GlycosylTransferase Family 30

Activities in FamilyCMP-β-KDO: α-3-deoxy-D-manno-octulosonic-acid (KDO) transferase (EC 2.4.99.-).
Mechanism Inverting
3D Structure StatusGT-B
NoteThese enzymes use a nucleotide monophosphosugar as the donor (CMP-b-KDO) instead of a nucleotide diphosphosugar
Statistics GenBank accession (5364); Uniprot accession (716); PDB accession (3); 3D entries (2); cryst (0)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 A0U92_05830   Acetobacter aceti TMW2.1153 AQS84373.1    
 AGA_1649 (KdtA)   Acetobacter ghanensis LMG 23848T CEF55851.1    
 APA386B_2687 (KdtA)   Acetobacter pasteurianus 386B CCT60720.1    
 DB34_09815   Acetobacter pasteurianus Ab3 AKR49987.1
 CBI36_06215   Acetobacter pasteurianus dm ASL40086.1    
 APA01_11670   Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-01 BAH99314.1 C7JH60  
 APA42C_11670   Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-01-42C BAI17602.1 C7KZZ8  
 APA03_11670   Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-03 BAI02367.1 C7JMP0  
 APA07_11670   Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-07 BAI05413.1 C7JWV6  
 APA12_11670   Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-12 BAI20586.1 C7L297  
 APA22_11670   Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-22 BAI08462.1 C7K750  
 APA26_11670   Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-26 BAI11510.1 C7KGB9  
 APA32_11670   Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-32 BAI14556.1 C7KQN3  
 APT_01113 (KdtA)   Acetobacter pasteurianus NBRC 101655 BAU38195.1    
 A4S02_03790   Acetobacter pasteurianus subsp. ascendens LMG 1590 AOW46042.1    
 S101447_00064 (KdtA)   Acetobacter pasteurianus subsp. ascendens SRCM101447 ARW09172.1    
 A4R89_11535   Acetobacter pasteurianus subsp. paradoxus LMG 1591 AOW49931.1    
 A0U91_02285   Acetobacter persici TMW2.1084 AQT04031.1    
 ASN_3683 (KdtA)   Acetobacter senegalensis 108B CEF42905.1    
 WG31_06360   Acetobacter sp. SLV-7 ANA13683.1    
 Acear_2170   Acetohalobium arabaticum DSM 5501 ADL13656.1 D9QTT5  
 Anamo_0326   Acetomicrobium mobile DSM 13181 AFM20983.1    
 B9P52_11385   Achromobacter denitrificans PR1 ASC64872.1    
 APT56_27325   Achromobacter denitrificans USDA-ARS-USMARC-56712 ALX86600.1    
 AruCF_5571   Achromobacter ruhlandii SCCH3:ACH 33-1365 AOU96462.1    
 SAMN05428937_2050   Achromobacter sp. MFA1 R4 SIT20843.1    
 AXYL_06280   Achromobacter xylosoxidans A8 ADP19573.1 E3HQD9  
 LH59_27285   Achromobacter xylosoxidans C54 AIR54289.1    
 AL504_20265   Achromobacter xylosoxidans FDAARGOS_147 AMG38147.1    
 AX27061_5894   Achromobacter xylosoxidans NBRC 15126 = ATCC 27061 AHC50346.1    
 ERS451415_06021 (WaaA)   Achromobacter xylosoxidans NCTC10807 CKI24138.1    
 NH44784_023831 (fragment)   Achromobacter xylosoxidans NH44784-1996 CCH06348.1    
 Acfer_1684   Acidaminococcus fermentans DSM 20731 ADB48040.1 D2RLT8  
 Acin_0627 (KdtA)   Acidaminococcus intestini RyC-MR95 AEQ21866.1    
 BW247_02965 (fragment)   Acidihalobacter ferrooxidans V8 APZ42181.1    
 BW247_06330   Acidihalobacter ferrooxidans V8 APZ42756.1    
 BI364_02710   Acidihalobacter prosperus F5 AOU99490.1    
 BJI67_10830 (fragment)   Acidihalobacter prosperus V6 AOV17488.1    
 BJI67_03090   Acidihalobacter prosperus V6 AOV16187.1    
 Acry_0651   Acidiphilium cryptum JF-5 ABQ29872.1 A5FW90  
 ACMV_12180   Acidiphilium multivorum AIU301 BAJ80565.1    
 Acaty_c0412 (fragment)   Acidithiobacillus caldus ATCC 51756 AIA54302.1    
 Atc_0385 (fragment)   Acidithiobacillus caldus SM-1 AEK57036.1    
 AFERRI_50340 (fragment)   Acidithiobacillus ferrivorans SMH67139.1    
 AFERRI_50169   Acidithiobacillus ferrivorans SMH66968.1    
 Acife_2791   Acidithiobacillus ferrivorans SS3 AEM48866.1    
 AFE_0237 (KdtA)   Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans ATCC 23270 ACK78131.1 B7J3Y1  
 Lferr_0413   Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans ATCC 53993 ACH82667.1 B5ELF1  
 LuPra_05059 (WaaA)   Acidobacteria bacterium DSM 100886 AMY11795.1    
 ABI59_01755   Acidobacteria bacterium Mor1 ANM32017.1    
 ACP_1608 (WaaA)   Acidobacterium capsulatum ATCC 51196 ACO32559.1 C1F754  
 Acav_2425   Acidovorax avenae subsp. avenae ATCC 19860 ADX46337.1    
 Aave_2820   Acidovorax citrulli AAC00-1 ABM33388.1 A1TR00  
 Dtpsy_1831   Acidovorax ebreus TPSY ACM33288.1 B9MJF0  
 Ajs_2022   Acidovorax sp. JS42 ABM42198.1 A1W7H3  
 C380_11685   Acidovorax sp. KKS102 AFU46038.1    
 CBP33_09980   Acidovorax sp. NA2 ART48418.1    
 CBP34_09700   Acidovorax sp. NA3 ART51877.1    
 CBP35_09225   Acidovorax sp. P3 ART55143.1    
 CBP36_09700   Acidovorax sp. P4 ART59087.1    
 BSY15_3591   Acidovorax sp. RAC01 AOG21768.1    
 ABCIP7010_3503   Acinetobacter baumannii CRL96178.1
 ABR2090_0179   Acinetobacter baumannii CRX63144.1    
 Aba3207_10495   Acinetobacter baumannii ANC37015.1    
 CMP-KDO:KDO-transferase (WaaA;KdtA) 2.4.99.- Acinetobacter baumannii CAB09651.1
 Sequence 6067 from patent US 6562958   Acinetobacter baumannii AAQ29095.1    
 BS098_06805   Acinetobacter baumannii 11510 ATD19634.1    
 B7L42_17900   Acinetobacter baumannii 15A34 ARG22242.1    
 B6S64_12645   Acinetobacter baumannii 15A5 ARF93289.1    
 ABK1_3559   Acinetobacter baumannii 1656-2 ADX05193.1    
 BAL062_00164 (WaaA)   Acinetobacter baumannii 3027STDY5784958 SBS20309.1    
 RU84_00845   Acinetobacter baumannii 6200 AJB65475.1    
 ABA1_03584 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter baumannii A1 AJF83433.1    
 CBI29_03702 (WaaA)   Acinetobacter baumannii A85 ASF79030.1    
 AB57_3761 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter baumannii AB0057 ACJ43114.1 B7ICC0  
 IX87_13580   Acinetobacter baumannii AB030 AIL79601.1    
 IX88_01345   Acinetobacter baumannii AB031 AIL73869.1    
 ACX61_00945   Acinetobacter baumannii Ab04-mff AKQ29019.1    
 AT570_05615   Acinetobacter baumannii AB042 APX48792.1    
 ABBFA_000168   Acinetobacter baumannii AB307-0294 ACJ57221.1 B7GV96  
 AXK18_09495   Acinetobacter baumannii AB34299 AQU57138.1    
 AWN74_14975   Acinetobacter baumannii Ab421_GEIH-2010 ANA38844.1    
 ABUW_0171 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter baumannii AB5075-UW AKA29966.1    
 A4U85_00835   Acinetobacter baumannii ab736 ARN29314.1    
 LX00_17910   Acinetobacter baumannii AbH12O-A2 AIS08176.1    
 A478_05205   Acinetobacter baumannii AC12 AHX27980.1    
 BL01_07350   Acinetobacter baumannii AC29 AIA51631.1    
 B856_00755   Acinetobacter baumannii AC30 AHX63813.1    
 ACICU_03509   Acinetobacter baumannii ACICU ACC58818.1 B2I1H0  
 BS064_01005   Acinetobacter baumannii AF-401 APJ17755.1    
 BS065_00890   Acinetobacter baumannii AF-673 APJ21714.1    
 AUO97_05615   Acinetobacter baumannii ATCC 17978 APP30323.1    
 A1S_3313   Acinetobacter baumannii ATCC 17978 ABO13702.2 A3M9V8  
 ACX60_00885   Acinetobacter baumannii ATCC 17978-mff AKQ25348.1    
 ABAYE0175   Acinetobacter baumannii AYE CAM85158.1    
 AB994_2968   Acinetobacter baumannii B11911 KMV04183.1    
 AB987_1679   Acinetobacter baumannii B8300 KMV26252.1    
 AB895_1313   Acinetobacter baumannii B8342 KMV08540.1    
 BJAB07104_03605   Acinetobacter baumannii BJAB07104 AGQ15971.1    
 BJAB0715_03692   Acinetobacter baumannii BJAB0715 AGQ08338.1    
 BJAB0868_03558   Acinetobacter baumannii BJAB0868 AGQ12105.1    
 AN158_07850   Acinetobacter baumannii CA-17 AOM86137.1    
 B7L36_03770   Acinetobacter baumannii CBA7 ARG12040.1    
 AOT16_00870   Acinetobacter baumannii CMC-CR-MDR-Ab4 APQ83753.1    
 AOT18_00855   Acinetobacter baumannii CMC-CR-MDR-Ab66 APQ91389.1    
 AOT17_00860   Acinetobacter baumannii CMC-MDR-Ab59 APQ87617.1    
 ABD1_32080 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter baumannii D1279779 AGH37090.1   4BFC[A]
 AN415_00251   Acinetobacter baumannii D36 ALJ86200.1    
 DU202_03971 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter baumannii DU202 AOP65090.1    
 BKJ37_00830   Acinetobacter baumannii HRAB-85 APF42120.1    
 B7L46_07990   Acinetobacter baumannii HWBA8 ARG34867.1    
 IOMTU433_0181 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter baumannii IOMTU 433 BAP65005.1    
 B7L31_18060   Acinetobacter baumannii JBA13 ARG10954.1    
 KAB01_03654 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter baumannii KAB01 AOX71498.1    
 KAB02_03714 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter baumannii KAB02 AOX75386.1    
