
 ETA57_12700   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM103583 QAW29385.1    
 ETK49_17285   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM103608 QAW38907.1    
 ETK49_20470   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM103608 QAW39510.1    
 ETK49_05910   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM103608 QAW36795.1    
 ETK49_12130   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM103608 QAW37981.1    
 EQJ69_20050   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM103914 QAS18077.1    
 EQJ69_16895   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM103914 QAS17483.1    
 EQJ69_12105   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM103914 QAS16627.1    
 EQJ69_05965   Bacillus licheniformis SRCM103914 QAS15469.1    
 ORF   Bacillus licheniformis SVD1 BAL45984.1    
 ORF   Bacillus licheniformis SVD1 BAL45987.1    
 ORF   Bacillus licheniformis SVD1 BAL45986.1    
 ORF   Bacillus licheniformis SVD1 BAL45985.1    
 C7M53_17785   Bacillus licheniformis TAB7 AYC53065.1    
 C7M53_12915   Bacillus licheniformis TAB7 AYC52152.1    
 C7M53_05495   Bacillus licheniformis TAB7 AYC50710.1    
 C7M53_20955   Bacillus licheniformis TAB7 AYC53680.1    
 MUY_003459 (PbpD)   Bacillus licheniformis WX-02 AKQ74591.1    
 MUY_004116 (YwhE)   Bacillus licheniformis WX-02 AKQ75248.1    
 MUY_001136 (PbpF)   Bacillus licheniformis WX-02 AKQ72268.1    
 MUY_002434 (PonA)   Bacillus licheniformis WX-02 AKQ73566.1    
 BMD_0600   Bacillus megaterium DSM 319 ADF37486.1 D5DAU4  
 BMD_3000 (PbpF)   Bacillus megaterium DSM 319 ADF39840.1 D5DI02  
 BMD_5179 (PbpF)   Bacillus megaterium DSM 319 ADF41978.1 D5DM94  
 BMD_1383 (PonA)   Bacillus megaterium DSM 319 ADF38244.1 D5DBY3  
 BMD_2755   Bacillus megaterium DSM 319 ADF39596.1 D5DHN6  
 BUW91_14765   Bacillus megaterium JX285 AQU74484.1    
 BUW91_06955   Bacillus megaterium JX285 AQU73066.1    
 BUW91_03005   Bacillus megaterium JX285 AQU72371.1    
 BUW91_25670   Bacillus megaterium JX285 AQU76464.1    
 EQG57_27070   Bacillus megaterium NBRC 15308 = ATCC 14581 QCY28077.1    
 EQG57_03070   Bacillus megaterium NBRC 15308 = ATCC 14581 QCY23618.1    
 EQG57_07130   Bacillus megaterium NBRC 15308 = ATCC 14581 QCY24376.1    
 EQG57_15885   Bacillus megaterium NBRC 15308 = ATCC 14581 QCY25973.1    
 BG04_5503   Bacillus megaterium NBRC 15308 = ATCC 14581 AJI21191.1    
 BG04_2187   Bacillus megaterium NBRC 15308 = ATCC 14581 AJI23836.1    
 BG04_3696 (PonA)   Bacillus megaterium NBRC 15308 = ATCC 14581 AJI25194.1    
 BG04_2889   Bacillus megaterium NBRC 15308 = ATCC 14581 AJI22638.1    
 OEA_01880   Bacillus megaterium NCT-2 AYE48571.1    
 OEA_12565   Bacillus megaterium NCT-2 AYE50575.1    
 OEA_21230   Bacillus megaterium NCT-2 AYE52164.1    
 OEA_25220   Bacillus megaterium NCT-2 AYE52897.1    
 AS52_01423 (PonA)   Bacillus megaterium Q3 AKP76388.1    
 AS52_00599 (Pbpf_1)   Bacillus megaterium Q3 AKP75587.1    
 AS52_03086 (Pbpf_2)   Bacillus megaterium Q3 AKP78047.1    
 AS52_05237 (PbpG)   Bacillus megaterium Q3 AKP80165.1    
 BMQ_0597   Bacillus megaterium QM B1551 ADE67653.1 D5DZ11  
 BMQ_1402   Bacillus megaterium QM B1551 ADE68434.1 D5E0H1  
 BMQ_2971   Bacillus megaterium QM B1551 ADE69993.1 D5DW29  
 BMQ_5193   Bacillus megaterium QM B1551 ADE72171.1 D5DWK6  
 C1N54_02955   Bacillus megaterium SGAir0080 QCR25856.1    
 C1N54_07035   Bacillus megaterium SGAir0080 QCR26612.1    
 C1N54_14770   Bacillus megaterium SGAir0080 QCR28054.1    
 C1N54_25615   Bacillus megaterium SGAir0080 QCR30094.1    
 CIB87_04260   Bacillus megaterium SR7 AXI28270.1    
 CIB87_24445   Bacillus megaterium SR7 AXI32037.1    
 CIB87_00120   Bacillus megaterium SR7 AXI27499.1    
 CIB87_13470   Bacillus megaterium SR7 AXI29978.1    
 C0569_14795   Bacillus megaterium STB1 AUO12500.1    
 C0569_11375   Bacillus megaterium STB1 AUO11881.1    
 C0569_01075   Bacillus megaterium STB1 AUO09920.1    
 C0569_18830   Bacillus megaterium STB1 AUO13265.1    
 BMWSH_0088   Bacillus megaterium WSH-002 AEN86972.1    
 BMWSH_4639 (PbpF)   Bacillus megaterium WSH-002 AEN91517.1    
 BMWSH_2209   Bacillus megaterium WSH-002 AEN89091.1    
 BMWSH_3828   Bacillus megaterium WSH-002 AEN90709.1    
 C2I28_23005   Bacillus megaterium YC4-R4 AWD67795.1    
 C2I28_15055   Bacillus megaterium YC4-R4 AWD66289.1    
 C2I28_11150   Bacillus megaterium YC4-R4 AWD65558.1    
 C2I28_07540   Bacillus megaterium YC4-R4 AWD64951.1    
 CHR53_27265   Bacillus mesonae H20-5 AZU64637.1    
 CHR53_21440   Bacillus mesonae H20-5 AZU63627.1    
 CHR53_18670   Bacillus mesonae H20-5 AZU63117.1    
 CHR53_07715   Bacillus mesonae H20-5 AZU61150.1    
 CHR53_26535   Bacillus mesonae H20-5 AZU64500.1    
 CHR53_11260   Bacillus mesonae H20-5 AZU61811.1    
 BMMGA3_16220 (PbpG)   Bacillus methanolicus MGA3 AIE61597.1    
 BMMGA3_03805   Bacillus methanolicus MGA3 AIE59201.1    
 BMMGA3_03925   Bacillus methanolicus MGA3 AIE59225.1    
 BMMGA3_10565   Bacillus methanolicus MGA3 AIE60509.1    
 BMMGA3_13295   Bacillus methanolicus MGA3 AIE61049.1    
 MLA2C4_05700   Bacillus mobilis ML-A2C4 AYF05198.1    
 MLA2C4_08145   Bacillus mobilis ML-A2C4 AYF05659.1    
 MLA2C4_12090   Bacillus mobilis ML-A2C4 AYF06378.1    
 MLA2C4_27820   Bacillus mobilis ML-A2C4 AYF09295.1    
 MLA2C4_02900   Bacillus mobilis ML-A2C4 AYF04693.1    
 MLA2C4_07675   Bacillus mobilis ML-A2C4 AYF05568.1    
 ABE28_021450   Bacillus muralis G25-68 AOH56919.1    
 ABE28_014045   Bacillus muralis G25-68 AOH55475.1    
 ABE28_023060   Bacillus muralis G25-68 AOH57236.1    
 ABE28_005360   Bacillus muralis G25-68 AOH53769.1    
 ABE28_017295   Bacillus muralis G25-68 AOH56121.1    
 DJ92_3709   Bacillus mycoides 219298 AIK36238.1    
 DJ92_3136   Bacillus mycoides 219298 AIK36591.1    
 DJ92_2462   Bacillus mycoides 219298 AIK38697.1    