 KAB03_03662 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter baumannii KAB03 AOX79226.1    
 KAB04_00169 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter baumannii KAB04 AOX79654.1    
 KAB05_03737 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter baumannii KAB05 AOX87074.1    
 KAB06_03684 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter baumannii KAB06 AOX90916.1    
 KAB07_03693 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter baumannii KAB07 AOX94775.1    
 KAB08_03679 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter baumannii KAB08 AOX98618.1    
 KBNAB1_0165   Acinetobacter baumannii KBN10P02143 ALX97745.1    
 ABLAC_01850   Acinetobacter baumannii LAC-4 AIY35540.1    
 BBX32_01730   Acinetobacter baumannii LAC4 APO57381.1    
 ABTJ_00172   Acinetobacter baumannii MDR-TJ AFI93842.1    
 ABZJ_03701   Acinetobacter baumannii MDR-ZJ06 AEP08161.1    
 AB237_0170 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter baumannii NCGM 237 BAN86150.1    
 SG90_000855   Acinetobacter baumannii ORAB01 ANB87126.1    
 U476_19165   Acinetobacter baumannii PKAB07 AHJ95106.1    
 G424_01860   Acinetobacter baumannii PR07 ANS20112.1    
 B7L45_01260   Acinetobacter baumannii SAA14 ARG00438.1    
 ABSDF3441   Acinetobacter baumannii SDF CAP02708.1    
 B7L38_12180   Acinetobacter baumannii SSA12 ARF96929.1    
 B7L40_04375   Acinetobacter baumannii SSA6 ARG23343.1    
 B7L43_12960   Acinetobacter baumannii SSMA17 ARG06290.1    
 ABTW07_3718   Acinetobacter baumannii TCDC-AB0715 ADX94135.1    
 M3Q_48   Acinetobacter baumannii TYTH-1 AFU36145.1    
 B7L41_01065   Acinetobacter baumannii USA15 ARG29888.1    
 B7L39_13135   Acinetobacter baumannii USA2 ARG28503.1    
 B7L35_13260   Acinetobacter baumannii WKA02 ARG39747.1    
 BS615_00860   Acinetobacter baumannii XDR-BJ83 APM47393.1    
 TE32_00845   Acinetobacter baumannii XH386 AKJ44147.1    
 AYR70_00835   Acinetobacter baumannii XH856 AML72834.1    
 AYR69_17510   Acinetobacter baumannii XH857 AML72400.1    
 AZE33_19110   Acinetobacter baumannii XH858 AMN03218.1    
 AYR68_17215   Acinetobacter baumannii XH859 AML68701.1    
 AYR67_00805   Acinetobacter baumannii XH860 AML62079.1    
 AXA63_17220   Acinetobacter baumannii YU-R612 AMC17187.1    
 P795_0860   Acinetobacter baumannii ZW85-1 AHB89897.1    
 BUM88_18740   Acinetobacter calcoaceticus CA16 AQZ83470.1    
 NCTC7364_03619 (WaaA)   Acinetobacter calcoaceticus NCTC7364 SCD17601.1    
 AOY20_04840   Acinetobacter equi 114 ALH94914.1    
 AS4_42190 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter guillouiae NBRC 110550 BAP39159.1    
 CMP-KDO:KDO-transferase (WaaA;KdtA) 2.4.99.- Acinetobacter haemolyticus ATCC 17906 CAB09654.1 O52785  
 AHTJS_00835   Acinetobacter haemolyticus TJS01 APR69079.1    
 RZ95_00775   Acinetobacter johnsonii XBB1 ALV71590.1    
 BVL33_02270   Acinetobacter junii 65 APU47433.1    
 OTEC02_00860   Acinetobacter lactucae OTEC-02 ARD27469.1    
 BFG52_15655   Acinetobacter larvae BRTC-1 AOA59639.1    
 RR32_00860   Acinetobacter nosocomialis 6411 AJB46747.1    
 B7L44_01570   Acinetobacter nosocomialis SSA3 ARG15404.1    
 AOLE_00820   Acinetobacter oleivorans DR1 ADI89067.1 D8JLG3  
 AYJ52_04030   Acinetobacter pittii AP_882 AMM27656.1    
 IEC338SC_0169 (WaaA)   Acinetobacter pittii IEC338SC AMX17366.1    
 BDGL_002780 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter pittii PHEA-2 ADY83366.1    
 BMU11_03120   Acinetobacter pittii YMC2010/8/T346 AQV14598.1    
 AsACE_CH00153 (WaaA)   Acinetobacter schindleri ACE APX61609.1    
 BEN76_12245   Acinetobacter soli GFJ2 APV36741.1    
 ACIAD3479 (KdtA)   Acinetobacter sp. ADP1 CAG70128.1 Q6F737  
 A3K93_00250   Acinetobacter sp. NCu2D-2 ANF80776.1    
 AMD27_15210   Acinetobacter sp. TGL-Y2 AMW80111.1    
 AMQ28_08715   Acinetobacter sp. TTH0-4 ALD02433.1    
 ACEE_06190   Actinobacillus equuli subsp. equuli 19392 AIZ79370.1    
 CHY23_00141 (WaaA)   Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae KL 16 ASU14958.1    
 APJL_1151   Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serovar 3 str. JL03 ABY69707.1 B0BQ72  
 APL_1132   Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serovar 5b str. L20 ABN74222.1 A3N1D6  
 APP7_1190   Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serovar 7 str. AP76 ACE61842.1 B3GY19  
 MIDG2331_01173 (WaaA)   Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serovar 8 CUU52455.1    
 Asuc_0676   Actinobacillus succinogenes 130Z ABR74049.1 A6VM52  
 ASU1_06075   Actinobacillus suis ATCC 33415 AIJ31478.1    
 ASU2_06005   Actinobacillus suis H91-0380 AFU19339.1    
 SAMEA4504061_01264 (WaaA)   Actinobacillus suis NCTC12996 SNV33173.1    
 TKWG_04365   Advenella kashmirensis WT001 AFK61412.1    
 MIM_c06710 (WaaA)   Advenella mimigardefordensis DPN7 AHG62772.1    
 Aeqsu_0730   Aequorivita sublithincola DSM 14238 AFL80238.1    
 BOQ57_00720   Aeromonas aquatica MX16A APJ13506.1    
 CK627_04610   Aeromonas dhakensis KN-Mc-6U21 ASX10103.1    
 AH4AK4_4135   Aeromonas hydrophila 4AK4 AHE51533.1    
 WaaA   Aeromonas hydrophila AH-3 ACA14480.1 B2KYN4  
 VU14_21620   Aeromonas hydrophila AH10 AKA19338.1    
 TK34_21340   Aeromonas hydrophila AHNIH1 ANT69765.1    
 RY45_01145   Aeromonas hydrophila AL06-06 AJQ52759.1    
 V428_00950   Aeromonas hydrophila AL09-71 AHX30701.1    
 AhyD4_22260   Aeromonas hydrophila D4 ALZ82209.1    
 A9258_21395   Aeromonas hydrophila GYK1 ANS02076.1    
 V469_22365   Aeromonas hydrophila J-1 AJE38447.1    
 AS145_22430   Aeromonas hydrophila JBN2301 ALQ65532.1    
 AHML_00880   Aeromonas hydrophila ML09-119 AGM41961.1    
 U876_23015   Aeromonas hydrophila NJ-35 AKJ36743.1    
 V429_00950   Aeromonas hydrophila pc104A AHX67497.1    
 AHA_0170   Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophila ATCC 7966 ABK38792.1 A0KEN8  
 AI20_18655   Aeromonas hydrophila YL17 AHV37120.1    
 B224_5239   Aeromonas media WS AHX63025.1    
 WaaA   Aeromonas salmonicida A450 ACN76674.1 C0JKQ6  
 CE456_02480   Aeromonas salmonicida S121 ASI21702.1    
 CE463_02510   Aeromonas salmonicida S44 ASI26018.1    
 CE462_01405   Aeromonas salmonicida S68 ASI30136.1    
 BHG40_03570   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. masoucida RFAS1 ATD37136.1    
 3-deoxy-D-manno-octulosonic-acid transferase (WaaA;ASA_4219) 2.4.99.- Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida A449 ABO92147.1 A4STC5  
 WL1483_3272 (WaaA)   Aeromonas schubertii WL1483 ALP42691.1    
 O23A_p3530   Aeromonas sp. O23A ARW84269.1    
 WM43_11905   Aeromonas veronii AVNIH1 ANB53314.1    
 B565_3895   Aeromonas veronii B565 AEB51930.1    
 A6033_04745   Aeromonas veronii CB51 ANB68016.1    
 AMS64_01205   Aeromonas veronii TH0426 AMQ41108.1    
 SAMN05444050_5056   Afipia sp. GAS231 SDO80582.1    
 ACT75_04365   Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans 624 AMQ93813.1    
 ANH9381_0699   Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans ANH9381 AEW76707.1    
 D11S_0379   Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans D11S-1 ACX81789.1 C9R1V3  
 D7S_00861   Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans D7S-1 AFI86661.1    
 CF65_01401   Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans HK1651 AHN71773.1
 BBH51_04305   Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans IDH781 ANU81930.1    
 AANUM_0599   Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans NUM4039 BAS47830.1    
 ACT74_08950   Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans VT1169 AMQ92719.1    
 NT05HA_2191   Aggregatibacter aphrophilus NJ8700 ACS98499.1
 ADJ80_03550   Aggregatibacter aphrophilus W1043 AKU62891.1    
 KdtA   Agrobacterium fabrum str. C58 AAL41711.1
 Arad_1090 (KdtA)   Agrobacterium radiobacter K84 ACM25625.1 B9JA07  
 B0909_10005   Agrobacterium rhizogenes K599 AQS62528.1    
 AGROH133_04255 (KdtA)   Agrobacterium sp. H13-3 ADY63625.1    
 BSY240_1805   Agrobacterium sp. RAC06 AOG09376.1    
 Ach5_06180 (KdtA)   Agrobacterium tumefaciens Ach5 AKC06397.1    
 X971_0666   Agrobacterium tumefaciens LBA4213 (Ach5) AHK00559.1    
 AWN88_23125   Agrobacterium tumefaciens S33 AMD61001.1    
 Avi_0899   Agrobacterium vitis S4 ACM35633.1 B9JSE0  
 PYTT_0156   Akkermansia glycaniphila SEH71197.1    
 Amuc_0474   Akkermansia muciniphila ATCC BAA-835 ACD04312.1 B2UNU2  
 A4V05_09600   Akkermansia muciniphila YL44 ANU61663.1
 AFA_01195   Alcaligenes faecalis JQ135 ASR88186.1    
 ALFP_0245   Alcaligenes faecalis P156 ARP52132.1    
 UZ73_09445   Alcaligenes faecalis ZD02 ALO38464.1    
 ABO_2501   Alcanivorax borkumensis SK2 CAL17949.1 Q0VLJ9  
 B5T_00660 (WaaA)   Alcanivorax dieselolei B5 MCCC 1A00001 AFT68945.1    
 S7S_02330   Alcanivorax pacificus W11-5 AJD46888.1    
 CEK62_14345   Alcanivorax sp. N3-7A ASK35471.1    
 AS19_25490   Alcanivorax sp. NBRC 101098 BAP15400.1    
 P40_03080   Alcanivorax xenomutans P40 ARB44529.1    
 APS56_08905   Algibacter alginicilyticus HZ22 ALJ05235.1    
 AO498_00885   Algoriphagus sp. M8-2 AMQ54926.1    
 Alide_2591   Alicycliphilus denitrificans BC ADV00324.1 D6VFB5  
 Alide2_2908   Alicycliphilus denitrificans K601 AEB85256.1    
 VSAL_I0162   Aliivibrio salmonicida LFI1238 CAQ77847.1
 Alfi_0259   Alistipes finegoldii DSM 17242 AFL76666.1    
 AL1_13050 (possible fragment)   Alistipes shahii WAL 8301 CBK63773.1 D4ILG1  
 Mlg_2637   Alkalilimnicola ehrlichii MLHE-1 ABI57977.1 Q0A5B0  
 CDL62_10015   Alkalitalea saponilacus DSM 24412 ASB49448.1    
 Alvin_1714   Allochromatium vinosum DSM 180 ADC62646.1 D3RTY7  
 SD28_06940   Allofrancisella guangzhouensis 08HL01032 AJC49373.1    
 HIMB5_00001050 (fragment)   alpha proteobacterium HIMB5 AFS46878.1    
 HIMB5_00001060 (fragment)   alpha proteobacterium HIMB5 AFS46879.1    
 HIMB59_00007480   alpha proteobacterium HIMB59 AFS48945.1    
 AVL56_01770   Alteromonas addita R10SW13 AMJ93152.1    
 EP13_01995   Alteromonas australica H 17 AIF97564.1    
 MASE_01455   Alteromonas macleodii ATCC 27126 AFS35860.1    
 AVL55_01645   Alteromonas macleodii D7 AMJ96983.1    
 ACZ81_01725   Alteromonas macleodii HOT1A3 AMN10406.1    
 AMBAS45_01705   Alteromonas macleodii str. Balearic Sea AD45 AFT93825.1    
 AMBLS11_01775   Alteromonas macleodii str. Black Sea 11 AFT76947.1    
 AMEC673_01520   Alteromonas macleodii str. English Channel 673 AFT73010.1    
 BM523_01640   Alteromonas mediterranea AR43 APD92804.1    
 BM524_01695   Alteromonas mediterranea CP48 APD88621.1    
 BM525_01625   Alteromonas mediterranea CP49 APD96418.1    
 MADE_00460   Alteromonas mediterranea DE ACG64778.1
 amad1_02070   Alteromonas mediterranea DE1 AFV83944.1    
 I533_01995   Alteromonas mediterranea MED64 AGP80394.1    
 BM526_01670   Alteromonas mediterranea RG65 APE00673.1    
 AV941_02000   Alteromonas mediterranea U10 AMJ81313.1    
 I607_02040   Alteromonas mediterranea U4 AGP84220.1    
 I876_02220   Alteromonas mediterranea U7 AGP88333.1    
 I634_02285   Alteromonas mediterranea U8 AGP92201.1    
 I636_02090   Alteromonas mediterranea UM4b AGQ00294.1    
 I635_02075   Alteromonas mediterranea UM7 AGP95960.1    
 AV942_02015   Alteromonas mediterranea UM8 AMJ77170.1    
 ambt_16480   Alteromonas naphthalenivorans AEF04801.1    
 AV939_01860   Alteromonas sp. Mac1 AMJ85433.1    
 AV940_01855   Alteromonas sp. Mac2 AMJ89318.1    
 BM527_01680   Alteromonas sp. Mex14 APD84901.1    
 BM528_01885   Alteromonas sp. RW2A1 APE04677.1    
 AOR13_3150   Alteromonas stellipolaris LMG 21856 ALM92151.1    
 AVL57_03045   Alteromonas stellipolaris LMG 21861 AMJ73041.1    
 A6K25_02810   Alteromonas stellipolaris PQQ-42 ANB20312.1    
 A6F57_11785   Alteromonas stellipolaris PQQ-44 ANB25815.1    
 AA2016_4193   Aminobacter aminovorans KCTC 2477 AMS43110.1    
 Amico_1492   Aminobacterium colombiense DSM 12261 ADE57609.1 D5EGC7  
 A2cp1_2796   Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans 2CP-1 ACL66133.1 B8JE68  
 Adeh_2615   Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans 2CP-C ABC82385.1 Q2IL53  
 Anae109_2582   Anaeromyxobacter sp. Fw109-5 ABS26783.1 A7HDI7  
 AnaeK_2701   Anaeromyxobacter sp. K ACG73926.1 B4UHQ6  
 ANTHELSMS3_02009   Antarctobacter heliothermus SMS3 ASP20691.1    
 ANTHELSMS3_04388   Antarctobacter heliothermus SMS3 ASP22989.1    
 BXU06_15505   Aquaspirillum sp. LM1 AQR66293.1    
 CMP-β-KDO: α-3-deoxy-D-manno-2-octulosonic-acid (KDO) transferase (KdtA;Aq_326)   Aquifex aeolicus VF5 AAC06622.1
O66663 2XCI[A,B,C,D]
 AA314_04230   Archangium gephyra DSM 2261 AKJ02604.1    
 A7H1H_1912 (KdtA)   Arcobacter butzleri 7h1h AGR78164.1    
 ABED_1785   Arcobacter butzleri ED-1 BAK71502.1    
 SAMEA4475700_01996 (WaaA)   Arcobacter butzleri NCTC 12481 SNV32678.1    
 Abu_1976   Arcobacter butzleri RM4018 ABV68198.1 A8EW75  
 ABLL_2408   Arcobacter sp. L BAK74283.1    
 LPB137_11425   Arcobacter sp. LPB0137 APW66418.1    
 AREALGSMS7_02202 (WaaA)   Arenibacter algicola SMS7 ASO05657.1    
 CCB80_07315   Armatimonadetes bacterium Uphvl-Ar1 ARU40962.1    
 CCB81_03840   Armatimonadetes bacterium Uphvl-Ar2 ARU43331.1    
 ebA1636 (KdtA)   Aromatoleum aromaticum EbN1 CAI07018.1 Q5P6P3  
 ARN_30200 (KdtA)   Arsenophonus nasoniae CBA75610.1 D2U326  
 AUT07_00132 (WaaA)   Arsenophonus symbiont of Lipoptena fortisetosa CB AMA64721.1    
 Asbog_01676   Asaia bogorensis NBRC 16594 BAT19940.1    
 Astex_3514   Asticcacaulis excentricus CB 48 ADU15144.1 C5SKZ5  
 M673_06595   Aureimonas sp. AU20 ALN72376.1    
 dqs_0922   Azoarcus olearius DQS4 ANQ83990.1    
 azo0851   Azoarcus sp. BH72 CAL93468.1 A1K3R3  
 AzCIB_3845   Azoarcus sp. CIB AKU13738.1    
 AZKH_3776 (Kdta/waaA)   Azoarcus sp. KH32C BAL26060.1    
 AZC_2382   Azorhizobium caulinodans ORS 571 BAF88380.1 A8I6A0  
 ABAZ39_03175 (fragment)   Azospirillum brasilense Az39 AIB11036.1    
 AMK58_10825   Azospirillum brasilense Sp 7 ALJ35868.1    
 AZOBR_180020 (KdtA)   Azospirillum brasilense Sp245 CCC98950.1    
 A6A40_02155   Azospirillum humicireducens SgZ-5 ANC93035.1    
 AZOLI_0529 (KdtA)   Azospirillum lipoferum 4B CBS85901.1    
 AZL_006410 (KdtA)   Azospirillum sp. B510 BAI71279.1 D3NSA0  
 AL072_01155   Azospirillum thiophilum BV-S ALG71896.1    
 ACG10_03605   Azotobacter chroococcum B3 ASL25483.1    
 Achr_7130 (KdtA)   Azotobacter chroococcum NCIMB 8003 AJE20212.1    
 AvCA_44610   Azotobacter vinelandii CA AGK12780.1    
 AvCA6_44610   Azotobacter vinelandii CA6 AGK22028.1    
 Avin_44610   Azotobacter vinelandii DJ ATCC BAA-1303 ACO80579.1 C1DGT3  
 CHH28_03190   Bacterioplanes sanyensis NV9 ASP37738.1    
 BTN50_0874   bacterium symbiont of Cryptopsaras couesii ATF09381.1    
 BRDCF_01095   Bacteroidales bacterium CF AGX07271.1
 CGC64_01940   Bacteroides caccae ATCC 43185 ASM64850.1    
 A4V03_16470   Bacteroides caecimuris I48 ANU58945.1    
 BcellWH2_03393 (WaaA)   Bacteroides cellulosilyticus WH2 ALJ60626.1    
 ABI39_07760   Bacteroides dorei CL03T12C01 AND19337.1    
 EL88_02225   Bacteroides dorei isolate HS1_L1_B_010 AII62066.1    
 GV66_07855   Bacteroides dorei isolate HS1_L3_B_079 AII67616.1    
 IY41_07920   Bacteroides dorei isolate HS2_L_2_B_045b ALA73413.1    
 BF638R_4066 (KdtA)   Bacteroides fragilis 638R CBW24508.1 E1WPF7  
 MB0529_03956 (WaaA)   Bacteroides fragilis BE1 CUA20541.1    
 VU15_19405   Bacteroides fragilis BOB25 AKA53640.1    
 BF4029 (KdtA)   Bacteroides fragilis NCTC 9343 CAH09704.1 Q5L884  
 AE940_15660   Bacteroides fragilis S14 ANQ62101.1    
 BF4205   Bacteroides fragilis YCH46 BAD50948.1 Q64NI4  
 Bache_1035   Bacteroides helcogenes P 36-108 ADV43045.1    
 Bovatus_02814 (WaaA)   Bacteroides ovatus ATCC 8483 ALJ47427.1    
 BACOV975_00579   Bacteroides ovatus V975 SCV06830.1    
 Btheta7330_00331 (WaaA)   Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron 7330 ALJ39927.1    
 BT2747   Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron VPI-5482 AAO77853.1
 BVU_1476   Bacteroides vulgatus ATCC 8482 ABR39163.1 A6L0E9  
 BvMPK_1465   Bacteroides vulgatus mpk ALK84072.1    
 BXY_18720   Bacteroides xylanisolvens XB1A CBK66970.1 D6CXR8  
 AEM51_04560   Bacteroidetes bacterium UKL13-3 AMS26400.1    
 BARVI_10180   Barnesiella viscericola DSM 18177 AHF13048.1    
 PU02_0655   Bartonella ancashensis 20.00 ALE03469.1    
 BBC0122_003370   Bartonella apis BBC0122 AQT46472.1    
 BBC0178_003340   Bartonella apis BBC0178 AQT41838.1    
 BBC0244_003350   Bartonella apis BBC0244 AQT44064.1    
 BAnh1_01930 (KdtA)   Bartonella australis Aust/NH1 AGF74085.1    
 AL467_05665   Bartonella bacilliformis ATCC:35685D-5 AMG86191.1    
 BARBAKC583_1204   Bartonella bacilliformis KC583 ABM45321.1 A1UU04  
 BARCL_0209 (KdtA)   Bartonella clarridgeiae 73 CBI75890.1    
 Bgr_02820 (KdtA)   Bartonella grahamii as4aup ACS50639.1 C6ABS3  
 PRJBM_00279 (KdtA)   Bartonella henselae BM1374163 CDO39673.1    
 BM1374165_00275 (KdtA)   Bartonella henselae BM1374165 CDO46299.1    
 BM1374164_00279 (KdtA)   Bartonella henselae MVT02 CUH90247.1    