 DJ92_4103   Bacillus mycoides 219298 AIK40489.1    
 DJ92_4926   Bacillus mycoides 219298 AIK40624.1    
 DJ92_4199   Bacillus mycoides 219298 AIK39377.1    
 BG05_5382   Bacillus mycoides ATCC 6462 AJH18808.1    
 BG05_4814   Bacillus mycoides ATCC 6462 AJH20084.1    
 BG05_4342   Bacillus mycoides ATCC 6462 AJH19514.1    
 BG05_3712   Bacillus mycoides ATCC 6462 AJH19244.1    
 BG05_3523   Bacillus mycoides ATCC 6462 AJH19761.1    
 BG05_4438   Bacillus mycoides ATCC 6462 AJH21065.1    
 BG05_634   Bacillus mycoides ATCC 6462 AJH19666.1    
 B7492_12560   Bacillus mycoides Gnyt1 ARJ22019.1    
 B7492_08590   Bacillus mycoides Gnyt1 ARJ21298.1    
 B7492_28795   Bacillus mycoides Gnyt1 ARJ24936.1    
 B7492_05985   Bacillus mycoides Gnyt1 ARJ20806.1    
 B7492_03060   Bacillus mycoides Gnyt1 ARJ20293.1    
 BcerKBAB4_0458   Bacillus mycoides KBAB4 ABY41724.1 A9VTM8  
 BcerKBAB4_0988   Bacillus mycoides KBAB4 ABY42240.1 A9VI97  
 BcerKBAB4_1378   Bacillus mycoides KBAB4 ABY42625.1 A9VLM3  
 BcerKBAB4_1474   Bacillus mycoides KBAB4 ABY42721.1 A9VMF9  
 BcerKBAB4_2153   Bacillus mycoides KBAB4 ABY43374.1 A9VU58  
 BcerKBAB4_5168   Bacillus mycoides KBAB4 ABY46313.1 A9VSG7  
 BcerKBAB4_5637   Bacillus mycoides KBAB4 ABY46603.1 A9VUN2  
 E1A90_09720   Bacillus mycoides TH26 QBP91529.1    
 E1A90_00960   Bacillus mycoides TH26 QBP90157.1    
 E1A90_22065   Bacillus mycoides TH26 QBP93444.1    
 E1A90_18625   Bacillus mycoides TH26 QBP92954.1    
 E1A90_15805   Bacillus mycoides TH26 QBP92500.1    
 E1A90_13850   Bacillus mycoides TH26 QBP92172.1    
 A361_26220   Bacillus oceanisediminis 2691 AND42504.1    
 A361_12765   Bacillus oceanisediminis 2691 AND39978.1    
 A361_06715   Bacillus oceanisediminis 2691 AND38812.1    
 A361_23525   Bacillus oceanisediminis 2691 AND41987.1    
 A361_22440   Bacillus oceanisediminis 2691 AND41803.1    
 A361_19250   Bacillus oceanisediminis 2691 AND41200.1    
 BaLi_c34080 (PbpD)   Bacillus paralicheniformis ATCC 9945a AGN37723.1    
 BaLi_c12120 (PbpF)   Bacillus paralicheniformis ATCC 9945a AGN35581.1    
 BaLi_c39920 (PbpG)   Bacillus paralicheniformis ATCC 9945a AGN38304.1    
 BaLi_c24550 (PonA)   Bacillus paralicheniformis ATCC 9945a AGN36802.1    
 SC10_B2orf03675   Bacillus paralicheniformis BL-09 AJO18712.1    
 SC10_B2orf05106   Bacillus paralicheniformis BL-09 AJO19750.1    
 SC10_B2orf01797   Bacillus paralicheniformis BL-09 AJO17399.1    
 SC10_B2orf06001   Bacillus paralicheniformis BL-09 AJO20394.1    
 D5285_17890   Bacillus paralicheniformis CBMAI 1303 AYQ17790.1    
 D5285_20920   Bacillus paralicheniformis CBMAI 1303 AYQ18350.1    
 D5285_12265   Bacillus paralicheniformis CBMAI 1303 AYQ16791.1    
 D5285_06060   Bacillus paralicheniformis CBMAI 1303 AYQ15656.1    
 BLMD_19935   Bacillus paralicheniformis MDJK30 ARA87578.1    
 BLMD_12080   Bacillus paralicheniformis MDJK30 ARA86147.1    
 BLMD_16950   Bacillus paralicheniformis MDJK30 ARA87018.1    
 BLMD_05845   Bacillus paralicheniformis MDJK30 ARA84991.1    
 BCPR1_16035   Bacillus paranthracis PR1 QCU11181.1    
 BCPR1_19470   Bacillus paranthracis PR1 QCU11816.1    
 BCPR1_21860   Bacillus paranthracis PR1 QCU12268.1    
 BCPR1_24685   Bacillus paranthracis PR1 QCU12771.1    
 BCPR1_19985   Bacillus paranthracis PR1 QCU11915.1    
 BCPR1_00625   Bacillus paranthracis PR1 QCU08341.1    
 BpOF4_07130   Bacillus pseudofirmus OF4 ADC49484.1 D3FPS4  
 BpOF4_11040   Bacillus pseudofirmus OF4 ADC50261.1 D3FV60  
 BpOF4_11575   Bacillus pseudofirmus OF4 ADC50368.1 D3FVT6  
 BpOF4_03785   Bacillus pseudofirmus OF4 ADC48823.1 D3FX68  
 BpOF4_15685   Bacillus pseudofirmus OF4 ADC51186.1 D3G0M4  
 BpOF4_19365   Bacillus pseudofirmus OF4 ADC51912.1 D3FTT1  
 C5695_11200   Bacillus pumilus 145 AVM24371.1    
 C5695_18750   Bacillus pumilus 145 AVM25775.1    
 C5695_15825   Bacillus pumilus 145 AVM25222.1    
 C5695_04970   Bacillus pumilus 145 AVM23208.1    
 C5Y82_17390   Bacillus pumilus 150a AVI42696.1    
 C5Y82_04915   Bacillus pumilus 150a AVI40384.1    
 C5Y82_14700   Bacillus pumilus 150a AVI42184.1    
 C5Y82_10305   Bacillus pumilus 150a AVI41383.1    
 VP59_04425   Bacillus pumilus C4 ANT56066.1    
 VP59_13660   Bacillus pumilus C4 ANT57814.1    
 VP59_16270   Bacillus pumilus C4 ANT58304.1    
 VP59_09400   Bacillus pumilus C4 ANT57013.1    
 BS467_13800   Bacillus pumilus GLB197 APP16742.1    
 BS467_18845   Bacillus pumilus GLB197 APP17685.1    
 BS467_06200   Bacillus pumilus GLB197 APP15343.1    
 BS467_09335   Bacillus pumilus GLB197 APP15920.1    
 ID12_10175   Bacillus pumilus GR-8 AKU31745.1    
 ID12_03200   Bacillus pumilus GR-8 AKU30502.1    
 ID12_00470   Bacillus pumilus GR-8 AKU29974.1    
 ID12_15385   Bacillus pumilus GR-8 AKU32728.1    
 ASM07_04695   Bacillus pumilus ku-bf1 AMB89227.1    
 ASM07_16295   Bacillus pumilus ku-bf1 AMB91392.1    
 ASM07_13710   Bacillus pumilus ku-bf1 AMB90910.1    
 ASM07_09520   Bacillus pumilus ku-bf1 AMB90138.1    
 BW16_15275   Bacillus pumilus MTCC B6033 AHL72664.1    
 BW16_17960   Bacillus pumilus MTCC B6033 AHL73181.1    
 BW16_05190   Bacillus pumilus MTCC B6033 AHL70815.1    
 BW16_10730   Bacillus pumilus MTCC B6033 AHL71833.1    
 SAMEA4076707_03730 (YwhE)   Bacillus pumilus NCTC10337 SNV15712.1    
 SAMEA4076707_01034 (PbpF)   Bacillus pumilus NCTC10337 SNU98369.1    
 SAMEA4076707_03192 (Pbpd_1)   Bacillus pumilus NCTC10337 SNV12227.1    
 SAMEA4076707_02061 (PonA)   Bacillus pumilus NCTC10337 SNV05445.1    
 AKO65_18550   Bacillus pumilus NJ-M2 ALM29929.1    
 AKO65_08795   Bacillus pumilus NJ-M2 ALM28109.1    
 AKO65_13060   Bacillus pumilus NJ-M2 ALM28901.1    
 AKO65_05890   Bacillus pumilus NJ-M2 ALM27559.1    
 AKO66_05110   Bacillus pumilus NJ-V ANY96128.1    
 AKO66_14870   Bacillus pumilus NJ-V ANY97946.1    
 AKO66_09375   Bacillus pumilus NJ-V ANY96919.1    