 BH02660 (KdtA)   Bartonella henselae str. Houston-1 CAF27078.1 Q6G4R7  
 RM11_0242   Bartonella quintana RM-11 AFR25985.1    
 BQ02540 (KdtA)   Bartonella quintana str. Toulouse CAF25757.1 Q6G0J7  
 BARRO_10198 (KdtA)   Bartonella rochalimae ATCC BAA-1498 CBI77265.1    
 B11C_10188 (KdtA)   Bartonella schoenbuchensis R1 CBI81714.1
 B11C_10199 (KdtA)   Bartonella sp. 1-1C CBI80239.1    
 Bho114_009610   Bartonella sp. 114 AQX24276.1    
 Bho11B_004170   Bartonella sp. 11B AQX22443.1    
 BA1379B_000790   Bartonella sp. A1379B AQX17930.1    
 BAR15_90068 (KdtA)   Bartonella sp. AR 15-3 CBI78757.1    
 Bcsk_001870   Bartonella sp. CDC_skunk AQX20851.1    
 Bco22_001900   Bartonella sp. Coyote22sub2 AQX24891.1    
 BJB15x_000820   Bartonella sp. JB15 AQX27503.1    
 BJB63x_000810   Bartonella sp. JB63 AQX28784.1    
 Bra60_000800   Bartonella sp. Raccoon60 AQX26106.1    
 BWD162_000790   Bartonella sp. WD16.2 AQX19219.1    
 BM1374166_00266 (KdtA)   Bartonella tribocorum BM1374166 CDO47958.1    
 Btr_0295   Bartonella tribocorum CIP 105476 CAK00761.1 A9IN73  
 BVwin_02490 (KdtA)   Bartonella vinsonii subsp. berkhoffii str. Winnie AGF75397.1    
 IX83_00465   Basilea psittacipulmonis DSM 24701 AIL31998.1    
 EP01_08085   Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus 109J AHZ84894.1    
 Bd2367 (Kdta)   Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus HD100 CAE80186.1 Q6MKM1  
 ACL96_10520   Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus HD100-merdel AKN83309.1    
 B9G79_07380   Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus SSB218315 ASD63407.1    
 Bdt_2322 (KdtA)   Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus str. Tiberius AFY02005.1    
 BDW_08815   Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus W AHI06263.1    
 A11Q_1003   Bdellovibrio exovorus JSS AGH95219.1    
 AL038_09995   Beggiatoa leptomitiformis D-402 ALG69428.1    
 Belba_1597   Belliella baltica DSM 15883 AFL84204.1    
 Fleli_2157   Bernardetia litoralis DSM 6794 AFM04537.1    
 D521_1775   beta proteobacterium CB AGG34341.1    
 BWI17_05005   Betaproteobacteria bacterium GR16-43 APV49094.1    
 AEM42_00285   Betaproteobacteria bacterium UKL13-2 AMS33452.1    
 F542_6060   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-188 AHG81324.1    
 F543_7230   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-189 AHG83587.1    
 F544_16380   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-190 AHG86866.1    
 WQG_16000   Bibersteinia trehalosi USDA-ARS-USMARC-192 AGH38877.1    
 BVIRIDIS_01920 (WaaA)   Blastochloris viridis CUU41204.1    
 BVIR_747   Blastochloris viridis ATCC 19567 ALK08541.1    
 BV133_578   Blastochloris viridis DSM 133 BAR98171.1    
 BOBLI757_620 (WaaA)   Blochmannia endosymbiont of Camponotus (Colobopsis) obliquus 757 AKC60749.1    
 BTURN675_611 (WaaA)   Blochmannia endosymbiont of Polyrhachis (Hedomyrma) turneri 675 AKC60163.1    
 B0B51_10990   blood disease bacterium A2-HR MARDI AQW30431.1    
 BDB_120062 (KdtA)   blood disease bacterium R229 CCA81015.1    
 BAV0126 (KdtA)   Bordetella avium 197N CAJ47732.1 Q2L1H4  
 BAU08_17445 (fragment)   Bordetella bronchialis AU17976 ANN72892.1    
 BAU08_25255   Bordetella bronchialis AU17976 ANN74223.1    
 BAU06_17200 (fragment)   Bordetella bronchialis AU3182 ANN67800.1    
 BAU06_24680   Bordetella bronchialis AU3182 ANN69073.1    
 WaaA   Bordetella bronchiseptica CAA07673.1 O88003  
 BN112_3254 (KdtA)   Bordetella bronchiseptica 253 CCJ55169.1    
 AL472_02250   Bordetella bronchiseptica ATCC:BAA-588D-5 AMG86766.1    
 BBB44_00750   Bordetella bronchiseptica I328 AOB24897.1    
 BN115_0146 (KdtA)   Bordetella bronchiseptica MO149 CCJ56904.1    
 BB0157 (KdtA)   Bordetella bronchiseptica RB50 CAE30658.1
 BBS798_0156 (KdtA)   Bordetella bronchiseptica S798 BAO66882.1    
 BAU07_24830   Bordetella flabilis AU10664 ANN79910.1    
 CAL15_22940   Bordetella genomosp. 13 AU7206 ARP96974.1    
 CAL11_23400   Bordetella genomosp. 6 AU22978 ARP78891.1    
 CAL12_26880   Bordetella genomosp. 8 AU19157 ARP84082.1    
 CAL12_18255   Bordetella genomosp. 8 AU19157 ARP82566.1    
 CAL14_19655   Bordetella genomosp. 9 AU14267 ARP92224.1    
 CAL13_20120   Bordetella genomosp. 9 AU17164 ARP88260.1    
 ACR54_00148 (WaaA)   Bordetella hinzii F582 AKQ53506.1    
 ACR55_00150 (WaaA)   Bordetella hinzii H568 AKQ58067.1    
 SAMEA4040645_04475 (KdtA)   Bordetella hinzii NCTC13200 SNW00236.1    
 D558_1285   Bordetella holmesii 44057 AIT25963.1    
 D560_1295   Bordetella holmesii ATCC 51541 AHV92714.1    
 F783_012285   Bordetella holmesii F627 AMD49495.1    
 H558_05805   Bordetella holmesii H558 AMD45055.1    
 BBB42_17590   Bordetella holmesii H903 AOB37149.1    
 BPP0157   Bordetella parapertussis 12822 CAE39898.1
 BN117_0155 (KdtA)   Bordetella parapertussis Bpp5 CCJ47488.1    
 BBB43_00805   Bordetella parapertussis H904 AOB37543.1    
 Q425_2080 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis 137 AJB25078.1    
 BN118_0164 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis 18323 CCJ61589.1    
 AL474_14250   Bordetella pertussis ATCC:BAA-1335D-5 AMG23202.1    
 B1838_0098 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis B1838 ALH47736.1    
 B1865_0098 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis B1865 ALH51199.1    
 B1917_0098 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis B1917 AIW90687.1    
 B1920_0099 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis B1920 AIW94147.1    
 BBB38_00500   Bordetella pertussis B202 ANT91683.1    
 ADU61_01030   Bordetella pertussis B203 ANT88144.1    
 B3405_0098 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis B3405 ALH54658.1    
 B3582_0098 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis B3582 ALH58123.1    
 B3585_0098 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis B3585 ALH61580.1    
 B3621_0098 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis B3621 ALI20491.1    
 B3629_0098 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis B3629 ALI17037.1    
 B3640_0098 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis B3640 ALH65042.1    
 B3658_0098 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis B3658 ALH68507.1    
 B3913_0098 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis B3913 ALH71964.1    
 B3921_0098 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis B3921 ALH75426.1    
 WaaA (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis BP536 CAA62243.1 Q45374  
 RD15_00480   Bordetella pertussis C393 AMS67921.1    
 BPTD_0091 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis CS AEE65601.1    
 BPD420_00421 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis D420 CRI69125.1    
 RD16_00485   Bordetella pertussis E476 AMS71541.1    
 UN82_00480   Bordetella pertussis H321 ALX19889.1    
 RD03_00480   Bordetella pertussis H374 AMS75228.1    
 RD04_00485   Bordetella pertussis H375 AMS93349.1    
 RD05_00480   Bordetella pertussis H378 AMS78859.1    
 RD06_00485   Bordetella pertussis H379 AMS82482.1    
 RD07_00480   Bordetella pertussis H380 AMS86103.1    
 RD08_00910   Bordetella pertussis H489 AMS49989.1    
 RD09_00480   Bordetella pertussis H542 AMS53513.1    
 RD10_00480   Bordetella pertussis H559 AMS89725.1    
 RD11_00480   Bordetella pertussis H561 AMS57139.1    
 RD12_00485   Bordetella pertussis H563 AMS60718.1    
 RD19_00480   Bordetella pertussis H564 AMT00649.1    
 RD13_00480   Bordetella pertussis H622 AMS64319.1    
 RD14_00480   Bordetella pertussis H627 AMS96944.1    
 OZ70_00480   Bordetella pertussis H788 AMT04253.1    
 RD17_00480   Bordetella pertussis I344 ANA15468.1    
 RD20_00480   Bordetella pertussis I468 AMT07857.1    
 RD21_00480   Bordetella pertussis I469 AMT11460.1    
 RD22_00480   Bordetella pertussis I472 AMT15061.1    
 RZ82_14925   Bordetella pertussis I475 AMT67922.1    
 QR48_00480   Bordetella pertussis I476 AMT18661.1    
 QR49_00480   Bordetella pertussis I480 AMT22262.1    
 QR50_00480   Bordetella pertussis I483 AMT25866.1    
 QR51_00480   Bordetella pertussis I496 AMT29468.1    
 QR52_00480   Bordetella pertussis I498 AMT33061.1    
 QR54_00480   Bordetella pertussis I518 AMT36660.1    
 QR55_00480   Bordetella pertussis I521 AMT40265.1    
 QR56_00480   Bordetella pertussis I538 AMT43867.1    
 QR57_00480   Bordetella pertussis I539 AMT47469.1    
 QR58_00480   Bordetella pertussis I646 AMT51070.1    