 AKO66_02205   Bacillus pumilus NJ-V ANY95574.1    
 AMR71_14865   Bacillus pumilus NJ-V2 ALM46465.1    
 AMR71_02205   Bacillus pumilus NJ-V2 ALM44102.1    
 AMR71_05105   Bacillus pumilus NJ-V2 ALM44649.1    
 AMR71_09370   Bacillus pumilus NJ-V2 ALM45440.1    
 BEN31_01870   Bacillus pumilus PDSLzg-1 AOC55616.1    
 BEN31_10890   Bacillus pumilus PDSLzg-1 AOC57292.1    
 BEN31_17375   Bacillus pumilus PDSLzg-1 AOC58432.1    
 BEN31_06115   Bacillus pumilus PDSLzg-1 AOC56387.1    
 BPUM_0957   Bacillus pumilus SAFR-032 ABV61641.1 A8FBM4  
 BPUM_1964   Bacillus pumilus SAFR-032 ABV62634.1 A8FEG7  
 BPUM_2817   Bacillus pumilus SAFR-032 ABV63472.1 A8FGV5  
 BPUM_3388   Bacillus pumilus SAFR-032 ABV64040.1 A8FIH3  
 UP15_15025   Bacillus pumilus SH-B11 AMM90215.1    
 UP15_05170   Bacillus pumilus SH-B11 AMM88369.1    
 UP15_10325   Bacillus pumilus SH-B11 AMM89351.1    
 UP15_17625   Bacillus pumilus SH-B11 AMM90699.1    
 UP12_10010   Bacillus pumilus SH-B9 AMM97663.1    
 UP12_14865   Bacillus pumilus SH-B9 AMM98549.1    
 UP12_05145   Bacillus pumilus SH-B9 AMM96744.1    
 UP12_17465   Bacillus pumilus SH-B9 AMM99032.1    
 BTUAT1_28940 (PbpD)   Bacillus pumilus TUAT1 BAT50028.1    
 BTUAT1_19760 (PonA)   Bacillus pumilus TUAT1 BAT49110.1    
 BTUAT1_34320 (YwhE)   Bacillus pumilus TUAT1 BAT50566.1    
 BTUAT1_09660 (PbpF)   Bacillus pumilus TUAT1 BAT48100.1    
 VT48_14625   Bacillus pumilus W3 AKC67208.1    
 VT48_04985   Bacillus pumilus W3 AKC65393.1    
 VT48_17240   Bacillus pumilus W3 AKC67707.1    
 VT48_10270   Bacillus pumilus W3 AKC66398.1    
 DKE43_01305   Bacillus pumilus ZB201701 AZV51797.1    
 DKE43_10625   Bacillus pumilus ZB201701 AZV53529.1    
 DKE43_13245   Bacillus pumilus ZB201701 AZV54016.1    
 DKE43_06235   Bacillus pumilus ZB201701 AZV52725.1    
 BRL64_05000   Bacillus safensis BRM1 ARD55561.1    
 BRL64_10355   Bacillus safensis BRM1 ARD56557.1    
 BRL64_14625   Bacillus safensis BRM1 ARD57333.1    
 BRL64_17400   Bacillus safensis BRM1 ARD57852.1    
 RS87_05220   Bacillus safensis FO-36b AWI36119.1    
 RS87_14815   Bacillus safensis FO-36b AWI37995.1    
 RS87_17405   Bacillus safensis FO-36b AWI38511.1    
 RS87_10270   Bacillus safensis FO-36b AWI37118.1    
 BSL056_15910   Bacillus safensis KCTC 12796BP APJ12346.1    
 BSL056_05080   Bacillus safensis KCTC 12796BP APJ10351.1    
 BSL056_18555   Bacillus safensis KCTC 12796BP APJ12832.1    
 BSL056_11005   Bacillus safensis KCTC 12796BP APJ11453.1    
 CS953_01445   Bacillus safensis sami AYJ88429.1    
 CS953_07495   Bacillus safensis sami AYJ89562.1    
 CS953_06025   Bacillus safensis sami AYJ89294.1    
 CS953_14255   Bacillus safensis sami AYJ90837.1    
 BSA145_02770   Bacillus safensis U14-5 APT44942.1    
 BSA145_13030   Bacillus safensis U14-5 APT46694.1    
 BSA145_18745   Bacillus safensis U14-5 APT47717.1    
 BSA145_05850   Bacillus safensis U14-5 APT45490.1    
 BSA171_09265   Bacillus safensis U17-1 APT53755.1    
 BSA171_04930   Bacillus safensis U17-1 APT52968.1    
 BSA171_14745   Bacillus safensis U17-1 APT54778.1    
 BSA171_02265   Bacillus safensis U17-1 APT52477.1    
 BSA41_15445   Bacillus safensis U41 APT51251.1    
 BSA41_12780   Bacillus safensis U41 APT50756.1    
 BSA41_08455   Bacillus safensis U41 APT49970.1    
 BSA41_02970   Bacillus safensis U41 APT48946.1    
 Bsel_2092   [Bacillus] selenitireducens MLS10 ADH99596.1 D6XUW0  
 Bsel_2480   [Bacillus] selenitireducens MLS10 ADH99981.1 D6XX05  
 Bsel_2558   [Bacillus] selenitireducens MLS10 ADI00059.1 D6XXL6  
 Bsel_1280   [Bacillus] selenitireducens MLS10 ADH98792.1 D6XSK6  
 CWD84_01815   Bacillus siamensis SCSIO 05746 AUJ75647.1    
 CWD84_16570   Bacillus siamensis SCSIO 05746 AUJ78325.1    
 CWD84_10725   Bacillus siamensis SCSIO 05746 AUJ77254.1    
 CWD84_05070   Bacillus siamensis SCSIO 05746 AUJ76237.1    
 BS1321_22465   Bacillus simplex NBRC 15720 = DSM 1321 ASS96440.1    
 BS1321_14420   Bacillus simplex NBRC 15720 = DSM 1321 ASS95013.1    
 BS1321_06845   Bacillus simplex NBRC 15720 = DSM 1321 ASS93715.1    
 BS1321_19285   Bacillus simplex NBRC 15720 = DSM 1321 ASS95858.1    
 BS1321_12855   Bacillus simplex NBRC 15720 = DSM 1321 ASS94727.1    
 UP17_24375   Bacillus simplex SH-B26 AMM95201.1    
 UP17_05190   Bacillus simplex SH-B26 AMM95398.1    
 UP17_01640   Bacillus simplex SH-B26 AMM91453.1    
 BSM4216_3715   Bacillus smithii DSM 4216 AKP48870.1    
 BSM4216_3065   Bacillus smithii DSM 4216 AKP48269.1    
 BSM4216_2303   Bacillus smithii DSM 4216 AKP47543.1    
 BSM4216_0958   Bacillus smithii DSM 4216 AKP46264.1    
 S101395_03743   Bacillus sonorensis SRCM101395 ASB90249.1    
 S101395_04050   Bacillus sonorensis SRCM101395 ASB90552.1    
 S101395_02238   Bacillus sonorensis SRCM101395 ASB88746.1    
 S101395_00407 (MrcA)   Bacillus sonorensis SRCM101395 ASB86962.1    
 BS34A_11270 (PbpF)   Bacillus sp. (in: Bacteria) BS34A CEJ76570.1    
 BS34A_24600 (PonA)   Bacillus sp. (in: Bacteria) BS34A CEJ77869.1    
 BS34A_34470 (PbpD)   Bacillus sp. (in: Bacteria) BS34A CEJ78805.1    
 BS34A_40650 (PbpG)   Bacillus sp. (in: Bacteria) BS34A CEJ79415.1    
 EGX95_06120   Bacillus sp. (in: Bacteria) FDAARGOS_527 AYY26131.1    
 EGX95_06595   Bacillus sp. (in: Bacteria) FDAARGOS_527 AYY26221.1    
 EGX95_29275   Bacillus sp. (in: Bacteria) FDAARGOS_527 AYY30357.1    
 EGX95_25695   Bacillus sp. (in: Bacteria) FDAARGOS_527 AYY29763.1    
 EGX95_04240   Bacillus sp. (in: Bacteria) FDAARGOS_527 AYY25773.1    
 EGX95_10160   Bacillus sp. (in: Bacteria) FDAARGOS_527 AYY26894.1    
 B1NLA3E_21715   Bacillus sp. 1NLA3E AGK56081.1    
 B1NLA3E_14625   Bacillus sp. 1NLA3E AGK54671.1    
 B1NLA3E_17405   Bacillus sp. 1NLA3E AGK55225.1    
 B1NLA3E_18370   Bacillus sp. 1NLA3E AGK55418.1    
 CJO35_19765   Bacillus sp. 1s-1 ASV17273.1    