 QR59_00480   Bordetella pertussis I656 AMT54674.1    
 QR60_00480   Bordetella pertussis I669 AMT58273.1    
 QR61_00480   Bordetella pertussis I707 AMT61875.1    
 RD18_00485   Bordetella pertussis I979 ALX23489.1    
 BH370_00500   Bordetella pertussis J445 AOY18886.1    
 BH371_01040   Bordetella pertussis J446 AOY22633.1    
 BH372_00495   Bordetella pertussis J447 AOY26180.1    
 BH373_00495   Bordetella pertussis J448 AOY29947.1    
 BP0095 (KdtA)   Bordetella pertussis Tohama I CAE40473.1
 A8B87_00560   Bordetella pertussis VA-010 ANT31977.1    
 A8B86_00510   Bordetella pertussis VA-09 ANT13804.1    
 A8B92_00560   Bordetella pertussis VA-145 ANT28330.1    
 A8B88_12760   Bordetella pertussis VA-15 ANT19502.1    
 A8B93_00490   Bordetella pertussis VA-150 ANT02925.1    
 A8B94_00490   Bordetella pertussis VA-175 ANS99293.1    
 A8B89_18860   Bordetella pertussis VA-18 ANT24160.1    
 A8B95_02110   Bordetella pertussis VA-190 ANS92303.1    
 A8B96_00165   Bordetella pertussis VA-194 ANS95618.1    
 A8B97_14205   Bordetella pertussis VA-198 ANT12463.1    
 A8B90_11525   Bordetella pertussis VA-52 ANT08396.1    
 A8B91_17850   Bordetella pertussis VA-62 ANT27664.1    
 A7970_13260   Bordetella pertussis VA-UT25Sm1 ANT37778.1    
 3-deoxy-D-manno-octulosonic-acid transferase (fragment)   Bordetella petrii Bp4 AEI16503.1    
 Bpet4812   Bordetella petrii DSM 12804 CAP45164.1    
 BBN53_19955   Bordetella pseudohinzii HI4681 ANY18459.1    
 AKI39_23590   Bordetella sp. H567 AOB33095.1    
 ASB57_21925   Bordetella sp. N ALM85273.1    
 SAMEA3906487_01367 (KdtA)   Bordetella trematum H044680328 SAI68634.1    
 AXW83_00235   Bosea sp. PAMC 26642 AMJ58933.1    
 BSY19_1510   Bosea sp. RAC05 AOG05791.1    
 BHK69_10840   Bosea vaviloviae Vaf18 AOO80890.1    
 BHAMNSH16_01845   Brachyspira hampsonii NSH-16 ASJ20464.1    
 BHYOB78_02190   Brachyspira hyodysenteriae ATCC 27164 B-78 ANN62707.1    
 BHWA1_00157 (KdtA)   Brachyspira hyodysenteriae WA1 ACN82660.1 C0QWL8  
 Bint_1745 (KdtA)   Brachyspira intermedia PWS/A AEM22361.1    
 Bmur_0678   Brachyspira murdochii DSM 12563 ADG70778.1 D5U7J0  
 BP951000_0685 (KdtA)   Brachyspira pilosicoli 95/1000 ADK30684.1 D8IC11  
 B2904_orf2059 (fragment)   Brachyspira pilosicoli B2904 AFR71388.1    
 B2904_orf2060 (fragment)   Brachyspira pilosicoli B2904 AFR71389.1    
 BPP43_11740   Brachyspira pilosicoli P43/6/78 AGA67492.1    
 WESB_1998   Brachyspira pilosicoli WesB CCG57463.1    
 SAMN05444158_3704   Bradyrhizobium canariense GAS369 SDS92576.1    
 NK6_5501   Bradyrhizobium diazoefficiens NK6 BAR58659.1    
 AAV28_35250   Bradyrhizobium diazoefficiens USDA 110 AND94434.1    
 bll7515 (KdtA)   Bradyrhizobium diazoefficiens USDA 110 NP_774155.1
 BD122_39395   Bradyrhizobium diazoefficiens USDA 122 APO56493.1    
 SAMN05443248_6860   Bradyrhizobium erythrophlei GAS138 SHH92142.1    
 SAMN05444169_3605   Bradyrhizobium erythrophlei GAS242 SHG67277.1    
 LMTR13_33325   Bradyrhizobium icense LMTR 13 ANW04301.1    
 RN69_08780   Bradyrhizobium japonicum E109 AJA66463.1    
 BKD09_RS08395   Bradyrhizobium japonicum J5 APG08346.1    
 BJS_02011   Bradyrhizobium japonicum SEMIA 5079 AHY54622.1    
 BJ6T_17790   Bradyrhizobium japonicum USDA 6 BAL07060.1    
 SAMN05444159_5249   Bradyrhizobium lablabi GAS499 SHL18809.1    
 SAMN05444321_3419   Bradyrhizobium lablabi MT34 SHL58557.1    
 S58_62830   Bradyrhizobium oligotrophicum S58 BAM92257.1    
 SAMN05444163_2565   Bradyrhizobium ottawaense GAS524 SDI35102.1    
 BN2626_G22_8158   Bradyrhizobium sp. CUU21742.1    
 BF49_3045   Bradyrhizobium sp. CUT11965.1    
 BBta_1691   Bradyrhizobium sp. BTAi1 ABQ33900.1 A5ECK6  
 BCCGELA001_06290   Bradyrhizobium sp. CCGE-LA001 AMA61078.1    
 BRADO6096   Bradyrhizobium sp. ORS 278 CAL79748.1 A4Z0S2  
 BRAD285_6068 (KdtA)   Bradyrhizobium sp. ORS 285 ORS285 SMX60834.1    
 S23_61420 (KdtA)   Bradyrhizobium sp. S23321 BAL79330.1    
 AWC36_19600   Brenneria goodwinii FRB141 ATA26141.1    
 CD943_03485   Brevundimonas diminuta BZC3 ASD26034.1    
 DA69_08770   Brevundimonas naejangsanensis B1 ANF54825.1    
 JL11_14350   Brevundimonas sp. DS20 ALJ09383.1    
 A4249_09240   Brevundimonas sp. GW460-12-10-14-LB2 ANC53819.1    
 BZG35_09265   Brevundimonas sp. LM2 AQR63451.1    
 Bresu_1852   Brevundimonas subvibrioides ATCC 15264 ADL01163.1 D9QHJ7  
 CEP68_13380   Brevundimonas vesicularis FDAARGOS_289 ASE40397.1    
 NL70_12025   Brucella abortus 104M ALF31001.1    
 CK810_12810   Brucella abortus 149279 ATA11090.1    
 CLI15_06580   Brucella abortus 15500 ATA15778.1    
 CK812_13190   Brucella abortus 21614 ATA32127.1    
 CK813_16295   Brucella abortus 21630 ATA35940.1    
 BAB2_0209 (KdtA)   Brucella abortus 2308 CAJ12375.1 Q2YIH5  
 CK802_14980   Brucella abortus 28375 ASZ87858.1    
 DK54_3062   Brucella abortus 3196 AIK05966.1    
 CK805_12895   Brucella abortus 40046 ASZ93406.1    
 CK804_12830   Brucella abortus 49188 ASZ96423.1    
 CK806_13475   Brucella abortus 49839 ASZ99361.1    
 CK808_15735   Brucella abortus 57750 ATA02732.1    
 DK49_2312   Brucella abortus 63 75 AIJ79232.1    
 CK807_12860   Brucella abortus 67761 ATA05225.1    
 CK809_16680   Brucella abortus 69103 ATA08673.1    
 CK815_01430   Brucella abortus 72871 ATA39267.1    
 CK811_12920   Brucella abortus 7863 ATA13983.1    
 CK816_12875   Brucella abortus 84573 ATA44545.1    
 CKX30_13225   Brucella abortus 9510 ATC55644.1    
 BAA13334_II00550   Brucella abortus A13334 AEW18900.1    
 BAB8416_II0198   Brucella abortus BAB8416 AKO29334.1    
 CJP69_12005   Brucella abortus BD ASU72993.1    
 DK48_2487   Brucella abortus BDW AIJ50678.1    
 DK51_2418   Brucella abortus BER AIJ55949.1    
 DO75_2842   Brucella abortus BFY AIJ75784.1    
 BruAb2_0211 (KdtA)   Brucella abortus bv. 1 str. 9-941 AAX75654.1 Q579N0  
 DK55_2205   Brucella abortus bv. 2 str. 86/8/59 AIJ90890.1    
 DO74_2242   Brucella abortus bv. 6 str. 870 AIJ65958.1    
 DK53_2930   Brucella abortus bv. 9 str. C68 AIJ62883.1    
 CJP70_15635   Brucella abortus MC ASU76712.1    
 DO78_2127   Brucella abortus NCTC 10505 AIJ59400.1    
 BAbS19_II01990   Brucella abortus S19 ACD73716.1 B2SD12  
 DM30_11955   Brucella abortus ZW053 AIN91726.1    
 BFL29_11050   Brucella canis 2009004498 AOG35941.1    
 BFS09_11055   Brucella canis 2009013648 AOG38932.1    
 BFL30_11085   Brucella canis 2010009751 AOG41951.1    
 BCAN_B0216   Brucella canis ATCC 23365 ABX63408.1 A9MDX0  
 BCA52141_II0901   Brucella canis HSK A52141 AEW15740.1    
 DK60_3088   Brucella canis RM6/66 AIJ83879.1    
 BCOUA_II0215 (KdtA)   Brucella canis str. Oliveri CDL77764.1    
 DA85_11530   Brucella canis SVA13 AHZ82478.1    
 V910_200993   Brucella ceti TE10759-12 AHB01200.1    
 V568_201156   Brucella ceti TE28753-12 AHB03587.1    
 CK633_15925   Brucella melitensis 2007BM/1 ASZ31543.1    
 BFL33_11245   Brucella melitensis 2008724259 AOG51041.1    
 BFS11_11265   Brucella melitensis 2010724553 AOG54051.1    
 BME20236_II0201 (KdtA)   Brucella melitensis 20236 ALM35693.1    
 BMEA_B0215   Brucella melitensis ATCC 23457 ACO02086.1 C0RKF3  
 CJP68_13495   Brucella melitensis BL ASU70079.1    
 BMEII1029   Brucella melitensis bv. 1 str. 16M AAL54271.1
 DK63_2227   Brucella melitensis bv. 1 str. 16M AIJ87853.1    
 DK61_2739   Brucella melitensis bv. 2 str. 63/9 AIJ94233.1    
 DK62_3181   Brucella melitensis bv. 3 str. Ether AIJ86542.1    
 CJJ12_15380   Brucella melitensis BY38 ASU67241.1    
 ADS42_012090   Brucella melitensis C-573 AQQ57851.1    
 BM28_B0209   Brucella melitensis M28 ADZ67458.1    
 BM590_B0209   Brucella melitensis M5-90 ADZ88326.1    
 BMNI_II0206   Brucella melitensis NI AEQ09916.1    
 BMI_II212 (KdtA)   Brucella microti CCM 4915 ACU49348.1 C7LH60  
 BOV_A0195   Brucella ovis ATCC 25840 ABQ62730.1 A5VTV8  
 DK65_2260   Brucella pinnipedialis 6/566 AIJ72793.1    
 BPI_II213 (KdtA)   Brucella pinnipedialis B2/94 AEK55668.1    
 BKD03_05335   Brucella sp. 09RB8471 APX68814.1    
 BKD02_14575   Brucella sp. 09RB8910 APY15525.1    
 BR10RB9215_C20722 (KdtA)   Brucella sp. 10RB9215 SBW16054.1    
 BR141012304_20737 (KdtA)   Brucella sp. 141012304 SCD25205.1    
 BR141012304_20737 (KdtA)   Brucella sp. 141012304 SCD25205.1    
 BFS01_11400   Brucella sp. 2002734562 AOG45018.1    
 AWH03_14290   Brucella suis 019 ALY33127.1    
 KdtA   Brucella suis 1330 AAN33419.1
 BFL32_11050   Brucella suis 2004000577 AOG48007.1    
 BFS10_11090   Brucella suis 2011017258 APO65088.1    
 DM38_2213   Brucella suis 513UK AIJ66876.1    
 BSUIS_B0219   Brucella suis ATCC 23445 ABY39235.1 A9WXR9  
 DO76_2030   Brucella suis BSP AIJ96918.1    
 BSS2_II0203 (KdtA)   Brucella suis bv. 1 str. S2 AHN47967.1    
 BSSP1_II0176   Brucella suis bv. 2 Bs143CITA AIB29003.1    
 BSSP2_II0181   Brucella suis bv. 2 Bs364CITA AIB32376.1    
 BSSP3_II0181   Brucella suis bv. 2 Bs396CITA AIB18875.1    
 BSPT1_II0176   Brucella suis bv. 2 PT09143 AIB22256.1    
 BSPT2_II0177   Brucella suis bv. 2 PT09172 AIB25612.1    
 DK67_2235   Brucella suis bv. 3 str. 686 AIJ69861.1    
 TI82_10785   Brucella suis Human/AR/US/1981 AJM86105.1    
 BSVBI22_B0211 (KdtA)   Brucella suis VBI22 AEU07367.1    
 IY71_10165   Brucella suis ZW043 AIN85166.1
 IY72_09905   Brucella suis ZW046 AIN88207.1
 BF3285c2_0889 (KdtA)   Brucella vulpis F60 CUW45759.1    
 B3286c2_0884 (KdtA)   Brucella vulpis F965 CUW51892.1    
 CH72_780   Burkholderia ambifaria AMMD AJY21604.1    
 BamMC406_0786   Burkholderia ambifaria MC40-6 ACB63282.1 B1YUF5  
 A2T82_00050   Burkholderia cenocepacia 842 AMU04757.1    
 A3203_22495   Burkholderia cenocepacia 895 AMU15681.1    
 Bcen_0417   Burkholderia cenocepacia AU 1054 ABF75329.1 Q1BYH6  
 BHQ31_04820   Burkholderia cenocepacia CR318 AQT49398.1    
 DM39_709   Burkholderia cenocepacia DDS 22E-1 AIO33130.1    
 DM40_1567   Burkholderia cenocepacia DWS 37E-2 AIO41547.1    
 BCN122_I2930   Burkholderia cenocepacia GIMC4560:Bcn122 ARF86317.1    
 I35_0763 (WaaA)   Burkholderia cenocepacia H111 CDN59286.1    
 Bcen2424_0896   Burkholderia cenocepacia HI2424 ABK07649.1 A0K572  
 BCAL3110   Burkholderia cenocepacia J2315 CAR53434.1 B4ECD1  
 Bcenmc03_0866   Burkholderia cenocepacia MC0-3 ACA90044.1 B1JX25  
 TQ36_12555   Burkholderia cenocepacia ST32 ALV57046.1    
 A8E75_22095   Burkholderia cenocepacia VC12308 AQQ41720.1    
 A8F32_24350   Burkholderia cenocepacia VC1254 AQQ48946.1    
 A8E96_33995   Burkholderia cenocepacia VC12802 AQQ36973.1    
 A8D61_12970   Burkholderia cenocepacia VC2307 AQQ19351.1    
 A8E88_17405   Burkholderia cenocepacia VC7848 AQQ27303.1    
 Kdo transferase (WaaA) 2.4.99.- Burkholderia cepacia ATCC 25416 CAD12639.1 Q8VVA1  
 DM41_2149   Burkholderia cepacia ATCC 25416 AIO26023.1    
 APZ15_08215   Burkholderia cepacia ATCC 25416 UCB 717 ALK17781.1    
 DM42_932   Burkholderia cepacia DDS 7H-2 AIO50157.1    
 CEQ23_07985   Burkholderia cepacia FDAARGOS_345 ASE93575.1    
 CO711_13000   Burkholderia cepacia FDAARGOS_388 ATF78249.1    
 GEM_2627   Burkholderia cepacia GG4 AFQ49026.1    
 P350_15050   Burkholderia cepacia JBK9 ALX12759.1    
 P350_15050   Burkholderia cepacia JBK9 ALX12759.1    
 XM57_16525   Burkholderia cepacia LO6 AKE04394.1    
 BCCH1_37950 (KdtA)   Burkholderia contaminans CH-1 BBA41343.1    
 WI95_04120   Burkholderia contaminans FL-1-2-30-S1-D0 AOL05445.1    
 NL30_11265   Burkholderia contaminans MS14 AKM40430.1    
 AK34_2272   Burkholderia dolosa AU0158 AJY12254.1    
 BM43_2194   Burkholderia gladioli ATCC 10248 AJW98603.1    
 bgla_1g08110   Burkholderia gladioli BSR3 AEA59499.1    
 CO712_09665   Burkholderia gladioli pv. gladioli FDAARGOS_389 ATF85286.1    
 CEJ98_04050   Burkholderia gladioli pv. gladioli KACC 11889 ASD78270.1    
 bglu_1g07510   Burkholderia glumae BGR1 ACR27943.1 C5ABY2  
 KS03_1682   Burkholderia glumae LMG 2196 = ATCC 33617 AJY67581.1    
 BGL_1c07400 (WaaA)   Burkholderia glumae PG1 AJK45275.1    
 Bcep18194_A4002   Burkholderia lata sp. 383 ABB07599.1 Q39IW7  
 BG99_1482   Burkholderia mallei 11 AJX44538.1    
 BO07_700   Burkholderia mallei 2002721276 AJY34889.1    
 BM45_732   Burkholderia mallei 2002734299 AJX03292.1    
 BO06_1867   Burkholderia mallei 2002734306 AJX54234.1    
 DM55_2276   Burkholderia mallei 23344 AIO50848.1    
 BMA2188 (KdtA)   Burkholderia mallei ATCC 23344 AAU50295.1    
 BHL98_15115   Burkholderia mallei Bahrain1 AOP66316.1    
 DM57_967   Burkholderia mallei BMK AIO80334.1    
 DM76_2260   Burkholderia mallei BMQ AIO63609.1    
 DM78_891   Burkholderia mallei BMY AIO57130.1    
 RY28_10330   Burkholderia mallei FMH ATE33032.1    
 DM51_1838   Burkholderia mallei FMH 23344 AIP77082.1    
 BM47_1221   Burkholderia mallei India86-567-2 AJX48576.1    
 RY29_10305   Burkholderia mallei JHU ATE38001.1    
 BM94_307   Burkholderia mallei KC_1092 AJX65293.1    
 BMA10299_A2553   Burkholderia mallei NCTC 10229 ABN01010.1 A2S992  
 BMA10247_2061   Burkholderia mallei NCTC 10247 ABO07192.1 A3MMV6  
 BM44_1166   Burkholderia mallei NCTC 10247 AIS28302.1    
 BMASAVP1_A0719   Burkholderia mallei SAVP1 ABM52042.1 A1V1G2  
 NM78_05950   Burkholderia mallei Turkey1 ATD88571.1    
 NW99_06280   Burkholderia mallei Turkey10 ATE42230.1    
 NW91_05950   Burkholderia mallei Turkey2 ATD93331.1    
 NW92_06285   Burkholderia mallei Turkey3 ATD98138.1    
 NW93_06570   Burkholderia mallei Turkey4 ATE03049.1    
 NW94_06270   Burkholderia mallei Turkey5 ATE07923.1    
 NW95_06260   Burkholderia mallei Turkey6 ATE12793.1    
 NW96_06265   Burkholderia mallei Turkey7 ATE17687.1    
 NW97_06460   Burkholderia mallei Turkey8 ATE22611.1    
 NW98_16310   Burkholderia mallei Turkey9 ATE29385.1    
 Bmul_2494   Burkholderia multivorans ATCC 17616 ABX16178.1
 NP80_903   Burkholderia multivorans ATCC BAA-247 AJY19022.1    
 DM80_780   Burkholderia multivorans DDS 15A-1 AIO77394.1    
 DM82_2325   Burkholderia oklahomensis BDU AIO68333.1    
 BG90_2410   Burkholderia oklahomensis C6786 AJX31574.1    
 bpln_1g07300   Burkholderia plantarii ATCC 43733 ALK29555.1    
 BBW_3448   Burkholderia pseudomallei 1026b AJX08707.1    
 BURPS1106A_3116   Burkholderia pseudomallei 1106a ABN90310.1 A3NYD3  
 BURPS1710b_3139 (KdtA)   Burkholderia pseudomallei 1710b ABA50904.1 Q3JPJ2  
 ACT79_28055   Burkholderia pseudomallei 350105 ALB14258.1    
 BP3921G_26410   Burkholderia pseudomallei 3921 CDU29300.1    
 BG92_247   Burkholderia pseudomallei 406e AJW93015.1    
 DP50_1294   Burkholderia pseudomallei 576 AIO97616.1    
 BURPS668_3080   Burkholderia pseudomallei 668 ABN82140.1 A3NCM1  
 BG97_978   Burkholderia pseudomallei 7894 AJX80420.1    
 AMS56_06230   Burkholderia pseudomallei 982 ALC56432.1    
 X996_1497   Burkholderia pseudomallei A79A AIV97252.1    
 X995_1545   Burkholderia pseudomallei B03 AIV91789.1    
 JE55_842   Burkholderia pseudomallei BDP AIP80619.1    
 DP45_01341   Burkholderia pseudomallei BEJ AJX37240.1    
 DP46_2430   Burkholderia pseudomallei BEK AIO85160.1    
 DP48_795   Burkholderia pseudomallei BEO AIO88763.1    
 DP51_2790   Burkholderia pseudomallei BEZ AIP02870.1    
 DP55_1069   Burkholderia pseudomallei BFB AIP10563.1    
 DP60_2111   Burkholderia pseudomallei BGR AIP15182.1    
 TR70_1629 (WaaA)   Burkholderia pseudomallei Bp1651 ALJ71172.1    
 BPC006_I3160   Burkholderia pseudomallei BPC006 AFR17006.1    
 DU27_1320   Burkholderia pseudomallei BSR AIP69932.1    
 BFR05_04490   Burkholderia pseudomallei Burk178-Type1 APF91162.1    
 BFR06_04500   Burkholderia pseudomallei Burk178-Type2 APF97212.1    
 DR55_1856   Burkholderia pseudomallei HBPUB10134a AIP52378.1    
 DR54_2411   Burkholderia pseudomallei HBPUB10303a AIP60233.1    
 X993_2505   Burkholderia pseudomallei K42 AIV62942.1    
 AQ15_2277   Burkholderia pseudomallei K96243 AJX29314.1    
 A7U58_07860   Burkholderia pseudomallei M1 ANW49986.1    
 DP58_2347   Burkholderia pseudomallei Mahidol-1106a AIO15411.1    
 A7U59_07840   Burkholderia pseudomallei MS ANW55998.1    
 Y603_1968   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR1153 AIV51196.1    
 BBN_778   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR146 AHG67014.1    
 Y044_2539   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR2243 AIV60143.1    
 BG16_1525   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR2543 AJX77462.1    
 BDL_2783   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR305 AGR71164.1    
 GBP346_A3260   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR346 ACQ95322.1 C4KT42  
 BGI46_11405   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR3763 APZ25398.1    
 X978_1531   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR3965 AIV85721.1    
 BGI47_11400   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR4083 APZ19205.1    
 BG17_2915   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR491 AJX21785.1    
 BBQ_650   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR511 AHG34296.1    