 CJO35_16580   Bacillus sp. 1s-1 ASV16674.1    
 CJO35_11805   Bacillus sp. 1s-1 ASV15812.1    
 CJO35_05545   Bacillus sp. 1s-1 ASV14639.1    
 BZ167_14615   Bacillus sp. 275 AQP98264.1    
 BZ167_11500   Bacillus sp. 275 AQP96566.1    
 BZ167_18885   Bacillus sp. 275 AQP97924.1    
 BZ167_04435   Bacillus sp. 275 AQP95318.1    
 BGI23_07875   Bacillus sp. ABP14 AOY15102.1    
 BGI23_07400   Bacillus sp. ABP14 AOY15007.1    
 BGI23_11255   Bacillus sp. ABP14 AOY15758.1    
 BGI23_26180   Bacillus sp. ABP14 AOY18652.1    
 BGI23_05490   Bacillus sp. ABP14 AOY14633.1    
 BGI23_02825   Bacillus sp. ABP14 AOY14131.1    
 BAQ53_25245   Bacillus sp. B25(2016b) ANP84028.1    
 BAQ53_10730   Bacillus sp. B25(2016b) ANP81316.1    
 BAQ53_02465   Bacillus sp. B25(2016b) ANP79768.1    
 BAQ53_06930   Bacillus sp. B25(2016b) ANP80605.1    
 BAQ53_05145   Bacillus sp. B25(2016b) ANP80257.1    
 BAQ53_07395   Bacillus sp. B25(2016b) ANP80694.1    
 OY17_00980   Bacillus sp. BH072 AJE76776.1    
 OY17_07855   Bacillus sp. BH072 AJE78002.1    
 OY17_13515   Bacillus sp. BH072 AJE79074.1    
 OY17_17610   Bacillus sp. BH072 AJE80363.1    
 DPQ31_02645   Bacillus sp. COPE52 AXK16685.1    
 DPQ31_07560   Bacillus sp. COPE52 AXK17558.1    
 DPQ31_05660   Bacillus sp. COPE52 AXK17208.1    
 DPQ31_03045   Bacillus sp. COPE52 AXK16735.1    
 DPQ31_08025   Bacillus sp. COPE52 AXK17647.1    
 DPQ31_11460   Bacillus sp. COPE52 AXK18278.1    
 DPQ31_27180   Bacillus sp. COPE52 AXK21193.1    
 DOS87_13785   Bacillus sp. CR71 AXR17103.1    
 DOS87_29830   Bacillus sp. CR71 AXR20016.1    
 DOS87_11585   Bacillus sp. CR71 AXR16724.1    
 DOS87_08165   Bacillus sp. CR71 AXR16084.1    
 DOS87_05800   Bacillus sp. CR71 AXR15641.1    
 DOS87_03025   Bacillus sp. CR71 AXR15143.1    
 DOS87_07695   Bacillus sp. CR71 AXR15994.1    
 DS740_12155   Bacillus sp. DM2 AXF33542.1    
 DS740_17080   Bacillus sp. DM2 AXF34440.1    
 DS740_20290   Bacillus sp. DM2 AXF35037.1    
 DS740_05410   Bacillus sp. DM2 AXF32299.1    
 C3Y97_27810   Bacillus sp. DU-106 QCC43453.1    
 C3Y97_05630   Bacillus sp. DU-106 QCC39368.1    
 C3Y97_11430   Bacillus sp. DU-106 QCC40448.1    
 C3Y97_02875   Bacillus sp. DU-106 QCC38879.1    
 C3Y97_07470   Bacillus sp. DU-106 QCC39714.1    
 C3Y97_07950   Bacillus sp. DU-106 QCC39808.1    
 DPQ26_05790   Bacillus sp. E25 AXR21375.1    
 DPQ26_07685   Bacillus sp. E25 AXR21728.1    
 DPQ26_13550   Bacillus sp. E25 AXR22797.1    
 DPQ26_29845   Bacillus sp. E25 AXR25749.1    
 DPQ26_08155   Bacillus sp. E25 AXR21818.1    
 DPQ26_11575   Bacillus sp. E25 AXR22456.1    
 DPQ26_03030   Bacillus sp. E25 AXR20877.1    
 A6J74_11500   Bacillus sp. FDAARGOS_235 ARC29500.1    
 A6J74_05395   Bacillus sp. FDAARGOS_235 ARC28412.1    
 A6J74_09505   Bacillus sp. FDAARGOS_235 ARC29140.1    
 A6J74_17645   Bacillus sp. FDAARGOS_235 ARC30533.1    

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