 BBX_1182   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR520 AHK66348.1    
 DP65_2536   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR5848 AIP39225.1    
 DP63_1427   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR5855 AIP23607.1    
 DR56_1930   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR5858 AIP48114.1    
 BGI52_11645   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR5864 APZ13160.1    
 Y028_87   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR62 AIV71443.1    
 BH02_1354   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR668 AJX87782.1    
 BGI49_11475   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR6755 APY99565.1    
 BGI50_11225   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR7929 APY93437.1    
 BG19_1974   Burkholderia pseudomallei MSHR840 AJX72676.1    
 BBS_2260   Burkholderia pseudomallei NAU20B-16 AHE34725.1    
 BBU_2901   Burkholderia pseudomallei NAU35A-3 AIS87704.1    
 BBJ_166   Burkholderia pseudomallei NCTC 13178 AHE26633.1    
 BBK_2281   Burkholderia pseudomallei NCTC 13179 AGZ27154.1    
 DP47_3576   Burkholderia pseudomallei Pasteur 52237 AJX61280.1    
 BG24_1950   Burkholderia pseudomallei PB08298010 AJX96247.1    
 DR61_2759   Burkholderia pseudomallei sp. BGK AIS45755.1    
 X994_3496   Burkholderia pseudomallei sp. TSV202 AIV77474.1    
 X988_2606   Burkholderia pseudomallei TSV 48 AIV46547.1    
 BK015_04395   Burkholderia pseudomallei VB976100 APD34477.1    
 UQ47_13805   Burkholderia pseudomallei vgh07 AJW54024.1    
 AM256_14075   Burkholderia pseudomallei vgh16R ALB94626.1    
 AM257_14100   Burkholderia pseudomallei vgh16W ALC00699.1    
 ABD05_10110   Burkholderia pyrrocinia DSM 10685 AKM00525.1    
 BW21_1036   Burkholderia sp. 2002721687 AJY43873.1    
 bAD24_I07470 (WaaA)   Burkholderia sp. AD24 ASL43312.1    
 AQ610_04580   Burkholderia sp. Bp5365 MSMB43 ALX41774.1    
 BC1001_0695   Burkholderia sp. CCGE1001 ADX54149.1    
 BC1002_0658   Burkholderia sp. CCGE1002 ADG14757.1 D5WCX8  
 BC1003_0805   Burkholderia sp. CCGE1003 ADN56789.1 E1TAD7  
 AC233_03460   Burkholderia sp. HB1 ALE53888.1    
 MYA_0792   Burkholderia sp. KJ006 AFJ85159.1    
 A9R05_11765   Burkholderia sp. KK1 AQH00326.1    
 WS78_03590   Burkholderia sp. MSMB0266 AOJ67943.1    
 WS86_04950   Burkholderia sp. MSMB0852 AOJ80039.1    
 AYM40_03515   Burkholderia sp. OLGA172 ANB71540.1    
 AXG89_01780   Burkholderia sp. PAMC 26561 AME22747.1    
 AX768_11525   Burkholderia sp. PAMC 28687 AMM14638.1    
 BRPE64_ACDS21360   Burkholderia sp. RPE64 BAN23890.1    
 BRPE67_ACDS20950   Burkholderia sp. RPE67 BAO87150.1    
 BYI23_A020320   Burkholderia sp. YI23 AET89870.1    
 BBJ41_07665   Burkholderia stabilis ATCC BAA-67 AOR67432.1    
 BSFP_028490   Burkholderia stabilis FERMP-21014 BAX60004.1    
 BG87_1388   Burkholderia thailandensis 2002721643 AJX97752.1    
 BTQ_2430   Burkholderia thailandensis 2002721723 AHI74700.1    
 DR62_389   Burkholderia thailandensis 2003015869 AIP63748.1    
 BTM_2665   Burkholderia thailandensis 34 AJY28490.1    
 BTN_222   Burkholderia thailandensis E254 AIT21213.1    
 DR63_843   Burkholderia thailandensis E264 AIP25801.1    
 BTH_I1492   Burkholderia thailandensis E264 E264; ATCC 700388 ABC37061.1 Q2SYG1  
 BTJ_3235   Burkholderia thailandensis E444 AHI78985.1    
 CO709_24065   Burkholderia thailandensis FDAARGOS_426 ATF36107.1    
 BTL_1165   Burkholderia thailandensis H0587 AHI64063.1    
 BTI_943   Burkholderia thailandensis MSMB121 AGK46551.1    
 BTHA_1258   Burkholderia thailandensis MSMB59 AIS96854.1    
 BTRA_1374   Burkholderia thailandensis USAMRU Malaysia #20 AIC88631.1    
 BW23_830 (fragment)   Burkholderia ubonensis MSMB22 AJX15729.1    
 Bcep1808_0829   Burkholderia vietnamiensis G4 ABO53841.1 A4JC38  
 AK36_3031   Burkholderia vietnamiensis LMG 10929 AJY07399.1    
 E1O_07990   Burkholderiales bacterium GJ-E10 BAP87930.1    
 A4V04_08700   Burkholderiales bacterium YL45 ANU66484.1    
 THC_0425   Caldimicrobium thiodismutans TF1 BAU22820.1    
 Calni_1073   Calditerrivibrio nitroreducens DSM 19672 ADR18984.1 E4TI68  
 Calni_0509   Calditerrivibrio nitroreducens DSM 19672 ADR18422.1 E4TF83  
 Cabys_4198   Caldithrix abyssi DSM 13497 LF13 APF20943.1    
 CAV_0521 (KdtA)   Campylobacter avium LMG 24591 ASQ30188.1    
 CC14983A_1165 (KdtA)   Campylobacter coli 14983A AOH50255.1    
 N149_0661 (KdtA)   Campylobacter coli 15-537360 AGZ21123.1    
 BN865_14000c   Campylobacter coli 76339 CDG57593.1    
 AB430_04855   Campylobacter coli BFR-CA-9557 ALG95879.1    
 BLD36_05960   Campylobacter coli BG2108 APA61757.1    
 BLD39_06280   Campylobacter coli BP3183 APA56301.1    
 AR448_05905   Campylobacter coli CF2-75 ALL33808.1    
 AR449_05815   Campylobacter coli CO2-160 ALL30429.1    
 G157_05305   Campylobacter coli CVM N29710 AGV10161.1    
 VC76_03470 (WaaA)   Campylobacter coli FB1 AJW58116.1    
 AR446_04720   Campylobacter coli HC2-48 ALL31922.1    
 BLD37_05870   Campylobacter coli MG1116 APA54493.1    
 ATE51_02208 (WaaA)   Campylobacter coli OR12 ALU99623.1    
 YSQ_05815   Campylobacter coli RM1875 AHK73475.1    
 YSS_03275   Campylobacter coli RM4661 AHK76585.1    
 YSU_05465   Campylobacter coli RM5611 AHK75302.1    
 BLD33_05365   Campylobacter coli WA333 APA57898.1    
 BLD35_05955   Campylobacter coli YF2105 APA52741.1    
 A6K30_05370   Campylobacter coli YH501 ANC94230.1    
 BU815_03260   Campylobacter coli YH502 APT19955.1    
 BLD43_06385   Campylobacter coli ZV1224 APA59927.1    
 CCC13826_1436   Campylobacter concisus 13826 EAT98276.1    
 CCON33237_0887 (KdtA)   Campylobacter concisus ATCC 33237 ALF47569.1    
 CCUN_0862 (KdtA)   Campylobacter cuniculorum LMG 24588 ARJ56473.1    
 CCV52592_0673   Campylobacter curvus 525.92 EAU00416.1    
 CFF04554_1032 (KdtA)   Campylobacter fetus subsp. fetus 04/554 AIR78936.2    
 CFF04554_1032 (KdtA)   Campylobacter fetus subsp. fetus 04/554 AIR78936.1    
 CFF8240_1043   Campylobacter fetus subsp. fetus 82-40 ABK82902.1 A0RPS4  
 CFT03427_1023 (KdtA)   Campylobacter fetus subsp. testudinum 03-427 AGZ81883.1    
 CR44_05195   Campylobacter fetus subsp. testudinum pet-3 AJB45618.1    
 CFTSP3_1085 (KdtA)   Campylobacter fetus subsp. testudinum Sp3 ALV65050.1    
 CFV97608_1099 (KdtA)   Campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis 97/608 AIR80721.2    
 CFV97608_1099 (KdtA)   Campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis 97/608 AIR80721.1    
 CFVI03293_1000 (KdtA)   Campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis cfvi03/293 AHE94310.2    
 CSG_9510 (fragment)   Campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis str. 84-112 CDF64862.1    
 CGRAC_1719 (KdtA) (fragment)   Campylobacter gracilis ATCC 33236 AKT93139.1    
 CHELV3228_1179 (KdtA)   Campylobacter helveticus ATCC 51209 ARE80763.1    
 CHAB381_0705   Campylobacter hominis ATCC BAA-381 ABS51811.1 A7I195  
 CHH_1120 (KdtA)   Campylobacter hyointestinalis subsp. hyointestinalis LMG 9260 ANE32767.1    
 CHL_1247 (KdtA)   Campylobacter hyointestinalis subsp. lawsonii CCUG 27631 ANE34577.1    
 CIG1485E_0740 (KdtA)   Campylobacter iguaniorum 1485E AII14586.1    
 CIG2463D_0741 (KdtA)   Campylobacter iguaniorum 2463D ALV24321.1    
 CIG11343_0698 (KdtA)   Campylobacter iguaniorum RM11343 ANE35741.1    
 CINS_0963 (KdtA)   Campylobacter insulaenigrae NCTC 12927 AJC87926.1    
 CLH93_0753 (fragment)   Campylobacter jejuni 104 ATD41333.1    
 CLH93_0752 (fragment)   Campylobacter jejuni 104 ATD41332.1    
 CGZ68_03525   Campylobacter jejuni 11168H/araE ASQ31966.1    
 CGZ70_03520   Campylobacter jejuni 11168H/lacY ASN48169.1    
 M635_07865   Campylobacter jejuni 32488 AGQ95373.1    
 BN867_07230   Campylobacter jejuni 4031 CDH62563.1    
 CGZ78_03430   Campylobacter jejuni 81-176_G1_B0 ASN49749.1    
 CGZ84_03425   Campylobacter jejuni 81-176_G1_B7 ASQ33467.1    
 QY02_03575   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC002 ALW57073.1    
 RB95_03360   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC008 ALW45928.1    
 RB96_03615   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC010 ALW66711.1    
 RB97_03245   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC012 ALW81024.1    
 RB98_02815   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC013 ALW39496.1    
 RB99_03085   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC014 ALW17331.1    
 RC00_03425   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC016 ALW71478.1    
 RC01_02920   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC024 ALW48996.1    
 RC02_03425   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC026 ALW53828.1    
 RC03_03655   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC032 ALW06237.1    
 RC04_02670   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC033 ALW07676.1    
 RC05_03065   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC034 ALW76153.1    
 RC06_03360   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC036 ALW68279.1    
 RC07_03500   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC039 ALW19032.1    
 RC08_03255   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC040 ALW30064.1    
 RC09_03065   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC041 ALW72996.1    
 RC10_03520   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC047 ALW36453.1    
 RC11_02990   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC052 ALW22086.1    
 RC12_03380   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC058 ALW38014.1    
 RC13_02915   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC059 ALW04525.1    
 RC14_03050   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC061 ALW31609.1    
 RC15_03320   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC062 ALW03021.1    
 RC16_02245   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC064 ALW50472.1    
 RC17_03625   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC073 ALW61849.1    
 RC18_03040   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC078 ALW25246.1    
 RC19_03520   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC085 ALW20605.1    
 RC20_03085   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC086 ALW77857.1    
 RC21_02175   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC092 ALV94844.1    
 RC22_03285   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC094 ALW44337.1    
 RC23_03365   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC095 ALW79475.1    
 RC24_03105   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC100 ALW41114.1    
 RC25_03265   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC519 ALW55446.1    
 RC26_03585   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC520 ALW15789.1    
 RC27_02670   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC521 ALW63305.1    
 RC28_02845   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC522 ALW42688.1    
 RC29_03690   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC523 ALW26931.1    
 RC30_02235   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC524 ALW69679.1    
 RC31_03165   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC525 ALW52213.1    
 RC32_02930   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC526 ALW64983.1    
 RC33_02850   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC527 ALW23635.1    
 RC34_03000   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC528 ALW12472.1    
 RC35_03360   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC529 ALV99831.1    
 RC36_03520   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC530 ALV96678.1    
 RC37_01935   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC531 ALW01149.1    
 RC38_03300   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC532 ALV98238.1    
 RC39_03275   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC533 ALW34791.1    
 RC40_03105   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC534 ALW58606.1    
 RC41_00120   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC535 ALW74033.1    
 RC42_03550   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC536 ALW60266.1    
 RC43_03365   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC537 ALW09390.1    
 RC44_03405   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC538 ALW14126.1    
 RC45_02695   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC539 ALW33105.1    
 RC46_02645   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC540 ALW28378.1    
 RC47_02885   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC541 ALW47407.1    
 RC48_02195   Campylobacter jejuni CJ677CC542 ALW10749.1    
 CJM1cam_0689 (WaaA) (fragment)   Campylobacter jejuni CJM1cam ALK81298.1    
 CJM1cam_0690 (KdtA) (fragment)   Campylobacter jejuni CJM1cam ALK81299.1    
 BLD38_02855   Campylobacter jejuni FJ3124 APA48730.1    
 FORC46_0675   Campylobacter jejuni FORC_046 ASI87235.1    
 AD53_04030   Campylobacter jejuni HF5-4A-4 APU77552.1    
 BD28_03470   Campylobacter jejuni HF5-5-1 APU79361.1    
 BD29_03470   Campylobacter jejuni HF5-7-1 APU80966.1    
 BLD34_03260   Campylobacter jejuni IF1100 APA50479.1    
 ERS445056_00689 (KdtA)   Campylobacter jejuni NCTC11351 CKG76844.1    
 B2K12_03430   Campylobacter jejuni NCTC12662 AQX69155.1    
 BD30_03495   Campylobacter jejuni NS4-1-1 APU82570.1    
 BD32_03495   Campylobacter jejuni NS4-5-1 APU84230.1    
 BD33_03495   Campylobacter jejuni NS4-9-1 APU85896.1    
 A0W68_03325   Campylobacter jejuni OD267 AMP64979.1    
 CJE0807   Campylobacter jejuni RM1221 AAW34592.1 Q5HV74  
 CFK74_03365   Campylobacter jejuni RM1246-ERRC ASN92120.1    
 AOD58_03495   Campylobacter jejuni RM1285 ALJ17423.1    
 AXW77_03460   Campylobacter jejuni RM3194 AMK27593.1    
 JJD26997_1299   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. doylei 269.97 ABS43540.1 A7H4B8  
 PJ16_03810   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni 00-0949 AJK84548.1    
 PJ17_03425   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni 00-1597 AJK70838.1    
 N135_00755 (KdtA)   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni 00-2425 AGV56515.1    
 N564_00691 (KdtA)   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni 00-2426 AGV51015.1    
 N565_00736 (KdtA)   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni 00-2538 AGV49342.1    
 N755_00734 (KdtA)   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni 00-2544 AGV47580.1    
 PJ18_03495   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni 00-6200 AJK72566.1    
 PJ19_04075   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni 01-1512 AJK82713.1    
 CJ14980A_0651 (KdtA)   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni 14980A AOH51706.1    
 UC78_0682 (WaaA)   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni 35925B2 AJP35182.1    
 CJJ81176_0730 (WaaA)   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni 81-176 EAQ72384.1    
 C8J_0674   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni 81116 ABV52273.1 A8FLD6  
 B5D75_03430   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni ATCC 35925 AQY74562.1    
 CJ8421_03485   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni CG8421 AHY39936.1    
 CJD42_3390   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni D42a APA80986.1    
 CJH_03555   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni F38011 AIW09941.1    
 A6J90_04410   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni FDAARGOS_262 ASE86376.1    
 A6J91_04560   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni FDAARGOS_263 ASE88110.1    
 A6J93_03755   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni FDAARGOS_265 ASE89573.1    
 A6J94_04155   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni FDAARGOS_266 ASE91299.1    
 CJSA_0671 (KdtA)   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni IA3902 ADC28315.1 D3FLT8  
 ICDCCJ07001_643   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni ICDCCJ07001 ADT66024.1    
 CJM1_0689 (fragment)   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni M1 ADN90901.1 E1PMM5  
 CJM1_0690 (WaaA) (fragment)   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni M1 ADN90902.1 E1PMM6  
 CJM129_3250   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni M129 APA79135.1    
 MTVDSCj07_0678 (KdtA)   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni MTVDSCj07 AON65316.1    
 MTVDSCj13_0677 (KdtA)   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni MTVDSCj13 AON66870.1    
 MTVDSCj16_0790 (KdtA)   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni MTVDSCj16 AON68590.1    
 MTVDSCj20_0729 (KdtA)   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni MTVDSCj20 AII24450.1    
 Cj0707 (KdtA)   Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni NCTC 11168 = ATCC 700819 CAB72981.1

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